my week away with my Dom. BF

So, I am a cross dresser, a submissive cross dresser, and my BF knows how to really use me! We had talked about how I got turned on when he was rough with me, when he took me anyway he wanted to during the weekends we spent together. How I fantasized about being a slut for one or two more of his friends at the same time. How just talking about being the group slut, being at their mercy was such a HUGH turn on for me!

I knew he was going on vacation in a couple weeks, and would be gone for about 10 days or so. What I did not know was that he had set me up to be able to come along with him, nor that 3 more of his friends were coming as well!! I found out about being invited the Wednesday before he was due to leave when he told me to make sure I packed only fem cloths, and all my toys and ropes, cuffs, and my gags. he helped me pick out some new panty and bra sets, a new corset, a couple nighties and 6-7 pairs of stockings and thigh-highs. WHY I needed that many stockings I had no idea, but how is a gurl to complain when getting new lingerie!!! He also startled me by purchasing a new cock-cage that I was going to have to wear the entire 10 days while with him. Since I was to be his sissy slut, I had no need for my tiny dick during the vacation he told me!!

The f
Friday we were set to leave, he told me to be at his place early, change into my sluttiest set of lingerie, put my tiny dick into the new cock-cage he got me, put on a skirt and blouse and be done up like his whore before 3 in the afternoon. I was starting to get pretty excited about the next several days! I had even put one of my larger butt plugs in as a surprise for him later on!

When he came home and helped put the bags in his car, he took me in and bent me over the side of the couch and flipped my skirt out of the way, and proceeded to give me 10 really HARD swats with his belt right across my panties ass!! That HURT!!!!! Especially since I had that big plug in me, and he did not know yet since he had left my panties pulled up!! Once done with my spanking, we loaded up and headed out to the coast where he had rented a beach cottage for the next 10 days!!

during the next two hours, I spent part of the time with my head in his lap, yes…sucking his cock, but I was NOT to make him cum! About 20 minutes from the cottage, he told me to open my blouse and pull up my bra, then to put a set of clips on my nipples. The set he gave me had a wide set of jaws and were pretty tight. No way were these going to just slip off……not without a LOT of pulling and considerable pain on the part of my poor nipples! I then put my bra back in place and did my blouse back up properly just before we pulled in at the cottage. This was starting out to be a pretty good vacation for me already!!!

We grabbed our bags and headed inside and that is when I found out he had a few friends there as well!!!!! I stopped in the middle of the living room in surprise when I saw the other 3 guys, just in time to hear my BF say “there she is guys, have at her anyway you want!!” “She is our bitch for the next ten days, have fun!!”

OMG!!!! One, this was a fantasy come true, second, I was suddenly scared what they were going to do since they had just been told to use me like their BITCH!! I dropped my bag, but before I had taken 3 steps, I felt their hands grabbing at me…..grabbing my ass, pawing at my tits….THAT caused the nipple clamps to twist, and turn….and there was very little gentleness in the hands feeling me up!!I don't think they had been told about the nipple clamps, but they soon found out when I started gasping and jerking every time they grabbed them!! My blouse and skirt did not last more than a couple minutes, and that is when one discovered my plugged ass!!

After that, I never stood a chance!! They had me bent over the the ottoman and were taking turns pulling the plug out and shoving it back in pretty hard! My BF started laughing when he saw that I had plugged, and especially the size I had used! my bra had been pulled up, much to the dismay of my poor nipples, since it exposed the clips to the guys, giving them more things to play with, and twist and turn and make me cry out from!! In pretty short order, the plug was finally pulled out and tossed aside..thank heavens…or so I thought….till I realized they were now going to start fucking me….and I suspected that it was NOT going to be very gentle, nor slow!! I was going to be gangbanged, used like the group whore, just like I had fantasized, and was not sure I liked that idea any more! ANd at the same time, I realized I had no choice! I was COMPLETELY at the mercy of 4 VERY horny and HARD cocks!! And fuck me they did!!! I was now glad I had put the plug in, since they simply lubed up, and then pounded it in!! All four took turns plowing my ass, it seemed to turn into a contest who could fuck me the hardest, and for them most strokes without cumming, then they would switch off…..they turned me over on my back on the floor, and used my legs to help them slam down into me, or put me on my knees and grabbed my clamped tits to hang on to!! When they were not fucking my sissy ass, they took turns stuffing their cocks into my mouth. That is when I really came to realize that the guys were all hung like my BF, 8″ or better, and 2 every bit as big or bigger than he was!! They really had fun with my tits while making me suck their cocks….pulling on them, twisting the clips….stretching out my nipples……I understood why my BF had bought those particular nipple clips!!! They did NOT pull off very easy!!!! They had to be jerked off quite hard before the would come off my abused nipples!! By the time the guys started cumming in my sissy ass or on my face, those clamps had been ripped off 3 different times, only to be put back on and the whole deal started over!!

I was one well bred, VERY sore bitch, and the vacation had just started!!!! 4 guys, one cd slut, and 9 1/2 days left to go……..hhmmmm…..I was already starting to plan on what to do to turn them all back on again before the afternoon..evening actually by now…..was over!!.