my s****r's visit from Jamaica

I am from the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. It is a tropical paradise known for its balmy sunshine and natural beauty. The local populations live carefree lifestyles, dancing to reggae music and swimming in the clear, warm waters off palm shaded, white-sand beaches.

Yet, after all their liberal lifestyles, pussy eating is tabooed in my country where the religion of Rastafarianism predominates. In that belief-system, the purpose of sex is regarded more for its procreation value than for its pleasure.

My s****r’s husband for instance, is a Rasta-man who never sucks her pussy.
In fact he hasn’t even fucked her much since they were married twenty-seven years ago. He had been satisfied that she had begotten him three boys, now grown, and that was good enough for him as far as their marriage was concerned.

By the time s*s finally visited me a month ago at my bachelor’s apartment in the United States, she was like a hard up wench in heat. She was hankering to have the experience of getting her matured cunt properly fucked and licked out by a man—any man.

After not seeing each other for years, we savored our times together, staying up late to chat, watch TV. and play on my computer. She was eager to learn how to navigate the Internet on my new Pentium PC. I thought her.

At first she was appalled when she ran into some of smut sites on the net, but after a few days of surfing she got used to it. From our conversations about the various sexual practices of the American people, I could sense that she was hot, and eager to know more, and wanted to experiment, and to revel in the temporary freedom from her neglectful husband left back home.

I was smart enough to recognize an opportunity when it presented itself.
I knew that she was very conservative, and not the type to go out to a bar or a club to pick up a guy for a one-night-stand or anything like that. Moreover, she was scared of all the diseases that I had told her about spreading like wild fire out there. Any experiment done would have to be conducted in my apartment. That was a surety.

To get her more susceptible to my intentions and feigning curiosity, I tactfully introduced her to various sex sites on the Internet, and purposely steered her to those with i****t links.

There she read a few stories that people had written about having sex with their b*****rs or s****rs; about sons doing mothers, dads fucking daughters, and so forth. She was fascinated by the sheer raunchiness of the websites contents. And she seem to couldn’t get enough. Sometimes I had to literally drag her away from the computer to go outside shopping.

When she asked me why do so many of the American people engaged in these kinds of wanton activities, I replied that only extremely backward societies regard i****t as anything strange. The Greeks and Romans practiced it thousands of years ago, just as multitudes of liberated Americans are doing right now. They were doing nothing wrong and weren’t violating any laws as long as everything was consensual and nobody is hurt.

Over days, the more she got used to the internet, I detected that she had started to feel more comfortable with the whole idea of f****y members getting into bed with each other. It was no big deal!

And so, late one night, in the dimly lit guest room where she was sl**ping, when she discovered one of my hands diligently roaming over her silkily clad skin, and realizing what was happening, she just turned, moaned softly, and allowed nature to take its course.

She had half-awakened and found me sitting near to her feet, on the lower edge of her bed, breathing labouredly, my left hand deftly exploring her curvaceously, golden-brown body, while my right hand was steadily manipulating my hugely erected penis, half concealed beneath a white towel.

My hand had been expertly working up her legs to that spot which was in the vicinity of the center of creation. When I eventually touched the precious mound, a keening started to emanate from deep within her throat. Discovering that she was wearing no underwear, coupled with her sensuous catlike purring only served to inflame my passion.

My fingers were working wonders between her now spread legs. I used the tips of my fingers to massage her moist clitty back and forth and even inserted my middle finger into her ass, lubricated by the heated aromatic juices seeping slowly from her aroused pussy.

Unable to control myself any longer and thinking: “oh what the hell!”
I climbed unto the bed and lay beside her. Her eyes were closed and her hands clasped behind her head while she enjoyed my lustful ministrations. Her brow knitted with desire as she started to gyrate her hips almost imperceptibly.
No words were exchanged between us. None was needed. Our urgent need said it all.

Not being able to hold out any longer, I pulled the hem of her nightgown up to her waist exposing her nicely trimmed black bush, beautifully dappled with light specks of grey. I felt like burying my face in it then, but I resisted, as I had a more urgent cock need. The hair munching could wait for later or the next day.
I quickly slipped out of my boxers and rolled over, up on top of her. She raised her knees and spread her legs in anticipation of my intrusion, and the promise of satisfaction and release. I felt her delicate fingers below fishing for my dick, which she found and slipped it into her open, moist cavity.

Immediately, we started to fuck immensely hard for a good ten-to-fifteen minutes. Her flailing legs and feet wantonly administered some kicks to my naked back while we embraced tightly as if trying to bury ourselves into each other’s bodies. Minutes later, I felt her shuddering beneath me, signaling a climax, which triggered my own release.

Shot after shot of semen spewed forth from my loins into her waiting, excited vagina. In throes of pure sexual passion, her vaginal muscles clenched tightly around my big ramrod penis, milking it of its final drops.
Good thing she had just finished menopause, so I had no fear of her becoming pregnant by her own b*****r.

Our sexes remained pressed together to the hilt, a fusion of moist, chocolate brown flesh glistening in the subdued glow of the shaded bedside lamp, and shiny, kinky black hairs mangled together in a fusion of pure ecstasy. I pressed my lips to her mouth, covering her mouth with mine every time she opened to gasp for valuable air.
But my s****r’s sex hole, though still tight and tender had spawned three healthy c***dren. Her pussy knew that there was more to life than just being opened and fucked wild.

It needed more; it needed to have a mouth pasted onto it with titillating lips tweaking the clitoris. I knew she wanted to have her ass hole reamed too. She had seen it on the net and wanted to know what it felt like. I decided that I would do the honors.

The next day after that first night fuck-a-rama, I initiated her into the art of oral satisfaction.
We were both naked after taking a shower together. I had her stood beside my big double bed and instructed her to slightly lean forward while she held on to the edge of the bed for support. Then I kneeled down behind her rear end and used the thumbs of both my hands to grasp and spread her ass cheeks wide open.

I could see a moderate tuft of silky black hair invitingly amassed between her chocolate colored legs, the rosebud of a medium sized clitoris peeping out. I stretched out my tongue as far as it could extend out my mouth and used the tip to flick over and into her puckered butt hole.

She started the familiar sensual purring again, making my cock ache with desire. I just wanted to stand up behind her and sink it into the delectable bush, but my tongue-lashing job wasn’t finished yet.

I opened her legs wider, to get my face up, under her and into her luscious crotches. There, I wallowed in the hairy mess. I reveled ceaselessly in the fragrant juices of her femininity— sucking pussy like there was no tomorrow.
My tongue became a versatile pleasure-snake between her legs.

Sometimes I licked steadily over the outer areas of the cunt, and at other times I made my tongue into a dick—a tongue-dick—sticking it straight out, stiff, and rammed vigorously in and out of her succulent hole while she squirmed out pussy liquids onto my face, plastering my tongue, my nose and my closed eyelids. The tang of salty-sweet female cum juice deliciously gushed into my open mouth as I tried to suck in some needed oxygen.

I felt honored and worshipful there. Underneath her. I was bowing to my goddess. I bowed relentlessly beneath her while she purred like a cat.
That day, my name was Mr. Bow Cat. And I was a f****y ramming bow cat at that. (The word “Bow cat” is the Jamaican term for eating pussy, and “f****y ram” is used to describe people who engage in the most repulsive acts of i****tuous lusts).

For my own climax later, I lay on top of her in the classic missionary position just like on the previous night.
I particularly liked having intercourse with my s****r that way, for then I was able to stare into her warm brown eyes, french kiss her sensually formed lips and nuzzle her graceful nose and ears, and use my tongue to explore her mouth and her nice set of white teeth. Also, I was at liberty to nurse at her huge mammaries with their oversized chocolate colored nipples passionately sticking out.

The fact that s*s is a respected member of the society back in our homeland, and in our extended f****y, yet here she was with her own b*****r committing one of the most abominable, and heretical acts against our culture and tradition, only served to provide an extra fillip to our secret. And it made her cunt, the sweetest and juiciest pussy that I have ever tasted.
She has planned her next visit to be a very special, extended stay. I can hardly wait for her return.