My first time at Dogging

As some of my Hamster friends know, the thought of dogging has always turned, i kept saying i would love to do it, guess what last Saturday week it came true, my husband and I went out for a meal, I dressed up for the occasion,black blouse white skirt suspenders black bra and panties. the meal was goodand we sat for a while just talking
when my husband asked where do you want to go now, to a bar for a drink,or go home, I replied in a whisper can we go to ???? and see whats happening,he nodded and off we set. It wasnt to long before we arrived, it was getting dark as we pulled in, there was a few cars around, we parked the car, turned off the lights and sat talking,I was not sure what to expect or what to do, niether was my hubby, when there was a tap on the window, on my side of the car, I looked out, a man was standing there rubbing himself,through his trousers, he motioned to wind the window down, my hubby looked at me, the air was exciting,go he said opn the window, i began winding until the window was fully down, the stranger spoke to me, hi he said whats your name, Sharon i replied, not seen you here before, no its my first time here i said. Why dont you open your blouse so i can take a look at you, my hands were shaking with the thought of a stranger looking at me, i began to unbutton my blouse eposing my bra to him, let me help you he said, and put both hands on my blouse undoing it quickly, I let him continue, until it was undone, he grinned and looked at my bra, without hesitation he fondled my tits, and drove his fingers inside my bra pulling my tits out of the bra cups, at that moment another man turned up and joined in his hand pusing the other mans hand away so he could feel me as well, nice tits you have he said, the other man agreed,one of themen then pulled hids cock from his pants and started to wank whilst groping me, suddenly he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock wank me he said, my hubby nodded in agreement so i began to wank his now hard cock, it became very stiff very quickly, pull your skirt up one of them said, so i stopped wanking this guy and lifted my arse so i could pull my skirt high up my legs, they both tried to help me i thought they were going to rip it off of me,but it stayed on,open your legswhich i did for them, on man now had bot my tits out and was sucking on my nipples, the other was rubbing my thights, slowly, now and again he would touch my pussy lips through my panties, put your arse on the edge of the seat one said so i moved down a little, the second man now unzipped his jeans and got his cock out , the other man was paying attention to my thighs , iI could feel myself getting wet, the man who had his finger ner my thigh probed the side of my panties and felt for my pussy , he found it his finger running over my slit, i wanked one of them hard i found this so exciting,my tits were being rubbed hard my nipples were out, i wanted this man to push his fingers into me, but he stopped, put bot hands inside my panties and pulled them down, exposing my pussy the sight of me exited tem even more, thier hands were everywhere, i sure one even tried to finger my arsehole, one hand found my clit and began to rub it i began to move for them with each rub,suddenly the man i was wanking shot his cum all over me my bra, my top, i wanked him dry, the other man then thrust his cock my way without saying a word i knew what i had to do, meanwhile i felt my pussy lips being openend and these men looking deep inside me, one pushed his fingers in me, the other opened my lips until mty clit was on veiw this turned them on and they rubbed me hard, i felt myself coming for them i wanted to ride thier fingers, i bucked my pussy so they could get to me i loved it and I came on them, letting out a sigh or two, with that the other man pulled me towards him took over wanking himself told me to open my mouth, put hid now hard cock close to me and shot his cum into my mouth, my tits were still being mauled by the other man,whilst the other began to poke my pussy with his fingers, it did not take long i started to orgams again for them, i crupmled to the seat after i came, leaving my juice on thier fingers, i watched as they tasted me, put you arse near the window one said i want to fuck you, at this piont my hubby said, enough for tonight lads you have had a good go at her, maybe next time, ok they said lets just have one more look at her pussy, i openend my legs wide for them, they ran thier hands over my pussy hair up my legs and wre into the night. we both found this so exciting we may do it again.