Moonlight ride

I take a deep breath and open the door, it's a summer night, nearly dark. The street is quiet, dumb to the scandal about to unfold. I doubted anyone would recognize me, in my short fur coat, denim mini and trademark purple heels. Not unless they were a fan anyway 🙂 I just need no-one to see me leave the house, once a few yards away, I could be anybody.

The coast is clear, I step out and shut the door as quietly as possible and walk away from the house, praying I don't activate the neighbour's floodlights. As I clear the first few houses, I relax a bit and a thrill runs through me. I can feel the night air on my stockinged legs and up my little skirt to my exposed bum cheeks – it's a thong thing 🙂 I put a little wiggle in my strut and head towards the main road. I feel so fucking good, I'm on fire. I want someone to see me.

As I reach the main road, a cyclist has a good look as he passes, but there's no reaction. I don't know what to make of that. I head north, the road is empty apart from the occasional car. I'm loving being out in the world as I've wanted to for so long.

I hear a car behind me slowing. It pulls up beside me and the window drops down, “you need a ride, princess?”, I bend over and lean into the window and smiled, “only all night, Sir”. He opens the door to me, and just as we'd arranged earlier, I get in and close the door.

His hand falls to my stockinged legs and he leans over to kiss me. I reach for his thigh and give it a squeeze. “Oh you smell good” he says, burying his face in my neck and hair, “Mmm we need to go somewhere nice.”, he extricates his self from me and pulls the car away.

As he drives, I'm just drinking it in, being Christina in my hot clothes and looking as close to beautiful as I can manage. Being Christina with her horny Sir, knowing he was aching to use her body to satisfy his throbbing cock. I tremble and look to his groin, my hand soon finds his bulge hardening to it's gentle squeeze. I can't wait, but somehow, I do as the lights of the suburbs leave us behind.

I've lost track of where we are, he pulls into a quiet looking spot between some trees. He has hardly turned the engine off and I am on him, kissing him how I know he likes, teasing him with my lips and tongue until he loses it and presses me to him. I feel his cock is rock hard and I grip it through his trousers as we kiss hungrily.

He guides my head to his crotch, “Get your lips around my cock, girl”. “Oh yes, sir”, already undoing his trousrs for his straining cock to burst free. It's hot and hard in my hand and the helmet is already glistening with precum. I love the taste of an oozing cock and squirm in my knickers as I start licking around the shiny cockhead. He lets out an “ohhh” as his length slips between my lips and there I am, dressed like a whore sucking a guy off in a car in the middle of nowhere. I'm so happy!

Before long, he's holding my head and fucking my mouth, “oh you filthy little bitch” he grunts, “suck that cock”. This almost makes me cum on the spot. I love feeling every ridge of his cockhead and shaft slide back and forwards over my lips and tongue, as Sir uses me for his pleasure. Obediently, I suck at the rock hard cock plunging between my lips, wanting to feel the warmth fill my mouth as his cum spurts into it. It wasn't to be though, he pulled me off him, “let's go outside”. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of this, “yay!” I squealed, with a girly clap.

It was dark here and the night was clear, stars studded the sky, even with the light of the full moon, they were bright. Then there was the lake and trees, with the moon on the water, it was pretty magical. It almost distracted me. Almost. He leaned back against the bonnet with his trousers down and his erection proud, I dropped to a squat and gave my first blow job in the open air, loving his moans and groans as, again and again, I bought him to the edge of exploding.

“Get up”, he pulls me to my feet and pushes me over the bonnet, a bit more urgently than I was expecting. My skirt roughly gets pulled up, exposing my cheeks to the night air, I almost lose it as a shudder of sexual energy floods through me. I look behind me to see my cheeks white in the moonlight, with him lubing his shaft ready for me. “I'm going to fuck that pretty ass now”. My thong is pulled down.

Then, he's on me, hands spreading my cheeks to expose my hole to his searching cock. He rubs his cockhead up and down between my cheeks and pushes it at my hole. I long for it in me, then I gasp as it is. He grasps my hips and slowly starts to fuck me, deeper with each stroke until he is balls deep with every thrust.

And there I am, living a long held fantasy, dressed like a whore, getting fucked over the bonnet of a car, by a lake in the moonlight.

He is fucking me hard now, and fast, burying his cock deep in me, I think he may be about cum, when he stops and pulls out. “Turn around”. I do as I'm told and he sits me on the bonnet, he grabs my legs and puts them in the air, laying me down and exposing my hole for his throbbing meat to slide into again. He builds up his stroke again, his balls slapping against my ass, all the while keeping full eye contact with me. “You dirty little bitch”, he grunted through gritted teeth as he drove his cock in and out of me. I pulled him to me and kissed him, as he fucked, and fucked, and fucked. “Oh, here it comes, baby, here it comes..” his back arched and he orgasmed deep in me with a thrust that makes me explode too. I almost pass out with bliss, staring at the starry sky with Sir's cock pumping deep into me.