My fantasy

I'm a happily married man of 30 years. My wife is very attractive, however, she could care less about sex. I still have a very high sex drive and desire for her. Needless to say, I end up taking matters into my own hand to satisfy my sexual needs. During these times I often fantasize about another man having sex with my wife since we don't have sex that often. Here's how things would play out.

First off, my wife and I would have to agree on whom she would have sex with. He would need to be clean cut and handsome. I would want his dick to be bigger than mine. That way she would know she was getting a good fucking.

We would arrange a time to meet at our lovely home. My wife would sit between me and her soon to be lover. While holding my wife's hand, I would explain to him that it's our desire to have my wife make love to another man. She has never experienced anyone but me. However, it's time for that to change. He is to let her fuck him first at a slow and easy pace. As things start to intensify, he can take over and finish things off in a more aggressive fashion.

At this point, I take her hand and place it in his. They rise together and walk slowly hand in hand across the great room, down the hall and into the master bedroom. From my vantage point on the couch, I cannot see into the bedroom. They disappear through the doorway, however, the door is left open.

They need a moment to ease the tension, as this is an awkward situation to say the least. They sit hand in hand on the edge of the bed. They begin to hug and snuggle to warm up to each other’s presence. They start to kiss each other with soft passionate kisses. Things are starting to fall into place. The experience is about to begin.

He now stands beside the bed and turns to face my wife. Slowly, he unbuttons his shirt to reveal his manly chest. Next comes the shoes and socks. He reaches for his belt buckle and zipper and begins to undo them. His trousers fall to the floor. Only one more piece of clothing remaining. The sexual tension and excitement are starting to build. He is partially erect as evidenced by the bulge in his shorts. My wife is feeling an uneasiness between her legs. Her love juice coats the walls of her pussy. He drops his shorts to reveal a dick any man would be proud of. He stands naked before her. Her eyes take in the sight of the manhood she's about to experience.

Now it’s her turn. She stands next to the bed as he sits. Being very nervous, she begins to disrobe. Before long she stands in her bra and panties. Just as she has done for me before, she turns away and unclips her bra letting it fall freely to the floor. Now she puts both thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly drops them bending completely to the floor until her panties are around her ankles. One leg is removed as the panties dangle around her ankle of her other leg. Exposed is her beautiful ass. She raises her leg and hooks the panties with her index finger and spins to face her soon to be lover. He now sees the sight I have seen so many times. My sweet little wife, completely nude exposing her tender little tits and pussy.

The moment is upon them. But first, my wife has something planned. She turns and exits the bedroom and returns to where I sit on the sofa. The thought and anticipation has gotten the best of me too. While they were stripping for each other, so was I. She finds me naked and half hard as she enters the great room. With a look of confidence, and without saying a word she walks to the sofa. With her panties still wrapped around her finger, she reaches out and drops them on my cock. Over the years I have developed a habit of masturbating with her panties and I greatly enjoy doing so. She turns and walks back to the bedroom entrance. Just before entering, she looks my direction. With a look of sexual arousal she says, “Have a good jerk-off”. With that she disappears through the bedroom door. I hear the door shut and the lock click.

My emotions begin to run wild. My heart begins to race. This is it! My sweet little wife is going to have sex with another man. I feel jealous, excited, aroused and rejected all at the same time.

Now I return to reality. My head clears as the sound of silence sets in. I listen-nothing. About 30 seconds, which seemed like and hour, still nothing. Then I hear the sound of movement. Are they engaging in sex? More time goes by and I then hear the sound of pleasant laughter.

I visualize him laying on his back. My wife straddles him and slowly places her pussy over his cock. Her body slowly lowers itself on his long hard shaft. She sighs with relief as his large cock stretches her love hole. Gently she rides his shaft as they begin to laugh and giggle at the experience.

Again reality sets in. There’s another man fucking my wife in the next room and here I sit. I grab the panties and begin stroking my cock for all its worth. They are enjoying a good screw and here I sit with my dick in my hand. However, this time it’s different as I realize my fantasy.

Fast forward now. I hear heavy breathing and rapid movement. Then suddenly the words “get on all fours”. He is reaching that magical moment and is now taking control. My wife does love the doggy style position as well as I do. She is now under his control. She lets out a gasp as he pokes her from behind. His abdomen slaps against her beautiful ass as his pace quickens. Both groan and sigh with relief as the climax takes place. Its over now. My sweet little wife is no longer innocent. She has experienced a needed and deserved fucking by a strange cock.

The entire event overwhelms me as my cock explodes shooting ropes and ropes of cum into my wife’s panties. I sigh with my own relief just as the two of them had done shortly before.

This is my ultimate jerk-off fantasy….