Master Chief

My first man on man encounter happened when I was still in high school. I was a military brat, my old man serving for 20 years and through two wars, I was intrigued by the military life and joined the AFJROTC in high school. I started hanging out with other military brats, essentially. Nearly everyone in my unit had a close relation that had served and one of the girls was the daughter of an Admiral. She had her own car, brilliant green eyes, a wicked sense of humor and a tremendous rack. She was also the girlfriend of our Alpha male, the unit commander, a senior named Bishop. He was a gorgeous prick.

Angela, as the daughter of the Admiral, was allowed essentially unfettered access to the Navy base, and we as good solid American high school students in the ROTC were also allowed the use of the Navy Exchange on base. One weekend in May, near the end of the school year, we were all invited to attend a pool party at the Enlisted Men's quarters on base.

The Quarters were located in what every American who has driven across the nation would immediately recognize as a Holiday Inn. One that was painted in drab red brick and military brown and with mil-spec signage instead of the familiar logos. Three floors of one long hallway with perhaps 20 2-man rooms a floor, each room laid out like a little extended stay hotel or college dorm. A kitchenette, a head and shower . Four or five of these buildings around a an Olympic sized swimming pool with surrounding tables and chairs and lounges, etc. There was also a sand pit with a volleyball net stretched across.

We arrived around 12:30 and found the party already in full swing. I had hitched a ride with Angela, the Admiral's daughter, because we just drove straight through the gate. Everyone else had to stop and sign in. I was in the back seat and my best friend at the time was a fellow named Gary, sitting in the front seat with Angela. For some odd reason, she had been hanging out with Gary and I, sophomores, more and more as the school year went on, ignoring Bishop and most of her other senior friends. (I found out later that it was Gary's huge cock she was hanging out with, we were just the k**s she had to deal with to get to it.) At the party, we were immediately ushered into the pool area as guests of honor, it's the Admiral's daughter! And she was hot with huge tits and a teeny bikini! We were handed fresh poured, icy cold beer from the several kegs the sailors had brought to the party and were well ensconced at a table full of these rowdy, boisterous sailors, all wearing nothing but shorts, flip flops and shades and hats, well before the ten or twelve people we were with got to the pool.

The guys around us were great fun, but after a few hours of the broiling Texas sun, grilling, drinking, smoking, swimming, playing volleyball, drinking some more, it wears folks out and there was an afternoon thunderstorm coming, so everyone began moving the party indoors. I was well d***k by this point, and just went with the flow. At some point, we were on the the second deck of the barracks playing a rowdy game of mini-golf in the hallway, everyone's room door was standing open and people were milling about freely, drinking and cussing like sailors. I was standing at the far end of the hall where there was very little foot traffic with about 3 sailors. They were telling sea stories about getting laid in all these exotic places and I was kicking the golf balls back down the hall when people missed the cups.

One of the sailors was an older petty officer, a Chief, and he was leaning in the doorway of his room at the end of the hall where we were standing. He was a black man, very well-spoken, very clean and very smooth. In hindsight, I can see how it went down for him, finding a nice, fresh one, subtly peeling him away from the pack, luring him into the room with liquor and then just happen to have porn playing on the TV. At the time, however, I was just following the flow which found me standing in the man's room staring at some very hot porn with a glass of whiskey in my hand.

I was tall, already 6'4″. I weighed about 180, just tall and skinny, and thoroughly d***k. I was wearing an Air f***e t-shirt and spandex biker shorts and as I watched the porn, my bulge became much more prominent through the thin, tight, lime-green materiel. I heard the Chief quietly close and lock his door. I should have been nervous but I was calm. Not only calm, but quietly excited. He came over and settled me into an armchair in front of the TV. There were two arm chairs with a table between that we used to set our drinks on but only one ottoman, so as he took the other seat, his feet came up and planted themselves right next to mine. So close that I could feel the heat from the soles of his feet through the tops of mine, but not actually touching. I was mesmerized by the porn and my cock was raging like it only can when you are young. I was now very aware of this man, this handsome black man, and how close his feet were to mine. The porn tape ran out and he jumped up to change it. He told me it is one he thought I would like.

The tape started, it was hot, but I have no recollection of what it was because as he reclaimed his seat, his feet came back, but now he actually slid his toes very slowly across the back of my foot. A rush shot through me, and my foot, of it's own volition, pressed back up against the bottom of his foot. I had never really fooled around before, sexually, and here was this beautiful man slowly, gently caressing me with his feet. The booze, porn and the subtle touches had my dick as hard as a nail. We sat quietly and watched the entire porn tape while erotically rubbing our feet together. When this tape ended, the Chief jumped up and slid another into the machine, but instead of returning to his seat he stepped up between my parted knees, his sweats bulging out in front of him. I was entranced by the sight of his huge cock pressed up against the cloth, the outline of the shaft and head plainly visible. He was talking to me the whole time and then it penetrated through the alcohol and lust that this big, powerful man was offering to give me a blowjob. Hell yes!

He was on his knees and his face in my lap in a flash. He didn't pull my cock out right away, he just put his mouth over the tight outline in my spandex shorts and blew. I nearly came from the heat and pressure. I moaned and gently placed my hands on either side of his head, not to guide him, just to touch him. I caressed his hair and ears and face as he pulled out my cock and gave me an incredible blowjob. He worked my cock like a champ. I had been just a deer in the headlights and here he was with his prey right where he wanted me, in his mouth.

All too soon, even as d***k as I was, I was pumping my hot seed into his mouth. He never broke suction, he worked out every drop of cum, moaning around my cock in appreciation when I started shooting off. My ears were ringing and my cock was becoming over sensitive but he wouldn't stop sucking. I tried to object, to pull his head out of my lap, but he just laid one big arm across my shoulders and chest, pinning me to the chair, and kept milking. He soon had me past the sensitive stage and once again I could feel the wonderful warmth of his tongue and throat. He had me rock hard and ready to come again. It seems like no time at all now but was probably a good 30 minutes of him just sucking my rock hard dick and soon I was ready to erupt again.

I leaned over and put my mouth next to his ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck me. Please. Please fuck me.”

He pulled off me and looked at me with a huge smile on his face. What the fuck had I just done? I had no intention of saying that! Why had I said that? Chief was already in action. He was opening and closing drawers and gathering things and taking them to his bed setting just a few feet away. I was still very d***k, but now my dick was terribly cold! It missed his hot mouth and demanded I get up and follow him.

He guided me to the edge of the bed and he leaned in close. “You want me to fuck you in the ass, boy?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” my mouth said as my ass screamed no. He smiled, put his hand on my shoulder and straightened. His cock was huge! I had only seen the outline of it up until now, but it was beautiful, a girthy eight inches of cut cock was inches from my mouth. I parted my lips and began to lean forward just as he jammed it into my face. His cock slipped past my guard and went all the way in. I gagged a bit as the head hit the back of my throat, but he pulled back and I began to explore his cock with my tongue. The skin was so soft and so satiny smooth on my tongue, but just underneath the surface it was hard, the skin sliding back and forth across that inner hardness as I jacked his cock while licking the head and shaft.

I was transported. Perhaps it was the the smell, man and sweat and cologne. It focused me only on the cock in front of me. A passion filled me and I knew that I had to service this wonderful penis as best I could. I began going further and further down the shaft, more and more of his cock filling my mouth. I was in a place where only this cock mattered, everything narrowed down to the huge cock slowly forcing it's way past my uvula and into my throat.

I was no longer in control. I had never been in control. He was holding the sides of my head as he sawed his hips back and forth, driving that cock into my throat. I had been u*********sly sliding away from the battering of my throat and was soon laying all the way across the bed with my head pinned against the wall. As I had retreated, he had advanced, so that he was now astride my torso with his big, black cock fucking my immobile face. I lost track of time, he fucked me fast and hard, then slow and deep for hours, or minutes, or maybe days before he suddenly pulled out of my throat.

I looked up at him, past his huge, dripping cock. He was staring at me with the strangest expression on his face. I panted for a moment to catch my breath, but he still made no move, just hovered over me, staring. I grew tired of waiting and lunged my face forward and caught the tip of his delicious cock in my mouth and started sucking the head and upper third as hard as I could. I quickly found out why he had stopped, as he let out a guttural yell and rammed his cock deep into my mouth just as he started spewing cum down my throat. I swallowed the first few shots out of self-defense so I could breath. He then pulled out and grabbed my jaw open with one hand and milked the last of the cum out of his cock and into my mouth. It had happened so quickly that I was still recovering from having a guys sperm in my throat and mouth when leaned down and kissed me, hungrily sucking his cum out of my mouth, fucking my mouth with his tongue while his hands lifted my legs up.

He placed the crook of his arms behind my knees and lifted my knees damn near to my ears and began rubbing his semi-hard, sloppy wet cock against my asshole. It felt dirty and nasty and so fucking hot. His mouth continued to ravage mine and when he began driving the tip of his cock harder and harder against my asshole, I started to moan and push back against it. Then, without warning or preamble, he drove his his cock straight into my ass.

I tried to scream but I couldn't draw enough breath against the pain. I desperately tried to squirm off of his giant cock, but he held me in against the wall and bed and just let it sit inside my asshole. The pain cut through the alcohol and lust and I began plead for him to take it out of me. He smiled and pulled it all the way out. Just as I began relax, he reached out and gathered up a little brown bottle. He unscrewed the cap and held it under his nose as he took a deep sniff. He then held the bottle under my nose. It smelled like model airplane glue and he told me to hit it hard and hold it. I inhaled and a headrush started. He jammed the bottle under my other nostrils and demanded I take another deep hit and hold it. He hit the bottle and put it away. An indescribable feeling poured through me. I felt him slide the head of his cock across my tight little hole but this time, I was looking forward to the pain.

He f***ed his cock into my ass again and this time I welcomed it. I pushed back and he pushed forward and then he was completely in me. The feeling was heaven. He pulled out and I immediately felt the loss but then he slammed it back in and I nearly came from it. My eyes rolled back as this older, stronger, black man fucked me like a girl, face to face and slowly, lovingly kissing me as he plowed me a new pussy. He reached between us and began playing with my cock and balls for hours, or minutes, or maybe days before he pulled out, rolled me onto my stomach and dragged me back until my knees fell off the bed and my ass was exposed to the cold air of the room. He then roughly f***ed his huge cock back into my abused anus and began to power fuck me, stopping and making me take popper hits every little while.

The pounding continued and then he slowed and came to a stop buried deep in my ass. I now knew what he was doing. He was on the brink and was trying hold off. I started squeezing my ass like I was working out a king-sized turd. I just sat there and quietly milked his dick with ass muscles I never even realized I possessed. He slowly leaned down until he was laying on my back, and he slid me up the bed until I was full on it, and he on me, his cock never leaving me. His tongue and lips started working my most sensitive of erogenous zones, my ears. I moaned and milked and he licked and slurped, and ever so slowly we began moving together, very subtly, in time to the contractions from my ass.

He suddenly let out a yell into my ear, bit my earlobe and slammed his cock into my ass savagely as he pumped his hot seed directly into me. I was blissed out and then he jumped up, rolled me onto my back and slid my cock into his mouth. He only had to pump it a few times before I was shouting and spraying his throat. He just moaned and voraciously gobbled up every bit of come. While he was doing this, I was fading away. All the days action had worn me out.

He roused me and made me put my shorts and shirt back on and sit in the chair before passing out. No one needs having a d***ken, naked high-schooler found in their bed. I woke up a while later with his sucking mouth once again milking my cock. It was probably close to 2 in the morning and all the lights were off. My cock was so sensitive, and I was sobering up and the primary feeling that was filling me now was remorse and embarrassment, but his talented tongue was insistent and soon I came in his mouth again. I pretended to pass back out just so he would leave me alone and it worked.

As he started to snore, I got up to pee and wash off my dick. My asshole was sore but not in a bad way. I looked in the mirror and the feelings of shame and guilt washed over me. I quietly slipped out of the room and down the stairwell. I went outside and I saw Angela's car parked nearby and I felt a bit of relief. It was unlocked and I laid across the back seat and passed out.