my naughty cousin

the year was 2009 it was cold and i had just lost my job and got kick out from my apartment. i had no money to eat i was scare, one day as i was about to cross the street, ready to start my job hunt i saw someone that looked familiar so i walked up to her and it was my cousin. she saw me and told me what happen to me so i told her that i got fire and kick out of my apartment. she told that i could stay at her place for the mean time. whe we got to her place she begged me to take a shower cuz i smelled bad. i took the shower and when i got out from the bathroom i was shocked to see my cousin wearing really tight white shirt and panties, i notice that she was not wearing a bra her nipples were pushing against the fabric of the shit. she because aware of me looking at her hard nipples i thought she was going to get mad but insted she just smile and gave me a hug and a kiss on the right cheek. the following morning i got up to take a shower, as i was getting undress my cousin open the bathroom door and she says