My Favourite Fantasy – My Prospective

I am using your original story as a guide, so that you will know step by step what I was thinking this is my prospective of the events of that hot, hot summer morning. Feel free to copy and paste and distribute my version of your tale, if you like what I have done, I would like to write an original tales, for you.

My Favourite Fantasy

Summertime brings long days, the sun can rise around four in the morning, and this has been a particularly stifling hot night, so to freshen myself I decided to go for a walk, there are lots of lanes that skirt around and through the village, I like best is the one that goes from behind the church to the common, it passes the rear of a row of cottages where their back garden leads onto the lane through a small gates that tend to squeak when used.

I know of one particular cottage, and was rather surprised to see a ground floor window open, I know that this window is off a bedroom, a bedroom I have been in my imagination a number of times through online chats and via the web-cam.

Unnoticed I climb over the gate, no need to announce my arrival by disturbing anyone with its squeaky hinges, and quietly walked up to the window and peered in.

I saw her pale smooth naked form, tossing and turning, a lady as I watched eventually looked as if she had relaxed into a light sl**p, climbing in through the open window was straightforward there was a cushioned chaise long under the window, and the bedroom is deeply carpeted, all the time my heart beat heavily, I have never done anything like this in my life, what excuses could I make, would explaining my selfish hungry lust be enough to justify my actions.

There is a chair positioned where I sat and watched, after what seemed like eternity I began to undress, jacket, shoes, trousers, and still she lightly slept, the ’T’ shirtI I pulled as all men do by dragging by the collar over my head.

I knew where the equipment is stored and got out the soft cord and cuffs, and by quietly murmuring softly words of endearment those that I know she loves to hear, I was able easily to fasten her wrists and ankles to the bedposts.

At last she stirred, opening her startled eyes soon registered that she recognised me, I take a good photo whether dressed or naked, which was what I was becoming now, I was down to my pants, socks and wist watch, my intend and lust was also evident by the bulge, caused in no small measure by seeing her naked, I drew comfort by stroking my member through the material of my pants.

You then gasped. “What are you doing here?”.

“Making your fantasy a reality!” I laughed, giving a cheeky wink!

You asked with an unsure look “How did you get in?” not knowing whether to be scared or happy.

“The window is open,” I say, leaning over your restrained naked body to place in your mouth a ball gag pulling the elasticated strap over your head, snagging some loose strands of hair in the process.

“You're talking too much young lady!” I say. All you can do now is gurgle and moan into the ball gag!

I’ve tied and gagged you so that you are lying on your stomach, a position where I enjoy the sight of your smooth back, you can't move, I can see that I have done a good job of getting you scared! small beads of sweat begin to appear on your back, like early morning dew on the poppy petals.

I know what you like, and so I run my fingers through your hair, being matted due to the early day’s heat it tugs slightly but still feels fine and fair to my touch which causes my member to twitch inside my pants, I say “If you relax and cooperate you won't get hurt……….Too much!”

I loosen your ankle restrains a little in order to push your knees up under your tummy, so you're lovely ass is now sticking up in the air, who can resist the opportunity to lick and kiss those bum checks. I know where you keep your toys and start to rummaging in the bottom drawer and find what I need, I have you well and truly restrained and even if you try to look, no matter how you stretch your neck I am out of eye-line!

I have found your velvet cat and cannot resist using it on your on your bottom and thighs, not really hurting more a sharp sting, but still making it nice and red and soon I can feel the glowing heat starting to burn up your bum! You try to say something but can only gurgle into the gag. I know you are enjoying the burning sensation, because I can see your glistening wetness.

I have chosen the extra large dildo, I stoke it up and down your engorged lips to moisten it only then I thrust it in with great vigour inside your very wet pussy, as I know you like pleasure with pain and so I push it all the way in right up so that its artificial balls squeezes your clit, my cock starts to weep pre-cum staining my pants, but no matter I can wait, although the damp patch increases the tension building up inside me.

I now start to use a cane one I found as I walked through your garden, one that the runner beans started to climb, a nice vegetable garden you have there, I gently rap your bottom and thighs over the redden marks left by the velvet cat, just hard enough to make you jump every-time I bring it down and make it sting and sing that lovely tune, spat, spat you must recognise the song it is our special song.

By this time my cock is getting hard, I have to remove my pants and wrist watch all because of your erotic, moaning, gurgling and drooling, with all this pain and pleasure I let you selfishly enjoy, and you are also now rocking against the huge vibe that is buried deep inside, I see you clinch your cunt muscles to further increase your own pleasure, this, as I switch the vibe to maximum, as I know by the way you tremble that you are getting near to cumming, I tell you that you are free to cum as many times as you want to, this way me, your master gives you a moment of relief, see how caring I am, but however I will not stop until I AM sated!

I am, confidant that I have made you hurt enough, the hot red bum cheeks, that I again kiss, the wet pussy that coat my fingers with pussy juice, the scent of sex wafting about in the warm morning air and to crown it all my stretched cock which I have to position, if only to allow its pre-cum jewelled tip to appear over the elasticated band of my pants.

I lean over your back and whisper in your ear, “That is for leaving the window open enough for people to get in,” continuing I say, “I trust you have learned your lesson, and you are sorry?” all this while I reach under and fondle those lovely full breasts.

You try to answer, but can only moan and gurgle, I take that as thanks and apology, and standing again with my cock still at full stretch, I switch back to the cat, as I never really wanted to hurt you.

As I once more caress your bum with the cat, I sense you start to orgasm, its heavy and intense and I'm so glad I gagged you, or the whole street would hear! I continue using the cat until the orgasm has passed and then stop and finish undressing, yes, I take of socks!

I turn your head and take out the gag and in its place I offer my thick veined swollen beautiful cock, pulling back the foreskin you lick clean the pre-cum from the deep red coloured orb only for more to cum, you open your mouth to receive my cock, your tongue roams around and under and now its my turn to moan with pleasure as I start to fuck your face.

I lean across to the bedside cabinet and reach for the candle, as I continue to pump my cock deeper using one hand to supporting your head, I then simultaneously holding the candle I use a lighter to melt some of the wax, which I which I let drip, drip from the candle on to your back! You jump when I do it, but I know it isn't too painful, it acts as an extra thrust allowing my cock’s cherry to sense the back of your throat, it is enough to send you into that place where I am, your master, all that matters and serving me is your only wish — your sub space.

Due to all our many erotic conversations and e-mails, I know how much I can make you take and what it takes to push there, and it is because of your urging me on that I do it so very well. You feel the jerking motions of my manhood signalling the arrival of cum into the back of your mouth and just one more deep thrust of my cock and cum flows down your throat, you swallow every drop and enjoy it, you keep sucking, as a baby on a teat want ever more, you are waiting for me to go soft, but I don't! Then you realise I’m wearing the cock ring you gave me for my birthday, heck, you think — we could be here sometime!

I pull out of your mouth and replace the gag, knowing that this will get very noisy!

I gently scratch the whole length of your back, all the way down from the neck to the base of your spine, I gently scratch the sides of your chest, then the sides of your waist, you squirm this form of teasing tickle racks your whole body you try to tell me to stop, but I know you don’t want me to, because the pleasure from the pain is so exquisite, you involuntary tense your pubic muscles.

Anytime now your husband might pop in for morning coffee, so I need to move things along, so after pouring lots of cold lube, from a bottle I found in the top drawer, on to your bottom’s crack I make sure that it lubs your crinkly hole, one finger, then two, but even then I don’t think its open enough so I club my three middle fingers together and push and work with a semi rotating movement as far in deep as I can.

Thinking it may be ready, I give it a quick lick with my toughen, making sure the vibe is up to full, I present my naked exposed cherry, still moist from your saliva to your arse, there is a slight resistance as the orb enters a sensation of a pop as it passes the initial opening to then slide smoothly into your ass.

I know how to begin a slow, stretching of you, and how to gradually build up a nice steady rhythm, screwing you nice and smooth and deep, and creating enough friction, for you to enjoy it, and for me to enjoy it, while being slightly uncomfortable!

It’s being restrained, giving up the ability to control the event, loosing all ones freedom to someone else, hoping and having to relying on them loving you in a controlled painful way, listening to the intensity of your moans, sensing and doing the right thing, then ones own internal being came wallow in the entity of being alive, this then is what we are on this earth for.

I maintain the rhythm and the increased stimulation makes you cum again, almost immediately, I sense this and ease off until you have finished bucking and cumming, and then build up the rhythm faster than before, but making sure that friction is still there. After about 5 minutes my balls empty the cum flow through my prick, not once but once more, the feeling of my cum going inside your ass brings you again, and you start to orgasm, and it's a squirter! The f***e of the fluid pushes the vibe out of your pussy and you cling to the bedsheets, your knuckles show white till it passes.

We need to drink I go to the kitchen to get us both a drink, when I come back I untie the restraints then straighten your legs and because you are stiff, I lovingly grasp you to roll you onto your back and tie your arms at the front to allow you to drink and then lie back onto your back. I have to help you, you are still shaking from the intensity of your orgasms!

A cushion behind your head as I position your legs out wide like a frogs, so that they are so open wide for me to see your erect clit poking out from under its hood, a little penis for me to suckle, you motion with your head to where the ass beads are, then taking then I insert then bead by bead into your arse, they all go all the way in your ass. you love how they feel and and the warmth of my fingers as I pop each one in, ho my how you cum again! i wait until you’ve stopped squirting and then the moment has arrived, I enter you, my big dick slides easily inside you, your very wet pussy! for me its heaven, filling you totally, your muscles contracting around my member, my cock, my prick, my penis, it feels so, so amazing!

My head arching back, the primeval energy directed through my back and hip muscles, if my eyes are closed, it is because I see inside you using the eye at the tip of my cock.

You look up at me and try to smile, then you see your husband at the window, watching us and wanking! I follow your gaze and see also your husband the look on my face and say,s “It's OK, I invited him!” your so shocked you can't make a sound, but I know it makes you so horny!

I’m begin to move, and build up a rhythm, first going gently and quite slowly, but gradually building it up so that I’m moving very quickly and my big balls are slapping against bottom, making that special slapping sound and making your beads move! It feels divine!

We both come several times more and it feels like our orgasms are continuing in each other, cos every time you finish I start and vice-versa! We finish with the huge mind-blowing orgasms together and almost scream the street down!

When we have recovered a little I undo all the ties, remove the gag, wrap my arms around you to hug and kiss, hug and kiss you again, I thank you and then leave, but not before I have covered you up, and kiss your forehead.

Only you know what happened next, but in your own words you said.

I wake up an hour later, I think I've been dreaming, as there are no signs of our encounter on me or around me, though my bottom is hot! But there is no cum stains, no hubby at the window, and no wet patch on the bed, I feel confused, I was sure it was real, I get up and go to the bathroom.

On the way past my dressing table I catch the reflection of my bottom, it doesn't look as though it has been caned!

Then I see the lighted candle, with lots of wax dripping down it, and a bottle of after sun, that you put on my marks! Now I know it was real — you can come and see me anytime 😉