My Little Black Beauty

He was a 58 year old white guy,

she was a 16 year old black virgin.
I'm Jack Livingston. I'm a 58 year old widower, and have been for just over 20 years. I

have two grown girls working out of the country. I've basically been alone since my k**s

graduated high school and left for college. I've also lived in the same two story, 3

bedroom house for over 30 years. One of my neighbors are Sheila Cowen and her

daughter, Diane. This is the story of what happened just over a year ago and concerns

myself and Diane…..

The Cowen's have lived next door for about 10 years. I've never seen a man around

their place, Sheila is a single mom. We've had many cookouts at my place, since I

have a heated in-ground pool, with a huge jacuzzi. Both Sheila and Diane have always

come over wearing a fairly skimpy bikini and loved to swim and enjoy the jacuzzi. I've

watched Diane bloom from a skinny, gangly little 6 year old to a beautiful and

voluptuous young black lady of 16.

Diane is now just shy of 6 feet tall, with beautiful chocolate colored skin, shoulder

length silky, hair and amazingly firm 36D tits. She has a nice slim waist and a beautiful

bubble butt. Her smile will melt M&M's at a hundred yards.

It was a cold and very rainy day in January, and had been raining for 3 days. Diane

usually walked to school on those days wearing a rain coat and carrying an umbrella.

But today, it was different. I was standing by my large picture window and enjoying

some hot chocolate and looking out at the pouring rain. It was just about the time

Diane usually walks by smile and waving on her way home from school. I looked down

the block and saw her. She was walking slow and carrying a ruined umbrella. She

didn't have her raincoat on either. I could tell she was in trouble, I could actually see her

shaking from the rain and cold. I ran out to take her inside out of the rain and get warm.

She was crying heavily, with teeth chattering.

I took her into the kitchen to get her some hot chocolate I had already made. She was

shaking bad as I left to get a big bath towel for her to dry off. When I returned, she got

up and wrapped her arms around me, holding me tightly against those marvelous hard

tits of hers, and sobbing on my shoulder. “Oh, Mr. J.” She cried. “I'm so cold. Can I

stay here until mom gets home and warm up?”

“Of course you can, baby. Let me go and start a hot shower for you and set out a robe

so I can dry your wet clothes.” She just nodded her head as she sat back down and I

headed upstairs again. When I returned, she had laid her head across her arms on the

table and was shaking so bad and crying. She didn't answer when I told her everything

was ready, so I just picked her up and carried her upstairs to the master bath, which

had a combination garden tub and shower. I had already set out the robe and sat

Diane on the toilet lid. I then told her to undress, toss her wet clothing into the bedroom

and get in the warm shower, and left.

For some reason, I didn't close neither the bath nor bedroom doors. After almost 30

minutes, I went back to get her wet clothes, but didn't see them. I called out to Diane

and asked if she was OK. Not hearing anything, I went further into the bedroom, again

calling to her. The shower was running but it didn't sound like it was hitting anything but

the bottom of the tub, so I stepped into the bath. She was sitting on the side of the tub,

still in her wet clothes and still crying hard. I knew she would get sick if I didn't do

anything. I stood her up and started undressing her. She didn't say nor do anything to

stop me as I took everything off and tossed it into a pile by the door. Damn, she's so

fucking beautiful, I thought to myself. My cock was stirring in my jeans just looking at

her. I checked the shower, finding it just right to get this cold girl nice and warm. As I

started to move Diane into the shower, I looked at her face. There was the look of,

“please, help me! I can't do this by myself.” By this time, my cock was as hard as a

cold chisel!

I took off my tee shirt and moved her into the tub and shower stream. Although she was

still standing, it looked like she was about to collapse, so I hurriedly stripped and got in

to hold her up. As I did, she stepped right up against me, with her arms over my

shoulders, dr****g down my back. My hard cock was pressed right at the junction of

her slightly open legs and pussy. Her tits and diamond hard nipples pressing against

my chest. It seemed that every time she took in a breath, her pussy was pressing

harder against my cock. I had to move her back more under the shower. As I did, my

cock slipped between her moistening lips, partially inside. She was starting to move

her hips against me and moaning softly. With each movement, my cock, already well

coated with her pussy juices, slipped further and further inside.

By now, my cock had taken over for my brain, and I started moving in and out,

matching her movements. With each stroke, I was going slowly deeper. Soon I was

right up against her virginal barrier. Diane raise her head, kissing me and easing her

tongue into my mouth, our tongues fighting for supremacy. She pulled back looking at

me with flaring eyes. With a sudden lunge, her hymen was ruptured and my cock

buried to full depth in her pussy. She let out a yelp of pain and laid her cheek against

mine, where I felt her whimpering and tears of pain. With a quivering lip, she said, “I've

wanted you for a long time, Mr. J., haven't you noticed how I always flirt and flaunt my

body around you?” I didn't reply, just kissed her deeply again. Our bodies were

automatically fucking each other in a slow rhythm, working to that ultimate bliss of

cumming. She started moving her hips in a circular motion to my in and out strokes.

“What's happening? I'm starting to feel all warm and tingly down there!” She asked.

Her eyes were glued on mine. I felt that we could see into the others' soul! “You're

getting ready to cum, baby, that's a sign that your body is building up to an ultimate

release of passion. Haven't you ever had an orgasm?” I asked. “Yes, but it's never felt

like this,” she said. “Just let it build and build,” I said as I increased speed, fucking her

deeper and faster. She was breathing faster and deeper too, with each breath almost

matching my fucking her pussy. Her arms were under mine and locked, her tits tight

against me. It seemed that only our lower bodies were in motion, fucking for dear life.

“Don't hold it back, my little black beauty, just let it flow,” I told her. “Your body knows

what it wants and how to get it.”

By this time she was fully conscious of what was going on and happening with her

body. Her smile was beaming like sunshine thru the clouds. She twisted us around and

leaned back against the side wall and lifted each foot to the top of the outside tub side.

Her legs had spread wide open and she was bouncing up and down on my rigid cock

for all she was worth. Suddenly, she was crying out, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Don't

stop, please don't stop! This feels soooo good! Oh! Oh!”

I felt a flood of her honey flowing all around my cock and balls, sending me into a

fucking frenzy and shooting thread after thread of baby making sperm splashing deep

into her hungry womb. Our bodies were jerking in unison with each spasm. When we

were done, with her in my arms, we slowly sank to the bottom of the tub under that

continuing warm spray of the shower. The look in her warm eyes and on her face was

remarkable. Just nothing but total bliss! My cock was still deep inside and she kept

moving up and down on me, milking every drop by tightening her already tight pussy

on me. With each upward movement, I thought she was trying to pull my cock off me to

retain inside her boiling pot.

“Well, my little black beauty,” I finally said, smiling back at her, “you're not a virgin any

more. From this point on, in spite of your young age, you are considered a woman!”

She clamped her pussy on me as tight as she could, I could see her straining as she

milked the very last drop of cum from me. As she put her hands on the sides of the tub

to stand, she kept squeezing tight and my cock exited with a resounding “pop”. I didn't

see any cum running out of her pussy and down her legs, so I knew she was keeping it

all inside. In spite of her chocolate coloring, her pussy lips were red and swollen from

our fucking. She giggled like a little school girl as she reached down to help me up. As

I stood, she took my softening cock in her warm hand, feeling the slickness of our

combined fluids, slowly working me, trying to keep me from going totally soft.

We came together in another deep kiss, our tongues once again entwined with lust. I

reached back, shutting off the shower and then stepped out, holding a hand so she

wouldn't slip as she also stepped out. I grabbed some large bath rugs and wrapped

one around her. Tossing mine over my shoulder, I picked her up and carried her to the

king sized bed, tossing her on it. She was till giggling wildly as I started drying her off.

“I love you, Mr. J.” she said. “I always have and always will.”

When I finished drying her completely, I was right between her lovely legs. My eyes

roamed from her beautiful face; down to her large, hard tits; to her “innie” belly button;

and to her delicious pubic area. Her hair was trimmed short, in a triangle, with the

point right at her pussy. With her legs spread a little more, her clit was fully exposed

and sticking out at least a half inch. Her pussy was also an “innie”, with the inner lips

just visible when the outer lips were open some. Those lips were still glistening with

our juices. There wasn't, however, any sign of the cum I had pumped deep inside. She

kept giggling as she moved around and got on her knees, with her legs spread wide.

Leaning over to kiss me, she said, “watch this!” With one hand cupped up to her

pussy, she used the other to spread her lips wide open. I saw a big glob of cum,

followed by another and another, ooze out onto her open hand. She looked me in the

eyes as she moved that hand to her mouth and hungerily lapped it all up and

swallowing. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned. “That is so fucking good! Next time I want it

right from that hard cock of yours.”

I gently pushed her back down on the bed and started sucking on her still hard nipples,

sending wave after wave of chills through her body. I bit them gently while pulling,

causing more moans. Kissing and nibbling all the way down her body, I stretched out

between her legs, placing them on my shoulders. I then started licking and biting her

lips, and pulling them open to the sides. I inserted a couple fingers easily into her and

started finger-fucking her. It was then time for her clit. I knew she had probably done

what young girls have done since the beginning of time, massaging her pussy and clit

in whatever fashion was needed to give her a cum. But I also knew she had never had

a guy sucking and nibbling on it. It was time to drive her wild as I looked into her eyes

and gave her a wink.

I leaned down and gave her clit a lick with my broad tongue. “Oh, fuck!” She

screamed. She was already starting to wiggle and move her hips when I closed my

lips tightly on her protruding clit, sucking and pulling. I felt her hands grabbing my hair,

and moving to the back of my head, forcing me even closer. I wasn't long at all before

she was bucking like a wild bronc as I was paying close attention to the needs of her

pussy and clit. I think I gave her at least three more cums before stopping. As I leaned

up, I saw that her eyes were closed. There was a sexy smile on her face, and her chest

was heaving heavily, causing her tits to jiggle. Her breathing was almost like

hyperventilating, but wasn't.

I moved up beside her and looked at the clock on the night stand. We still had about 2

hours before her mom, Sheila, got home from her job as a head surgical nurse at a

local hospital. I got off the bed and gathered her wet clothes from the bathroom floor.

Tossing her a robe, I pulled on my jeans and headed down to the laundry room to put

her stuff in the drier. I then went into the kitchen to fix more hot chocolate, to warm us

against the slight chill in the air. By the time it was done, I had notice the air was

noticeably cooler. Walking to the hall, I noticed that in all the rush, I hadn't closed the

door completely, and cold air was blowing in. I closed the door and clicked on the

f***ed air heating. I had just returned to the kitchen when Diane showed up wrapped in

white terry robe. I was a little shocked, it wasn't what I had set out for her. That white

robe belonged to my long passed wife. Diane looked remarkable in it. Her chocolate

coloring against the stark white of the robe made her a stunning sight. I sat on a chair

and pulled her to my lap. “I found this behind the bathroom door,” she said, “I hope you

don't mind me wearing it instead of that other one.” With some tears in my eyes, I

explained that it was my wife's favorite thing to wear around the house at night. And,

that she looked so beautiful wearing it, to consider it hers. With a soft and wonderous

look, she took me in both soft hands and kissed the tears from my eyes. And then, she

kissed me so softly on the lips, I think I melted into a puddle right there.

I picked Diane up as I stood, sitting her on the table while I poured the hot chocolate.

Handing her a cup, I sat back down and pulled her off onto my lap. “You do realize that

this isn't the end, don't you? You will always be welcome here, and in my bed, any

time.” I told her. “I know,” she said, “but I think mommy will be very mad if I do that now.

I would love to come here after school and any other time I can get out of the house

without mom suspecting.” There was no need for an answer, she already knew.

Diane and I continued to get together to fuck and lick each other all over as often as

possible. While both of us suspected her mom knew something was going on, she

never let on, nor said anything. Diane excelled in school, I wouldn't have stood for

anything less and she knew it. Without saying, she knew I would end the relationship if

she let her studies laps. She graduated with honors, being at the top of the Deans List

and was soon accepted with a full scollarship to a large university. She would return

home each break, and after the first semester, had moved lock, stock, and barrel into

my place. Her mom once told me she wasn't surprised, and she knew even to the day,

when I took Diane's virginity. “I'm her mother, and I know my daughter. It was apparent

almost immediately what was going on. She loves you very much, Jack, she always

has. I could here her saying your name in her sl**p. And, believe it or not, I do

approve.” Sheila was also with me when I drove Diane to the air port for her trip back

east to school. As she was ready to enter the security check-point, she came over and

gave me a great big kiss. She then held me at an arms length, looked at her mother

and then back to me. “Mr. J.,” (even to this day, she doesn't call me Jack) “once I

graduate, I'm coming back here to work in bio-medicine, I've already got a job waiting.

I'm going to live with you permanently, even if we don't get married. I want you to get

me pregnant within that first year I'm back. I want to have “our” baby, and give mom a

grandc***d. She released me and walked calmly thru security and on to her plane,

without looking back. Sheila and I were absolutely stunned, and just stood there,

looking at each other, and then bursting out laughing. “What a head-strong woman

she's become!” I thought to myself.