Miem's dog day

Miem has been my slut and nasty fucking mutt bitch for awhile now. The more sick shit I do to her the more she love me and begs for more. I called her from work, to tell her that we were going to have a party. Of course Miem was going to be the party favor. Little did she know how she was going to learn a lot of new tricks tonight…
I arrived home with 15 guys. My puppy miem's eyes lite up. She shok and came. she is such a cunt slut that just thinking of being fucked over and used by 15 guys could do it for her. As always she was naked. After all why the hell does a slut need clothes? Her pussy and ass should always be wet and ready!
Miem ever the obedient puppy bitch, dropp to her knees. We circled her waiting. Looking, drool rolled from her mouth and she came again. “What a fucking loser slut this mutt is.” Everyone laugh1 I could see miem geting ready to cum. I slapped her face! Just hard enough to let her know not yet.
I took a set of clamps from my pocket. Clove clamps they coould just about pull anyone nipples off. My puppy woud always bitch and whine for days after I used them on her. I kew she love them. I put them on her tiny tits. “Look at that this skanks tits are so small, the clamps got half her tits.” “Hell you fucking muttwhore? If you breed how are you going to feed a k** with those useless tits.” The laughing went around the room.
Muttmiem liked being humiliated,I coould see she did not like this. I took a small case out of my pocket. Miem liked blindfolds. I was going to blind her! “Okay mutt look up.” I took the black contact len and put it in her eye. “please…. I don't like this… Honey please use the blindfold…” Before she could say another word she was blind. Her eyes bulged! Fear filled her entire body! My cunt dog was truly scared. I thought that she was going to cum?
“Puppycunt. I love you, your a whore and a slut. Say the word and I'll send everyone home.” I know the puppyslut answer before I asked it “NO! PLEASE NO!”
Time for the dog day to start.
puppysluts head circled as the men circled her. Someone grabbed the chain . puppyslut screamed! Got her face slapped! 3 times on each side. Her cheeks were red. The chain almost lifted her off her knees with the next pull. “Fuck Yes!” puppyslut came again. A puddle of skank juice was forming under her. Her face was slapped for almost a minute! Her eyes moved with sound to try and figure where the blow was coming from.
“mutts and cunt whores don't talk they bark!” Another slap! The whore head snapped and just like a good puppy miem started to bark. She whailed like a dog being kicked when she was lifted up. “Fuck this is a good dog! Listens to orders.” “hey dogs are suppose to be on all fours.” The chain fell and puppy miem dropped to all fours. I love my cunt whore miem. She'd do anything to cum and she'd do twice as much t be fucked by a room full of guys.
They kicked her legs open. “Damn she is a mutt?! Looks like every fucking mongrel for a 100 miles has been in her cunt.” puppymiem came and cunt juice pslashed to the floor at those words! “Wow man what a fucked up bitch this is!” I leaned down next to my puppy. “Remember that you said we should get a dog?” The whore whimpered like a little puppy. “We have one…”
Suddenly miem felt something hot hit her ass and dogpussy. she came at once! Then puppymiem smelled the piss. One after another 15 guys piss on her ass and cunt. miem did not stop cumming the entire time! There my little slut puppy was coumming, in a pool of piss and her cunt juice. Her body was covered in sweat. She coould not stop shaking from cumming so much.
“what the hell do you call a bitch like this?” “I think a fucking mutt is to good.” The insult kept coming as did puppy miem. Someone grabbed the chain! The whore screamed as she was lifted to her knees. She was slapped across the face! A belt land on her ass. another across her stomach. Miem was still screaming. “Maybe you cannot teach an old cuntdog new tricks?”
Her body was covered in belt marks1 Her face was bright red. I knew it hurt her. Miem screamed! Suffer the beating! Came all at once! Then she howled! I smiled and sipped a beer. My fucking puppy and my lover! Still the night was young and my little doggie had a lot more to do. Training is so much fun when you are training a huge nasty slut.
More to cum!
Miem and I are best friends she love sick shit like this done to her. She is a nasty whore. That's why I love her. if you have any idea of what you like to see done to her just let me knkow I can think of some totally fucked up thing.
Thanks Miem & Markie-