We, two couples, went to spend a weekend in a remote 1,500 acre valley S. of Sydney. I was with my cute, slim Lady and her friend, Jenny; a large, NSW Avon rep.

We were camped by a stream and, Sunday. mid-day my Lady, said, 'I'm going to have a sl**p. Why don't the two of you go and explore the stream?'

Jenny's guy was cleaning our kerosene lamps and setting up lunch.

None of the four of us had bothered to wear anything since arriving the day before.

I followed her friend up stream. Naked and behind a lot of wobbling flesh.

She found a place where the small stream dropped about one meter into the shallow pool below. Smiled. Spread her legs and fingered herself as she said, “He is fucking her of course. she and I have arranged this.

Come here, Keith.”

I came. Of course.

Deep inside her.

She soon was promoted to New York and on my next trip there, I called Avon NY. Found her secretary and Jenny and I met for a drink at an Irish bar. Followed by dinner and her showing me her NY apartment and her black, satin sheets.

She used talc under her still-hairy armpits, had a great, black pubic bush as we sat, both naked again and drank a bottle of French Champagne that was one of the many perks that company reps shared there as business gifts.

She grinned as she told me how my then Lady had plotted for she and I to fuck that weekend at the valley back in Australia.

“She reckoned that you'd be honorable and would chicken out. I'm glad you did not. For what we did was good and of course she opened her legs for my guy while were away upstream.

[Those were the days when most Ladies we knew were on the pill. And It was pre-AIDS times, too.]

I did not fly back to New York for some months. When I did, she and I met. But it was with her latest USA guy and me with a BA flight hostess and, you'd think butter would not melt in her mouth as we we four had a quality, fun dinner.

We all four later ended up in the bed with the black satin sheets.

My point?

Guys think they choose who they will take to bed.


Ladies choose who will be their next sperm donor or the male they will choose to go home with at the end of the night, don't they?