My webcam pet. Chapter 5

She sat for a moment in stunned silence before heading to her bedroom. She was angry at and confused by her Master. As she sat on her bed to remove the boots her thoughts ranged between “how dare he!” and “that asshole!”. Her legs quivered involuntarily as her hands touched her thighs to slip off the stockings. Had she not been angry and confused she would have indulged her aching desire for release. Her hands reached for the clasp on her collar, once there she stopped. Her mind wandered back to an earlier conversation we'd had about pets and Masters. She remembered our first discussion about wearing a collar. I'd told her that though anyone can wear a collar for someone else that doesn't make them a pet. Being a pet is about patience and submitting oneself to another however the Master chooses them to serve. A collar can be taken off whenever and without regard by someone who is not seriously dedicated to their craft and those type of people are definitely not pets, just someone with a fancy for imitation of a specific lifestyle. Likewise just because you tell someone to wear a collar that doesn't make you a Master. A Master must have respect for their pet, they must care about the pet's safety, they must understand the pet has limits and though it's ok to push the boundaries it's not ok to go overboard in what you ask your pet to do. A Master should be humbled that a pet accepted them and to make sure that whatever they have planned that in the end the resulting pleasure will be more than worthwhile for the pet. She continued removing the collar but because Master had bid her to sl**p naked tonight. She knew that she'd put it back on. Though she was left hanging there was a growing confidence in her. She'd edged so much and wanted to cum so bad but she'd held off thus far whereas before she wouldn't have bothered holding back the urge at all. She crawled under the sheets and fell asl**p. When she woke up she felt she had slept good but her pussy ached desperately. She couldn't remember any one specific dream but based off the wet spot on the bed she knew what they were about. She dressed for the day as instructed and went about her business. It was while walking out to her car that she realized the pleasurably cruel torture at my choice of panties. The beads rubbed her clit while she walked. She had to stop a moment initially to keep her pussy juice from bursting into her pants. She laughed to herself as she started walking again. Her steps had to be deliberate. There was no way she could walk or probably even sit without the beads rubbing her clit. Throughout the day she figured out a way to walk and sit slowly to keep them for getting her overly excited and noticed how people watched her movements because of them being slower and more deliberate. This of course turned her on even more knowing that people were eyeing her intently. Her nipples weren't making her any less noticeable. Wearing a tight shirt without a bra, being extremely horny and getting hornier by the moment between the beads rubbing her clit and along her eager asshole and people watching her every move, her nipples were fully erect and almost poking through her shirt. She was eager to get in her car to head home for the day. It was as much to stop the teasing her movements caused by her thong and to get away from staring eyes that made her want to rip off her clothes and furiously finger fuck her pussy til climax as it was to wait for her Master, the man she agreed to serve, to get online to chat. Once home she got online, waiting for word from Master but only after slipping on her collar. She wasn't instructed to do it. She did it because she knew it would please her Master. She had submitted herself and eagerly wanted more….