My second visit to a swingers club (true story)

This is a true account of my second trip to the swingers club. There are a couple of pictures that came out like shit and a short video that is too dark to see anything but you can hear me moaning and sucking dick. I’ll post those even though they are disappointing.

I rushed home after work, showered and grabbed my outfit. I wore a black mini-skirt, a sheer black blouse, and red 4” heels. I was told not to wear a bra so my breasts were plainly visible through the blouse. As we walked out of the room, He turned to me and said “Go put in one of your butt-plugs.” I knew better than to ask questions so I went to my jewelry box and picked up one of the blue ones. As I put it in my mouth to get it wet enough to put in, I noticed that He had His phone out and pointed at me, “I’ll just need a quick pic or two of your jewelry once you get it in.” I sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back, and slipped the plug in. God it felt good!! I wanted to get myself off right then, but we were already getting a late start.

We arrived about 10:00pm and the place was VERY full. He told me His plan was to find a girl for me to play with but if that hadn’t happened by midnight, He was going to give me to the single guys again. I was okay with that, after all, I had some terrific orgasms the last time that happened! I guess I must have smiled a bit because He leaned in by my ear and whispered “This time I’m going to let them all fuck you.” He was staring in my eyes as He straightened back up and the wicked smile that crossed His face told me that my fear was visible on my face.

We moved past the dance floor on our way to the semi-private, couples only area of the club. Him taking my hand and pulling me along was the only thing that kept me moving as my mind tried to process the fact that I might only be 2 hours away from getting fucked by who knows how many guys! I resolved to do everything in my power to find a female playmate; I wasn’t sure that I was ready for multiple guys to use me at once.

We looked in the fetish (BDSM) room and saw a guy fucking a cute girl from behind, but there was no indication that they even realized we were there so we left after a couple of minutes. As we approached the other end of the hall, we could see that there were people gathered on a pair of couches squeezed into what was basically a wide part of the walkway. Closer inspection showed that it was two couples and my heart quickened when I realized that the two guys were sitting on either end of a couch just watching while one girl was kneeling in front of the other and enthusiastically eating pussy!

The man closest to me looked over, saw me watching, and motioned me to come closer. I looked over my shoulder to get permission and then took three steps to close the distance. I noticed him looking over my shoulder as well, then he smiled, nodded, leaned forward, and slid his hand up my skirt. It was like a jolt of electricity shot through me when his fingers found the smooth folds of my pussy. I was already incredibly horny from walking around with my butt-plug in and watching the women beside him was charging me up even more. It wasn’t going to take much to push me over the edge! I think he was surprised when he discovered how wet I was, or maybe it was the lack of panties, because he looked up at me with a huge grin and exclaimed “You’re a good little slut aren’t you!” I was embarrassed for a moment because I liked that a stranger had his hand on my pussy and was calling me a slut in public, but then I realized that he was only telling the truth so I smiled and nodded ‘yes’.

“Well don’t just stand there,” suddenly drifted into my ear, “kneel down and suck his cock.” I obeyed without hesitation and the stranger moved his hands from my pussy to my tits. Someone hiked up my skirt and started rubbing my pussy from behind and it caused me to start moaning around the shaft of the cock in my mouth. Then I felt my butt-plug being tapped on, causing it to send vibrations through my ass & pussy and that was it; I was cumming furiously! The guy attached to the cock in my mouth seemed to get even more excited by the sounds I was making. He started pulling my hair with one hand and pinching the fuck out of my nipple with the other, a combination that just made me cum harder! I thought they were going to need a mop to clean up after me! He looked over at the woman who was seated on the couch, “Look at this little slut here baby. She loves this.”

The woman, his wife it seems, looked at me as the other girl sat back, indicating that she was done eating. The pressure on my butt-plug and pussy let up long enough for my orgasm to stop and I saw the opportunity I had been waiting for. I started to abandon the cock in order to taste my first pussy, but the wife stood up from the couch. I stood up also and she took my face in her hands. I leaned in to kiss her and her lips parted. I could detect a faint taste of whisky as my tongue explored her mouth. This was incredibly erotic to me and I soon found myself reaching down between her legs as she stroked my tits. Her pussy was sopping wet and so hot that I thought it would burn me. “I’ll kiss you here too if you sit back down.” I whispered in her ear. She just smiled and shook her head slightly. Her husband, who had also stood up and was running his hands all over my body, looked at her and stepped back a bit and began to babble, “Thank y’all. Thank y’all so much. This is an awesome slut here. What a fantastic body. She is a hot little number for sure.” I was worried that his wife was going to be upset if he didn’t quit, but everyone just shook hands and they slipped back down the hall.

We looked at each other with a bit of confusion momentarily. “I wonder why she wouldn’t let me go down on her.” I asked. In response I got a devious smile and heard, “I don’t know, but the single guys out front are luckier than they know.” Nervousness flashed through my body like wildfire.

Now He led me upstairs to a small room with a window A/C unit. We sat on one of the two couches and He played idly with my pussy while we watched people walk by. Some stuck their heads in, and He even motioned a couple to come join us, but no one came in. We had been in there for around ten minutes when the couple from downstairs peeked in. The husband’s eyes lit up when he saw me and he pulled his wife by the arm as he said “Look who it is honey!” We smiled and stood up and they picked up right where they left off, hands all over my tits and stomach, my tongue probing for that smoky whiskey taste. I broke the kiss for a moment and looked at the wife, “I was hoping that I would have a chance to eat pussy for the very first time tonight.” She smiled and sat down on the couch with her legs spread.

I didn’t hesitate for a second! I dove headfirst into her lap like a fat k** on a Twinkie! I had actually received a bit of training on pussy-eating over the past few weeks and I tried to remember some of that as her hot wetness filled my mouth. I loved the way her lips felt soft on my tongue, the way her juices were smearing on my face, the feel of her hips bucking back at me as I found her clit and flicked my tongue rapidly across it. I was surprised that she had no taste, I hadn’t really thought of it until that moment but I guess I assumed all pussies taste the same. I’ve tasted mine countless times and there is a slight sweetness to it, but that was not the case with her. No matter, the feel of everything was fantastic enough. Before long, she had her hands on the back of my head, pulling me in tighter as she started to cum. “Oh my God! This can’t be the first time you’ve done this! I’m cumming! Oh God, I’m cumming!” I stayed at it until I felt her body relax. Looking up at her, I asked “Good?” She looked down with a big smile and said “Darlin’, that was great! Thank you!” I felt myself flush with pride.

Again, everyone stood up, the husband babbled about how terrific I was (it was getting a bit cringe-inducing), handshakes were exchanged, and they slipped off down the hallway. I was adjusting my skirt and trying to straighten my hair a bit when I heard, “Well, it’s midnight and your girl just left.” I froze and looked at Him. He had an ear to ear grin and was making a show of adjusting His cock in His pants. He then took hold of my wrist and started down the hall, “Let’s go.”

We paused by the bar on our way to the single male area so that He could get an idea of how many guys were available (they tend to gather just outside of the rooms by the bar) and I could feel eyes running up and down my body already. I knew He was serious about letting anyone fuck me that wanted to and I was honestly getting scared. There were only two things that kept me from darting out the door: His hand on my waist, reassuring me that He was in control and knew what He was doing, and the tingling in my pussy that made me realize that my body liked the plan, even if my brain didn’t.

He took my hand again and led me confidently through the men’s sitting area and into the same room we wound up in last time. Wooden floor, stripper pole, and leather benches lining the walls. There were fewer guys here than last time and no one followed us past the sitting area yet, although two guys did hover by the doorway trying to get an idea of what was going on. He stopped me at the pole, lifted my blouse off over my head, then unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Just like that I was completely naked in front of strangers again.

He stepped back and motioned the two guys from the doorway to come in. Both stepped up and started feeling on my tits and pinching my nipples. The first pinch took my mind off everything except the glorious sensation of pleasure and pain mixed together. It was like a spark shot from my nipple to my clit. One of the guys reached a hand down and grabbed my cunt. The way he did it told me that he considered it a cunt, not a pussy. He was rough and direct and very obviously doing this for his pleasure, not mine. Being handled so roughly was enough to send me over the edge and I started to cum. I had been in the room for less than 3 minutes and I was already cumming!!

My knees began to waver and I felt strong, familiar hands on my waist and heard His comforting voice, “Let’s move her onto the bench.” Both guys stepped back as He led me to the bench, laid me back, and slipped off my heels. He stepped away again and the guys fell on me like hungry a****ls. Mr. Rough Hands was between my legs and began licking at the juices flowing out of me like a faucet. The other guy had moved up by my head and was moving the most beautiful cock I have ever seen towards my mouth. It wasn’t the largest, or the thickest I’d ever seen, but it looked like it had been carved by Michelangelo. It was about 9.5” long and as thick as my wrist but the proportions were perfect. Perfect head, perfect shaft, perfect veins, I couldn’t wait to taste it!

I felt its silky head slide along my tongue and I wanted to fit all of it in my mouth. I reached up and grabbed the guy’s hips, pulling him towards my face. I knew it was a super slutty thing to do but I was well past the point of being able to k** myself anymore tonight, I was a slut and it was time to just accept it. I started choking around 5”, I still can’t deep throat despite all the time I’ve spent practicing, and I had to back off a bit.

Mr. RH was still going crazy at my crotch, licking inside me, nibbling my clit, sucking my pussy into his mouth and chewing on me, it was making me think how badly I wanted to be fucked and how badly I wanted to deep throat Mr. Beautiful Cock. I shifted my attention away from my pussy and tried again to fit the entire cock in my mouth. Mr. BC seemed to understand what I wanted, so he placed a hand on the back of my head and began forcing me onto him. I was moaning and drooling and squirming on the bench like a woman possessed when I began to cum again. The orgasm caused me to lose the last of my common sense and I tried to slam my face down in an attempt to get the whole cock in my mouth. Not the best idea I ever had because I immediately started gagging and even thought I might throw-up. I tried to back off but Mr. Beautiful Cock still had a hand on my head and he was holding me down.

I wasn’t able to breathe and started to get a bit panicky (mixing panic and orgasm make a unique experience) and I opened my eyes to look for Him. He was standing inches away, watching closely, waiting to see if I needed help. I wanted to signal Him as my orgasmic writhing changed to more of a struggle, but I was too turned on by being handled like this. Just then, Mr. BC made a quick, f***eful jab at the back of my throat and let me up for air. I took a deep breath and saw Him and Mr. BC grinning at each other like they were about to exchange a high five.

Mr. RH then asked “Can I fuck her?” and He replied “Of course. You have to pull out and cum on her stomach though, I want her covered in cum before the night is over.” I moved my mouth back over the cock that was dripping with saliva and pre-cum and soon felt Mr. RH lowering himself between my legs. I was steeling myself for a painful fuck based on the way he had handled and eaten my pussy, but I was to be disappointed. Mr. RH was a bit smaller than average (which I really don’t mind, I cum super easy) and must have been overly excited because he literally only pumped into me 4-5 times before he pulled out and squirted on my hip.

“Well,” I thought, “at least that makes room for Mr. BC to put this perfect cock in my pussy!” I let the cock slip from my mouth and looked at Him. He turned to Mr. BC and said “Your turn.” You aren’t going to believe what happened next. Mr. BC said “Nah, I can do this all night” and he took my head in his hands and guided my mouth back down on him. I was shocked! What the actual fuck?! This guy wasn’t going to let me feel him between my legs?! I looked at Him and He just shrugged His shoulders at me and pulled out His phone, stating “I’m going to take a couple of pics right quick.” I continued to suck Mr. BC’s cock but the thrill was gone now that I knew he wasn’t going to fuck me with it. I guess he could sense the change and soon he tucked himself back into his pants and left the room.

I looked around and there was only one other guy in the room with us. He was sitting on the bench a few feet from my head and was rubbing his cock through his underwear with his pants around his knees. “Want some help with that?” I asked. “Nah, I just came and I don’t think I can again just yet” was his reply. I smiled, “Let me give it a try.” He slid a bit closer and I reached over to feel his cock. It was semi-hard, very hot, and thick. I got excited by how thick it felt without even being all the way hard yet!

I slid closer and started to lean towards it when he stood up. “Naw,” he said “on your knees.” I dropped on my knees to the hard wooden floor and began sucking on him. I was caressing his balls with one hand while the other rested on his hip. I felt his cock begin to swell and he put his hands on the sides of my head as he began making short, slow thrusting motions towards me. Soon, I had to back up and get a look at what was feeling like a nice sized cock in my mouth. I pumped my hand up and down it as I looked. It wasn’t quite as long as Mr. BC, probably about 8”, but it was equally thick and it was so black that it almost looked purple. I tried, but couldn’t quite close my fingers around it.

I looked at Him to see if He was watching and saw Him smile as He placed His hand at the back of my head and pushed my face back towards that fat, purple dick. Him doing that turned me on so much that I started sucking cock like my life depended on it. I felt Him kneel beside me and reach down between my legs. He began to press on my butt-plug and a moan escaped around the shaft shoved in my mouth. Mr. Purple Dick must have liked hearing that because his grip on the sides of my head became firmer and his thrusts became more f***eful.

The pressure on my butt-plug began to alternate from gentle to strong and was getting quicker. It felt like someone was fucking my ass with a short, fat cock and I loved it! I was moaning and grinding and Mr. PD began to increase his tempo with my excitement. Soon he was outright fucking my face, choking and gagging me every time his cock hit the back of my throat. I suddenly felt Him slide two fingers in my pussy while pushing on my plug with His thumb and that was all it took, I exploded in a huge orgasm. I was almost screaming but I didn’t give a shit because I was in ecstasy! Mr. PD pulled my face deep onto his cock and held me there, which made me cum even harder. I realized that he was about to cum and I couldn’t wait to feel the thick, hot, deliciousness pour down my throat. At the last minute, I remembered that I was supposed to wear everybody’s cum tonight so I jerked my head back, grabbed Mr. PD’s cock, pointed it at my chest, and began to furiously pump my fist up and down on it. I was soon rewarded with a good-sized load splattered across my neck, shoulder, and chest.

Mr. PD looked down at me, smiled, and said “Thank you. That was really good.” Then he took his cock from my hands, pulled up his pants, and sat back down on the bench. I realized that I had just missed another opportunity to get filled by a fat cock and I started to feel frustrated about it. I looked around to see who was next but the only other person in the room was an older looking guy seated on the far end of the bench and avoiding eye contact.

I sat down on the bench and He pulled me into the corner and against His chest. “Good girl” He whispered “The sound of your moaning mixed with choking on cock was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever heard.” I could feel myself blush with pride again. We sat there for a bit, me naked to the world, Him with His arm d****d around my neck and idly playing with my nipple, Mr. PD sitting a few feet away just staring at me, and the odd loner at the end of the bench. “You really should come over here and play with her a bit” He called to Mr. Odd Loner, “I’m giving her to anyone that wants to have her tonight.” Again my heartbeat quickened and my pussy began to tingle.

Mr. OL sort of scooted/slid down the bench until he was right near my foot. I felt Him take His arm from my shoulders and gently shove me closer to the edge of the bench. I obediently moved forward until my legs were spread and my pussy was right at the edge of the cushion. Mr. OL reached tentatively for my thigh and began rubbing a few inches below my tingling pussy. “Ummmm, that’s good.” I murmured in an attempt to encourage him. It seemed to work, as he moved his hand directly to my cunt. Mr. OL was fumbling around like he had never touched a girl before but his enthusiasm was making up for his lack of experience. I was enjoying how amazed he seemed to be by this opportunity and I started to moan for real.

He dropped to the floor in front of me and began to poke and prod my pussy with both hands, pinching my lips, pressing my clit, trying to slip his fingers in me. Mr. OL suddenly jabbed at my clit like he thought it was a quick release button for an orgasm. “OW!” I yelped, “Not so hard.” Mr. OL sat back with a look of confusion. I took his hand and led it back to my pussy. “I enjoyed what you were doing, just not so hard.” Staring at my crotch, he licked his thumb, and went back to rubbing, pinching, and poking with both hands. “OW!” Again he had jabbed at my clit like he thought it was something that could be popped. I felt Him sit up lean over me from behind. “Not. So. Hard.” I said as I indicated that he could continue. My tingling sensation was gone and I was beginning to cool down, but I felt kind of bad for Mr. OL so I figured I ought to try and give him and experience to remember. I was just about to lean forward and reach for his dick when he did it again. “OUCH!” had no sooner left my mouth than He was up and pulling Mr. OL up from in front of me.

“She’s had enough for tonight.” He said as He grabbed my blouse and began to pull it on over my head. I turned to face Him as He helped me into my skirt and heels and when I turned back a few moments later, Mr. OL was gone. We headed out front and as we waited for the valet He looked at me and said “I know you didn’t get enough tonight. We’ll fix that soon.”

I showered when we got back to the house and climbed into bed next to Him. As He leaned over to kiss me He paused and sniffed at my neck. “I can still smell cum on you.” I panicked for a moment, wondering if I was in trouble. He looked in my eyes and said “I love you, you little slut.” I smiled and prepared for what I knew was coming, the best sex of my life and orgasms like no one but He can give me.