my last night

hello, here I'll tell my evening yesterday.

At approximately 19:30, a friend came to see me after a day's shopping, is a longtime friend.
it shows me who are buying it in his bag, but I do see a pocket.
I ask therefore that lurks inside!
she said nothing. the evening and continues to invite him to eat.
after the meal she said “thank you for I'll show you my last purchase”
dress was sexy, fishnet tights, corset and thong.
I said “WAW ca area has very sexy”
she replied “yes but I have no man therefore the person veras”
and I laughed “not even me?”
She went into the bathroom and returned with his view ..
I felt my dick up!
all generated I told him that it was sublime …
s'aproche it gently to me and said, “that sublime?”
I did not know what to say and I do not know why but I was put on the Ambras cheek!
it also and I told him “to confess everything ca me a lot of effect”
she got her hand and touched my dick erection,
I feel very generous.
I put my hand on her buttocks and the other on her hip and she says it did him good to be caress!
she kissed me on the mouth and had to go!
we are meeting starts at fiddling, she took off my belt and down my pants …
I put my hand between her cuises and pulled up her pussy.
She pushed me on the sofa. I said that she wanted to go farther!
and not put it on my leg and made to do a little dance!
ca m'exite terribly.
I touch her body!
I licked her belly with my hands wander over her body …
She gets up off his string and put my cock in her pussy which was wet by surprise!
I asked him why her pussy was already wet, and she told me was very dual exit.
we made love!
before I ejaculated my tail came out without really want and I ended up on her pussy and her body!
so that I was exiter AC was up to the top of the breasts and almost to his face!
impress I said sorry and she replied “not punishment, is the 1st time its happened to me but I admit that I love” “
after this adventure was to spend the night together but it is said that this was a sex party with friends