my first time cross dresser

It all started when 13.when I on a chat room talking to this really nice guy and he sounded hot so I added him on msn. He went on cam and he was stunning he was clean shaven thoses jaw droping abs and huge 8 and half inch cock I woz dribbling just looking at him. I told him that I loved wearing girls cloths he love it too he told me he love young boys cross dressing so I got dressed up in my s****r slutty outfit that was black lasce g string thong matching bra grater and fish net stocking when I show him. He loved it so I did a sexy cam. showfor him letin him say any thing he wanted. As he was wanking his cock as I finger my virgin bum when he cumed I Was dyeing to lick it up so he asked if I wanted to meet him I was so turned on I couldn't say no. He told me what he wanted me to waer so I told my mother I was stayin over a mate house so I won't be back so I met him and took me over his place I was shitting my self. we got to his place we got in his he started to kiss me and rub over my bum after a 1min or 2 I pulled off him and asked where can I go to get changed so he show me and give my bum a hard slap so I got changed and put on the sluttyst red lip stick I could fine I looked on the mirror I couldn't blieve what I was seeing as I went to find him he shouted for me to hurry up as I walk in his room I couldn't blieve it he had sex toys butt plugs wips and Chans hanging form the roof he walk over to me had a good look I asked if he like it. All I could hear him wipering in my ear is I love it jenny and start to kiss my neck then he ask if he could take pictures and record us fuckin all I could say any thing u want master so I started to poshing for him takin loads of pics he asked me to strip him I pulled his top off and just looked at the abs on him I he slapped my head really hard and told me to hurry up so I kiss my way down his abs pulling his boxxs down when I seen his cock all I could do is moan and look up at him all shaven smelling. Cleanjust like a cock should be as I started too lick his cock and suck on his huge cumed fulled balls he grab my head and started to face fuck me really rough ramming all his cock down my throt till I couldn't breath and back out after 10 mins of this he picks me up and thow me on the bed and tell me that he goin to use me as he see fit and slaps my bum. then he tell me to bend over as I did he pulls out cuff form his bed and he made sure I was cuffed down and couldn't move he pull out a wip and starts to wiping me hard till I was crying begging for him to stop all he did was laff he stop and started rubing lube around my bum I was in sissy heven he f***ed 3 in me then pull them out and ramed in a butt plug and asked if I liked it all I could do was sceam as I started to getting use to it so he pull it out and f***ed much bigger one in till my bum was just big enff for his cock then he line his cock up and push it in slow the pain was unreal I was screaming for him to stop but he didn't till he was all in me I slowly got use to him IV never been so full in my life he started to go in and out faster and harder. Callin me every thing under the moon I started to cum in my thong he moved his hand to get my cum and put it to my face and told me too lick it clean so I did do what I was told suckin his fingers clean he pull his cock out and told me I need to clean his cock the1st time taested my bum now I love tasteing my bum because of hin is start to uncuff me then he push me on my back started to kiss me till I had a bum full of cum I felt like a cheap whore

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