My son fucked my wife

My 17 year old son, King, was recently diagnosed
with a hormonal imbalance problem that caused him to
have painful erections. He was ashamed to mention his
discomfort to anyone but finally confided in his step-mother
what was happening to him. He said that he would get
hard for days and it became painful. I didn’t know how to
Handle the situation. I asked my wife which is his step-mother
To handle the issue for me. My wife Tina is white and in her late
30’s. She is 5’8 145 with a small coke bottle frame. She is
Very helpful with King even though he was not her son.
His step-mother (my wife, Tina) finally took him to the
pediatrician. The doctor gave a prescription to help
alleviate the pain, but did not do much to suppress his
raging erections. He also mentioned to Tina after the
examination, that King had an unusually large penis
for his age, probably a symptom of the disorder.

King's problem still persisted and they decided to
get a second opinion from a general practitioner. This
doctor actually recommended masturbation as a remedy.
His step-mother, (my wife, Tina) was a little perplexed on
how to explain to King how to “masturbate.” She asked
me to explain it to him but I was still a newcomer in
handling a situation like this and told her that King
would be more comfortable with her explaining it to
him. She finally agreed.

One night after King had gone to his room for the
night, Tina went down to his room and tapped on the
door. I couldn't help but to spy tip toe down the hall
and listen in on the conversation to see how she
handled the situation.

Tina spoke softly and shyly to her step-son as she tried
explaining to him what the doctor prescribed. She asked
if he was still having “problems,” and he said “yeah,
it's starting to hurt again and I don't like taking
that medicine! It makes me nauseous! His mother said
that the doctor recommended something called
“masturbation.” “Do you know what that means?” said

“Um, no what does it mean?” replied King.

“Well, I wish your dad were here to tell you this, so
I'll do my best… Um, you take your penis, and you rub
it up and down, oh dear.” She was struggling to finish
the explaination. “Well, you have to rub it up and down
for a while and you start to feel a little dizzy, and
then you… um.” She had to pause in embarrassment,
“well, you'll feel a little funny and you will

“What does ejaculate mean?” said King.

“Well, white stuff will come out of the end of our
penis, it's kinda like shampoo or lotion. You'll have
to clean it up with a towel, but then you shouldn't be
as hard, at least for a while. Maybe it'll help you to

“I'll try anything now,” replied King. “I'll leave
you alone so you can try it,” said Tina and then she

Tina came back to the room somewhat upset. “Well, I
did it, I just told your son how to 'masturbate'.” I
tried to comfort her, but she had trouble sl**ping that

The next night just before King went to bed, he
confided in his step-mother that he had tried masturbating,
but it didn't work. He never could get anything to come
out of his penis. Tina shared this information with
me as we were climbing into bed. I put down my book and
said “I really don't know what to tell you, maybe you
could explain it to him again, maybe give him some baby
oil.” She agreed and went to the bathroom to get him
the oil.

I was transfixed on the door as she went back to
King's room to try to help him out.

“Here baby,” she said, “use a little of this while you
masturbate tonight.” “I don't think that will help much ,” said King.
” can you show me what to do?”

Tina paused and said, I suppose I could. With that,
King pulled the covers off and he only had on his
briefs. His erection was making a huge tent, it was
absurd to see something that large on a 17 year old
boy. Tina gasped as King pulled off his underwear.
King's cock was about 10 inches long and as big
around as my wrist! It was bobbing with his heartbeat
and had a huge head. Tina was transfixed at the size
of it. “Oh my!” she said to herself.

Tina cleared her throat, “Well, show me how you've
been doing it.” King wrapped his hand around
the shaft of his huge black dick and began stoking it with
short strokes near the bottom. “See, it's not doing

“Maybe you should go all the way up and down, maybe a
little slower” said Tina. She was entranced with his big black
dick. His balls were proportionately large as well.
She caught herself reaching towards them but suddenly
jerked her hand back. She always loved giving me hand
jobs and blow jobs and she was probably a little lost
in the moment.

“No Mrs. Tina, you can show me, will you try to help me? I'll
do anything! I've got to get this to stop!”

Tina shyly reached out and grasped his pretty black dick. “Are
you sure you're ok with this, Baby?” she asked.

“Yes mama, that feels better than my own hand. Your
hands are so soft and warm compared to mine.” He
suddenly relaxed and slumped back into his pillow
watching his step-mother slowly stroke him.

“You know what, you should think of a naked woman. That
would help you to ejaculate,” said Tina.

“I don't know But, I think this might be working,” as
he breathed a little heavier. He closed his eyes and
Tina scooted closer so that she could stoke his penis
harder and faster. This went on for about 5 minutes and
then Tina started to get a little sore.

“King, you really ought to try to think of a naked
woman, this is what your dick is for,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well King, your dick is made to go inside a woman's
pussy and it's to help her get pregnant and make a
baby,” Tina said. She was obviously becoming more
comfortable with the situation. “If you pretend you're
putting this into a woman's tight hole, maybe you can

“Ok, I'll try. I haven't seen very many naked women,
only in pictures really,” King said.

It still wasn't working and Tina was reluctant to
give up. “Well, I've got one more thing I guess I could
try, but I'm not sure if I should do this.” Tina was
squirming around. Her nipples were protruding through
her nightgown, it was obvious that her son was actually
having an effect on her.

Mrs Tina, I don't mind, whatever it is I'm just glad you're
trying to help me.”

With that being said, Tina bent over and took
King's huge cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked
on it slowly, obviously enjoying what she was doing.
One of her breasts slipped out of her nightgown and her
erect nipple moved against King's thigh. She was soon
bobbing up and down on King's huge dick, getting only
about half of it in her small white mouth.

King relaxed and laid back in the bed breathing
heavily. “Mrs. Tina, that feels really good, please don't
stop!.” She obliged him and continued giving her step-son
his first blow job. She began using her hands to stoke
the lower half of his prick while she continued sucking
on his huge cockhead.

King began breathing quickly and thrusting his
pelvis. She was murmuring as he swelled and became
closer to ejaculating. “Oh Mrs Tina!” He suddenly grunted
and heaved his pelvis up and flooded his step-mother's mouth
with his cum. She gulped and slurped and continued to
bob up and down on his huge rod. She was stroking it
with her delicate hand, it was a most erotic sight.

Tina swallowed all of his come and King's orgasm
began to subside. “Mrs Tina, that feels better, that was
soooo weird! I'm dizzy or something. I felt something
come out, was that the white stuff?”

“Yes,” Tina said. “That was your cum, I mean,
your semen. I swallowed it so we wouldn't make a mess.”
She was obviously still a little shook up. “Do you feel
better now?”

“Yes,” he looked down and his penis was a little
softer, only about half erect. “I think… I think I
feel much better now. Thanks Mrs. Tina.”

She got up, closed her gown up and tried to regain her
composure as she left the room. I had made it back down
the hall and was in bed reading my book, as usual.

She came in and slid in bed next to me. I could tell
she was very aroused as she started to play with my
cock. She didn't say anything about what happened She looked at me
and said I need to be fucked right now
she climbed on top of me and rode me hard. She must
have had about 3 orgasms before I blew my load into

The very next night, King came into our bedroom and
whispered something into his step-mother's ear. He was
sporting another one of his erections.

“Excuse me darling,” she said. I'll be back in a few
minutes. I tiptoed down the hall and looked in through
the partially closed door. She was already giving
King another one of his mind numbing blow jobs. She
was not shy at all about it and even started to grind
her crotch onto his leg, quite unintentionally.

She continued this routine for a few weeks and never
mentioned what she was doing to King around me. She
would even go to his room without him asking for “help”
anymore. I would occasionally go and watch if they left
the door cracked. She would almost always come back to
the bedroom and immediately fuck my brains out.

One night she came back smelling like semen, I'm sure I
saw some matted in her hair and on her night gown. I
hadn't been watching, but she obviously hadn't caught
it all with her mouth that time.

About a month went by and I had snuck down to the hall
to watch, as usual, but this time something unusual was
happening. She had let her top fall down while she was
giving him his nightly blow job. She would stop from
time to time and look up at him smiling. He was smiling
back at her and played with her hair. There was a lot
of eye contact between them. She was going very slowly
and it seemed that she was trying to make him last
longer. Her nipples were hard as rocks and she grinded
her pelvis into his ankle.

She reached down with one of her hands and massaged her
breast and pinched her nipple! I was extremely aroused
watching her show off to her step-son. She was quite late
coming back to the room, but as usual she fucked my
brains out and had multiple orgasms.

The very next night as I tiptoed down the hall for my
little show, I noticed that she was breathing heavily.
I peered into the dimly lit room and saw King
straddling his step-mother with his huge cock between her
breasts! She was mashing her breasts together and would
suck on the end of his dick as he thrust it between her
mounds! I had to take out my own 6″ dick and relieve
some of my own stress there in the hall!”

When he finally came, he sprayed cum all over her face
and got her in the eye. They giggled and hushed each
other so that I wouldn't hear. She went to the bathroom
and washed up before she came to bed, but I could still
smell the semen on her.

I didn't want to ruin my little nightly freak show by
asking her what she was doing in my son's room, but
she revealed that she would go in there to watch him,
just to make sure he was doing it every night. “That's
what the doctor prescribed, isn't it,” she said. Little
did she know that I watched blow her my son almost every

Over the course of the next week I noticed that she was
trying slightly different positions and with King,
she seemed to enjoy watching him blow his huge wad all
over himself or on her face and tits. She even began
going completely naked except for her panties. King
was very comfortable and would often massage her
breasts and even began sucking on her nipples after he
came on her.

Things got more and more erotic as the weeks went by,
Tina would usually take her gown off as soon as she
entered the room. On one particular night, King was
lying on his back as she climbed into his bed. She
slung her leg over him and pressed her panty covered
pussy against his massive cock. She began dry humping
him as she raked her hands across his chest.

“Mrs. Tina! You're all wet down there, your panties are

“I know Baby, that's what women do sometimes when
they're being touched down there.”

“Why?” King replied.

“It helps when I want to get a dick in my pussy, it helps it
slide in easily.”

“Well it sure feels good Mrs. Tina, I've never seen you
completely naked, could you take off your panties?”

“Well, I don't know, you really shouldn't see me
all the way naked like that” Tina replied. She paused
and said, “well, I don't guess it would hurt, I've seen
you naked and I've given you blow jobs for 3 months

She got up and peeled off her wet cotton panties.
“Well, what do you think?” She said.

“Mrs. Tina, you look great! You are very pretty naked,” he

She got right back on top of him and started to grind
on his cock which looked more massive than ever. Pre-
cum was oozing out the tip. He stretched out and closed
his eyes. He grabbed onto her hips and it seemed like
he was trying to get his cock inside of my wife.

She sensed what was happening, “Whoa there little man,
we can't go there!” She smiled and backed off of him
enough to wrap her dainty hands around his monster
cock. She stroked him quickly and he erupted like a
fountain all over his chest.

“Mrs. Tina, that felt amazing, I hope you do that again
soon!” She was a little taken in over what had just
happened. “Well, maybe, but we need to be more

She didn't go in there the next night. She seemed a
little quiet for the next couple of days.

I came home from work a few days later and found a few
bags of groceries in the kitchen that hadn't been put
away. I noticed a little red box in one of the bags. It
was a box of condoms! Knowing that I had a vascectomy,
I quickly thought of the prospect of her wanting to
have SEX with King! My head was swimming with erotic
images and the possibility of what might happen. I
couldn't wait to see what was going to transpire

When the time came for our nightly routine, I watched
her leave the bedroom to go “check” on King. When I
crept down the hall, I heard Glenda whispering quietly
by his bedside as she rubbed his leg and his erection
through his underwear. King looked surprised as she
opened up a condom, pulled down his underwear and began
rolling it onto my son's over-sized black dick.

The condom was obviously stretched to the limit as he
looked down at his covered penis. She quickly undressed
and laid down in the bed next to King. King got up
on all fours and hovered over his step-mothers naked body.
He looked up at her and then down at his cock. Tina
reached down and rubbed the tip of his dick up and down
her swollen pussy as she wrapped her legs around his
little body.

She finally guided his huge cock into her pussy and
closed her eyes sighing as he began impaling her with
the head of his dick. He got all the way inside her and
instinctively began thrusting very quickly. He didn't
last but about 20 seconds inside of my wife’s tight white pussy.
Tina was having orgasms almost as soon as he had put
it in her. It was all she could do to keep quiet as he
fucked her. I didn't last much longer than King while
watching this erotic event. I came all over the floor
and I had hardly touched myself!

King dismounted and looked at the cum filled balloon
at the end of his cock. “What would happen if I didn't
wear this?” he asked my wife.

“You might get me pregnant,” she replied.

“But you're my step-mother, I couldn't get YOU pregnant.”

“Oh yes you could, you're probably already making
sperm, and sperm “will” get me pregnant, no matter who
it comes from,” his mother told him.

I scurried back hoping that she wouldn't notice the
puddle of cum on the carpet. She came back to the
bedroom soon after, but she wasn't much in the mood for
sex. She went straight to sl**p. I didn't push the
issue, I was rather drained myself. She still wasn't
aware that I had been watching them.

This continued on and she got braver and braver. They
were fucking in about 3 different positions and
occasionally he would service her twice.

One evening came when they had carelessly run out of
condoms. She told him that he was only getting a blow
job that night because they were out of rubbers. He
looked disappointed. He fondled her through her gown as
she proceeded with the blowjob. He was very unsatisfied
and kept reaching down and pulling on her breasts and
nipples. She moved around a little so he could reach
under her thigh and stroke her pussy. “Mrs. Tina, you're so
wet! Mrs. Tina, couldn't I do it a little? I really like
fucking your tight pussy.”

She continued sucking his cock without any comment. He
pleaded again.

She stood up and quickly removed her panties and sat
back down the way she was. As she sucked and stroked
his cock, he again reached under her and played with
her pussy. She groaned and moved around obviously
wishing she could fuck her step-son tonight.

“Mrs. Tina, couldn't I just pull out when I shoot my sperm? I
won't make you pregnant, I promise.”

She continued to pretend she didn't hear but her
resistance was falling away. His hands began roaming
her beautiful body and he suckled on the breast that
hung near his face.

She couldn't take it any longer. She took off her gown
and laid down on the bed next to King.

“Promise me. Promise you'll pull out early enough so
that you don't cum in me.”

“I will Mrs. Tina, I've just got to fuck you.” I was
surprised at his newfound terminology for 'sex'!

He mounted her quickly and began slamming into her.
“Damn Mrs. Tina! This feels SOOOOO much better without a condom!”

“I know,” she groaned, “it feels really good, please
don't stop!”

He continued pounding away until it was obvious he was
about to come. He humped my wife faster and faster
and then grabbed her ass and slammed his pelvis into
her pussy. He suddenly remembered what he had promised
and pulled out, but it was too late. He had already
shot the first several spurts of his cum into her
wet pussy. He continued pumping his cum all over
her neatly trimmed brunette pussy and onto her tummy.
I've never seen anybody cum so hard even in a porn

Tina moved her hips around and quickly guided him
back into her. “It's okay,” she whispered into his ear.
King continued pumping rope after rope of his semen
into my wife. He soon collapsed on top of her.

Fortunately, Tina's period showed up the next week
and she was not pregnant. She exclaimed one morning
when she got up to go the restroom that she had her
period and then remembered that I didn't know about her
little lifestyle. That Friday night, while watching them I made to much noise
they caught me. I walked into the room and told them that everything
was ok, and that King could finish his business. While he was fucking my slut wife
from the back I walked an put my dick in her mouth. Tina began to moan
hard. I told my son to pound her tight pussy good. King said “ I’m about
to cum”. I told “ him fill her pussy up”. He shot a huge load inside of her.
I told Tina to stay in that position, I could see the sperm running out of her
Used pussy. My dick slipped right inside of her used pussy. I told my son King to
Put her dick inside of her mouth. I asked Tina if she liked being used by the two
Of us. The only answer I got was a loud moan and a lot of cream on my dick.
The sight made me shot a huge load on top of the one that was already leaking out of
Her pussy. Now my son and I gangbang my slut wife at least three times a week.
King Hut