Lovely Looking Leah Lesbian Love #2

Lovely Leah and juicy Lucy practise ballet together – bare at the barre in Leah's bedroom
Slender sexy sweet tender tasty teens together – Leah licks Lucy's juicy slit for first time
Soon Lucy longs to stay longer at Leah, hoping to get more sexual practise at her foxy friend
Leah looks for advise from her dearest – he's abroad now, so she can only consult him from far

She talks to her elder sibling only on the phone once a week – back then no internet for chats yet
Sweet Pete likes the idea of Leah to invite Lucy over – for a long weekend, like at Easter holiday
She doesn't tell Lucy yet that she records everything of them together on his hidden cameras there
Shy sweet lovely Lucy falls for this tantalising sexy seduction – she easily convinces her folks

Leah longs for pundit Pete to think about the sweetest sexy seduction scenario to initiate Lucy
Leah calls long distance for long with him – she looks for his help in her first ever conquer
Leah longs to take control of Lucy's desires in making love – as Pete had made her his sex slave
Leah dreams of how she will present Pete her Lucy, when he will be back home for his Summer break

Luckily their mom is away all Easter – Leah can do as she likes and longs with her juicy Lucy
Luckily Lucy is very unexperienced in making love – Leah longs to try that tasty virgin pussy!
Luckily Lucy is still so young tht she easily falls in love with an experienced great girlfriend
Luckily Lucy never thought yet abourt boys – why would she anyway, as they can't do ballet well?

Leah loves to turn on and seduce juicy Lucy
Look at me Lucy, how I like it – do you sometimes also put a finger inside your pussy as I do?
Looking at Lucy, Leah slowly starts to finger her wet snatch while Lucy watches with big eyes
Love I can't look at it – you will lose your virginity if you go any deeper – you can't do that!
Look here, my dear – I am not a maiden anymore – watch how hot I will get from inserting a finger

Lucy looks carefully from close at the cute tiny tight teen cunt of Leah, slowly opening up now
Lucy watches it get wet from the delicate strokes of her (s)experienced foxy friend's finger
Lucy watches with amazement as Leah licks at her finger! – Leah moans: hmmm, it tastes so good
Lucy shakes no with her head when Leah offers her to taste – Lucy love, don't be shy – just try!

Leah loves the smile, which Lucy shows after tasting her honey's honey – hmm, I could lick you!
Leah opens her legs for Lucy – warm welcome – just kiss and lick me for more honey, horny honey
Leah smiles as she imagines how much Pete will love this scene of them – playing with his pole
Leah longs to be dancing again at it soon – wonders whether Lucy will want too to share that?

Leah loves to take the initiative to initiate juicy Lucy
Let me feel your fat twat – are you already a bit wet? – I long to make you also juicy, Lucy
Let me lick your slit as well, my sweetie – I will teach you the tasty interesting intimate 69
Let me get on top of you – I know what to do – you just imitate what I do you, my juicy Lucy
Let me spread your legs real wide for best access to eat you out, my beautiful brunette baby!

Leah licks (s)expertly the maiden love lips of Lucy, who gets soon juicy indeed – Lucy moans
Leah tries to stick her tongue as deep as she can in Lucy's virgin hot hole – tickles her hymen
Leah loves the sweet taste of her fresh love as she tongues her to reach new heavens of joy
Leah feels how juicy Lucy's twat contracts – as she comes first time in their tasty sixty-nine

Lucy tries to fight the waves and stay in this world – she tighens her grip of Leah's clit
Lucy feels how they are like electrically energized – short circuit through close connection
Lucy holds her firmly at her hips – she hardly notices how hard she squeezes Leah's ass cheeks
Lucy bites in her inexperience hard at Leah's thick clit – she can't help her enormous orgasm

Leah surfs her warm waves – keeps juicy Lucy coming at her flushed face
Leah squeeks – even Pete never bit her so hard there – it does send her way over the edge though
Leah squirts in Lucy's face – she didn't know how wet a wanton young woman can get from hot love
Leah softly as she possiby can keeps her wet lips pressing slighty at juicy Lucy's bare big clit
Leah knows that she can keep coming her juicy Lucy in her flushed face – oh, how she loves Lucy!

Lucy holds her hot love Leah tight, as they together ride their tides of their sexy sea of love
Lucy hopes she can stay forever at Leah – dreams dirty of being adopted as a sweet s1s suddenly
Lucy is all mixed up – fresh feelings, hot hormones seem to take over intantly all of her longing Lucy longs to stay forever locked with Leah in each others arms – kisses with both sets of lips!

Luckily the love story of Leah and Lucy only just starts to unfold for the eyes of our readers
Luckily Leah intends to keep me informed – and our friends who follow our sweet sexy stories
Luckily Leah loves to read back everything she shares with me – she is not only my fan in bed
Luckily Leah likes a lot to inspire me more for her forthcoming adventures in coming with Lucy!