My best friends mom and her friends

Once I had to stay at my best friends house for two weeks
because my parents were away
I really like my friends mom she has a nice big ass big hanging tits and beautiful feet
just like her 3 friends who come there almost everyday
on the Wednesday of the first week I said I am not feeling so good so I don't want to go to school so my friend went alone
the truth was I wanted to wank in some of his mothers used panties she had gone to bed again
and was sl**ping the door to her room was open so I went into her room and smelled on her feet while squishing my cock in my pants it got hard very quick so I went back to my room and undressed myself completally
then again I went into her room just standing there wanking
then I lifted up the blanket slowly and careful but only so I could see her big ass she wore panties I smelled her ass
it was a very nice smell I stood up and kneeled on her bed a bit then I took my cock and rubbed it on her panties I layed down side ways lifting her legs a bit just so I could put my penis between them after that I wet to her face and put my cocks
to her lips wich felt very nice and then her alarm clock went off I reacted fast and turned it off put slapped my dick in her face by accident she woke up but I had enough time to get out the roo
I went into the bath room to finish I heard the door bell ring and the voices of her three friends I wanted to run up to my room before they went to the living room to eat brakfast because I had to go through the living room
to get to my room I went out the bath ran into the living room just as they came in the other door all four looked at me I though my friends mom was going to be very very angry a few seconds of silence than she said come her young man they sat down on the couch I went over to the couch she said lay down on the floor I did so she said roll to were our feet are I did so again
they lifted up ther feet a d then put them on me her friends still all wore higheels and all four wore dresses don't move your real punishment will come later she said then she put her feet on my face
they started eating and drinking as if I was t there then one of her friends said Ill go and use the bathroom my friends mom said ok I saw how my friends mom told the other lady something but I could hear what because she wispered then the other lady went to the bathroom and five minutes later came back as she came
back my friends mom said sit up I did so and the other lady lifted her dress to show her ass now whipe off her ass my friends mom said i said what you heard me she said the lady gave me a few paper towels and I started whiping her ass they all stood up and then I bad to lay on the couch then my friends mom still in her dress sat down on my face the lady who had been In the bath room sat on my chest still with her naked ass and on other lady with dress on sat on my un erect cock so that it was looking out at the front while it got hard a d one sat on my
legs a few minutes later the lady who sat on my now erect cock stoot up and undressed her self fully so did all the others than she took my cock and started licking it then I had to go on the floor and stand like a dog the lady came under me and sucked my cock again then my friends mom came to my face opened her ass wide and put my face between her cheeks I stuck my toungue out and then felt how one other woman started licking my ass I felt how the fourth one sucked on my balls

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