My Twin Summer Fun

Last summer i was working on one of those camps for fat k**s in the Australian outback but lets get this said right now this story isnt about the campers, its about the weekend off i spent with the Robbins twins.

Whilst im not the prettiest boy working at the camp i certainly wasnt the ugliest either i stand a little over 6 feet tall, stocky to slightly chubby build, dark hair and eyes. I was in awe of these two tanned, tall and slightly curvy 22 year old goddesses, they could have passed for any modeling job on earth without trying. Anna was blonde, bubbly and out going loved the outdoors and everything to do with it, with the most amazing perky tits with tiny pink nipples that pointed to the sky. her twin Julia couldn't have been more different she had the same skin tone and you could tell she was blond below her jet black dyed short nearly shaved hair, but her tits were just a little bigger than Anna's and they were always pushed up in a wonderbra under her chin and she was a quiet as her s****r was loud

we were all swimming in the camp counselors private pool and just unwinding after a long week under the sun drinking bottle of bud from a floating cooler when Anna suggest we went back to there air con'd cabin for some more drinks and food but as the other guys we were with had planned to go the local tavern for some grub, it was left to just me and the twins. such a shame.

once we got there via a quick stop so i could change in some dry shorts and a clean Tee shirt the girls went to get changed out of the swimsuits and change i noticed that there bedroom door was still wide open and through there mirror i could see them both stood in the nude whispering to each other, they looked fucking magnificent,Annas tight little body was truly the girl next door looking all tight and natural except for her perfect shaven pussy with its lips slightly protruding where as Julia's body was every thing id hoped for she had rounder more fuller hips and breasts with pierced nipples and some tattoos lining her pelvic bones down to a little patch of blonde pubic hair just above her pierced pussy lips and at the sight of these two 10's my cock grew to what i can only describe as achingly hard. they must have seen me and through to join them.

as i went in Julia pushed me into the big chair in there room and stood bent over facing me kissing me deep and hard exploring my mouth with her tongue, as she did i heard her moan and opened my eyes to see Anna stood pushing her hand back and forth behind her s****rs gorgeously curved arse, Julia turned her self around so i could see the wide handled hair brush sticking out of her pussy, slide out covered in her juices Anna picked up the brush and proceeded to lick it clean then she kissed me hard to, it was such a turn on tasting her twins cum from her mouth, she then pushed her head down and nearly swallowed my rock hard cock whole, and Julia started licking her twins sopping wet cunt in front me i blew my first load straight down Annas throat.

For the next hour or so i watched the twins finger lick and fist each others hungry openings until i was hard again then i lay on my back and Julia lowered her soaking wet pussy down on my cock and her s****r straddled my face letting me lick her pussy and i felt Julias fingers rubbing Annas clit at my chin we stayed like this till both girls orgasm'd over my cock and down my face and in my mouth, so i bent Anna over on all fours while her twin shuffled below us and she started to fuck Anna with brush handle again so i slowly pushed my cock into anna's tight arse and slowly work up to a decent speed sliding in and out of that sculpted perfect bum hole and when Julias tongue probed round my arsehole i couldn't stand it any longer and shot my cum deep in her twins arse and as i lay back catching my breath all i could see before we all passed out was Julia licking and eating Anna's arse clean.