My proposal

As you know from my previous stories, I hooked up with one of my best friends, Sarah, and since then we were lover. After almost 3 years of loving each other, i decided to take my girl in a mini`trip to HongKong for our anniversary.

When we arrived there, we visited the town, and after some sex we went to bed. I couldnt sl**p so i`ve started to think about a way to propose to Sarah, and I had an awesome ideea, getting some help from a Shemale. I wasnt into shemale / male thing for a 3-way..but some of the asian shemales look too fucking awesome.

Next thing in the morning, while she was still sl**ping, i was looking for some beautiful shemales in the area. I found a pretty shemale, Mia, and after i spoke with her, she agreed to meet me. Mia was 5.3 feet tall, brown eyes, black hair, pretty face, slim body, 34C breasts and..a tiny cock, 4.2 inches.
After i met her i told her my plans. I gave her the wedding ring and told her to tie it arround her junk, and after i gave her a photo of Sarah, i told her to be at nicest club in the area, and to hit on her. She agreed and I returned back to the hotel, finding my girl dressed up and ready to visit the rest of the town.
After 5 hours of walking arround, I told her:
“Lets go to that club, i heard that tonight will be an awesome show babe..” and kissed her.
“Ok Merc, but im pretty tired, we will leave early ok?”
“Ok babe, no problem.”

As we got there, we started to dance, have few drinks, and soon after that i saw Mia, starting to talk with us. I made an excuse and went to the Bathroom, because i wanted to make sure that tonight would be a special night.
After 10 minutes of talkin with Mia, Sarah came and told me that Mia was hitting on her and that made her pretty horny since she hadnt kissed a girl in over 6 monts from our last FFM. I invited Mia to our hotel, and as soon as we got there, we all started to kiss each other with our tongue and touching eachother. Mia told Sarah to not touch her “down there” because she wanted to kiss her all over her body first. Me and Mia started to undress Sarah, and kiss her everywhere. After that Sarah took my cock in her mouth for a BJ while Mia was fingering and licking her pussy. Seeing my girl squirting thanks to Mia, i couldnt hold it anymore and shot my load in her mouth, swallowing it all and after that..Sarah said:
“Mia, its time to return the favour, quick Merc, lets undress her.”
After we removed her top and licking her boobies for a while..Sarah was going down on her so i stoop up to see her reaction. When she pulled down her panties, she was so fucking amased and pretty scared in the same time, she couldnt believe that this beautiful woman had a cock. After that I kneeled down in from of Sarah and i told her:
“Sarah, i love you, will you marry me? If you do, please take the ring of her cock and start sucking it bad..”
“Yes honey, omg i cant believe it, of course I will marry you, you were my first at everything, thank you so much!” and after she removed the ring, she gave it to me and after i put it on her finger, we started to make out for 5 minutes i think.
“Its time to go to bed with our beautiful guest..” and i lifted her up and trowed her on the bed and told her to suck Mia`s cock. Soon Mia started to fuck Sarah in the ass, so i decited to join and pump her pussy really fast. Sarah squirted arround 3 times, and after almost 3 minutes of fucking, I came in her pussy with a huge load, while Mia came in her ass almost at the same time.

After that we took a shower together, kissing and touching, and after that we fucked one more time, this time after 40 minutes, Mia came In Sarah mouth and I came in her pussy. After swallowing her load, and cleaned our cocks, Mia had to leave, and after she left, Sarah and I made out until we fel asl**p. Next morning she thanked me for the wonderfull anniversary and promised me that she will never let another cock inside her but if i agreed with it.

This was my story for now, what we didnt knew is that I impregnated Sarah that night, but thats another story. Hope you liked it. Comment and rate for more.