When I got home late Saturday night, Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. I
said to her “Geez, Mom I'm 25 years old now, you don't have to wait up for

“I know, son,” she said. “I went to bed, but I had trouble sl**ping. I
couldn't relax”

Judging from the half empty bottle of scotch in front of her, she was probably
good and relaxed now. Mom was 46 years old but still quite attractive. She
had put on a few pounds but not much. Her ass was a little bit bigger than it
used to be, but then again so were her tits. I would often catch my friends
checking her out when they thought I wasn't looking.

Mom had been divorced ever since I was a k**. She'd had a number of boyfriends
over the years. The last guy moved out about six months ago. It was then
that I moved back home temporarily.

Mom looked sexy in her Chinese silk pajamas. The fabric was thin and as she
stood up her large breasts swayed, causing the material to move. “I guess I'll
go to bed now.” she said.

I had a little bit of a buzz on from the bar and it made me feel like talking.
I told her that I had come up with an idea and that I wanted her opinion. She
sat back down, poured herself another drink and asked me to tell her about it.

I told her that a guy I used to know was now working at Danny's. Danny's was
a bar for women with male dancers. He was making a couple hundred bucks a

“Some of the girls at the bar tonight told me that I should try it too.” I
said. “What do you think/”

I was expecting her to tell me that it was a dumb idea. Instead she thought
about it for a minute and said, “Well, you've certainly got the looks for it,
honey, but wouldn't it bother you taking off your clothes in front of a crowd?”

I said: “That wouldn't bother me, Mom, the only thing I'm worried about is
whether I can dance well enough.” .

At this, her face lit up and she said: “I've been to Danny's and watched them
dance. I can teach you how.”

She went into the living room, started the CD player, and came back in the

“You mean now?” I asked laughing.

“Absolutely.” she said enthusiastically. “I've always wanted to dance like
that but I was too chicken when I was younger, and now I'm too old.

“Mom,” I said, “You're still beautiful enough to be a dancer.” She blushed and
gave me a big smile and said: “Thank you, honey, you're sweet.” She was
slurring her words a bit now. “Just for that I'm going to give you a great
show. I've thought a lot about how I would do it.”

The song she had picked was Prince's “Cream.” I turned my chair around to face
her as she started to dance. She was wearing her silk pajamas and as her body
swayed I could see the outline of her big breasts as they pushed against her
top. As she bent over at the waist in front of me, I looked down the opening
of her blouse and saw her tits hanging down. She quickly straightened up and
laughed, obviously getting a kick out of being a tease.

I said to her, “This isn't right, Ma. In a bar you wouldn't be wearing a big
blouse like that.”

She pretended to be shocked and said, “What are you suggesting, young man? I'm
showing you how to dance, not giving an anatomy lesson.”

I didn't want her to stop, so I backed off a bit, “I just mean couldn't you tie
your shirt instead of having it buttoned?”

She seemed to like this idea and turned her back to me while she unbuttoned her
pajama top and tied the ends in a knot under her breasts. When she turned
back I could see her stomach – not flat, but not big either. Just round and
soft and sexy. Tying the shirt also created more cleavage, giving me a better
view of her breasts. Best of all, her pajama bottoms were slung low on her
hips and I could detect some wisps of pubic hair at the top of her bush.

Mom was really getting into it now and I was responding. I was wearing jockey
shorts and my hardening cock was caught in an uncomfortable bind. Mom noticed
my problem and instead of being offended, she acted flattered. She smiled a
slightly tipsy smile at me and said, “Looks like you need to make an
adjustment, son.”

At this I blushed, but my discomfort overcame my embarrassment and I reached
down and straightened out my cock so that it lay against my stomach. “You're
doing great, Mom.” I said.

“I can tell that you mean it” she said laughingly as she continued to stare at
my crotch.

Her words made me bolder and I decided to see how far I could push things. “In
a bar you wouldn't be wearing pants.” I said.

“That's true, honey, but I don't have a G-string.” she said in a soft, sexy

“Well,” I said “You do have panties.”

At this Mom gave my face a very light, playful slap. “Stay right there.” she
said. The song was ending and she went back in the living room and started it
again. It took her a few extra moments to come back, and when did I saw that
she had changed out of her pajama bottoms and into some panties. They were a
light cotton material and high cut at the hips. The panties were tight and I
could see the outline of her pubic mound. She looked so sexy I thought I would
come in my pants right then.

“How's this, Mr. Critic?” she said.

“Wow!” was all I could think to say, but it must have been the right response
because Mom smiled from ear to ear, then turned around and bent over, tossing
her long hair back and forth to the beat. The cotton fabric strained against
her mound and I could see that her pussy lips were swollen – just like my cock.
She obviously enjoyed putting on a show.

When she turned around to face me, she moved in close and put her hands on my
shoulders while she rolled her hips. I reached out my hands to take her around
the waist but at this point she moved her hips back out of reach and teasingly
said, “No, no, no! The customers aren't allowed to touch the dancers.”

“They are if they tip them.” I said. Then I pulled a dollar bill out of my
pocket. I reached forward and tucked it into the side of her panties. I
didn't stick it down the front in her bush like I would with a real topless
dancer because I thought Mom might object.

“I like this!” Mom laughed. “How do I get more?”

When Mom had moved her hips back while keeping her hands on my shoulders, it
had caused her to bend over more at the waist. From my seat I could look
directly down the cleavage of her knotted blouse. Her tits were swaying back
and forth. Either the friction against the silk or the sexual charge of the
situation must have gotten to her because I could clearly see her nipples
sticking straight out where her breasts strained against the silk.

I took another dollar bill and creased it lengthwise. Before Mom could object,
I slid it in between her breasts. The knotted blouse held her tits together
and the dollar bill now stuck out from between them.

“You little devil” she said. But she continued to sway to the music and she
now moved in closer, in between my spread legs. She was standing right up
against the front of my chair and her breasts were just above eye level. She
started to massage my shoulders as she danced.

I put my hands around her waist and pulled her close, resting my head on her
stomach just below her breasts. I could feel the weight of her tits as they
rested on top of my head.

“You expect a lot for two measly dollars” she said teasingly. But she didn't
move away, and in fact snuggled in closer against me.

“I could give you a dancer's tail.” I said.

“What's that?” she asked.

I too another dollar, creased it lengthwise and told her to turn around. When
she did, I said, “This really works best with a G-string, but I think I can
make the necessary adjustment.”

With that I grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them up as high as they
could go. The effect was to give Mom a wedgie in the back as the material of
her panty disappeared into the crack of her ass. She let out a moan. Pulling
up her panties had also put more pressure on her pussy in front and the way
she was clenching her ass cheeks told me that she liked it.

I then slid the dollar sideways into the back of her panties and pulled it down
the crack in her ass so that it stuck out on either side like a little tail.

Mom looked over her shoulder at what I had done and said, “I look like a
Playboy bunny.”

“You look like the Playmate of the Year” I replied.

She turned around and said “You sure know how to sweet talk your old mother.
Is there anything else you'd like me to do, Big Shooter?”

I looked at the front of her panties and they were so wet and tight that I
could see the crack between her pussy lips. I knew she was as turned on as I
was and decided to take a chance. “How about a lap dance?” I said.

“How do I do that?” she asked.

“Like this” I said gently pulling her onto my lap so that her legs straddled me
on either side of the chair. Her breasts were right against my face and her
crotch was pressed against mine.

“What am I supposed to do now?” she asked dubiously.

“Just keep dancing.” I said.

Tentatively at first, but then with increasing passion she rolled her hips
against me. I had on a light pair of cotton pants and I could feel her crotch
against my cock. I knew she could feel how hard I was. She was intentionally
grinding my cock into the crack between her pussy lips, especially up near the
top where her clitoris was. She was giving soft little grunts each time that
she put her full weight against me.

I started to brush my face lightly against her silk blouse, especially the part
where her nipples stuck through. She responded by moving her upper torso back
and forth to increase the friction. At this point I started to kiss her
nipples through the fabric of her pajama top. She started to moan loudly, and
then suddenly she moaned, “I can't stand it!” and pulled her blouse open.

Her large beautiful tits swung free. Her thick red nipples stuck out from
aureolas the size of half dollars. I wasted no time in sucking one into my
mouth before she could come to her senses. I rolled the nipple around with my
tongue. When I bit it with my lips and pulled on it, she started to thrash

She was no longer even making any pretense of moving with the music. We both
knew we weren't dancing. We were engaging in sexual foreplay. The only
question was how far she would let me take it.

I reached down and pulled the front of her panties up. This caused the
material to slide into the crack in her pussy. She gave out an
involuntary.”Oh, God!” as the wet material strained taut against her clitoris.
She started to seesaw her hips backward and forward. It was at this point that
I first began to believe that my mother might actually let me fuck her.

I reached down and cupping my hand under her pussy lifter her up a few inches.
With my other hand I pulled down my zipper. The sound of it seemed to shake
her out of her sexual frenzy and in a small, pleading voice she said “No.” But
it was more of a request than an order.

I said, “Mom, we've both been drinking. In the morning neither of us will even
remember what happened.”

This rationalization must have been sufficient to let her go ahead and do what
she wanted, because she then reached down and helped me pull my pants and
shorts down around my knees. I pulled her panties down over her hips and she
let her pajama top drop off her shoulders to the floor. My mother was
completely naked as she straddled me and prepared to lower herself onto my

She went very slowly as she impaled herself on my cock. Once again she seemed
to be enjoying the teasing aspect. She would get me part way in her and then
raise her self up a little before sliding down even farther. Her pussy felt
wonderful – wet and warm. I had my hands on her big beautiful ass and my mouth
on her tits. Finally she dropped all the way down on me and let out a gasp as
my cock went completely up inside of her. She ground her clitoris into my
pubic bone and she was shuddering into orgasm just as I felt my cock explode
inside of her. We both rocked back and forth as I continued to pump hot come
into my mother's pussy.

After a few minutes she gingerly got up off of me. Without saying a word she
picked up the bottle of scotch and went into her bedroom.

She never said anything about it the next morning and, taking my cue from her,
neither did I. But I know that if it happened once it can happen again.