Meeting Laura, Liza and Steven

It was a warm Friday night, and I was keen to go out and party. I had just completed a stint for my country in a land that was a God-forsaken shit-hole. The only woman I had seen were covered in their khimars, hijabs, jilbabs and abayas. Fuck at least in other countries there would have been some whores. I knew of a few guys in the unit that had f***ed themselves on a few of the locals, but I didn't want to pursue that route. So like most of the rest I lay in our barracks beating off to digital images on my laptops, or magazines smuggled in. In fact around 10 at night the slapping sounds of cocks being fisted drifted around our barracks. So I was looking forward to some real pussy!

I drove in my car to a bar in the seedier side of town. I knew my chances of getting laid was far higher in this part of town. The seedier the joint, the looser the women. After entering the place bought a cold beer and settled down at the bar. I scanned the room and my eyes were met by this hot blonde girl. She was a little young – must have been about 18 or so – but she was fucking hot. She had a tight t-shirt on and her nipples were poking through – I wondered if she had a bra on. She wore a short denim skirt and had the hottest set of legs I had seen in a long time. She smiled at me when our eyes met, and so I approached her.

“Do you live on a chicken farm?” I asked her.

“No”, she answered looking very perplexed.

“You sure know how to raise cocks.” I answered with a smirk on my face.

She immediately broke into a giggle and introduced herself as Laura. I knew that with her not slapping me in response to my cheesy line I stood a good chance at sinking my cock into her pussy. I bought her a drink and we started chatting. I learnt that she was not from around here and was staying by her aunt.She was taking a break away from her hometown as she had just broken up with her fiance . Apparently he was cheating on her with her best friend and she had walked in on them.

We then danced a little and as the music got slower I pulled her closer. My cock was straining against my jeans and I am sure she could feel it pressing against her navel. We went and sat at a booth near the back of the bar. I leaned over and kissed her softly at first. She responded well and soon I had my tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a cock. My hands moved down to her thighs and she parted them easily when she felt them on her. I slowly stroked her thighs working my way north as we kissed. I was surprised to feel her wet smooth pussy against my hand. I mean not wet – soaking. I rubbed up and down for a while before slipping a finger into her. I finger fucked her and she started panting. I replaced the finger with two and rubbed her g-spot while my thumb gently stoked her clit. She just closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat, parting her legs even more. I then slipped another finger in and my fingers fucked her with fast strokes. I felt her stiffen and my hand was covered with a warm liquid – I had picked a squirter.

She then said we should make our way to her aunt's place, but that I must walk close behind her, as her skirt was now wet. I did as we asked and we soon arrived at her aunt's place. She stayed in a cottage at the side of the house and so we could fuck in private.

We chucked our clothes off as soon as the door shut behind us. She pushed me onto the bed and then straddled me. She rode my cock with a passion, her strokes were quick and she bottomed out every time. I don't have a huge cock, just a comfortable 8 inches of cut cock. She then went fully down on my cock and rubbed her clit on my pubes. I felt her tighten around my cock and she came again, this time showering my whole pubic area with her cum. Fuck she was a gusher! She then spun around and faced my feet. She rode me hard and fast, her brown-eye winking at me. I couldn't resist and let my finger rub around her puckered ass as she rode me. She responded by groaning and fucking me even faster. Her ass was wet from her eralier gush and so I did not battle to get a finger into the entrance of her ass. Soon it was all the way inside her as she rode my finger and cock hard. She then climbed off my cock and stood up on the bed, facing me. She diddled her clit a few times and then squirted all over my chest and face, before coming down and sitting on my face. She tasted delicious and I sucked up her nectar. She spun around again and we went into a 69 position with her on top. I licked her a while but the strated rimming her ass. I could tell from her groans that she was enjoying it. She then got up and reached for some lube, lubed my cock before taking my cock up her ass. She rode me like a woman possessed, and I was soon squirting my cum up her poop chute. She just got off me and fingered herself to another orgasm, wetting the bed with every squirt.

I was tired and soon fell asl**p with her in my arms. A movement on the bed woke me up. I looked down and saw a middle aged woman join us on the bed. Laura was still fast asl**p and the stranger showed me to shush. She then started licking Laura's pussy. Laura groaned and opened her thighs even more. The lesbian thing soon had my cock in the air. Her aunt told me that I should use it on her as she licked Laura. I knelt behind her and positioned my cock at her pussy. Soon I was fucking her pussy as she ate Laura. This time I could hold out for long and her aunt had cum four times before I unleashed a torrent of sperm into her pussy. She stopped licking Laura and straddled Laura's head, so that Laura could eat out her cream-pie. Laura lapped at her pussy like a dog licking cream from a bowl.

Laura at up with a smile and said, “This is my aunt Liza!”

“Pleased to meet you Liza. my name's Lionel. I don't know what you think of me, but I hope it's X-rated.”

“With cock like yours – more like triple X-rated!”

We lay in bed for a while. I got up and and got dressed and after promising to come around for dinner I left. As I came around the corner, I saw a guy standing looking through the cottage window. He was naked and playing with his small cock (about 6 inches). He looked me in the eyes and came all over his hand and belly.

“Hi, my name is Steven. I hope you don't mind, but I like watching my wife get fucked by a proper cock. I would shake your hand but…”

“Hi Steven, my name is Lionel. It's OK with me – next time come inside for a better view!”