My Highschool Asian Love Spark

So i was 18 and though a virgin.. i gotta admit for a nice guy like me..most women can't handle my type then end up hurt by another and wish they had me back again..

So it was my junior year… and also a newly transferred student… lol now you can judge me and take me as an innocent guy but i've had my fair share of women since and partially before..maybe not sexual intercourse but i can sure as hell pls a woman.

My first asian girlfriend…always wanted one..but it came suddenly as no one in class was actually my age.. i transferred alot due to f****y stuff and so i was suppose to be in college but thats a complicated story. we met the 3 week into first semester.. she said hi out of the blue and i swore i never though she was in my class..cute and really innocent girl.. .-. indeed she was.. i thought she was at least 17 in fact every person was at least 15 after a month of talking chatting and hanging out of class i got her number. From there everything took shape and from there not even 3 months we had our little experiments.. ._. c***dish thoughts to most who come from large scale countries that have open minds about stuff.. we hung out every day after class.. all alone home watching tv enjoying a good is a tropical hot damn day..she suddenly stands up and strips to her tong ..o.O i was like ok u have the guts to tease me haha

So she did this innocent japanese look and squirmed in her corner asking me to look away..oh goody goody… its time to play i told her lol.. This is really after our first date when she said she's very open and would do anything so i dared her.. You aren't bad enough to let me finger u and make you wet…lol i enjoyed teasing her .-. she had a thing for porn so it wasnt anthing bad.. she unzipped her pants and stuck my hand in her panties and begun to let me finger her. So now i got a teenage asian girl…by most they ignored her but by me worshiped.

i slowly caressed her..embraced her to my chest and began to kiss her..still squirming she eventually let me in with out contest.. i knew she was in the mood she'd normally give me an excuse but the day before she was finally ready i want you to take it and have no pain just trying to place it in.

She had B cup size breasts… nice cherry nipples and a body to die for..clear damn skin..nice sweet pink body when she gets all flushed haha.. I aint a guy that loves plowing through a girl's hairy pussy but for my first girls in bed an cute taiwanese babe open wide infront of my face :3 i couldnt deny this was as peal and clear as it can get not too hairy but just right haha.

She begged me to suck her.. i stuck my tongue in her and rolled it around… gave an oral she couldnt forget^^ she still says im her best until today but too bad she wont let me back since she's those only 1 chance kinda girls.. she never saw a cock before but when she saw mines haha she was surprised.. it was like a k** playing with a rattler..she was poking and checing every surface until she stuck it in her mouth and started sucking and licking to her hearts content ..first timer she was a soldier trooping it out haha 🙂 she got better by her 10 attempt.

now this tale was definitely through… asian women are really sweet..really loyal and damn earnest but nothing can change when i say this one thing… their really always horny and open minded…because of their culture they cant always admit that innocent side but the minute u probe and test the waters i can assure you thats a b**st you gotta after feeding her..her pet..oh yeah she called my dick her pet .-. they were really attached. She finally got the nerve to rub her pussy on the tip of my cock..teasing me of course but trying to stick it in.. oh yeah she was damn small and so very tight.. she actually cried putting it in… im average size i guess..not porn guy big like most porn starts and guys like to try to get theirs i aint lacking any balls so i aint afraid to admit u im average. i can at least feel confident it's thick enough. finally she got it in.. i could see her pain so i waited a few until she begun riding slowly and enjoying it some. i slowly rocked her until i took it out and place it in so she could get use to it and lol would u believe this it was rather a romantic moment we were both blind a bit kinky to add it. We fucked for hours on and off.. from missionary to doggy even tried a few crazy moves..innocently speaking for a first time it was aight…lol Condoms suck ass though ..That was my first sweet experience..soft and tender a really beautiful girl and an asian chick at that.. this escapde lasted for another year… never got to do it with out a condom since she was still in high school didnt wanna chance it even on safe days… we had sex in each bedroom and room to car to public we had our time just sad we broke up in the end …it's not an everyday thing to meet a quality girl like that… sad i live in a spanish populated country…asian women are short in supply lol.. but ive been lucky enough to date mostly asian women ..particularly chinese..taiwanese and one korean…hoping maybe i can meet a real japanese girl hell maybe even marry one 😛

sorry for no large detail but hey it's a storyXD