Milking Time B3 Chapter 3 Jordan's Instructio

Chapter 3: Jordan's Instructions

The morning after her sexual marathon with Clyda, Jordan awoke early in her quarters again. Jordan felt absolutely no ill effects from such a workout with Clyda's massive cock yesterday. Jordan lolled about on the bed. She had dreamed vividly about her afternoon with Clyda. Her body still tingled when she remembered the multiple orgasms she had enjoyed from Clyda, and how sweet and delicious her cum had tasted.
As Jordan became fully awake, she glanced about the room. As her gaze moved towards the door, Jordan noticed another envelope had been shoved underneath, and was lying on the carpet just inside the doorframe.
“Another mystery message,” thought Jordan. “That's one thing that's been consistent since I've been here. This makes one for each day that I've been here on the Island.” Jordan opened the envelope and immediately recognized Tiffany's flowery handwriting.


Jordan: Congratulations on another job well done! Clyda couldn't say enough good things about you, during her session with you yesterday afternoon. As you now must realize, you're two-thirds of the way home on your journey here on the Island. There is only one more test that you must pass before all your dreams will be realized. But I must warn you that this final test will be even more stressful and grueling than the first two tests combined. However, we're all confident that you'll make it past this final hurdle, just like you have the previous two. Please report to my quarters at 10AM this morning, for some more instructions. Tiffany


Jordan showered and prepared herself, and dressed in a light red skirt with a pretty flower print, and chose a light pink bikini to go with it. Donning the skirt over her bikini panties, Jordan went to the kitchen for an early breakfast.
To Jordan's surprise, several of the girls invited her to sit at their table with them. The girls were surprisingly friendly towards Jordan, and thankfully didn't grill her for intimate details of her sex sessions with Ebony and Clyda. It was mainly girl-talk, and most of them wanted to know details of some of the events in the outside world. After almost being a complete outcast for the first few days, Jordan welcomed the company and companionship. A few minutes before ten o'clock, Jordan politely excused herself, and reported to Tiffany's quarters.

Jordan knocked politely on the door, and Tiffany answered a moment later.
“Morning, Jordan,” greeted Tiffany. “Come on in. How are things going?” Jordan noticed that Clyda and Dee Dee were also sitting on the sofa in Tiffany's quarters, and smiled as she greeted them.
“This morning things are a lot better,” said Jordan. “Not only do I feel absolutely sensational after an afternoon with Clyda, thanks to Dee Dee's wonder-pill, but some of the other girls are starting to open up and talk to me now.”

“That's great,” replied Tiffany. “It just takes them a little while to get to know you, that's all. Plus you are a bit of a celebrity here. Just act natural, and don't brag or flaunt about what's happening to you, and you'll fit in fine here.”
“That's good to hear,” said Jordan. “But how come everyone slips letters under my door when they want to talk to me? I noticed you've got telephones as well as computers here on the Island.”
“That's one of the things that we want to talk to you about this morning, Jordan,” said Dee Dee. “A lot of things are starting to happen fast and furious around here since you arrived, and since we decided to give you special treatment.”

“We've basically got two groups, or two 'schools of thought' here on the Island,” said Tiffany. There's our group, which is very liberal and friendly. We believe in treating everybody fairly. When girls perform well, we reward them whenever they merit it, and move them along regularly in the development of their cocks, and sexual advancement, so they can become members of the f****y here.”
“And then there's Barocca's sect,” said Clyda. “None of us knows how or why she turned out the way she did, but Barocca's a fucking control freak. Myself, I think it's because she made one too many bondage videos before coming to the Island, but that's beside the point. She believes in absolute domination and control over the girls under her. She makes them work outrageously hard for any kind of sexual favors, and then she doles out the pleasure and the rewards with an eyedropper. It's beyond me why any of the girls here are loyal to her, but she's got a handful of followers.”
“Another thing that you didn't know about Barocca, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “You pissed her off more than you could possibly imagine by trying to suck down more of her cum than she wanted you to, on your first day here. If you had been alone with her, she would've really told you off, and probably had it out with you right then and there. But since there were other girls that were brand new to the Island also in the room, she kept her cool somewhat. Barocca still wants to come across as cool and sexy to the new girls, in the hopes of having some of them side with her.”
“Ideally, we'd all like to be one big happy f****y, here on the Island,” continued Tiffany. “But Barocca's been running her group the way she does for a long time. I'm afraid that since we've bent the rules, and given you special treatment, that Barocca is going to lobby, and demand that she be allowed to do the same for someone in her group. Or make some other type of demands or challenge to us.”
“We felt that you ought to know about what's happening here,” said Clyda, “but that you only needed to know the basics. Leave the politics and the actual power plays to us. The less you know, the less you could accidentally blab, and have it find its way to Barocca. 'Loose lips sink ships' and all that sort of thing.”
“So in a nutshell, that's why we've been resorting to being so secretive with you Jordan, whenever we've needed to contact you,” said Dee Dee.
“Okay. That's enough 'cloak and dagger' stuff for one morning,” said Tiffany. “Just follow our instructions, Jordan, and everything should turn out fine. As soon as we can tell you more, you'll certainly be the first to know.”

“The other reason we've called you here this morning, Jordan,” said Tiffany, “is to brief you, and give you an idea of what to expect during the main event.”
“That's where I've got to satisfy all five of you at once, for however long you decide,” said Jordan, with a trace of nervousness in her voice.
“That's right,” said Tiffany. “And I've been waiting for a shot at payback, after you took some liberties with me during the milking ritual.”
“And I haven't had a chance at that little pussy of yours yet, either,” added Dee Dee.
“Don't think it'll be a walk in the park with me either love,” said Clyda. “You're going to have to really earn your wings here on the Island.”
All three of the amazons had positively wicked grins on their faces, as they looked at Jordan. To their surprise, Jordan returned their stares lustfully to each girl.
“Well, why don't we get in a little 'extra practice' this morning, so I can show you what I can really do, and then you'll be certain that I'll pass?” asked Jordan.
Tiffany took control of the situation. “As tempting as the offer is, Jordan, we're going to wait until the actual main event, before anyone has you again. Unfortunately, each one of us has duties that we have to perform on the Island, including you. We've made an announcement that the main event will be held this Sunday morning.”
“Do you think you can keep yourself under control for that long, love?” asked Clyda.
“I guess I'll have to,” said Jordan. “But I've gotta tell you, it's gonna be really hard to wait that long for me.”

“I'm glad to hear that you're excited about it Jordan,” said Tiffany. “But I want to warn you and remind you that is going to be a very severe test for you. Not a joyride to be taken lightly. First of all, Ebony is going to be there. I'm sure you remember your afternoon with her? And with four other horse-hung shemales in the same room, you'd damn well better believe that Ebony is going to be excited as hell, and she's probably not going to be as easy on you as she was the first time.”
Jordan's thoughts drifted back to Ebony's monstrous cock, hammering in and out of her pussy and her ass like a black piledriver, and she winced involuntarily.
“We also know from your video career before coming to the Island, that you did a few anal scenes; maybe even a double-penetration scene here and there that we don't know about,” said Tiffany. “How about a double-anal scene, Jordan?”
Jordan could only stare at the other girls with an amazed expression on her face, as she imagined what Tiffany was describing.
“Did you ever do a double-insertion in your pussy, love?” asked Clyda. Jordan sat still in her chair, as the impact of Clyda and Tiffany's words hit home to her.
“Don't think for a fucking minute that just because you've only got three orifices, that you're only going to have to deal with three cocks inside you at any given time,” warned Tiffany. “I guarantee that we'll stretch your cunt, ass and throat farther and deeper than they've ever been stretched before, and in ways that you've never thought were even humanly possible.”
“You'll also have to deal with myself, Tiffany and Barocca, girl,” said Clyda. “I'll tell you in advance that we're all roughly the same size and shape downstairs. But I certainly want another crack at you. Tiffany's been lusting at the chance to get inside your pussy. And Barocca certainly wants to show you the business end of her cock, after the milking ritual.”
“And don't forget about me,” said Dee Dee. “I'll be frank in that I'm not the most well-hung gal on the Island. But I do definitely make up for it in other ways. Like Tiffany said, we're not gonna have any sex right now, but I think you deserve a sneak preview of what to expect from me, once Sunday rolls around. You'll find that there's a reason I always wear loose fitting skirts, and never just bikini panties like some of the girls here.”

Dee Dee stood up from the sofa, walked in front of Jordan, and quickly removed her skirt. Dee Dee was now naked except for her sandals and her bikini top. Jordan gasped as she got a clear, unobstructed view of Dee Dee's cock. Dee Dee's cock hung down ten inches in its limp state, but that was not what shocked Jordan. Even limp, Dee Dee's cock was at least four inches in diameter. Underneath Dee Dee's prick, Jordan could see Dee Dee's balls. Dee Dee had nuts that even soft, were at least the size of softballs. They were easily as large as Ebony's or Clyda's balls had been when those girls were at their peak of arousal and intensity. Jordan sat there with her mouth open in amazement, as she gawked at Dee Dee's cock and balls.
“Ordinarily, I have the new girls genuflect whenever they see my cock,” giggled Dee Dee. “But in your case, I think I'll make an exception.” Dee Dee picked up her skirt, and fastened it about her waist, and sat down on the sofa again.
“Thanks for giving Jordan a final reality check, Dee Dee,” said Tiffany. “Now I want you to realize, Jordan, that despite what you just saw and just heard, that you're among friends here. It's just vitally important that you understand the seriousness of the situation, and that if you listen up, and follow instructions from us, everything will work out in the long run.”
“Remember, Jordan,” said Dee Dee, “we said we'd find a way for you to make it through a day with Ebony, and we did. I also told you that you'd enjoy an afternoon with Clyda, and that was true too. We're not going to send you to the main event with no preparation. On Saturday night, I'll have something for you, that will give you a fighting chance.”
Jordan looked somewhat relieved but still had a look of nervousness on her face.
“We'll give you enough help so that you can accommodate all the cockmeat that's going to be shoved inside you, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “But as I said earlier, you're going to be subjected to more cock, in more ways, for longer periods of time, than probably ever before in your life. In short, you're going to have to be ready to give the performance of your life on Sunday.”
“Well, I'll admit that you've certainly scared the shit out of me, this morning,” said Jordan. “But I've also come too far, and endured too much, first with Ebony, and then with Clyda, to give up and turn back now. If you say I've got a chance, then it's a chance I'm going to take, and I'm going to make the most of it.”
“That's good to hear, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “We may have other instructions for you before the main event, but for now, just relax as much as you can, and be ready on Sunday.”

“I do have one other question, and I hope that you won't think I'm too rude or too nosy for asking it,” said Jordan.
“What's that, Jordan?” asked Tiffany.
“Well, I couldn't help but noticing how unique and different Dee Dee's cock is, compared to some of the others that I've seen,” said Jordan. “I was wondering if Dee Dee could tell me a little more about it.”
“Okay, that's fair, enough. I don't see any harm there,” said Dee Dee. “To begin with, I was one of the very first girls on the Island, and I developed the procedure for giving the girls cocks, and then helping them enlarge and develop them, when they had earned it.
“I'll confess that I've always been a cum freak,” said Dee Dee. “I mean I've really enjoyed seeing the girls here as they developed skysc****rs between their legs, and there was always an informal competition to see who had the most meat. I've the most incredible sex of my life here on the Island, and been surrounded by more cock and more cum than anyone knows what to do with.
“But as I said, I'm a cum junkie. So I decided early on not to concentrate on trying to keep up with everyone in terms of sheer size and length, as far as my cock went. As you can tell, I produced a new kind of formula that I used on my own cock, that resulted in the incredible thickness of my shaft, and the massive balls that you got a look at.
“My cock is also incredibly thick, as you can tell. And I was the one who developed the straps and rings you saw used in the milking ritual, so that our erections are harder, we shoot off more cum, and the feelings are more intense.”
“How big is your cock, compared to some of the other girls, Dee Dee?” asked Jordan.
“Size-wise, I top out at about fifteen to sixteen inches,” replied Dee Dee. “That's probably plenty bigger than anything you saw back in the outside world. But around here, it makes me the 'runt of the litter', among the senior amazons, so to speak. But I make up for it by being able to deliver some of the biggest cum shots on the Island.”
“Wow!” exclaimed Jordan. “What's the biggest load you've ever shot off Dee Dee?”
“Well, the one that the girls talk about the most, happened a long time ago, when there weren't that many girls on the Island,” said Dee Dee. “But it's captured on videotape, and Clyda and Tiffany were there running the cameras, to watch it. I've got the distinction of being the only amazon on the Island to ever gag Ebony, and make her say 'uncle'.”
“That's incredible,” said Jordan. “How did it happen?”
“Well at the time, there weren't that many of us here,” said Dee Dee. “And we raised money by filming virtually all of our sex scenes, as well as doing custom videos and photo sets for special customers. I was doing a scene with Ebony, and Clyda and Tiffany were filming it. Ebony was being her typical self, dominating the majority of the scene, and she wouldn't let me cum for the longest time. When Ebony finally sucked me off, and brought me to a climax, I had built up a load in my balls like Niagara Falls. I shot off so hard, so fast and so long, that even Ebony eventually coughed and almost choked on it. She had me pull out, and I still completely plastered her face and hair with my load.”
“As I recall, that wound up being one of our best selling videos for the longest time,” said Clyda, with a chuckle.
“Ever since then, Ebony has always treated me with a lot of respect, almost as an equal,” said Dee Dee. “We've each helped the other in terms of computer and security matters a great deal. It's one of those things that I don't bring up or brag about a lot for obvious reasons. When someone else does bring it up, I play it down, and say 'oh I got lucky that day', and don't make a big deal about it. I caught Ebony by surprise that one day, but I don't tempt fate by boasting about it.”

“All right, Jordan,” said Tiffany with a laugh. “This concludes our 'shemale history lesson' for today. I want you to report to the kitchen, and just go through your duties normally for the next few days, until Sunday. Dee Dee and I will see you Saturday night, and give you the final pep talk before everything happens the next day.”
“Above all,” continued Tiffany, “none of what you've heard in this room should be told to anyone else. If anyone asks, all you know is that you have to perform in a marathon or gang-bang on Sunday, and that's it.”
“Hurry on off to the kitchen, love,” said Clyda. “If we need to contact you for anything we'll either come see you in person at your quarters, or through the 'usual means'.”
“All righty,” said Jordan. “I guess I'll see all of you together again on Sunday. Thanks for being open with me, and telling me more about things on the Island.” Jordan got up, and headed out the door to the kitchen, to finish out her duties there.

Tiffany, Clyda and Dee Dee sat down again in Tiffany's quarters.
“Well, what do you think?” asked Tiffany. “Do you think we pulled it off?”
“Well, your little speech certainly humbled Jordan, that's for sure, Tiffany,” said Clyda. “And I thought her eyes were going to pop out when she saw your cock, Dee Dee.”
“For the time being, I think we've got her cowed enough to do as we say,” said Dee Dee. “I'll come up with something that'll help Jordan pass the main event, but I'll try to make it like the first pill, so that it'll humble her while she does it. As long as Jordan doesn't figure out that we actually want her to pass the main event, and fixed things so she would, I think we'll be all right.”
“Dee Dee's right,” said Tiffany. “If Jordan passes the main event, but still gets put through the wringer in the process, then we should be able to control her from there on.”