Milking Time B3 Chapter 4 Barocca Gets Her Way

Chapter 4: Barocca’s Recruiting – Barocca Gets Her Way

The next few days were busy ones for Barocca. In addition to her regular duties on the Island, Barocca made the rounds of the Island. Barocca had a very precise list of things she needed to do, and others that she needed to ensure happened, in order for her plan to succeed.
Barocca racked her brain, and recalled one girl she had met several years ago, who just might be game enough to see things her way, and want to come to the Island. If she could convince her to want to come here, Barocca would have what she thought would be her perfect partner to see all of her plans come to fruition. After the fiasco with Ebony the night before, Barocca decided that she couldn't trust Ebony completely, and it wouldn't hurt to have someone else in her inner circle.

The first step was getting her telephone access increased. Barocca paid a visit to Debbie who was in charge of the network on the Island. Barocca settled into one of the leather chairs on the other side of Debbie's desk in her office.
Barocca grimaced involuntarily as she rested her bottom on the seat of the chair. Even though she had been an amazon for years, and had built up a 'toughness' or 'immunity' to having sex with the oversized cocks on the Island, Ebony had reamed Barocca until her ass was raw. There simply wasn't any defense against a creature like Ebony, when she blew a gasket, and Barocca had paid the price as she found that out the hard way.
“C'mon, Debbie,” said Barocca, as she continued her sales pitch. “It's not like you can't do this for me. I need to have more telephone access to the outside world, and I need a secure line.”
“Explain to me just why you need something so special, Barocca,” said Debbie.
“All right. But keep this under your hat, Debbie,” said Barocca. “In a few weeks from now, both Tiffany and Clyda's birthdays fall, and they're only two days apart. I want to make some calls to the mainland, and the outside world, and have some special stuff sent here for the celebration. That way, we can hold one gala party for both of the girls at once.”
“But we've had birthday parties here before, and nothing ever this elaborate,” said Debbie.
“That's because Tiffany and Clyda are the two amazons who've done the most towards setting up our little Island paradise here,” said Barocca. “Not to mention, that next month is going to be the five year anniversary of our little home here. I wanted to do something special to celebrate all three occasions. That's why I need the secure phone access, and why I've come to you directly, instead of through regular channels.”
“Okay, Barocca,” said Debbie. “I can make the phone access happen for you; that's easy. And throwing a birthday bash for Tiffany and Clyda is really sweet of you too. But I want something out of this deal too.”

“All right, Debbie,” said Barocca. “Just tell me what you want, and I'll see what I can do about it.”
“That's easy, Barocca,” said Debbie, as a devilish grin spread across her face. “I want you.”
“Me?” gasped Barocca. “Debbie, I had no idea you felt this way.”
“C'mon, Barocca,” replied Debbie. “I've liked girls more than guys ever since I can remember in the first place. Once I finally found my way to the Island, I noticed that all the girls are cute and busty here, but you stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. And then I watched you one time while you were strapped in the milking device for a day. I haven't been here that long, so I know eventually that I'll have a dick of my own between my legs; but I've hardly been able to stop thinking about seeing you shoot off so many times that day.”
“Okay, Debbie. I'm really flattered that you feel that strongly about me,” said Barocca. “Just what would like for me to do for you?” Barocca knew she had to be extremely careful at how she played up to Debbie and the other girls she needed to influence. She couldn't be too easy, and she couldn't be too stern and demanding, either.
“It's like I said, I haven't been here that long on the Island,” said Debbie. “So I don't have anywhere near the buildup or endurance that the other girls do, to be able to take you inside of me. But I do have a fantasy that you can fulfill for me, and really get me off.”
“And just what did you have in mind, Debbie dear?” asked Barocca. Barocca was careful to add some huskiness and sexual charm to her voice. The quicker she could get Debbie's desire to build, the easier it would be to play things out to a satisfactory conclusion.
“First, I want you to fuck my tits,” said Debbie. “I don't have the absolute biggest set of knockers, but I did pose a number of times for the big boob magazines, and the photographers always told me that they were bigger than a lot of other girls'.”
“Okay. One tittyfuck. You got it,” said Barocca. “Anything else?”
“Yes,” said Debbie. “After you fuck my juggs, I want you to shoot off in my mouth. I love the taste of cum as much as anybody around here does. But I want you to do a really nice, slow, controlled jerk-off, so I can swallow every drop of your cum and really enjoy it. I've been here long enough to know that you and the other amazons have phenomenal control over your cocks. I know that you can make yourself cum like this, instead of shooting off like a fire hydrant. Right now, there's no way I can suck you off like that. Maybe later I'll be able to, but not now.”

The two girls stared at each other as they sat on opposite sides of Debbie's desk.
“So what do you say, Barocca?” asked Debbie. “If you do what I want, I'll do what you want; and I can have that phone set up in your quarters this afternoon. It's almost lunchtime right now anyway, and I know that no one will be coming back here for at least an hour.”
Barocca leaned back in the chair, and took a deep breath. She brought her hands together in a contemplative pose. Barocca let a quizzical look form on her face, as she pursed her lips together, and mulled her options over. She needed the phone access, but it was very important not to jump too soon at Debbie's offer like an eager schoolgirl.
Ordinarily a newcomer to the Island being so bold would merit severe disciplinary action, if not outright expulsion. But Barocca needed Debbie more than Debbie needed Barocca and both girls knew it. Barocca let her eyes wander about the room for a moment, and then slowly brought her gaze face to face with Debbie.
Barocca let one of her dazzling smiles that had broken so many hearts, and been the inspiration for so many jerk-off sessions in the pages of men's magazines flow across her features.
“I say lock your door, and close the window blinds, Debbie,” replied Barocca. “If you want to get your first taste of real shemale cum, I'll be happy to oblige you.”
Barocca made a mental note to be sure that she dealt with Miss Debbie personally, later on down the road. But for now, on to the business at hand.
Debbie got up and locked the office door, and quickly pulled down the window blinds. Barocca got up and turned away from Debbie, as she removed her bikini top, and her skirt. Barocca decided to give Debbie a little extra bonus, and she let the mental control over her cock relax, while it was still inside her bikini panties. Instantly, Barocca's cock expanded to almost ten inches long, and almost several inches thick. Her balls were now the size of two tomatoes. It looked like someone had stuffed several large sweat socks inside her panties.
While Barocca removed her clothes, Debbie did the same. Being clad similarly to Barocca, Debbie was naked in no time. Debbie had a large set of full, natural knockers that were larger than Barocca's. But although Debbie had clean skin, her complexion was nowhere near as dark as Barocca's, and the contrast between the two girls was very pronounced.
For a moment, the two girls stood surveying each other, this being the first time they had each seen other naked this close together. Barocca found herself attracted to Debbie's good looks, and large melons, but still resolved to discipline her at a later time and place.
Debbie looked at Barocca's dark bronze figure with awe. Although she'd done it with girls before, none before were as stacked and as exotic looking as Barocca. And the massive bulge in Barocca's bikini panties had Debbie's mouth positively watering.

“Don't be shy, girl,” said Barocca, turning on the charm. “Come here and unwrap the 'surprise package' Barocca's got for you.” Barocca indicated the two bow knots that held her panties together on the sides of her hips. Debbie quickly knelt at Barocca's feet, and easily undid the two knots. Barocca's panties fell away, leaving her cock fully exposed and dangling in the air in front of Debbie.
“Go on girl, touch it,” said Barocca. “I know you want to. Show me what you can do with it.” Barocca released all control over her cock, willing herself to an erection as fast as possible. It wouldn't hurt Debbie to know that she wasn't responsible for the result.
Between Debbie's fondling and stroking on her shaft with one hand, squeezing her nuts with the other, and sucking on her cockhead, Barocca's prick quickly swelled and grew to its full length before the astonished Debbie. Just over twenty inches of rock hard cock were thrusting out from Barocca's crotch like a missile. Barocca stepped back a pace, and let Debbie get a good look at just how huge her cock really was.
“Well now, ” said Barocca. “I think you've definitely gotten me ready for action, Debbie. Too bad you don't have any oil or lotion here. Then we could really enjoy what's going to happen next.”
“I'm way ahead of you, Barocca,” said Debbie. “Just give me a second.” Debbie reached into a drawer of her desk, and produced a bottle of baby oil.
“Damn, this gal really did think of everything,” Barocca thought to herself. “Oh well, that's one more thing she'll answer to me for, in time.”
“Well what are you waiting for, honey?” asked Barocca. Debbie got on her knees close to Barocca again. Barocca's cock was pointing straight out a ninety-degree angle. She poured a long stream of baby oil all along the shaft of her cock, starting just below the very tip of her cockhead, and moving all the way down to the base, near her pelvis.
As the oil began to seep down the sides of Barocca's cock, Debbie quickly began stroking the shaft of Barocca's cock up and down, and back and forth with her hands. The feeling of Debbie's strong young hands as they rubbed over the veins and ridges of Barocca's cock turned Barocca on more and more.
Debbie also began trying to suck on Barocca's fist-sized cockhead. But being so new to the Island, there wasn't any way that Debbie could get more than half of it inside her mouth.

Barocca responded by reaching for the bottle of baby oil, and poured some liberally over Debbie's knockers. Debbie's tits were full, firm melons, and as Barocca massaged the oil onto and around her nipples, she could feel them stiffen and rise beneath her fingers. The stimulation on her breasts caused Debbie to grow more passionate, and somehow swallow even more of Barocca's cockhead than she thought was possible.
The two girls pleasured each other in this manner for a few minutes, until Barocca pulled away. Barocca's cock looked like a tan-colored aluminum baseball bat, which had been dipped in oil.
“Okay, girl,” said Barocca. “Now you've got me good and hard, and slicker than a greased pig as well. Lay down on the carpet like a good little slut. I'm gonna fuck those over-sized melons of yours good now.”

Debbie eagerly assumed the position for Barocca. As Debbie pushed her boobs together and balanced them on her chest, it looked like she was trying to contain two flesh-colored bowling balls.
“Holy shit, girl!” said Barocca as she got a good look at Debbie. “You got in line at least twice when they passed out the tits. But as you can see, I went back for seconds myself, when they handed out the cock meat.”
Barocca straddled Debbie's torso with one leg on either side of her. Barocca picked her cock up, and let it land loudly on Debbie's tummy with a loud slap, so that Debbie could truly feel the size and weight of her prick.
“Wow! That tool of yours is fucking huge, Barocca,” said Debbie.
“Having second thoughts, are we?” teased Barocca.
“No way!” squealed Debbie. “Go ahead and do it to me, Barocca. I can't take the suspense any longer.”
“All right then. Here we go, girl,” said Barocca.
Barocca reached over to the bottle of baby oil, and poured even more oil along her rock hard shaft. Barocca thrust her cockhead between the crevice formed at the bottom of Debbie's two massive breasts. Debbie's tits were so heavy, Barocca actually had to exert more strength and f***e than she would've thought necessary to get her cock between the twin mountains.

Once her cockhead was buried, the rest of Barocca's cock slid in much easier. Barocca reveled in the feeling of having her cock sandwiched between so much titflesh. When a gal had such massive boobs as Debbie did, and knew how to use them, it was almost as nice as having her cock in a girl's pussy. Barocca enjoyed titty fucking because she could rear back and really thrust her cock in and out hard, and rarely have to worry about hurting her partner.
Barocca decided to exercise just a little domination and discipline over Debbie in this position. Barocca began by letting her cockhead graze Debbie's chin and jaw on some of her forward thrusts. Not every time, and not very hard. But enough to make Debbie realize the size and power of the piece of meat between her tits.
Barocca also took liberties with Debbie's huge, leathery nipples. Debbie's giant teats were almost four inches across, and the nipples themselves were as thick as her thumbs, and stuck out almost an inch. Debbie was holding her breasts on the sides, so they made a perfect handhold for Barocca as she fucked Debbie's tits.
Barocca fucked Debbie's tits in this manner for almost twenty minutes. Barocca varied between short powerful strokes, and a series of quick, jackhammer like thrusts. Barocca and Debbie stared deeply into each other's eyes as they brought each other to greater heights of pleasure. Perhaps at a later date, they would become more intimate, and then more sexy chatter and talking dirty would occur between them during sex. For now the girls were each completely engrossed in their own lust for pleasure.
Eventually, Barocca felt herself building up to the point of no return, and then past it. Ordinarily, Barocca would increase her stroking for the maximum feelings and intensity of her cum shot. But she had promised Debbie to do it differently this time, and Barocca needed the favor that Debbie could grant her. Barocca quickly pulled her cock out from between Debbie's knockers. Barocca gripped the shaft of her cock, and clamped down with hand and wrist, forcing the eruption building inside her balls to hold back for a few seconds.
“All right girl!” said Barocca. “You wanted to taste my cum? Sit up and get ready, because here comes the mother load.”
Debbie quickly rose up to a sitting position, and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Barocca had seen other girls look forward to their first times on the Island before, but Debbie had a look of anticipation almost like she was expecting a religious experience. Barocca thrust her cockhead towards Debbie's mouth. To her surprise, Debbie engulfed her entire cockhead, and had her jaws firmly fastened on it. Barocca released her hand on her cock, and let several streams of hot jism flood into Debbie's mouth and down her throat.
Debbie's eyes flew open in astonishment, as she realized the heat, the taste, and the f***e of Barocca's cum entering her mouth. Debbie first let out an inarticulate squeal that couldn't really be identified, as she absorbed Barocca's cum. This quickly changed into a deep, throaty moan of purest passion and enjoyment, as Debbie savored Barocca's jism.
Barocca released more pressure on the shaft of her cock, and also increased her strokes, as she let more cum flow faster into Debbie. The girl couldn't take a complete full f***e cum shot yet, but it wouldn't be long. She was a natural cocksucker, Barocca realized.

Barocca gave in to pleasure, and began moaning as the feelings overtook her, and started talking nasty and sexy to Debbie, as she gulped away.
“Oh, yeah, girl!” purred Barocca. “Suck all my cum down, like a good little slut. You really do love the taste the taste of cum, don't you honey?”
Debbie somehow managed to nod her head, and even suck a little harder on Barocca.
“Well, you came to the right place if you like cum, honey,” said Barocca. “We can feed you enough jism until you drown in it, and then some.”
For over a minute, Barocca continued to shoot off at a more or less controlled rate, into Debbie's greedy mouth. Barocca had to admit that Debbie had sucked down her cum at a better pace than she would've thought, treating her to a nicer orgasm. Debbie kept on sucking well after Barocca's last spurt, completely draining nearly every drop of jism from her shaft.
Debbie had a glazed look in her eyes, as she finally came back to reality after being lost in the euphoria of sucking off Barocca.
“Your cum is fucking incredible, Barocca!” said Debbie. “I've never tasted anything so sinfully delicious.”
“I've gotta admit, that was pretty damn good, Debbie,” said Barocca. “I like a gal who knows what she likes and can finish what she starts.”

The two girls looked at each other somewhat awkwardly for a moment. At another time and place, Barocca would've definitely liked to continue the fun and games that had just ended.
But for now, there other more pressing matters to attend to.
“Well, as much as I enjoyed myself, Debbie,” said Barocca, “I've got things to do this afternoon. I trust that you'll take care of your end of the bargain?”
“You got it, Barocca,” replied Debbie eagerly. “I'll have the phone set up and in your quarters before you know it. You'll be able to use it right away.”
“Good girl,” said Barocca. “We'll have to do this again sometime. But after we've got you started on the 'development plan' here on the Island. Then I'll show you how to really fuck and suck.”
“I can hardly wait, Barocca,” said Debbie.

Barocca recognized the heartfelt devotion, and true addiction of an utter sex slave in Debbie's voice and actions. With a little effort, Barocca knew she could easily have another die hard in her small entourage of sex concubines in Debbie. Barocca stood up, and picked up her clothes.
“I've got a restroom in the back where you can tidy up if you want, Barocca,” said Debbie.
“You really do think of everything, girl,” said Barocca as she smiled at Debbie.
After she entered the small restroom, which also doubled as a bath and shower, Barocca wiped herself down with a towel, and applied some perfume and deodorant. She also ran a comb through her hair. Then she donned her bikini panties, and then her top. Barocca fitted and nudged her breasts until they were displayed full and luscious in the cups, and nestled together nicely, showing a lot of cleavage. After putting on her skirt again, Barocca looked almost as she had when she had first entered Debbie's office. Barocca smiled and waved good-bye to Debbie as she left the office.