Moni shared stories

Moni Shared
Just Before Wedding After having long talks about what all we had done and been doing it was like we could finally tell each other anything. I had told her all my fantasies and she was starting to share hers with me. One night as we talked she shared that she always wanted to pick up some guys at a bar, total strangers and just let them fuck her.
It was great for me to hear her say things like that as she had never been so open talking about things like this. But it turned me on to no end. To be honest I never expected this to keep going on this long. I had thought that after the first time she would never be doing anything else but something had changed she was sexually charged all the time. We were having sex more now than ever before and she was the one that was starting it most of time.
It had been about a month since she told me her stranger fantasy and I asked if she would like to go out to some bars dancing for the night. She said ok but did not seemed thrilled about it She said she was tired from work but would go if I wanted to. I said we should go get out for the night so she changed and off we went.
We got to a small bar we had never been to but had wanted to check it out about 8:30 grabbed a set at the bar and started drinking. I had to go to the bathroom and told her I would be back in a minute. As I came back I noticed Moni was chatting with 2 guys that had sat down beside her. Moni introduced me to her new friends when I walked up. Their names were Brian and Jeff. I said hello and went for my drink while they continued to talk.
Jeff asked Moni to dance Brian asked me if I cared about them dancing. I just laughed and said no she is a grown woman. After they got back Brian asked her and off they went. Jeff started telling me how nice Moni was and then said and seems to be friendly to as watched Brian lower his hands to her ass and pull her tight against him. Jeff started to apologize But I said it is ok She can take care of herself. He then said don’t you get jealous? I told him no we know each other’s boundaries.
Jeff and I continued to talk until Moni got back grabbed Jeff’s hand and off they went again. Brian said wow your fiance is a good dancer. I laughed and said is that what they call that. He said he was sorry but she told him I would not mind. I knew then what she was thinking about. Out on the dance floor Jeff had his hands all over her. She even turned around grinding her ass back against him and he was kissing her neck and rubbing her tits.
When they got back Moni sat down and downed a drink and asked for another. She then leaned over and kissed my neck and said are you ready for my fun to come true. She was facing me on the bar stool so I reached my hand down and ran it up her leg to her very wet panties and said well I guess I have to be after feeling that. Then her drink came she grabbed it and downed it. Turned in her stool to Jeff and said so what is the plan tonight. I do not know what he said but then he kissed her hard and long. Then he grabbed her hand and him and Brian started to lead her toward the door. I jumped up and said hey where are you going Jeff laughed and said back to my place you might not want to see this.
I looked at Moni and said no deal you know I have to be there to make sure you are safe. She looked at me gave a kiss and said ok but do not say anything unless I ask for help. I said ok she got in the car with them and I tried to follow. I am sure they were trying to loose me thinking I might stop the fun. We finally pulled in to an apartment complex. As Moni got out of the car I noticed that her shirt was all the way unbuttoned and her bra was just hanging. She later told me she thought Brian might even fuck her before they got to the apartment.
I followed them to the door and when inside looked like a normal guy’s apartment. Then to my surprise Jeff wasted no time. He turned Moni to him without saying a word and pulled her shirt and bra off. Then as he kissed her unzipped the back of her skirt and pulled it down to my surprise her panties were already gone. He turned her around and bent her over the arm of the couch where Brian soon got with his dick point right at her face. She parted her lips and started to suck more and more of him into her mouth. Then I noticed Jeff had his pants off and was rubbing his dick on her from behind.
Once in position he grabbed her hips and slammed into her hard forcing her to take Brian’s entire dick in her mouth. I just sat in a chair watching as he started to slap her ass as he fucked her. This was making her moan and then gag a little as Brian’s cock would hit the back of her throat. Brian moaned he was going to cum Jeff pulled her hair and said you better swallow it all. He then pushed as far as he could and Brian came in her mouth to overflowing as she attempted to to lose a drop .
Jeff pulled out and sat on the couch and made Moni get on top of him face to face. As she did this Brian walked over and sat in a chair facing the couch. We had a perfect view of Moni going up and down on Jeff’s dick. After a couple of minutes He came deep inside her. As she got off Brian sat down and said my turn, Moni climbed on to him and started doing the same to him as she did Jeff.
Jeff sat beside them watching rubbing his dick back to life. He then stood up and stood beside her and started pushing his dick against her face.She opened her mouth to fuck her face. Moni seemed to love it as she cried out oh fuck over and over between breaks of having her mouth stuffed with cock.
Cum started to run out of her Pussy as Brian had cum in her. He left his dick lodged in her as Jeff filled her mouth with cum and swallowed every drop again.
We stayed there for several more hours till Moni had her fill, she thanked the guys and we left.