Made Love To My Neighbour Priya In The Rain

Hi I am Arjun from Varanasi. I am working as an analyst in a MNC in Kerala. I have been working here for last 2 years but I have not learned Malayalam yet, just know a little bit of it. Life was not so good here then this day has arrived. It was a normal day for me, I went to buy some eatables from a nearby small shop and I asked the shopkeeper in Hindi to give me some stuff. I saw a beautiful lady standing there having a hard time to make him understand in English to buy something. I again shouted in Hindi “Please give me my stuff, I am getting late” but he was busy giving goods to that lady. When the lady got the stuff, she turned back and asked me you speak Hindi? I said yes. Then she asked where are you from? I told her and asked the same. She replied I am Priya from Gujarat, We chatted for a while and she told, she lives nearby to which I said I live in the next lane then she went home and I came back to my apartment.

She was very beautiful; I guess she was in her early 30s. She had long black hair, very fair skin, black eyes, pink juicy lips, long neck, a broad smile and modern outfits, which can mesmerize anyone in this world. I didn’t want to leave, wanted to talk to her for hours but we were strangers. The shop was visible from the window of my 1 BHK apartment where I used to live alone, I love privacy, so I thought if I see her again coming to the shop, I will go and try my luck.

Two days have passed I didn’t see her but on the third day I saw her coming to the shop, I immediately went there. Bingo! We met again what a surprise.I started the conversation, how are you? She said I am good. I asked are you working over here. She said no my husband is working in a software company and I am just a housewife. I said you must be getting bored then, throughout the day. She said yes. She asked me, where do you work? I said I am a data analyst in a MNC. She said nice then we bought our stuffs. Her bag was very heavy to which I said I will drop it to your house, she said no I will take it. I said it’s very heavy and will drop it. I have good muscles as I used to go to gym every morning.

While walking she said I don’t love this place I don’t understand the language, no friends, I just talk on the phone whole day. My husband has to travel to Mumbai and Delhi for office work. I feel bored. I said same here. She was feeling good in my company, I cracked some jokes on our way to which she remarked you are funny Arjun. As we reached her house She invited me for a cup of coffee, I said sure why not. I went inside and enquired where is your husband? She said he will come late as the work load is more and he is the senior in the team then She went inside changed to a beautiful Punjabi dress and came back with 2 cups of coffee. I was feeling lost seeing her, I thought I love her. The only thought that came in my mind was that I want her at any cost. She asked hello? Are you there? I said yes I was thinking whether I have locked my house or not then we chatted for long and became good friends, we discussed our hobbies, my past relations, her likes dislikes at the end she gave me her number. After a long 2 hours of chatting I came back home and Jerked 3-4 times the whole night.

Next day I was sitting in the office and my whats app blinked I saw it was her. She wrote, Hi…I was so happy I wrote hello how are you? She said she is getting bored….I forwarded some jokes to her and she became happy and said you are very funny. I said I usually come home by 5 in the evening, if you feel bored just call me we can chit chat. She replied you are so good 3 days passed I didn’t get a reply, on the 4th day, I messaged her, hey! Buddy where are you? She replied after an hour, She said we went to my in-laws house, just came back and now my husband is going to Delhi for a week. I was feeling very happy, I thought whatever happens I need to get her in this week. I messaged if you feel bored come to my house… I will play guitar for you and winked. She said wow! you know how to play? I am very fond of music. I said yes I learned it in last 2 years here.

Next day was holiday. I got a call from her. She said I came to buy something from the shop thought of meeting you. I said wait there I will pick you up in 2 minutes. I got ready and went there. I took her to my flat. It was all messed up. I said sorry I didn’t clean the house. She said its ok I know how bachelors live. That day she was wearing sleeveless saare and tied it below her navel. She was very fair and her stats must be 34 30 34. She was looking miss universe in that outfit. I told her you are looking very beautiful, she blushed and said my husband never compliments me as he is always busy in work, for him work is his first wife. I said I wish! to which she smiled.

I said you sit here on the sofa I get you a cup of tea. Some playboy magazines were lying on the floor I peaked from the kitchen she stared at them. I came out and asked her to be relaxed. We discussed some random stuff for an hour, she told for last two years her married life was not good as her husband lost interest in her, I thought what an Idiot he is. I said your husband is lucky he got such a beautiful wife.

Suddenly rain started pouring heavily. She said she wants to go, I said wait till evening, it will stop and I will drop you home. She agreed and we thought of watching a movie. We were sitting on the sofa in between a romantic song came I stood up and sit on my knee and asked her hand to dance. She laughed and gave it. I planted a small kiss on her hand as a gesture, stood up and we started dancing. I kept my hand on her waist and her hand was on my shoulder. Suddenly lightening stroke very nearby with a blasting sound and current went; she got frightened and hugged me tightly. I embraced her completely into me. Tension started building in my pants; she came into senses and pushed me back.

I changed the topic I said let’s play guitar. I pulled the guitar and started playing a romantic song for her. Tears started rolling on her cheeks, she said nobody ever did this for her as she belongs to a very small f****y and her in-laws don’t treat her well. Her husband is a workaholic and very unromantic. I wiped her tears and put my palm on hers. She calmed down; smiled and said lets go to balcony and enjoy rain.

We went there she was enjoying with droplets of rain. She grasped some drops of water in her hand and threw on me and we burst out laughing. I hold her from her back from one hand and put some water on her face. Oh my god! She was looking so sexy. I got a hard-on. I stopped and started looking in her eyes and said I love you Priya! She closed her eyes and I planted a kiss on her lips. She started shivering and held me tight after 2 minutes she started responding.

We had a great kiss, sucked each other’s lips like anything then I pushed her towards the wall and started kissing her neck while exploring her bare navel. She became very hot and whispered in my ear I love you Arjun. I put one hand behind her head and pulled her hair and started kissing her lips passionately…she was sucking my lips and we were exchanging saliva. She started removing my t-shirt and I removed her saare, cold drops of rain were falling on our nude bodies and it was a huge turn on.

I pushed one hand inside her panty and started fondling her clits then I took her to the room and we lay on the carpet itself. I unhooked her bra and started pressing her round boobs they were perfect with pink nipples there was no sag and they were very stiff and soft. She was lying over me I got a bit down and started sucking her boobs and removed her black laced panty. She was smelling so good. We were too much into the act we forgot to go to bed.

She removed my pant and underwear and started playing with my tool. She grasped my balls in her hand pressed them and rubbed my cock on her stomach. I could feel the hot stomach on the edges of my manhood. My cock is long enough to insert from behind. She was lying over me, I parted her legs…her stomach muscles were touching mine and I could feel the heat. We were kissing badly and she said I am already wet and want you inside me Arjun. I put one hand from behind to her clits and started fondling her, in no time she started oozing out her juices….

I took my cock in my hand and touched her clits and rubbed her. She was blowing hot air from her mouth…I pushed my cock inside It was very tight. I put a lot more f***e and went inside, then I pushed a bit more and I was completely into her love hole. She was having a bit pain but soon it became pleasure and I increased my speed then I asked her to come in missionary position and I turned her and again started pushing my hard cock inside her. She came in between and I slowed down my speed, she hugged me tight and took me between her legs.

After few minutes I turned her backwards and lay on her, cupped both her boobs in my hands and started fucking her from behind in her love hole while kissing her neck, tension started building in my balls and I came with a huge spurt of hot semen into her love hole. I took out my cock and put some semen in her ass also. She got up and sucked my cock and cleaned it. I caressed her back with my fingers after sometime I got hard on again I took her to sofa and she came in doggy style I fucked her for next 15 minutes and filled her pussy with my love… That day I loved her for the whole night.