Mommy makes a messy part 2

just fantasy In this story everybody is over 18

My mommy is very attractive with nice looking tits that are full of milk nice round ass great legs and a tight wet pussy that cant get enough of my big hard cock.

Mommy: Mommy is so horny today baby. Come here and lick my wet pussy. MMMMM mommy likey, you such a good boy. Keep eating my hot dirty cunt, yes! That's it lick up mommy's fuck juices, keep eating!, lick my clit!, eat mommy's cum. such good little bitch boy.

Oh look your cock is so big and hard with precum staining your cute little panties. Naughty boy making a messy all ready.”

fuck toy: Sorry mommy I'm just so excited and your cunt taste so good. Can I please clean your asshole now I wanna taste your ass so bad it's always so yummy.

Mommy: Of course baby since your being such a good little pervert I will let you taste it for a bit but then you have to fuck my horny wet pussy and spray your hot cum allover me like a good goo boy.

MMMM baby mommy has to go potty open your filthy mouth your going to be my toilet

Fuck toy: Thank you mommy

Mommy: Shut up bitch boy and start drinking….now lick it suck the rest out now give mommy kisses. mmmmm mommy taste so good doesn't she?

Fuck toy: Oh yes mommy is so tasty I just can't get enough of your dirty hot body…

Mommy:Take off your dirty panties, give them to me i wanna lick all the precum out of the crotch. Why don't you you go put on some of you s****r clothes. Make sure you put on a pair of her dirty discharge panties and stuff one of her slutty bra's with the rest of her dirty undies so we can smell her nasty pussy while we fuck then put we will put them back in her draw it not like she ever washes the cum off them anyways… ha ha ha

I crawl towards my mommy in a pair of fishnet thigh highs a short denim skirt some wonder women boy-short panty's that are crusted with my s*s's cunt juices as well as having a nice brown shit stain in the back. A black lacy bra and a dog collar. I have a dirty blond wig on that has two short pig tails in the back. Written on my belly are the words mommy's fuck toy. I slide my cock out of the side of my panties and into mommy's hot wet fuck hole. Mommy coos and moans she love me and says so as she slips two of my fingers into her ass and puts one up mine. She whisper make love to your fuck whore mommy so mommy can make a messy….

to be cont.

Mommy is moaning fuck me baby fuck your mommy I can feel her wet fuck hole spasm on my big hard dick I sucking on her tit her milk taste so good I have a mouthful of it and spit it into her mouth she gurgles it letting some bubble up and run down the sides of her mouth. she swallows the rest and tells me she wants to taste more of her she has me remove my panty's and starts sucking all the cum off my dick. she kisses me and then we lick the crotch of my s*s's panty's. I'm back to fucking her now and she is getting really turned on she know my s****r will be home soon and can't wait for are nasty 3 some to start she squirts all over me spraying her hot nasty cum all over her slutty boy. Oh mommy thank you but mommy is too busy licking her cum up she wipes the rest up with my undies and has me put them back on she kisses me some more sicking her tongue in my mouth letting me taste all the mommy cum. so yummy then she pisses all aver me and has me wet my panties as well she lays under me you it drips all over her body mixing with some of her breast milk that is still leaking out of her tits.

Mommy has me sop up all the milk and cum and piss and wring it out into are baby bottles for us to warm up and drink later. She give me a pacifiers that has been is her ass for me to suckle while we wait for fuck holes to come home. That's what me and mommy call sissy some time.
Mommy says that I'm a good boy for eating up some of mommy's messy and for making a good messy my self but mommy isn't done yet

to be cont….