My New Wife and The Young Spaniards.

We had a wonderful summer wedding and immediately after we honeymooned in Spain were both itching to get at each other. My wife Louise was a beautifully slim, pale skinned young woman. I was 22 she was 21. She was in her twenties but her body was still that of a teenagers. Since we first met at school Louise had always been one of the worst cock teasers I had ever known. In a way that’s probably why I liked her but she had a reputation like no other and since we went out together and ultimately married I simply had to accept that she was never going to change.

She almost couldn’t help herself and would continually flirt with any young men. I had learnt to tolerate her being such a tease and increasingly she would take great delight involving me in her actions but I always knew the rewards for me would be so good.

Not unsurprisingly on our honeymoon my little minx of a wife flirted with the young Spanish men in and around the hotel and especially on the beach.

In our room each morning after breakfast she would parade in front of me trying on several different bikinis from her selection, some of which showed more flesh than others. She knew I liked to see her getting into and out of them and I would lay on the bed watching her with an obvious growing hard on rubbing my cock slowly as she stripped and dressed in front of me. She would get cross if she saw I was actually playing with myself and jokingly said “No you don’t. That’s for me to do”.

She would ask repeatedly if she should wear this one or that one and I would ask her to try them on again. Eventually she would pick one and then would come and take my cock in her small hands and give me a wank as I fondled her small breasts. Every day we would have a fuck before going out and as we walked to the beach afterwards I would look at her gorgeous bottom knowing my cock had just been buried inside her cunt.

Day 1

On our first day picking a spot close to others as we sat or lay on the beach outside the hotel she would make sure that when there were young men passing her body language left no question that she wanted them to admire her. She would lay on the beach with her legs slightly open and if a good-looking boy passed she would open them further or she would lift both her knees up and then let them fall further open smiling at them as she did.

She knew all the time I was watching and would look at me cheekily and smile. I wasn’t going to stop her as her flirting and it would get us both sexually aroused and I was looking forward to the times in our hotel bedroom when we would fuck again many times each day between sunbathing sessions. Each time she was always very wet and receptive and increasingly full of my cum.

Day 2

On the second day she started exposing herself even more by wrapping a small towel around her like a miniskirt and intentionally pushing one side of her bikini crotch into the crack of her pussy so one side of her soft hairy mound and one of her pussy lips was completely exposed. With the towel around her the pretence as she told me was that she couldn’t possibly know what had happened to her bikini underneath the towel and she would sit with her knees up so her half exposed pussy was clearly seen and watch the reactions of passersby.

She loved to see young men pause and would shyly say “Hello” or “Ola” to them their eyes dancing between her face and her crotch. She even loved it if a couple would walk by hand in hand, the girl would not be looking at all but the boy would!

But she enjoyed most of all the young suntanned men. Sometimes the same group kicking a ball around in front of us made a point of having to get closer to retrieve their ball passing back and forth for another peep unable to hide the mound of their young cocks swelling in their pants

Two boys in particular saw straight away what Louise was accidentally exposing and stopped by us pretending to want to talk English and ask about football teams. At first they stood up but then knelt down in front of Louise and eventually actually lay on the sand at her feet. They rolled around as we talked trying to get clearer views up her towelling miniskirt and Louise sat and opened and closed her knees keeping them wide open more often than closed and smiled and chatted to me and them. Although they tried they couldn’t hide the fact that they were fondling their erections in their shorts and gently rubbing themselves

Then she lay back and raising her arms cradled her head as she lifted her knees bringing her feet up to her bottom and shuffled her hips and pushed her semi exposed pussy more into view. With her large sun glasses on the boys evidently thought Louise couldn’t see them and with their eyes focused on her cunt started squeezing their cocks rhythmically through their pants.

Louise continue to watch them and aware of what they were doing teased them even more by casually reaching under her legs and rubbing the underside of her thighs her hands getting so temptingly close to her pussy. Their hand movements became a little more agitated and Louise was convinced they had both cum in their pants as there was so much fidgeting going on followed by no movement at all.

Louie suddenly dropped her legs and sat up saying it was time to go. You could see the boys were disappointed but they stood up and left slowly looking back over their shoulders every few paces. Looking at me with a naughty smile on her face Louise called to them, “Come back tomorrow and we can talk more English”. They smiled and ran off along the beach.

I asked her what that was all about and she just said ‘You’ll see’

We returned to the hotel and spent a frantic half hour in our room. Louise was so aroused there was absolutely no need for foreplay. She pulled off her bikini and dragged me onto the bed and with no resistance at all my cock sailed straight to the back of her cunt on the wave of her slippery love juices that coated her pussy and were running down onto the bed. I slipped in and out of her repeatedly as our sex juices dampened our pubic hair and coated our crotch and thighs before we came violently together.

Day 3

The next day started much like the others except that Louise was making for the door with just her top on.

“What about your bikini bottoms?” I ask.

“I’m not bothering”, she smiled a wicked smile, “C’mon”.

As she went for the door again she wrapped her small towel around her waist. As we walked to the beach the towel only just covered her bottom cheeks as they rose and fell. I knew with no bikini bottom on that if she had bent down she would have exposed everything. She knew this too and at times when she walked in front of me she would look over her shoulder smiling and raising the hem of the towelling skirt showed me the cheeks of her bottom.

We returned to what had become our regular spot on the beach and Louise arranged herself on the sand as she had before but kept her legs flat on the mat during the first minutes. A few men passed by but Louise had only two boys in mind and ignored them. Quite soon however we saw them running over to us. They fell at Louise’s feet and immediately laying down on the sand propped on their elbows started to chat.

This day they introduced themselves explaining they were both s*******n and in their last year at school before going to University. They were taking an early summer break after their final exams. Mateo, the taller, spoke more than his shyer companion, Juan, who generally just listened. However they both soon became very chatty and wanted to know how long we were in Spain for and where did we live. We tried to explain as best we could where Bristol was but they didn’t really understand.

Through all the chatting Louise sat and slowly rubbed sun tan lotion on herself concentrating on her shoulders and letting her fingers run underneath her bikini top and around her small breasts. After about five minutes of rubbing herself she laid back trying to make a show of trying not to expose herself but the boys watched her every move and instantly stopped talking their eyes focusing on the tops of her legs.

As she moved she parted her legs very slightly so that she was exposing a tantalising glimpse of naked pussy. When finally she was laying on her back and casually talking to me she opened her legs enough so that her pussy was completely exposed to the two boys at her feet. The boys visibly took a deep breath as they saw her fully exposed pussy. Their eyes opened wider and they could not help but just stare at her.

This time Louise lay completely on her back and made no effort to see what they were looking at. She knew exactly what they were looking at. Knowing she couldn’t see them and very quickly looking at me every minute or so to see if I could see what they were doing they just stared continually at Louse’s hidden beauty.

Again a few minutes later Louise relaxed one more time and her legs fell apart further she shuffled and then lifted her knees so her pussy was now unashamedly completely open to view. There was silence, all we could hear were the waves on the beach and the sounds of other people playing.

The boys, open mouthed, lay looking straight at the lips of my wife’s vagina their young minds racing, their eyes wide open in amazement. Mateo adjusted his position, rolled onto one elbow and attempting to disguise his actions started to squeeze himself through his shorts. Juan tried to do the same but a sudden move from Louise stopped them and they both rolled back onto their stomachs evidently frustrating their attempts to stroke their hardening cocks.

She sat up and said, “I’ve just remembered, we do have a map. I can show you where Bristol is, let’s go back to the hotel room and I’ll show you”.

The boys looked puzzled but got up with us. A few moments later we were all walking back to the hotel together.

In the room Louise went to our cases and pulled out her diary. Sitting on the bed she motioned the two boys to sit either side of her and then opened the diary at the small map of the UK and showed them where Bristol was. I sat on the bed behind them. She looked so cute sitting between them her short towelling skirt only just covering her crotch. The boys looked intently at what she was showing them and what they were just inches away from.

She handed the diary to them and put her arms around them one on either side resting her hand on their waists and asked them to show her where their favourite football teams came from. They did so and she stroked their torsos up and down as far as she could reach. She and I could both see the erections in their football shorts that they just could not hide. The paleness of her skin was even more accentuated as she sat between the two athletic sun tanned Spaniards.

Then she said, “I think we should do some more sun bathing, Peter get the sun lotion”.

I handed it to her and she squeezed some on her arms and legs and rubbed the lotion in with long slow arm movements. Then she got up turned around undid the neck tie of her bikini and kneeling on the bed asked me to put some on her back.

In this position her bikini fell forward exposing her small breasts but most importantly her bottom was just inches away from the boys as they sat on the bed. They looked in awe at her bottom twitching back and forth as I rubbed the cream on her back. Then she pulled the towel away completely and asked me to rub the lotion on her hips. I did so as the boys eyes opened even wider as they watched my hand delve up and down the checks of her bottom.

She stood up in front of them and tied her bikini back around her neck. Reaching across to where she had left it before she put on her bikini bottoms and pulled them into place adjusting the elastic in her crotch. I thought her display was finished but no.

“Pass the sun cream Peter”.

I handed it to her and she said to the boys, “You need some as well”.

They didn’t, but kneeling in front of them and sitting back on her legs she put some on her hands and started to rub it onto their legs as they stood side by side. Her hands rubbed up and down from their knees to the bottoms of their shorts and gradually with each movement her hands disappeared higher and higher rotating so she was rubbing their thighs and then their tight bum checks . You could clearly see their erections beneath the fabric as it stretched tight each time her hands slipped up to their hips and stretched the thin shiny fabric. As the lotion became absorbed by their skin she grabbed at the waist of their shorts and taking the boys completely by surprise she pulled them slowly to the floor.

The boys flinched just momentarily as their young cocks sprung into view. Juan was slender and cut but Mateo was longer, larger and uncircumcised. His helmet just peeping out from beneath the folds of his foreskin. The eyes of both cocks were glistening with droplets of precum. She took them both together in her fingers and started first to stroke them but then to wank them. They stood motionless as my wife masturbated them her face at the level of their stiff cocks. She looked between their faces and their cocks smilling all the time.

The inevitable happened very quickly. Juan came first. He panted as a small flurry of cum sprayed onto Louise’s neck. She carried on stroking him but now concentrated on Mateo. She masturbated him more rhythmically with each stroke exposing a little more of his helmet but he did not last much longer and very soon his back arched a little and he too came onto her chest. He came more forcibly and his thick almond white cum also splashed onto Louise’s neck and face where it clung for a few seconds before it ran down into her bikini top leaving glistening trails of spunk on her skin.

They had both finished and as they watched their cocks still semi hard Louise pushed the straps of her bikini off her shoulders allowing it to fall forward once again exposing her breasts. Like this she took their cum in her fingers and the palm of her hand and started to rub their cream into her flesh.

She giggled and said, “My very special sun cream”.

She looked at them and smiled as their cum at first wet and shinny was soon being absorbed into her skin. She carried on until their juices were spread evenly all over her face and neck. Then one by one she pulled up their shorts tucking in their softening penises and standing up and pulling her bikini straps over her shoulder simply said, “Let’s go to the beach”.

We did and stayed together all afternoon. At the end of the day Louise asked if we would see them again tomorrow. What a silly question. Yes please they said as once more they both ran off along the beach chatting excitedly to each other in Spanish.

I should describe here the sex we had in the room that night but suffice to say it was hot, impassioned and vigorous. My balls were drained and her cunt must have been sore when we finally slumped to sl**p after midnight covered in perspiration, love juice and cum.

Day 3

Once again our next day started like all the others with a wonderful fuck before going to the beach. Louise was noticeably much wetter than usual and admitted she had been thinking about ‘her’ boys. I had been thinking about her boys as well and was to spend most of the day with a weeping semi erect cock in my pants.

We made our way to the beach and sat sun bathing. Louise couldn’t hide the fact that she was a little frustrated by the fact that the boys had not appeared. But not to fear we soon saw Mateo running towards us.

He explained in his best English that Juan had left as left earlier than expected and asked if he could stay with us by himself.

Louise didn’t hesitate and said, “Of course you can. I’ll race you to the sea”.

Running off together I stood up and followed and we swam a little together and rolled around in the sand at the edge of the sea before returning to our spot to let the sun dry off the sand we were covered in. Mateo lay at Louis’s feet as before and we talked.

Louise said it was a pity Juan had gone but said out of the blue, “I feel uncomfortable, my bikini is full of sand and I want to change it. C’mon, let’s all go”.

She started to pack up our belongings and the three of us walked back to the hotel. As we walked Louise put her hand around Mateo’s shoulders and as she walked with such a youthful step and a small tight arse you could think they were b*****r and s****r together.

In the room Louise immediately stripped off her bikini and started to rub her drying flesh so that she got rid of all the sand on her body. It was nothing less than a full frontal exposure of her naked body and Mateo and I just watched as she turned from front to back, leant over to do her feet whilst facing away from us and ran her hands repeatedly along her crotch at the top of her thighs

She then turned to Mateo and pulling down his trucks started to rub the sand from his body.

She stopped for a second and pulled my shorts down as well saying, “C’mon Peter, clean yourself as well”.

Both Mateo and I had firm erections and as we rubbed our skin and pubic hair our cocks bounced in the air in front of Louise. She joined in with us her small hands delving into our bum cracks and stroking the small grains of sand from our pubic hair.

Then she gently pushed Mateo back onto the bed with his head on the pillows and climbing on the bed herself and kneeling between his legs she went down on him taking his cock in her mouth. His face was a complete picture of surprise and perfect joy.

Louise stopped for a moment and said cheekily , “It’s the only way to get the sand out“.

His dark skinned cock sailed in and out of my wife’s mouth the light in the room reflecting on the mix of his precum juices and her saliva. She carried on sucking him and it was all too much for me. I started to wank my now painful erection as I stood beside Mateo being sucked by my wife. Mateo looked at me and without invitation and continuing to look at me for any gesture of complaint he reached out to me and took my cock in his hand. It was me who was now looking surprised.

He began to wank me and I just stood and enjoyed it. I had not been wanked by a boy for many years and the memories came flooding back. The feeling was electric. His dark fingers wrapped around my pale erection. But I was destined to cum very soon and mumbled something to that effect. Louise took Mateo from her mouth and started to wank him furiously. He did the same to me and the result was inevitable. We both moaned as a double shower of cum erupted in waves from both of us and splashed onto Louise’s face.

The first thick streams landed in her hair and hung on her eyebrows, her nose and her lips while the dying spurts splattered her chin and ran down onto her tits.

When we had both been drained Louise licked her lips and with her fingers swept the remaining cum on her face into her mouth. She opened her mouth and showed us her tongue which was covered with our cum. Then closing her mouth she made a definite show of swallowing and licking her lips.

Leaning forward she looked down and then with our cum beginning to run down onto her stomach she smeared her nipples and tits with it and they glistened in the bedroom light with the shiny fluid again already beginning to evaporate. She knew and I did that the drying cum would feel tight on the surface of her skin a glorious reminder of what had happened until it was washed off.

In the silence Mateo somehow knew the time was right to leave and Louise and I stayed on the bed where my cock rose to erection again. As Louise lay on the bed I licked her skin savouring the flavour of the dried cum as it rehydrated, becoming slippery and fragrant once again. When we had licked and kissed each other so the cum was smeared all over our faces my swollen shaft was again buried in the open lips of her vagina.

Later we returned to the beach. Mateo was never seen again and Louise was quiet considered what might be next.

Day 4

Not far from us on the beach a young man helped by a small group of boys was offering pedal boats for hire from the shore. We tried the pedal boats on our first day and each day thereafter. They were fun but I know the main reason for our repeated trips was my wife’s fascination with Floriano, the young man in charge.

He must have been about nineteen or twenty, had a very youthful boyish figure with shoulder length black hair. He had no body hair and his skin was fresh and smooth with a wonderful rich brown tan. His legs and arms were slender and gently muscular without being out of proportion and he wore only a pair of loose football shorts that did little to disguise his manhood. He would shout orders in Spanish at the young boys helping him at the shoreline while he flirted with the female customers. He had a beautiful smile and I knew Louise was attracted to his playfulness.

On one particular day he was flirting with Louise whilst I was nearby, probably thinking I was not noticing. She was returning his advances with very obvious body language. I saw she got her bum felt by him and she giggled but made no move to get away or shake his hand off. If I wasn’t there I know she would have been off with him somewhere. Mind you I can’t blame her, he was very good-looking.

When we got off the boats one day we went back to the hotel and showered. As she showered Louise went on about how good looking Floriano was. She told me he had pushed his hand down the back of her bikini and slipped his finger between her bum cheeks and that it had made her feel very wet and horny. It made us both horny and I got in the shower with her and soaped her body as she talked about Floriano. My hands wandered over her small breasts kneading her pert nipples gently and then covered in suds rubbed over her hips and into the cleavage of her bottom and around her crotch.

After the shower she laid on the bed with her legs spread wide open for me and I spent a good half hour doing what I love and she adores – licking and sucking her vagina which was so aroused, so wet and open as a result of thinking of Floriano. Then she pulled me onto her and with my wonderfully erect cock I fucked her.

As I did so I kept whispering things like such as, “Fancy this from the pedal boat boy?”

She laughed and said, “C’mon Floriano stick your oar in here.”

She came with a thunderous orgasm and then just in time I pulled out and flushed her face with my cum which she licked off her lips.

Day 5

Before leaving for the beach the next day Louise put on her favourite blue bikini. She’d had it some time and it was certainly my favourite as well because the material was gossamer thin and shinny and when we had been in the water the top couldn’t hide the soft outline of her small breasts and her very obviously pert, erect, tight nipples and the pants would ride up the crack of her arse and slip onto her mound of Venus showing off wisps of her pubic hair. To her delight it would easily slip, sometimes with a little help from her, completely into the lips of her vagina and as ever she would pretend to be ‘unaware’ of this and leave herself so tantalisingly exposed.

After one such dip in the sea we returned to our spot on the beach and Louise put on her towel miniskirt pushing her bikini completely between her vagina lips. Like this we walked to the pedal boats were Floriano got a very close look at her wet bikini top and he even helped us into the boat himself.

As we sat down in the boat’s plastic seats Louise’s knees were raised to her tummy and looking at Floriano opened her legs and his eyes opened wide and immediately fixed on my wife’s exposed pussy the thin line of blue material buried beneath the parted pubic hair around her pussy.

Taking as long as he could he pushed us off into the water and when we were well off shore and facing the sea Louise released my enlarging cock from my swimming trunks and while I fingered the wet lips of her vagina she gave me a wonderful slow wank. I climaxed over her hand and my cum ran down into the bottom of the boat.

When we returned to shore Floriano made a special point of helping Louise out of the boat but by then her bikini was fully back in place and nothing was on view.

When we got back to our spot on the beech I teased her about the whole thing and as we relaxed she took off her top and lay on her the towel on her stomach and I rubbed cream onto her back.

I took a photo of her lying on her tummy with her top off and she looked at me and said, “What are you thinking about?”

I whispered in her ear, “Louise I have a huge hard on that’s dribbling love juice into my trunks and I’d love to pull down your bikini and take you up the arse.”

She had never let me have anal sex although I had asked many times to let me. She could see how I felt and quickly throwing a beach towel over us she released my prick from my trucks and started to wank me again. I lay still and under the cover of the towel looked at her small breasts dancing gently with the rhythm of her hand. I enjoyed the attention but when I was about to cum she stopped, looked me in the eye and said calmly and very naughtily, “If you let me have half an hour with Floriano you can have my arse today.’

My cock twitched in her fingers, my groin tensed and I exploded in her hand. She wanked me some more and my cum lubricated her fingers and glistened in the sunlight. When I had finished she milked the last drops of cum from my shaft and raising her fingers and slowly licked off my cum. Then kissing me with my salty cum still on her lips she said quite positively, “I think I’ll take that as a Yes! You can take me up the arse in an hour if you leave the beach now.”

I agreed and went back to the hotel by myself. As I left the beach I looked over my shoulder. Louise had not put her top back on and was sitting with her towel d****d over her shoulders. Floriano was already walking directly towards her and I just knew by the way the towel opened in the breeze he would be looking at her beautiful pale breasts.

I lay naked on the hotel bed rubbing a large erection and waiting for Louise. An hour later she returned, she was very hot, flushed red and flustered and wet with perspiration. She came into the room, quickly pulled off her bikini and jumping onto the bed she kissed me passionately and then straight away took my prick in her mouth and sucked on it while softly moaning.

“Mmmm,” she said giggling, “Your cock tastes very sweet, Floriano was very salty.”

“You little devil,” I said, “tell me all about it.”

“I will,” she answered as she sucked my cock, “but first you must suck me out.”

Saying this she flopped on the bed beside me and spread her legs.

Louise was glistening everywhere, the perspiration now pouring from her skin after her run back to the room. She was very wet and her pubic hair was damp and matted against her thighs and stomach and as I started to suck her cunt she giggled again. I realised I was sucking out the last drops of Floriano’s love cream and she was watching me do it. Christ I thought, this is so erotic.

“Mmmm,” I said, “He really is salty.” and we both laughed.

Louise told me that he had taken her to a van parked by the beach. Inside was a mattress. It was very hot and they were quickly naked, there was no need for foreplay as she was so aroused. She said he had a very nice slender suntanned uncircumcised penis and she took it in her mouth and sucked it till the skin was stretched tight and wet along its length.

He then threw her onto her face on the mattress and took her from behind, his cock slipping easily into her lubricated hole. The air in the van was very hot and their perspiration made their bodies slip and slide against each other. He slammed his young hips into her hard and rhythmically while rubbing her back and leaning forward to squeeze her small breasts. While holding onto one breast he took a handful of her hair, pulled her head back and kissing her ear mumbled in Spanish as he continued to fuck her, ramming into her hard and fast.

She said the heat was almost unbearable. The van rocked as his balls slapped against her cunt and just as she thought she would faint he turned her over onto her back, spread her legs and thrust his cock into her cunt. He continued to push roughly into her talking in Spanish until his head fell back and he filled her with his Spanish cream.

As quickly as it had started it was over and the van was quiet. Knowing what I wanted to do to her she very quickly put on her bikini and ran back to the hotel.

As Louise told me this I was rubbing a painfully engorged hard on covered in precum on the bed covers as I was sucking, licking and biting her vagina, and as even more love juice oozed from her I spread it over her fanny and down to her arse and started to massage her anus. I inserted first one and then two fingers and then I stuck my tongue in and licked her forbidden juices, which were sweetly scented.

She had finished her story and lay quietly moaning. I lay over her and with the greatest of ease entered her slippery cunt and began to fuck her myself. Her vagina was warm and open. But then withdrawing I lifted her legs and pushed her knees over her shoulder. She held onto her legs so that her arse and pussy were presented to me in full view. I had fucked her many times in this position but now, as she had promised me, I was to take her arse.
I pulled the pillow from under her head and pushed it under her bottom and reaching to her bedside table I took her baby oil and squirted her pussy and arse with the clear slippery fluid. Then I positioned my swollen helmet at the entrance to her anus and pushed gently. She retracted a little, moaned and asked me not to hurt her. I pushed very gently and as she relaxed the helmet of my penis disappeared into the secret passage.

“Oh God,’ she said, “that feels so good.”

I pushed harder and firmly. Very slowly my prick gradually sunk into her arse. To start with just my helmet slipped in and out of the tight puckered hole. I started to push harder and move rhythmically in and out and she winced with each thrust into her hole. After a couple of minutes although she was smiling at me there were tears running down her cheeks mixing with her perspiration but she said nothing and just moaned. My prick was fully lubricated with love juice and oil and I started to speed up. Soon I was pumping in and out of my Louise’s arse and her moans and cries were getting louder.

She could no longer hold her knees and her legs flopped onto my shoulders. I reached down and started to rub her clitoris. Almost immediately she screamed as an electrifying orgasm shot through her body. I pumped a little longer and then filled her arse with the biggest flush of cum I think had ever shot from my prick. I pulled out and dropped to her pussy to lick and suck her even more. My tongue took long journeys from the cheeks of her arse over her swollen open hole across the sensitive perineum and up across her cunt to her clitoris.

Soon we just lay together hot, wet and panting

“Christ that was good.” she sighed, as we both fell onto the bed exhausted.

“It was fucking fabulous.” I said

She ran her fingers through my hair and softy said, “It really was, it hurt but I just loved the feeling of you prick pushing inside my arse. We’ll do that again later.”

A wicked little smile crossed her lips and she added, “On one condition.”

“What?” I asked.

“That Floriano can join us in the room tomorrow on our last day.”

How could I say no. My prick remained swollen from the most erotic experience of my life and cum was still oozing from the eye of the helmet. That night I took Louise again in every hole and on many nights in the future did the same.

Day 6

Our last full day came and I could sense Louise was very excited. She put on her favourite bikini again and leaving the room mid morning she said, “Stay in the room, take all your clothes off and lay on the bed, I’ll be back soon.”

I did what she said and lay there with a semi hard on gently rubbing myself and wondering about what was to happen, what could happen.

After a while the door opened. In came Louise followed by Floriano. He avoided eye contact and just looked at Louise.

She stood at the end of the bed facing me and standing behind her, his head just above her shoulders, he unclipped her bikini top and drew his hands over her shoulders and pulled the straps down. Her top fell to the floor. His sun-tanned hands contrasting with my wife’s pale complexion covered her small breasts as he cupped them rotating them against her rib cage. As he kissed her neck he pinched her tight swollen nipples, which stood out hard and prominent. Then he dropped his hands to her waist and pulled her bikini bottom down and she stepped out.

She laughed nervously and turning to him pulled his trunks down as well. He had as Louise had described a beautiful all over sun-tan and even his uncircumcised penis also had a wonderful warm tan and was already long and hard its helmet, covered in precum, his purple helmet peeping out from behind his golden foreskin. His prick bounced to attention when released from his shorts.

We were all naked and you could feel the sexual tension. I couldn’t help but slowly wank myself and very quickly my hand was being covered with a copious discharge of my precum.

He pushed Louise so she knelt on the end of the bed and stood behind her and running his hands over her shoulders again squeezed and massaged her breasts hard as they hung down below her. At first she looked at me but then her head dropped as she drifting into ecstasy. While rubbing a breast with one hand his other hand dropped to her bottom and he ran his hand up and down between her buttocks stopping every now and then to squeeze her hips. I continued to rub my cock as he gestured her to open her legs and slipping his hand between her thighs he started rubbing her cunt up and down, at the top of each stroke pinching her clitoris and making her sigh softly. While he did this he kissed the nape of her neck. He did this for a while and then released her.

She literally flopped onto the bed where for a second she lay beside me. Louise then took my penis in her mouth and started to suck me. What happened next took me by surprise. Floriano sat beside her and while he rubbed her back with his left hand he took my prick in his right hand and started to wank my cock while Louise sucked on it. She looked up at me and winked.

Taking my prick out of her mouth for a moment and licking her lips she whispered,
“Do you like this?”

I replied with a swallow, “Yes.”

Again with a gentle movement Floriano pushed Louise forward onto the bed and turned her over. As she lay beside me Floriano motioned me to kneel up and astride her. He then carried on giving me a wank as my wife took his long beautiful young cock in her small hand and pushing back his foreskin to fully expose his large purple helmet, wanked him as she looked up at us both. My breathing became fast and noisy and after just a few more very expert strokes on my prick from Floriano I gushed hot cum all over Louise’s small breasts. She leaned forward and sucking the last drops from my penis spat them onto her chest.

Floriano then moved me aside and he took my place. He took my right hand and made me start to wank him. I was spell bound by what was happening and began to realise I was enjoying it. Louise knew very well I was enjoying it. I was caressing his suntanned prick and wanked him as I looked into my wife’s face. She watched me rub and massage his slippery shaft and run my fingers over his shinny helmet on each stroke just inches above her face. She smiled at us both and squeezed her tits with one hand and milked the last drops of cum from my prick with the other as I continued to masturbate Floriano.

Very soon his head dropped back, muttering something in Spanish he ejaculated, his prick pulsed in my fingers five or six times as his ivory white sex cream erupted from the eye of his cock spraying out in spinning white sheets which splashed onto my Louise’s face and breasts, joining mine. When he was finished she again leaned forward and sucked the last drops of cum from his prick and spat it onto her chest. We lay down, one on either side of her, and both started to massage our cream into her breasts and the heady sent of our cum filled the room as it evaporated on her skin in the hot air.

As we lay there he kissed and sucked on one breast while I sucked the other. She rolled her head from side to side kissing the tops of our heads. Our hands strayed independently from her tits to her cunt, which was swimming in a flood of her soft silky sex juices. She was soaking wet.

At first by accident and then with no pretence our hands brushed against each other’s cocks and we took it in turns to wank each other. Floriano would finger and massage Louie’s cunt while I wanked him and then I would be massaging her and he would wank me. The following minutes became a kaleidoscope of movement, kissing, wanking and massage. Louise was the centre of attention while Floriane and I pleasured each other. Our precum fluids mixing with Louise’s fuck syrup spreading over her vagina, her stomach, her tits , her face. When we kissed her body we were kissing, licking and sucking our combined juices. The hot room was full of our combined scents, the heat of the day heightening our arousal and coating our bodies further with copious perspiration.

We lay like this for what seemed like hours the two of us moving our hands over my wife’s body kissing her face, ears, neck, breasts, stomach, cunt and legs. Sometimes we were both sucking a nipple each, sometimes we both had our fingers in her vagina. Sometimes holding each other and squeezing precum from our swollen helmets. At one point we held her legs as wide apart as possible and with one of us pulling on either side with both hands stretched her vagina as wide open as possible as we took turns bobbing our heads into her cunt to kiss and lick her pink wrinkled inner lips, stick our tongues into her open cunt to savour her loves fluid and suck her clitoris in and out of our lips rubbing its swollen hood on the roof of our mouths. She must have gone into a trance as she muttered unintelligibly her head rolling from side to side as she experienced repeated orgasms.

Both Floriano and I were very hard and raising himself he took Louise as if she weighed nothing at all he effortlessly lifted her legs and I held them up over her. She felt feather light and did not open her eyes. Without a pause he plunged his erection into her saturated cunt, penetrating her completely till his balls were pushed up against her arse . One of my hands dropped to her cunt and I pinched her clitoris as his cock slipped in and out just below. My hand strayed slightly and I could feel his penis slip between my fingers as it plunged in and out of her wet lips. I moved between massaging her clitoris and gently squeezing his hard cock feeling the swollen veins on it ripple in and out of Louise’s vagina.

Leaning forward I started to suck on her clitoris feeling the motion of Floriano’s cock sliding in and out of her vagina and rubbing on my cheek. My tongue extended towards his pulsing cock and I licked its rippling shaft as it travelled into and out of Louise’s vagina pushing the soft folds of her flesh into her hole before dragging them back out as they clenching the skin of his penis sliding over his inner core . With a purposeful movement I adjusted my position and ensured that on Floriano’s next stroke his cock slipped into my mouth. He maintained his rhythm and fucked my mouth. I was now in seventh heaven. The feeling of his swollen member plunging into my mouth was wonderful and while he fucked my mouth I tried to catch my stifled breath through my nose as my face rubbed against the lips of my wife’s vagina. For some time Floriane swopped from fucking Louise to fucking my mouth. My face was soaked with our juices and the scent in the air sexually changed.

Louise was increasingly moaning uncontrollably. She swung her head from side to side moaning as he thrust in and out for just a few more seconds and then she writhed as an ultra violent orgasm spun through her body. She again moaned and muttered something we could not understand. She was on a different planet. Floriano also groaned as he pulsed and flooded her cunt with a gush of sperm, which streaked and frothed on his cock as he continued to pump rhythmically in and out.

Soon as Louise finally lay quiet he stopped and withdrew his penis from her cunt. Louise was in a trance and I am sure did not fully take in what happened next. Very calmly Floriano offered his cum smeared cock to me. Willingly I took it in my mouth and began to suck Louise’s cunt juices and his cum from his softening shaft. I cupped his balls in my hands and sucked, the sound of my sucking an audible slurp each time his helmet reached just the tips of my lips.

After a heavenly few minutes his cock was now limp and mine was rock hard again. But rising from the bed and pulling his shorts on within seconds Floriano had left the room without saying a word.

As Louise lay on the bed very still, unaware of what was happening, I mounted her and plunged my stiff cock in to her cunt to join the slippery wetness of the residue of Floriano’s cum which filled her hole and oozed out around mine. I pumped for a few moments in and out of her frothing pussy as eyes closed she moaned softly. Then withdrawing I held my cock over her cunt and wanked myself to a fountainous orgasm covering her wet lips and stomach with my warm hot almond-white juices.

When I was fully discharged I lay beside her and rubbed my cum and Floriano’s cum into her pussy lips, across her stomach and around her breasts. Once again the smell of evaporating cum filled our senses. Louise opened her eyes and looked me,

“Jesus.” she said softly.

“I know.” I replied.

We showered, she put on a towelling top with nothing underneath she stood on the balcony looking out to the beach and the boat boys. I then sat in the chair behind her and as she leaned forward on the balcony I lifted her top and started to kiss and lick her bum cheeks as I fingered her cunt from behind. She was still wet with her juices and our combined cum and I very soon had yet another erection. I sat in the chair and pulled Louise back onto my lap. My penis simply vanished into her slippery hole and we sat together gently fucking as I slipped my hands around her waist into her crotch and gently massaged the lips of her vagina.

When she eventually came this time she was very quiet and just moaned softly and then laid back in my arms. When I came I too was quiet as I filled her with another fountain of my cum and as we sat together and my erection faded my cum leaked out onto by balls. She fondled them and ran her fingers through my cum and smeared it onto her lips turning now and then to kiss me as I continued to cup her small firm breasts and pinch her pert tight nipples.

Day 7

On the last day we simply packed and left Spain but the memories of that meeting never faded and even now Louise still likes to be splashed with cum and likes me to massage my cum into her breasts……..

* * * * * * * * * *

I hope in some way you enjoyed this short story. Whilst the events are fictitious the wonderful blue bikini(photos possibe) was her favourite and the story is based on the events of our honeymoon. The tale continues with my wife and our next door neighbour’s son. But that’s another story. The story is the copyright of the author.