Mom and I Getting Plumbed

these scenes were written back and forth from me to another. Starting with him

I am a man of maturity, much older than either of the beautiful women in front of me, but not so old that an erotic scene doesn't get me so horny. As I looked at the young woman's mother astride her daughter it seemed that I had stepped onto the set of a porno movie instead of being on a handyman job.

I really don't think the mother knew I was watching, but the young woman, introduced to me as Britt, was looking right into my eyes, licking her lips seductively, and I knew she was fully aware of what the scene was doing to me.

The phone rang behind me, I nearly jumped out of my skin with the loud sound that broke the spell I was under. The mother slid off her daughter and I admired her large breasts and for a moment tried to determine if they were real or produced under the hands of a skilled surgeon. “I'll get it honey, you stay here and enjoy the sun.”

I busied myself with the work on the kitchen window to avoid being detected by the mother. She rushed in and picked up the phone as it rang again. She had a short conversation with what I presumed was her husband. She seemed upset that he'd be late coming home but ended the conversation with an “I love you,' and hung up.

I tried to be very busy hoping she would depart as I wanted to look at Britt sunning herself. I was putting tools back in my tool bag as I heard movement behind me. I assumed she was leaving and took a peek out the window, Britt had raised up on her elbows exposing her ample breast that hung just above the cups of her top. I knew even from this distance that they were all natural and so fully rounded.

Then something happened that I can't explain in a word or two. There was a sound behind me, then I felt her mother press against my back and before I knew it she had her hand resting on my erect cock. I was restrained by my pants but hard as a rock thinking about Britt and her beautiful body. The hand did not just rest on it, she gripped me firmly, then relaxed and rubbed the palm of her hand around on the tip making me squirm.

I was so shocked I stopped breathing, and when I inhaled I smelled the oil on her nearly naked body and her hand kept moving causing me to involuntarily press against it. She leaned in and nibbled at my ear and said, 'Hmmmm, now how in the world did you get so hard in the middle of the day?”

I knew she didn't want an answer, I looked straight out the window at Britt who could see exactly what was happening. She smilled and stood, exposing her breasts and I nearly gasped with her beauty and the ripe full body in front of me. Her mother thrust her pelvis hard against my butt as she slid her hand into my pants to find my fully erect cock dripping with pre-cum.

Britt looked into my eyes as she cupped her breasts in her hands as if she was offering them to me from afar. She began to walk towards the window as her mother humped her pussy against my ass and began to massage my balls and then jerking on my cock.

Britt saw how agressively her mother was working my cock and began to hurry towards the house shouting, “Oh no you don't mother, I found him and he is mine. Don't you dare make him cum yet, he is mine first!”

Whew, is that enough for the moment Britt? My cock is hard as a rock as I type this and I need to release it and jerk off to one of your pictures as I think of my cute little blond friend. Be safe, drinking can lead to problems.