Meeting Jon & Mandy

Our first couple

Marie told me pretty much on our first date that she was bi-sexual. We had a few ffm’s over the years but she mainly felt more comfortable meeting other girls on her own which I didn’t mind at all. We had a great relationship and it was simply another part of her life that needed fulfilling on occasion. I never pressured her to allow me to join her, but she knew I loved hearing the details when she got home the next day, so she would wank me while she whispered to me all about her night and what the other girl (or girls on occasion) had done with her. My cock would have been hard for most of the night thinking about her with her girlfriend so her expert handjobs never took very long.

This went on for months on and off until one evening, as Marie was dressing to go and meet a new girl, I half-jokingly said that I would really like to join them. We drank some wine as we waited for her taxi to arrive and we both agreed that it would be fun to meet someone together again for a change. The doorbell rang and Marie told me to think about what I would like to do while she was out, squeezing my obvious erection as she kissed me goodbye.

Marie arrived home around 1am and slid into bed, naked, next to me. She reached under the quilt and took my cock in her hand and began to wank me as we kissed. She told me she had been thinking about our chat all evening and couldn’t wait to hear what I had been thinking about.

I raised myself onto my elbow and slipped my hand between her legs which parted with no resistance at all. Her pussy was perfectly smooth and my fingers soon found the warmth of her opening. Marie was very wet already and I wondered briefly if this was from her earlier rendez-vous or the excitement of us experimenting with something new.

Marie tried to control her breathing as my fingers slowly stroked and penetrated her as I whispered my ideas to her for a change. I had thought up a scenario which I wanted us to try and from her reactions I could tell that Marie was turned on by it as well.

As you will have gathered from the title of this story, I had suggested that we find another couple to meet up with and, potentially, try swapping for the first time. Marie came quickly as I whispered a very detailed account of my idea to her and her pussy gripped my fingers like a vice as her orgasm washed over her. She had cum so quickly that I had only got about half way through my story but I was delighted when she pushed me on my back, took my hard cock in her hand and told me to lie back while she took over the story telling. I found it so erotic hearing my beautiful wife whispering such filthy things to me about what she would do with another couple that I too exploded sooner than I wanted to.

We drifted off to sl**p and in the morning as I made coffee, I wondered whether Marie was truly keen on my idea or if it had been the cocktails and wine that had aroused her appetite for it. I swear my cock was fully erect in seconds as Marie slipped her arms around me from behind in the kitchen and kissed my shoulder before saying “That was such fun last night, do you really want to try it?”.

Heart racing and cock throbbing I tried to respond calmly, but failed miserably. My excitement was impossible to hide and we discussed it at length over our coffee in the garden with my rather obvious erection straining to escape my boxer shorts. To my absolute delight, Marie was as keen on the idea as I was. We both thought it would be fun to do something together rather than her meeting girls on her own all the time. We also agreed that a couple would be less daunting than just inviting another guy on his own to join us. While we talked about this my cock strained even more. I didn’t admit it to Marie at this stage but sharing her with another guy had always been a fantasy of mine and I wondered if our venture with another couple may one day lead to the fulfillment of that dream too.

We had always had a great sex life but adding this to the mix just kicked things into overdrive. It was great fun. Whenever we went shopping for clothes we would always wonder if ‘the couple’ would like it and it became regular filthy talk in the bedroom when we fucked.

We wanted to enjoy all of the anticipation so were in no rush to jump into a different bed. We knew there were risks so we wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing. We joined some adult sites and Marie’s topless and naked pics soon had several couples wanting to chat and potentially meet us.

As we got to know some of these couples on line, it just cemented the fact to us both that we wanted to try this. I also discovered that I really enjoyed showing Marie off on webcam which developed into a flashing fetish for both of us. I’m sure people wonder why any man would want to share his beautiful wife with anyone and this was a question I asked myself as we went through all of this. To me, I am so proud of Marie and think she is so gorgeous, I just thoroughly enjoy showing off to people what I have.

We would sit together on the couch and take turns chatting to the other husband and wife on the laptop. I used to get so horny when I would come back into the room to find Marie topless on cam and talking dirty to the husband especially.
Marie decided that our ‘first’ encounter (I loved the fact she said ‘first’ implying there would be more) should not be with seasoned swingers. I agreed that it would be a nerve jangling thing to meet another couple so it would be best if they were newbies too. We did, however, get some good advice from more experienced couples which worked out very well for us. They suggested that, when we had found a couple we wanted to meet, we should arrange to meet purely for drinks for an hour the first time. This would remove the pressure of feeling obliged to go to a hotel or do something that didn’t feel quite right which could ruin the fantasy forever. Then, when we returned home, we could decide if the chemistry was there and either agree to meet again to take things further or, to diplomatically decline without hurting anyone’s feelings.
The only other concern we had was that where we lived was such a small place, we needed to be really careful with anonymity.

We had been chatting to a few options for a month or so when one of the overseas couples dropped us a note telling us they were going to be visiting New Zealand on holiday in a few weeks time and would we like to meet up. We both got instant butterflies and I think realized for the first time that this could become a reality.

We had got to know Jon and Mandy pretty well and we all would speak to each other individually via msn with no feelings of jealousy or discomfort at all. In fact, when Marie would tell me of her naughty chats with Jon while she was at work, all it did was improve our sex life. Similarly, Marie loved to hear what Mandy and I had discussed, as well as insisting on hearing about all the perverted things Jon and I had talked about doing to the girls as well.
Finally the day of Jon and Mandy’s arrival was upon us. We had all shared naked pics, sex videos and had even fucked on cam for each other on several occasions so there was only one thing left to do.

We had agreed to the initial one hour meet for the first night and had picked a pretty popular venue on the waterfront in the city. Just as an additional safety net, we had all agreed that should anything actually happen, the first night would just be Marie and Mandy playing together while Jon and I watched and then sex with our own wives but in the same room. We didn’t realistically expect it to stop there if things were going well but just in case someone got the jitters it was a good time-out mechanism.

To heighten the mood, Marie and I abstained from fucking for 3 days prior to Jon and Mandy arriving. That was tough. My cock was constantly hard thinking not only about sharing my wife but also the thought of touching and being touched by Mandy who was an absolute stunner!

Of course Marie had a new outfit for our first meeting. The girls had decided that bra’s and knickers were banned much to Jon’s and my delight. The weather was lovely and sunny and Marie looked so sexy in her short denim skirt with heels and a plunging black halter neck top.

I sat in the front of the cab and Marie settled in behind the driver so I had a nice view of her long tanned legs when I turned around making nervous chit chat. She shut me up when she opened her legs a little and showed me her naked, bald pussy. I couldn’t believe she had gone without underwear in such a short skirt and once again I could feel the pre cum start to ooze from my cock.

Sensing my state or arousal, Marie opened her legs wider still and stroked a finger up and down her shaved pussy before putting it in her mouth. The driver had sensed something was going on and adjusted his rear view mirror to try and get a glimpse. It was warm but Marie’s erect nipples stood proud of the thin material and I hoped the driver was enjoying my wife’s spectacular tits.

When we arrived, the driver jumped out and opened Marie’s door for her and she waited to get out until I had walked around to her side. She slowly put one stiletto’d foot onto the pavement so her skirt rode up and her legs were spread wide. It was only a second or two but it seemed like an age to me that her pussy was on full display to both me and the driver. She giggled like a k** as we wandered away from the taxi and quite honestly I was speechless.

We had arrived at the bar a little early so we could have a couple of drinks to calm our nerves before Jon and Mandy arrived. We settled into our high top table and Marie struggled to keep her pussy covered as she lifted herself onto the bar stool.

I stood next to Marie and we nervously eyed the doors awaiting our guests. Every time the door opened Marie would grip my thigh as the delicious pain of anticipation caused our pulses to race and then, finally, we spotted them.
Jon came through first and held the door open for Mandy who looked gorgeous in a tight black skirt (and what I prayed were stockings underneath), heels and a low cut white blouse. They both looked tanned and relaxed as they had been on their holidays for two weeks before reaching us and Marie and I smiled at each other as we silently approved of our potential swapping partners.

They were a good looking couple and had personalities to match. Jon and I shook hands before Mandy and I kissed and hugged our ‘hello’s’. Even just the sight of Marie embracing Jon and kissing him lightly made my cock jump and if I had any doubts about going through with this, they were already totally dispelled. We were clearly all nervous but the wine soon loosened everyone up.

Marie and I looked across the table at Jon and Mandy and I suggested that Jon and I should swap places to mix up the group a bit. Nobody objected and I slipped my arm around Mandy’s waist as I joined her and Jon asked Marie if he could do the same. “You have already seen me naked” my slutty wife replied smiling “of course I don’t mind”. Until now I wasn’t sure that Marie was comfortable with the situation but this one comment spoke volumes. She was clearly in the mood and enjoying every minute of it too.

The hour we had agreed to spend together flew past and it seemed as though everyone was having fun, so I suggested that maybe we could add another hour onto our meet. I looked around to gauge the reactions from Marie, Mandy and finally Jon. Without hesitation all agreed and so I headed to the bar to replenish the drinks. I was pleasantly surprised to feel Marie rubbing up against me as I stood waiting for service and felt her hand heading to my crotch followed by a perfectly timed cock-squeeze just as I ordered.
“Having fun then?” I said smiling at her. “Loads” she replied “Mandy is gorgeous!”
“What about Jon?” I said matter-of-factly. “You want to see him fuck me don’t you?” She giggled as she said it. I leant in and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear “I want to watch you fuck both of them”.

I carried the drinks tray back to the table and sat down as quickly as I could to try and hide my rock hard erection as Marie took Mandy by the hand and almost dragged her to the plush ladies room to ‘freshen up’.

This gave Jon and I our first chance to have a chat without the girls around and we both quickly confirmed that we were more than happy with the way things were going. Finally we saw the girls walking back towards us hand in hand and Marie stood with Jon as Mandy nestled in next to me again. I asked what they had been up to but they both teased us and refused to say!

Our second hour together had passed and in the spirit of our agreement we all began to say our farewells. Mandy and I hugged and my hand purposely cupped her breast as we separated. “Nice to see you came bra-less” I said “but I wonder did you come knickerless too?” Nobody was more shocked than me when Mandy took my hand glanced quickly around the room, and then guided my hand up her little black skirt, over her stockings (yes!) and onto her naked and nicely trimmed pussy. Her lips were swollen and very wet and I slid a finger into her easily up to my knuckle. As my finger was in her I looked over at Marie and Jon who were transfixed on the sight before them. I withdrew my hand and sucked on my finger for my first taste of Mandy and it was delightfully sweet and warm. I wanted more and I wondered if Marie had already sampled this delicious flavor in the bathrooms before.

Marie was still perched on her bar stool so I thought I’d have some fun. I jokingly told Marie off for wearing knickers and that if Mandy could do it, she really should have too! Jon wasn’t sure if I was serious or not but Marie knew exactly what I wanted her to do. She shifted on her stool and opened her legs a little, then took Jon’s hand and guided it up her skirt, just as Mandy had done for me. The difference was, Mandy and I were sat on lower stools opposite her and got a great up-skirt view of her pussy lips and Jon’s fingers working their way inside her. Mandy’s hand found its way onto my lap and she squeezed my cock as we watched Jon’s fingers slowly disappearing into my wife’s pussy.

A waitress appeared to clear our table which brought us back to reality so I paid the bill and we all headed to the front doors. Jon and I had got on great and we shook hands, hopeful that we would be seeing each other again soon! Then we noticed the girls in the relative privacy of the lobby kissing each other in a deep passionate mouth on mouth kiss which, for me, was the sexiest thing I had seen in years.

Seizing the opportunity, Jon pulled Marie into him for a goodnight kiss and I did the same to Mandy. My hands roamed all over Mandy’s ass and I pulled her hair as the passion of our kiss took over us. I could see Jon’s hand disappearing into Marie’s top as they kissed too. The sight of him groping my wife’s huge tits made my cock swell and I thrust my hips into Mandy who pushed her pelvis back into me and my erection.

If the doors hadn’t opened we may well have fucked right there in the lobby but we quickly snapped back to reality and, a little embarrassed, made our way out of the bar past the new arrivals.

We went our separate ways soon after but promised to be on messenger later that night to discuss maybe meeting the next night to go further if everyone was keen……..