Mindy completes a circle

The summer moved slowly like a beetle crawling along a hot, dusty, back road. Days dawned too early and went dark too late as far as Mindy was concerned. She used to love the lazy summer when she spent her time with her friends, traveling and playing between their various homes and vacation cottages. But that was when they were young and considered socially awkward so they were encouraged to take turns planning, then promoting parties and dances.
Mindy and her friends seemed to be focused on vastly different things these days, possibly due to their last year of high school looming before them, and moves to various colleges across the country next summer. Most of their planning was on one final trip together after graduation… like a postponement of this years fun and games to be made up for next summer in either Greece, Italy, or Paris. Mindy was sure she could convince her friends to settle on Greece due to it’s relative safety and her own personal favorite. Her f****y was about to spend their annual two week vacation in Aruba, another place that was on their final list, that is until the unfortunate headlines about a girl who didn’t return home from her graduation trip.
Mindy was cuddled with Brad one afternoon following a very spontaneous love making session that was as sweet and that first full afternoon together. She marveled at the way that they talked about things like true best friends in spite of the b*****r, s****r, sex thing… they talked and laughed and were able to share anything with each other… and she felt totally complete for the first time in her short life. She never seemed to become overwhelmed with problems anymore, nor burdened with concerns about anything because she was able to talk them out with Brad… and he as much as said the same thing was occurring in his life. The greatest change in his life seemed to be his departure from the “gaming world” and he had totally remodeled his room and removed all the flashing lights and monster posters… he told his gamer friends that he was trying to prepare for high school and college by settling down… and made them happy by giving all of his gaming things to them… promising to still come to their homes and “play” once in awhile when he needed a break from his studies. Mindy’s little b*****r was maturing very quickly.
“Min,” Brad cooed in her ear… “I want to start calling you something special.” He stated.
“Oh Crap No!” Mindy blurted out in a mock retort. “I’m not going to be called by some kind of pet name, and don’t you even think about calling me “Pookie.”” She laughed .
Brad laughed with her and squeezed her firm young form closer to him… he thought about how much he loved her and enjoyed this special closeness between them… “No! I don’t want to call you something stupid… or obvious… but something special…” he told her.
“Like what?” Mindy questioned.
“I was thinking about something but I don’t want you the think it stupid if you don’t like it.” He told her
“What!” she asked curious but still somewhat resigned to the fact that she didn’t want a pet name.
“I want to call you Mimbe.” Brad said, “It kind of means Min my Beauty, or something like that.” He explained in his very sweet and sensitive way.
Mindy was silent for a few moments, long enough for Brad to offer, “Or not… that was just a thought.” He told her.
“I think Mimbe is kind of sweet too… and it almost sounds like my name.” she told him. The only pet name she had ever had was Min, or the “A J” that a couple of her friends called her because they were convinced that she was a clone of the actress Angelina Jay. This was the first pet name that actually meant something… not only to her… but to the person who gave it to her. He couldn’t help herself, she kissed Brad on the lips and told him, “Thank you, I love it.” And that was how she became “Mimbe” to him.
Sometime later she finally conferred a pet name on Brad and wasn’t quite as thoughtful or sweet, but it was the best she could come up with… she started calling him BB… which she told him was short for Brad Baby… which he accepted once she told him that it suited him because she couldn’t help but love him if she called him Brad Baby…
An incident requiring Mindy’s quick thinking occurred during one f****y outing when her mother asked what the silliness was with the Mimbe and BB between them… Mindy explained that she it was a result of them calling each other “Brat” and it was shortened from Brad the Brad to BB and Mindy the Major Brat to Mimbe… her mother scowled a little but only cautioned her not to hurt Brads feelings with name calling and never brought it up again.
Mindy finished showering and changing one Saturday morning and opened her bedroom door to leave her room. A note taped to her door fluttered as she pulled the open it and she quickly reached up and pulled it off in case it was something silly and sentimental from BB. Opening the note she saw it was from her father who was asking her to come to his study as soon as she could. Her heart momentarily fluttered with concern for the meaning of the note, but she walked across the hall to the big double doors to his study and she knocked politely. Mindy, and b*****rs had been trained by their mother to treat their fathers study as a sanctuary for him alone and under no circumstances were they ever to enter into it unless invited by him. She had only been in it with him on a couple of occasions, both times for discipline and stern counseling, she it held a sense of dread instead of wonder for her. From within she heard her fathers voice call out, “Come in.”
Mindy entered the study and was immediately struck by the darkness of that room compared to all the other rooms of the house. The floor to ceiling bookcases in dark cherry wood was matched by a large dark cherry wood desk in the center of the room, framed by a black leather couch and two large leather chairs fronting the desk. The dark shutters over the single large window only allowed light onto the desk that still required the hanging light over the desk to be illuminated in order to read anything. Mindy saw her father at his desk with his dark framed half rimmed glasses slipped down his nose as he appeared to be transcribing information from a pile of papers to a day planner like she used.
“Oh, Mindy,” he acknowledged as she stepped into the room, “Please sit with me a minute, but let me finish changing some plans and meetings.” And he motioned toward the chairs for her.
Mindy didn’t say a word but dutifully sat down on one of the chairs… her only thought was that she wished she had worn something beside her little shorts because she hated the way leather gripped her bare skin and made noise when she tried to move or get back up off of it. She sat and looked around the room to see the variety of law, business law, and various court reporter books on the shelves. She also noted a lot of books on geography and history, especially political history and historic political figures. She knew her father was brilliant at what he did because her mother was his greatest fan and bragged to anyone who listened at the way he could anticipate almost any trend in business… and counter measures his competitors might make against him. Mindy knew he was a smart and powerful man but that meant very little to him because she didn’t know him in any personal way, she had no memories of him interacting with her except for the couple of times she was disciplined by him. His mystique was the only father she knew, the man before her now was a nearly complete stranger that she saw at a couple of holiday dinners and a couple of times on the annual f****y vacation.
Mindy’s father seemed satisfied that he had finished his scheduling and after a very quick review of everything (very much like Mindy would do) he returned paperwork to folders and closed his books and put things away into neat piles or drawers that seemed to insure that his records and notes were in perfect order and secured again. Once that was done he folded his hands on his desk and looked at Mindy over his half glasses for a long few moments before he finally spoke, “My God Mindy, where has all the time gone?” he asked, “I mean I look at you now and see a beautiful young woman and the last time I remember seeing you… you were just a k** running around the yard.”
Mindy wanted to answer him in the blunt and matter of fact way she was very capable of but instead only offered, “It doesn’t take too long to grow up father.” Which was blunt enough and told a lot about her thoughts of his comment… she was very formal with her “father” response, and obvious with the fact that it only takes five or six years to change from a k** to a young woman.
“Yeah, you’re right… of course… you’re right.” He replied, “And that’s pretty much why I wanted to see you this morning.” He continued. Making Mindy a little nervous with the wide range left open with that remark.
“Your mother and I have been talking about you k**s… and… well… you and Brad in particular,” he went on, but Mindy’s heart sank with the way he singled out her and Brad as if he was aware of something she wouldn’t believe he could possibly know.
“I have seen and heard you and Brad myself.” He continued, “and I have a very good idea of what has happened and why.” He was speaking in a “parents” voice instead of the business voice she had heard on his constant phone conversations… But it was not only the way he was speaking but what he was saying that caused tears to well up into Mindy’s eyes as she was becoming certain that he knew exactly what she and Brad had been doing.
“Oh, princess, I didn’t mean to just dump this on you… I guess I’ve lost the ability to soften things up and spoon feed them.. especially when I think they are important.” He went on. “I know that I haven’t been there for you or your b*****rs… but I have done what I thought was the best thing I could do for you all… given you the best things that life can offer… but obviously I have not been able to give you something that you have had to get all on your own… and I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am about that…” It was the first time Mindy had ever heard those words uttered by her father… and the first time she had ever heard his say so much directed at her… she felt he was trying to take the blame for what she and Brad had done.
“You’re my beautiful princess, Mindy, and you’ll always be… but I feel left out of your life now and your mother has confirmed… that you and Brad have found a way to cope with my neglect by entering into a world of your own and… I’m afraid that I will lose you now and maybe forever.” His voice had emotion entwined with it now… “I don’t want to lose you Min, I want you like Brad has you.” He said without hesitation.
Mindy’s tears had been running down her cheeks as she was confronted with her sin and perversion… but she was shocked back into a reality that she was numbed by when she heard her father tell her that he wanted her in the same way she had been with Brad. Her father was telling her that he wanted to fuck her so that he wouldn’t lose her. What to Fuck! She thought to herself, what was he thinking…. And then his words about losing her forever seemed to sink in… if he and her mother turned them in to the police or a private sanitarium for the criminally perverted, that would mean that they would be throwing them out like so much garbage and they would be lost forever… “What about Brad?” Mindy asked in a weak tearful voice.
“Brad?” her father questioned, “Brad will be fine…we’ll do something together like buddies and maybe try to get Rick involved someway… don’t worry about me taking him away from you… I’m willing to share him as long as I know I’ll have you in my life.” Her father spoke like a true business man closing a deal… it would be a win, win situation for me as long as I gave him what I had been giving to Brad. Mindy’s tears flowed again… but only while she made a plan of action in her head.
“Okay, daddy…” she softly said, “I’ll do whatever you want.” And she was preparing herself to follow some instructions from him that would obviously include her getting ready for his bed or whatever…
“Come here princess,” he commanded softly as he reached his arms out to her in an indication he wanted her to come to him behind his desk… “Please! Come here.”
Mindy did as indicated and stood up noisily from the leather chair as the skin from her bare thighs were grabbed by the leather… she walked behind the desk slowly as if she were going to receive a spanking and thought to herself that it would be the perfect place for her businessman father to fuck her… on top of his desk… just another business transaction as payment in exchange for her and Brad’s freedom and promise of continued secret relations.
When she was standing in front of her father he opened his legs and pulled her down onto one so that she was sitting his leg and he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly to him. “Well you’re just about too big to do this anymore…” he said as if he recalled holding her as a c***d, a memory she didn’t share. “I’ve wanted to hug you so many times princess… but didn’t what you to think I was out of line or too touchy-feely.” He explained…. “I see that I would probably have been received very sweetly by you and I would have been able to enjoy a great many more hugs over the years… and maybe we could have done this a lot sooner.” He finished…
Mindy heard her fathers clear indication that he intended to begin their sexual encounter right then and she imagined that he would go through all the usual steps of kissing and fondling her breasts and groping her between her legs before he removed her clothing and had his way. Mindy’s quick mind formulated a plan that would allow her to control the whole session and avoid all that uncomfortable “foreplay” and get the act over with as quickly as she could manage it. She offered a proposal to her father, “Daddy, If we do this do you promise that Brad will be okay and you won’t act differently to him or punish him in any way?”
“Well of course not Princess.” Her father replied in a crisp tone, “Why on earth would you think I would treat him any differently?” He asked
“Well.” Mindy replied, “I guess I just wanted to hear it from you for sure.” She told him. “One more thing please.” She continued…
“What would that be?” her father asked almost amused by his daughters bargaining.
“Let me do everything in my own way and you just relax and let me Okay?” she offered… while seeing the questioning look on his face not two inches from her own… looking into his eyes she saw only a question and not a bit of emotion and concern like she saw in Brads. “Just let me do everything.” She said as she then reached for the belt buckle on his trousers and pulled the leather loose the way she had recently learned how to do.
“What On Earth are you doing Mindy.” Her father said harshly as he bucked her off of his lap and pushed her up and away from him.
Mindy’s mind had played a terrible trick on her when she heard statements from her father describing the close “Friendship” she had with Brad and mistook that as an affirmation that their sexual relationship had been discovered… Which her mind had already determined wasn’t so unbelievable after all. Her quick mind noted the proximity of her fathers study and her parents master bedroom to her room. Her carefree way of sl**ping with her b*****r on those few occasions and her preferred choice of her room for their sexual awakening was without regard for the easy detection of their activity. Mindy had always just assumed that her parents went to work every morning… she could have never been certain of that fact. She was now trying to think of what to say to her father who was still staring at her with the look of shock and surprise on his face.
“You said you wanted to know what Brad and I had.” She began, “Well, it’s a relationship based on total and absolute trust.” Mindy knew where she needed to take this and see if her father would “buy” it or consider her a pervert.
“So you’ve been sl**ping with Brad” he growled…
“Brad and I found that we had been totally disregarded and were virtually unknown by you or mom…” Mindy tried to continue… “Mom even assumed I was already a slut and made arrangements for counseling and birth control without even talking to me to know if I was even interested in sex… Do either of you have any idea what Brad and I want to do with our lives? Do you?” and now Mindy was harsh and tears of frustration flowing on her cheeks this time.
“We did one of those “Trust” exercises… the whole thing was prepared for us by you and mom and we just followed a plan the face the challenges and come out of the exercise two strong and complete people… both able to know total freedom and release from all the pressures and low expectations on both of us. We emerged free but empowered and it’s all based on Our relationship of total openness and trust and respect… the likes I’ve never known.”
“Honey I pay great sums of money to have every new and current guru come through my leadership teams to empower them and and get them to form single minded and focused units in order to engage high value problems and attack them and solve and control them… but to my knowledge… none have ever entertained sex as the way to achieve their purposes.” He flatly closed that proposal and Mindy’s presentation.
“Daddy, you have never dealt with your f****y until today and have already admitted that you realized that it was lost to you and out of reach of any of your understanding or ability to fix it. Isn’t that why you called me in?” she let that statement attempt to open the discussion again.
“I don’t understand the sex between a b*****r and s****r for Gods sake… and almost between a Daughter and Father… an incredibly Beautiful and precious daughter… .I’m sorry about that incident with your mother… I sure she was just trying to make things available so you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed to ask for it…” the fatherly tone and business tone had now been blended into a bewildered conversational tone… it was becoming relaxed. And Mindy was winning the hands.
“What I was going to do for you was to bring you into a situation where you would have to face many fears… your total ruin was at stake… your marriage, business, social circles, and friends would probably banish you had we followed the exercise. I risked s ruined reputation and an end of any serious expectation for success. I could have attempted to play the victim and acted my way into a forgiveness situation… but then every element of the exercise would be violated and that betrayal would handicap any hope of achieving a normal relationship with anyone ever again. As you can see… Brad and I are extremely happy… unless you and mom make it a point to reveal that you know of our pact and exercise… then Brad will be crushed and I will be the slut mom already thinks I am…. Only now I would be a perverted slut.” Mindy was very compelling when she had to be.
“So if I keep your secret then we can just go on as if everything is okay and be the f****y I was hoping to recover today.” Her father asked. Mindy surprised herself with an obvious model that she felt that she must suggest in order to get her father to get locked into the whole thing and insure the pact security and preservation for ever.
“Not quite Daddy,” Mindy quietly said… with what you know about the pact Brad and I made, you must perform the same exercise in order to be absolutely trusted to keep the same secrecy or face the same level of complete humiliation and destruction. I’m willing to all myself to be the instrument in that exercise if you will swear to me that absolutely no one else will ever know…not mom, not Bret… no one… ever…”
Mindy’s father looked at his incredibly beautiful young daughter, as innocent in his eyes as she ever was…. But with far more skills in selling a point and totally absurd a proposition as anyone he had ever dealt with… He was impressed with her and although he should have long dismissed her and spent time trying to determine the best was to get therapy for them… he was actually weighing her arguments and seeking alternative solutions to counter her proposal. She stood before him in the smallest of summer tee shirts and a form fitting pair of shorts… with just enough accessories to make her look like she was an uptown girl instead of a trailer park teeny bopper. He was very proud of her look… very proud of her beauty… and now very curious as to what she was planning on doing to him as her Trust Exercise… he was now more than certain that sex was going to be involved… he pushed a series of buttons on his desktop that functioned to secure all the doors, telephone, intercom and access to the room… as well as secure the exterior via a white noise generator designed to eliminate any conversations from within the study from being overheard outside the room. “I’ll promise to keep all of your pacts an absolute secret and allow myself to be implicated in an unspeakable crime to insure my compliance and as an offer of submission to you for the sake of gaining your trust of me… and hopefully… your respect.” He eloquently recited. “But this compliance will only apply to our pact right??? And not to any further application such as any form of leverage to obtain my compliance with any other demands… Right” he continued in his business manner to close the deal.
Mindy had now formed a new plan that did not include sex with her father, since he actually didn’t have actual knowledge about what she and Brad had done, but her plan would hopefully clear any additional concern or imagination as to what she and Brad might have done… her amended trust exercise would end with this act. Mindy kneeled down before her father and again reached for his belt buckle and within a couple of tugs and pulls she had released it and went about pulling his trousers open fully enough then shee reached up for his shirt and guided it off of him before she guided his trousers and undergarment from him. She then guided his hands to her clothing and he picked up on the idea to remove her clothing. Once they were both starkly naked she stepped back from him, he still sitting in his big chair behind his desk. And she spoke as if reading a script. “We now stand before each other the same way we came into this world and the same way we will leave it.” She announced, “We will no longer be afraid of our nakedness, nor hide in fear from one another due to our uncovered bodies and our open imperfections or outward signs of the differences of our genders.”
“Interesting speech princess… where is that from?” her father asked as if conducting his own research on the validity of her presentation to him. But he had been scanning her lovely young body and took very close notice of her difference of gender… causing his to become a little aroused.
“Daddy, this is from the “Nudists Creed” and a European way of trying to bring a single consciousness between the sexes. It seemed to me to be “clear the air” between Brad and me while trying to build a new and open relationship of trust between us.” She improvised brilliantly. “Now remember,” she cautioned him, “We only do this one time and try to incorporate the meaning and memory of our openness between one another from now on.” She added as a way to plant the thought that she and Brad did not continue the practice of being naked with one another.
Mindy pulled her father to his feet and went along with her spontaneous plan on her “trust exercise” by moving in to hug him, the full stature of her little nakedness against his much larger adult body while uttering even more improvised words. “I am unashamed of myself before you.” She exclaimed, “Will you say the same?” she asked, and waited for her father to catch on and repeat the words.
Her father had felt his lithe young daughters body press against his and he haltingly put his arms around her but then he did hug onto her held his beautiful c***d against him. He was conflicted with his confusion as to what he was experiencing and his instinctive desires to react to her lovely nakedness against him… his hands explored the flawless skin over her back and shoulders and he did finally tell her, “I’m unashamed of myself before you too, sweetheart.” But his dick was beginning to indicate that he was becoming aroused by her.
Mindy kept revising her trust exercise to make it seem as if she and Brad did nothing more than hug together naked… but her own curiosity and waves of excitement caused her to search for ways to take the opportunity to experience this adult maleness. She had been waiting for an opportunity to spring a seduction upon Rick… but why would she risk that now when she seemed to be in a perfect position to exploit an even better situation. Mindy was controlling an encounter with an adult male who would be sworn to secrecy of face criminal and professional destruction… it was perfect she thought. “Can I trust you in all things?” she asked next… as if continuing with her lethargy of nudists… “Will you see me as the person I am and not the object I represent?”
Her father continued to go along with this exercise in spite of the “growing” distraction to her words. “Yes princess,” he responded, “You can trust me and I won’t think of you as an object.” His voice gave away his lack of belief in them.
“Daddy!” Mindy exclaimed suddenly, “You’re not really focused on what this is all about.” She said… while at the same time her delicate hand suddenly wrapped around his partly erect dick and her touch seemed to make things worse for him as he sprang into an erection and he released his embrace on her in an attempt to pull away embarrassed at his arousal for his young daughter. “I think I know the reason for your inability to no objectify me.” Mindy professed knowingly, “Neither Brad nor I were sexually experienced so we could do this exercise without the distraction of becoming excited for each other.” She lied “We built our trust and respect from our nakedness and now we are fully committed to each other based on all the right feelings.” She continued… “I think I know what the Europeans do in this situation because they don’t have the problems with morality that we Americans do, nor the inhibitions toward nudity and openness.” She embellished.
“Yeah, I guess I’m just an old fashioned American,” her father confessed, “I get naked in front of a beautiful woman and I get excited.”
“Oh Daddy… do you think I’m a beautiful woman?” Mindy asked coyly, his erection still grasped firmly in her hand…
“Of course princess, you are very beautiful, I would say perfect.” He told her… not only not trying to move away from her, but pumping his hips slightly so his cock moved in her hand.
“Well then.” Mindy said as she quickly formulated new speeches and a new plan for them. “I know that we need to eliminate your instinctive desire for sex at the sight of nudity… and that can be done in a couple of ways,” she again improvised, “We can just forget trying to do this exercise and ignore each other until you find it within yourself to change your thought pattern and if it’s not too late, approach me again if you think you can complete it without the distraction of a sexual desire.”
“And the other option?” Mindy’s father asked…
“I think it’s called “Immersion” when you are led through another exercise of “tension relief” and train yourself not to have those feelings in that relationship ever again.” Mindy proposed her preferred plan… the one that would get her the full experience of her sexual awakening and lock in the protection for Brad and her forever.
“Can the immersion happen now?” her father asked like a businessman would in trying to get things settled as quickly and completely as possible so they don’t have to return and start a processes all over.
“We can try,” Mindy said as she set the hook and began to reel him in. “Now I’m not experienced in any of this so just go along with me and we’ll see if we can build a new relationship between us… but remember… this is just between us and no one else.” She cautioned. “I think we will have to deal with the obvious first.” She began and guided her father to sit back down on his great chair, only taking her hand from his erection once so that he could sit and she could position herself kneeling in front of him. Grasping his erection again she noted that she couldn’t ever wrap her hand completely around it… there was at least two inches between her thumb and finger tips… that excited her…
“If we deal with this then we can move on from there.” Mindy said in a slightly throaty voice unintentionally lusty from what her mental image of what she was going to do with the massive member in her hand. Her father sat silent because in his mind… he didn’t care what his beautiful daughter was talking about any longer… he practically stopped caring the moment she grabbed onto his cock and hadn’t let go. He didn’t care what she was calling this exercise because he was pretty certain what was going to happen in the next few minutes and he was looking forward to it with great relish and excitement. When told by his wife that his daughter and son were rapidly growing up and would in all likelihood be out of his home in very short order, she also informed him that the only “f****y” in the Holmes f****y was between Mindy and Brad, that they were the only two who seemed to have bonded into a unit that would be the future of the Holmes Dynasty, and between the two of them.. the only two intelligent enough to assume his company and maintain all that he had built up over the years… That loss of immortality struck him and he felt he needed to reestablish his position in the f****y and recover his two heirs back into his corporate structure. The last twenty minutes has been a whirlwind mind game for him… following his f****y reunification speech he had worked on for two days, he thought he had discovered the reason for the close bond between his c***dren, an i****tuous liaison between his perfect beauty of a daughter and his video addled son… OH… he thought… at least he is intelligent enough to operate complex games and devices… unlike his oldest son who barely knows how to operate his own cock… a sexual appetite obviously inherited from his father… but his intelligence is as simple as the doorman at his corporate office building, Rick was probably only suited for a similar occupation.
Mindy’s father was staring at the exquisite face looking up at him from between his legs, she was speaking but he wasn’t hearing her… he was only awaiting the intense pleasure he would feel if she would put those lips around his throbbing cock and suck on it… at that moment he wanted nothing more in this world than a blowjob from his beautiful daughter… and as if she were reading his mind she lifted herself up on her knees and bent over his cock and he felt her tongue lick the engorged purple head of it and flick about the head a few times before those gorgeous lips of hers ventured onto the overly aroused skin of his gland. She did seem somewhat apprehensive of what she was doing…. But she also seemed to have an idea as to what to do… she had said she was inexperienced so he gave her that… inexperienced did not mean virgin… it meant new to the game… she may have blown a boy or two… maybe even Brad or Rick if they were fortunate enough, but right now he was watching her head bob up and down as her lips wrapped tightly around his cock and she tried to suck in an inch of his shaft past the head… with great difficulty she was only able to work on the head of his cock… which was absolutely satisfying for him… a leader in commerce and business… and luckiest bastard on this planet.
Mindy found her fathers dick difficult to manage… mainly because it was just so large to her, unlike the sweetness of Brads which she could slide effortlessly in and out of her mouth and take nearly the entire length into it… the head of her father dick practically filled her mouth by itself. She needed to stretch her mouth fully open just to take it in and hardly any of the shaft after the head was in… She knew to work her head and mouth so that her teeth did not drag on the sensitive skin, but this large dick was very difficult to insure that. She didn’t enjoy this experience as much as she thought she might but she was very pleased with herself for manipulating her father and the events to gain this experience and bring her sexual awakening to a conclusion.
Mindy pulled her head from her fathers dick and looked up at him and offered a mock confession in order to set up her next move… “I’m sorry Daddy, I don’t think I’m going to be able to relieve your tension this way so I’ll try one more thing to see if we can take care of this.”
Mindy’s father almost protested when his daughter stopped her wonderful oral attention to his cock and he was about to pull her head back over it when he heard her tell him that she would try one more thing… and he held out home beyond hope that she was about to offer the only other thing in the world he could have wanted from her.” And again, as if she were responding to his thoughts… she stood up and worked herself into his chair and positioned her pussy over his cock… which seemed to pound with growth in an effort to reach out and grab her tight bottom and pull it over itself. Mindy fumbled with a couple of efforts to reach between them and then around them in order to guide his cock to her pussy… finally he reached between them and pulled his cock to attention and waved it around searching for the opening she was lowering onto him.
Mindy was in an extremely randy state by the time she climbed onto her fathers chair and straddled his dick. She had been looking forward to the experience of a larger dick since that very first time with Brad… even though she had become very satisfied and happy with brads youthful size and endurance, she instinctive wanted to test her limit and learn what it felt like to have her young vagina stretched to the breaking point feel the heft of dick meat sliding along the walls inside her… sweet Brads just bounced from one wall to the other after passing through the tightness of her opening… that felt nice but she was ready to feel the other extreme now. With her fathers help in guiding his dick to her vagina… Mindy lowered her opening to the head and felt the pointed part lodge into the outer lips of her opening… she hoped that she would just slip over the head and her own body weight help her to slid down his shaft for as far as she could receive him… but instead of slipping into her… his head just stopped dead at the opening… she squirmed and wiggled a little to coax it into her opening but it just didn’t enter any further. She could feel the lubrication juices of her vagina running from her hole and obviously coating her fathers dick with plenty of friction reducing fluid.
Her father finally spoke, “Okay Baby, hold on a minute.” He told her almost breathlessly, “I can see you were telling the truth about being a virgin and the reason I’m not inside you right now is because you have a little skin covering your pussy that will not let you get penetrated without a little effort and probably a little pain.” He continued, “Are you sure your “exercise” needs you to do this and you would want to give up your virginity to me… I mean… that’s a one time, lifetime memory for you and I don’t want you to regret it or hate me for it, later on.”
“Daddy!” Mindy cooed, “You were the one that wanted to bring our f****y back together… and I’m the one who led you into this exercise to build it… so of course I will do anything to help us do both…and right now I’m ready, way ready, to help us move on.” And with that speech she again tried to squirm her vagina over the head of her fathers cock.
“Let’s do it this way then.” Her father suggested, and he stood up easily holding her in position in front of him… then… just as Mindy had imagined he was going to do…he lowered her onto his desktop and reached under her legs to support them and hold onto her waist… he then assumed the driving f***e and he lunged into her… f***efully… pushing the mass of his large cock past the tightness of her opening and finally into her “nearly virgin” pussy.
Mindy twisted and screamed with the sharpness of the pain from the assault on her tender hole, she cried out a few times as her father pumped himself into the opening… his focus was only on the intense pleasure he was getting out of popping Mindy’s virgin pussy… he was in a near mindless frenzy of passion and didn’t respond to her cries or open sobbing at the hurt he inflicted on her. Stroke after stroke… minute after minute… way beyond even the longest session she had ever experienced with Brad… her father worked his cock into her pussy and pounded her until he was unable to gain any further depth into her… feeling the head of his cock pound against the wall of her cervix… he felt every inch of her pussy on his cock as her pleasure canal seemed to grab onto his cock as he slid it in and out of her…
“Oh my God baby… this is the sweetest fuck I’ve ever felt.” He gasped in crude but sincere passion. Mindy heard him but was only then able to hear anything other that the screams and sobs she had been making since her fathers sudden and unexpectedly brutal “fucking” had began. Her thoughts were that she now knew what a massive penis felt like and she had learned the experience of a real fucking and that she couldn’t wait for it to be over with. She was not impressed with the feeling and although she was receiving wave upon wave of sensations and involuntary responses to the hard fucking she was in the middle of… she preferred sweet love making to fucking any day. She continued to sob quietly as she also moaned with the waves of sensations that rolled over her… she was being fucked very well by someone who knew how to do it and was very experienced… that could now be removed from her checklist of things to do… but again… she just wished it end so that she could finish her “trust exercise” and put this whole “insurance policy” into her files once in for all.
“Are you getting close Baby?” she heard her father ask in a winded voice… and she realized that although Brad came quickly and often and she had to keep at him for her to achieve some relief and completion… her fathers experienced fucking technique, as it turned out to be especially for her this time, was putting all of his consentration in holding off his climax until she was able to get off… His gift to her… but he knew it would be the ultimate climax for him too…
She knew he would probably try something else, different positions or something from his bag of trick… unless she willed herself to finish soon so she focused all of her attention to the waves of sensations and her own concentration on where they were coming from She instinctively knew that the key to her climax was from the sensations from her vagina… she let herself be carried along on those thoughts and focus and within seconds she was humping her father back and twisting and contorting and driven into a frenzied screaming climax that totally exploded in her mind… wave upon heavy wave crashed over her and seemed to press her down making her unable to catch her breath… wave upon wave of electric shocks from her pussy to her head and toes… her young body unable to control itself as she thrashed and arched and bent in response to a near total loss of control…. Followed within moments by the voice of her father grunting, “Yeah baby, yeah baby…oh fuck yeah baby!!!” and she felt his cock erupt in giant spurts of come blasted against her cervix as he too seemed to succumb to waves of unbridled passion in his own climax.
A couple of minutes of heavy breathing from both of them was the only sound in the room as they lingered on the desktop with Mindy’s pussy still impaled with her fathers cock. Mindy felt throbbing in her temples and carotids as she slowly recovered her breath… and she was aware too of the throbbing she felt in her vagina of her own beat… that that of the throbbing beat coming from her fathers cock… it was a very interesting experience for her and one she will want to remember as the new benchmark for pleasures she has known.
“Princess!” her fathers raspy voice broke the silence with, “I travel around the world and in every major city there is, and you wouldn’t believe how much I pay for the best fuck in town… but I have to tell you.. none has ever even come close to that one… you are a priceless piece of ass baby.” He said in all sincerity and meant it as a compliment, but without thinking of the inappropriateness of the remark and of the very premise upon which Mindy had engineered their coupling for.
Mindy’s mouth fell open at her fathers crudeness and his confession of infidelity from her mother with whores. Even the comparison of their interlude to that of his experience with whores… she became righteous indignant and pushed him away from her while sliding off the desktop… she reached for her clothing and snapped back at him,”You are such an asshole!” she shouted in very uncharacteristic vulgarity. “If I had known you better I would have never even attempted to build a Trust Relationship with you… I think you are probably totally hopeless.” And with that she stomped to the big double doors and called back to him… “Open this door!” and when he reached for the button and complied she stormed out of his study and directly across the hall to her room and headed straight to her shower… afterward she notified her mom and Brad that she wasn’t feeling well and was staying in her room… she knew that they would respect her privacy and give her the time she needed to “feel better.”
Later that evening her father knocked on her door and opened it slightly and called to her, “Princess!” which made Mindy jump from her bed and close the distance between it and the door so she could prevent him from coming into her room… she never wanted him to enter her room, at the door she grabbed it to prevent him from opening it any wider or entering but it turned out that wasn’t his intention anyway… he continued, “I just wanted to make sure I heard you right… you did say that your mother got you on birth control, right?” he asked in a plain matter o fact way.
Mindy pushed the door closed as she snarled, “What would you care? I’m sure you’ve paid for a few abortions around the world…” emphasizing his world wide experience with whores. She was livid at him, and very hurt by him, and angry at herself, and disgusted by her damned curiosity and decision to suddenly learn about fucking. “Damn!” Mindy thought, “If I could only have the last few hours back I would forget all about experimenting with myself and Rick, and “that asshole” and just let things happen as the will on their own.” She bargained with herself, and nature, and her God, and the holder of the time machine… but she knew she was going to have to live with what had happened and try to find a way to cope with her own personal disgust and loathing self image. She threw herself back on her bed and cried some more.
Mindy thought about the event with her father and mulled over her poor choice in the matter. She thought about the powerful way in which he conducts himself. She could only imagine her mother receiving him and wondered if he were once tender and loving like Brad is, or if he was always brutal and f***eful. Either way, she thought of the irony that she was seeded twice by her father… once when his spewing cum found her mothers egg and conceived her, and today, when his spewing cum filled her own womb. She thought of the full circle and felt perverted, and damaged by her decisions, and wondered if she actually did deserve the labels she was trying so hard to avoid, including some that had not been tagged on even the sleaziest girls.
Mindy felt like she was a slut after all, and it broke her heart.