My teacher fantasy.

*Please note this is not real. Just a Teacher-student fantasy. This is part one. Part two will come at a later stage. Tell me if you liked or disliked the story and why please. And of course, Enjoy.*

Sitting in class during another after school detention for not having my homework done. ''What a load of bullshit'', I muttered to myself, while finishing for the eighty-first time the sentence 'I must do my homework every night or else I will not be ready or able for my future exams'. This was the fourth time this week, and the hottest day that year. ''But some things are good at the moment'' I said while glancing up at the teacher who put me on detention.

Ms Cole was mid-20's, about 5'10 and a gorgeous curvy body. Big saggy tits, a plumb but firm ass and long, very muscular and defined legs was the reason why this teacher was on my ''To do'' list. Looking over at me, her braless tits very noticeable in her skimpy vest. Straight, brown hair lightly polishing her tanned shoulders was tied back with a bobbin, the raising of her arms caused both tits to rise slightly. ''How many are you done?'' she asked, white teeth visible as words fell from her lips. ''Done now'' I replied, just finishing the last word in the sentence. ''Bring it up to me then'' she said while writing something on a small, pink notepad.

Standing up the heat got to my head suddenly, causing me to feel a bit ill. I took off my school blazer and shirt, and laid it down lightly on the graffiti-painted desk. ''Taylor L's Greg'' followed by a large love heart. Wonder how shit her detention for that was, I briefly thought before picking up the page I had been working on for twenty minutes and started walking to the teachers desk at the front of the class. I passed the blackboard. ''Homework page 321, Questions 3-10''. Quick mental note taken of the homework, I stopped in front of Ms Cole's desk.

She had finished writing and was now stood up and slightly bent forward, rummaging through her black laptop case which she used to bring whatever equipment she needed for school. But there was something in front of me that caught my eye more than books and pens.

Her large, tanned, saggy tits were hanging down against her tight vest, giving me a full down-shirt shot of her breasts. The heat from the day was showing on them, a light amount of sweat caused a faint shine on the light brown breasts. My cock grew hard slowly at my command, worried a noticeable erection would make me have to turn away quickly and end these amazing moments. She stood up for a second, rubbing her high forehead with her hand. Her tits inches from me were so defined in the moist vest I didn't need to make a mental image. My cock was the hardest and biggest it had ever been, pressed against my trousers and sticking out in a very noticeable, very embarrassing and very teasing way. Teasing for me. Ms was already bending over again, but this time I was getting something from it. Sticking my right hand through the hole in my pocket, I thanked God I never got it stitched up.

Putting my hands in my underwear and forming a gentle grip of myself, I started stroking my cock softly to the image of my beautiful Goddess of a teacher, her tits hanging so sexily. A small groan past my lips and I picked up speed only slightly. How she did not notice, I didn't know nor care. I was wanking inches from her, my balls aching to blow a stream of hot cum on her hair. The thoughts of it running down her high forehead, wetting her entire face before dropping onto her tits made me nearly burst. But before I could she turned around quickly to get something behind her, an action that if not done would have gotten me caught. I turned and took my hand away from my cock. It was still painfully hard as she spoke.

''Okay, let me see your work''. I handed her the sheet and she looked through it quickly. ''You can go now'' She said. ‘’Thanks miss,’’ I replied before leaving the classroom quickly.

I began walking home, the thoughts of my teacher still fresh in my head kept me hard. Trying to fix my pants so it was not as noticeable, I realised I had left my school blazer and shirt behind in the class. Hopefully she is not in the class anymore, I thought glancing down at the large stick-shape protruding from between my legs. I stopped outside Ms Cole’s door, and took a quick look inside to make sure the coast was clear.

‘’Oh my God’’ I said as my mind came to a realisation of what was happening. Sitting at my desk and wearing my school blazer, Ms Cole had her smooth, flawless legs spread wide and resting on the two neighbouring desks. The years of sports playing evident from the firmness of the muscles on her brown legs, which were slightly tensed and clearly defined. Her toes curled then spread out again. I opened the door slightly to get a better view, I then proceeded to take my pants off and pull my penis out. I begin stroking softly.

Ms Cole was rubbing her pussy and moaning gently, her pink thong, jeans, vest, and shoes resting in the chair next to her. Her big breasts had fallen out of the blazer by now and were peacefully lying there against her stomach, which was too also muscular and was home to a distinct six pack. Her breasts were the only part of her which was not restrained.

Drooping down from her chest towards her feet, they reached her belly button. But unlike some saggy tits which are flat, they were very shapely and round. With two of her fingers deep in her pink pussy, she started to rub her brown nipples which were the largest I had ever seen, I guessed an inch long.

She started to groan, then scream with pleasure. I wanked harder, imagining my tongue licking the seemingly swollen lips and the sweet pussy between them. Suddenly I cummed the largest and most powerful cumshot I had ever had. The stream of cum painted the door white and several small streams began making their quick journey to the bottom, all the while I was oblivious to the world around me but instead enjoying the last feel of my orgasm.

Coming to my senses, I felt someone looking at me. I glanced up to see Ms Cole, fully nude, looking at me smiling. ‘’Want to watch me naked, you little fuck?’’ She asked with a disarming stare. ‘’Then I am going to fuck you up. You can start by getting naked, and you see that mess you made there? The cum you shot all over my class, you can clean that up with your tongue’’. I replied, in a defeated voice ‘’Yes Miss’’.

‘’Wait’’ She said. ‘’Yes?’’ I asked, hoping she had changed her mind and would just let me go. ‘’Strip, now.’’