miss M

I was about to graduate but i happen to run afoul with my english teach so i would up in detention the last week of school. miss m told me she wanted me to go to storage closet in the office area and reggae some boxes and that she would be in the next room. since it was end of year the teachers got a little relaxed in there dress.
miss m was wearing yoga black yoga pants, t-shirt and flip flops. she has shoulder length dark hair a hot curvy figure beautiful eyes and smile.
I was in the storgage room for about 15 min when i heard the door to the next room open and close i new it was miss m . both rooms shared a air vent so it was easy to hear what was going on in both rooms. after about 5 min i climbed the shelving to peek through the vents had a perfect view from above of miss m.
she was sitting on couch at the end of room going through papers the way she was sitting was a way she would never of sat in class she had one leg on the floor and the other pulled up to her chest legs spread wide she had her t-shirt was pulled up a little exposing her mid section and she was running her hand over her stomach playing with her belly perching .
I could feel my cock starting to get hard i have had many fantasies about my teacher, but right now i could not believe my eyes, and she now moved her hand from her stomach farther up, she was now playing with her tits . I couldn't see her hands but could only imagine what they were doing under that t-shirt . It looked like she was pulling and pinching hard on her nipples from the nosies she was making and the way she was moving, her breathing had also had noticeably gotten heavier.
My cock now was ready to rip through my jeans ,but i didn't dare move , i did not want to give my self away.
Miss M sat up pulled her shirt off , her perfect size tits were in a black lace bra, she reached up unhook it and let it fall exposing her tits she had a nice tan color to her skin and quarter size nipples . She reached up with both hands taking her nipples in-between her fingers and began pinching and pulling very hard,she arched her back gasped she held them form several seconds then repeated .This was really turning her on.
She then stood and walked to table were her purse was she took out her cell phone and 2 black metal clips ( for clipping paper).
She took a deep breath then clipped them both to her nipples she squeaked a little bit and was now breathing so hard she was panting she reached for her phone and pushed a button hand both hands on table .She was moving her hips around throwing her head back and forth her hair was messed i could see her eye makeup starting to run. I don't know how long it was but her alarm on her phone went off and she removed the clips from her throbbing nipples they looked red and very sore. she climbed on the table laying on her back breathing heavy she took her phone and held it up and to take a selfie and then typed something and just laid there.
All of a sudden i could hear my phone go off, I'm sure miss M could hear it too. Fuck what unbelievable timing, it was on the desk I quietly moved away from vent ,I didn't want to give it away i was watching. I looked at phone it said unknown number i hit it anyway it could be anyone ,someone with new phone just giving me new digits , It was miss m her face was right there in my phone her make running down her face she was bitting her lower lip. and the text message with pic said, YOU WANT TO CUM ON MY FACE?…….to be continued