My friend Dale with benefit Part 3

When Ellen arrived home I was getting ready to e****t Ellen for the evening. She came out of her room and said, “How do I look” as she modeled what she had on. Ellen was wearing a black mini strapless lace dress, low cut in front and back. She had on matching black high heels shoes. Even her nail and eye shadow looks wonderful. I could not say a word. She looked like a million dollars and then some.She would be my “date” for the night. On the way to the party we had a lot of time to chat. She told me that she was a cheerleader in High School and college. She also told me that everybody in high school and college treated her like she was a “blond headed bimbo”. There was hardly any one but Grandma Dale who respected me and treated me right.
8 months ago when Grandma Dale invited Ellen to stay with her. Dale told Ellen about me and her desire to fuck me. After Dale and I had sex the other day, she told Ellen that it was the best sex in her life. And that Dale wanted where that came from, from me but she made me promise not to tell her Dale that. That would be our secret.
After the party it was too late to go home. So we stopped at a hotel for the night. Since we did not have anything to wear to bed. We laid nude on the bed while watching TV and talking until we fell asl**p.
When we woke it was still dark outside. I was woken my the feel of Ellen holding my dick. It was not to long before I was fondled her breast. Soon we were in the “69″ position. Ellen’s cum was so good. It tasted like her sweet juice with a hint of piss. This made me even more excited because she had not pee since we went to bed. It got me wondering how her golden stream would taste. My hope was that I was pleasing to her as she was to me. But I heard no complains neither did she stop licking and sucking my dick. As I sink my tongue deeper into her wet pussy hole. How sweet it was !! We enjoyed each other until it got time to leave.
On the way home, I told Ellen I enjoyed the time in the hotel room. She said “I did too” She added “I have a confession I want to have more sex with you. Older men knows how to take care of a women.” This made me feel better knowing that she enjoyed having sex with me and wants more.
I asked Ellen “do she think we should tell Dale what happen at the hotel”. “She will not mind, grandma was leaving me in good hands.” Ellen said confidently. “Good I said, I would not want to mess up the 3 of us living together.” “I am sure it will not” Ellen said. Ellen continued, “ Grandma told me she is your Queen and you are your black stallion and what happen last week between you two. I turn to Ellen and said “you’re my prom queen, I always wanted one”.
As we pulled into the driveway. Before getting out of the car we gave each other a long wet kiss.
As we open the front door Dale was taking a shower. So we slipped into our room to change our clothes. The subject about what happen between me and Ellen was not brought up. But I think she knew. Dale came out and said she had a sick friend that needed her so she will be gone for about a day or two. That she will need a ride to the bus depot. Before leaving Ellen whispered in my ear “when I get back I’ll have a surprise for you” as she kissed me goodbye. Then she turn and kissed Ellen.
When we arrived home Ellen was going to her room. I turn on the TV to watch a movie. Ellen came into the room and sat beside me. Soon Ellen was laying on the couch. Her head in my lap as I stroke her hair. As Ellen was looking into my eyes enjoying the attention she was getting. Oh how smooth her face was. As I though how sexually attractive she is. Ellen reached with her hand about my neck and pulled my face close to hers. When we kisses at first it was innocently but after a while our tongues were dancing together. As we got into kissing longer.
At the time I just had on a pair of shorts. The Ellen turn her head to my shorts. As her hands was finding a way to my dick. Once she free my dick she started to lick on it like it was a chocolate ice cream cone. Soon she was taking my dick into her mouth as the TV was on but it was only background noise. I did not stop what Ellen was doing or the feeling she was arising within me.
Soon Ellen was standing spread eagle facing the wall her manicured nails was pressed against the wall. I was standing behind her. With my hard dick being inserted into her pussy from behind. As Ellen screamed for delight, pain and pleasure. As I rammed by dick in and out of her tight pussy. What a feeling ran over by body. As I wrapped my arms around her frame and placed my hands on her shoulders. As my juices flowed from my body into hers.
This 21 year old sexy woman was coming on to me and this man did not want her to stop! What a piece of womanhood I have the chance to fuck. Then she lead me to her room where we spent the night together in her bed. Each day we spent getting to know each other. Each evening we went out clubbing. Each night we spend the nights into the next morning in bed together. While Dale was away with her sick friend. What a way to spend a 4 day weekend.