my BF wife deserves me

This is more an anonimous confession of my heated lust than a story of fiction. I introduced them. He was and is my best friend. some 25+ yrs to date. She is a curvy and voluptious blonde…. no makeup, no perfume, just a purely simple hottie with a body only a hungry slutdog like myself could ever worship. Sure as shit he doesn't, and she tells me. Oh, let's go back a tick. I hooked 'em up, she needed his good italian f****y values (and $$$$) and he was in a downward spiral from a previous import that he treated like a dog and she finally ran…. not to return.
Seems that attitude is part of his package.
Anyway, she's a thick and curvy hottie…. irish and likes a beer, me too. We would meet after work, at first occasionally, next thing ya know it became everyday. Few cocktails, my stories of my disasterous relation with my columbian import, and my reckless abandon for all authority and morals if it interfered with my hard earned playtime that was missing at the crib. We joked and laughed and shared…. in many cases, way too much. Manytimes almost being caught…. me or her, bullshitting him so we could go and drink together. Fuck it, he never took her out and treats her like shit, but she see's right thru his male ego tough guy shit….. and I couldn't ever figure out why, me, mr. Nice Guy, always being a gentleman, always ended up with these self absorbed bitches who would choke on the words “thank you” or “I love you” or even “good morning… Seemed all wrong to me. Back to her……
Irish babe generously gifted witha body like a used Cadilac… don't get me wrong, I mean a real beauty, but her personality made it even better, if she cared to give you her time…. Fair skin, 5;8; in hieght; long blond hair; big and real natural breast; little chub to the frame but a white girl killer booty that was firm and a pair of thoroughbreed thighs any pussy munching lover would want to feel around their head as she spasmed uncontrollably and “pythoned” your best effort with those legs as you give every last lustful effort to make it her best of best orgasm eclipse. I still think I can smell when she's horny as much as I know I can taste when she's bleeding… yup, I can…. my Dick starts to twitch the minute she gets close. Funny as it is, she tells me almost immediately too. I drip pre-launch in my shorts almost every time. No other chick but her ever made me this horny. She'll have a few beers, try to fart at the bar so she can blame me, feel a little drip slip and take me somewhere private… bend her chubby ass over enough that i can see the bottoms of her titties thru her shirt and ask ” am I leaking or false alarm”…. there goes my load and she doesn;t even know….. I hesitate and ask for a moment to do a more thorough inspection, but she knows im just getting a better look and giggles…. I want to fuck her badly and I think she does too but she's got a man. Thing is, they don't fuck when she's bleeding, but she's told me that when she's wet then; she's so fucking horny the masssage showerhead gets a true and meaningful workout from her twice a day….
I beat my shit with such passion when I think of her that I have a full fledged fantasy of the monthly ritual of sealing her love hole with my man glue at her very whim. I hope she reads this one night while she's awake with her cramps and he's sl**ping with no regard of her womanly needs:
Call me….you do for everything else. I will come there in the middle of the night and meet you down by the mailbox. Situp on that tree stump and dont even wisper a word. Spread those thighs as you lean back and count stars. I will lick every bit of your love hole clean for as long as you can stand it. I will pinch your fucking nipples with every intention of finding your threshhold for pain and no more. I will lick the inside of your legs until you quiver and f***e my face to the very spot you desire my attention. I will suck on your pussy mound and tug on your swollen clit until your cramps become pulses of orgasmic fury. I will take this task on as a stand in for your man, my best friend, because we both know he won't even try to pleasure you, as much as we know it's what you need right now. Sucking on your trimmed fat pussy lips as you explode in my face will be my deep and hidden pleasure, our dirty little secret. And when you say “just a little inside” I will gentle push your feet up towards the moon and slam everything i got into you because that's what you really want. My hard, throbbing cock swollen with my heated love gel pumping into you with real dirty intentions of pleasure that only the 2 of us could ever keep a secret. Dirty, sloppy bl**dy lust, Sweety….it's not what you talk to the girls about…. our dirty little desires and fantasies can be shared for real!!! see ya next month!!!!