My webcam pet. Chapter 6

She smiled to herself when she finally saw my hello and turned on her webcam. I complimented her on how she looked and especially about the fact that she was wearing her collar. She replied “I am your pet my Master. How may I serve you?” I instructed her to first stand and spin so I could see how she looked dressed. She did so immediately, taking her time, bending over so I got a nice long look at that sexy ass and also making a point to pinch her nipples to bring them fully to life under her shirt once she sat back down. She said doing that alone almost made her cum. She was then made to remove her pants sitting now only in the pearl thong, tight shirt and collar. I had her stand and start to rub the string of pearls forward and back across her clit, pussy and ass and told her to beg me to allow her to cum each time she felt she couldn't hold back any longer. The look of shear lust, passion and desire in her eyes when she started rubbing told me this was going to be a very fun chat. My pet was working the pearl beads enthusiastically along her slit and in literally a minute she was begging me to let her orgasm. I told her to stop rubbing and pinch her nipples a few times for me. Doing so brought a look of pleasure and agony to her face. Then I told her to go back to rubbing and over the course of the next 20 minutes she begged me for release two dozen times. My pet had been made to tease herself and edge without climax now for the last several days and her ability to stop herself was waning quickly. I gave her a break from teasing her luscious and dripping pussy by having her remove her shirt and walk over to the street side window to close the curtains. As the lights were on in her place she knew that anyone walking by would get a nice peep show but at this point she didn't care. Her mind was totally and solely focused on doing whatever it would take to be allowed to let her carnal urges free and finally feel her body shudder in what she now knew would be an absolutely mind blowing, moaning, screaming, toe curling orgasm. Her nipples were at full attention when she sat back down. I could see small droplets of sweat all over her body. Stopping herself from cumming was taking quite an effort. I instructed her to get her 6″ and 8″ dildos and to massage her lovely perky full tits while she did so but not to touch her nipples. She complied eagerly, anything to distract her from how bad she wanted/needed release. Once back in front of the camera I had her slide down in the chair and put her legs over the arms. This perfectly exposed her pussy and ass. I had her go back to teasing herself with the beads. Her immediate moaning, dripping pussy, and pulsating asshole told me how much this was driving her crazy. Initially she held off for a couple minutes this time before begging to cum but each subsequent pleading had shorter and shorter time intervals and her voice cracked and became high pitched as she took gulps of air in between each word as she spoke them. “Please”…deep breath…”Master”…deep breath…”may”…deep breath…”I”…deep breath…”be”…deep breath…”allowed”…deep breath…”to”…deep breath…”cum”…deep breath…”now”? Each time my answer was “Not yet”. She was whimpering by the time I told her to stop after about another 20 minutes of teasing. She needed a break to regain as much of her composure as possible so I had her go bring herself back a nice big glass of ice water. Before she sat back down I had her turn her back to the camera, bend over, legs slightly spread, and slip her beaded thong slowly down til she could slip her feet out of it. I only allowed her to sit once she teased her finger on her eager aching asshole for me. Once properly seated as instructed previously she was made to rub an ice cube over each nipple. She moaned in pleasure while performing this task, obviously enjoying it, especially since her sweet pussy juice began seeping once again down over her asshole, soaking her chair even more. I asked her is she could handle melting an ice cube by rubbing it over her full, plump, engorged pussy lips. She was shaking her head no as her fingers grasped another cube from the glass. It kept shaking no as she slide the cube down her stomach. Her head shook no faster as the cube began to slide up and down her slit. Needless to say her body heat due to her state of arousal didn't let the ice last long at all. It was at this point I realized her shaking her head no wasn't a refusal to do the task but was her telling herself she wouldn't allow herself to cum. Her body was shaking when she asked “What now my Master?” If only she knew how much more teasing I would see if she could handle before the night was over…..