Living With A Beauty Out A Night

“Aadhi, who are you with, on the phone this whole time?” I heard mom yelling out from in the kitchen. “Right, I will call you back and let you know” I hung up the call. “May be Aadhi has a girlfriend” Anu couldn’t wait longer before she turned me any red. “Haha very funny. How about we split the credit with your boyfriend who found me, his s****r?” I knew it wasn’t a great come back but it sure made people laugh. I know, I make terrible jokes at times. And then you know, she hit me with the remote and I ‘playfully’ fight for the remote where I can feel my s****r up a bit without, she realizing her little b*****r is a pervert. Well, it does work great for me. Though I am really fond of her ass and we have been, I mean, I have been perving on her ass all the way to school and back forth for almost two months now, I should tell you guys, she really does have the nicest pair of boob in town. So after the little innocent game of ours, we usually regain places, with me holding the remote. Today is not an exception.

“Stop it you two. Anu, sit properly” Mom does that often, when Anu sits all inappropriate in front of me or dad. You know legs wide, with skirts up to her knees. “Ma, I am staying at Akmal’s tonight. Is that okay?” I sipped my tea watching TV. “Why tonight?” Mom questioned without turning her head off from the TV. I knew, she is cool about it. Well, to be honest, as I, Raj, Akmal, Suresh and Vignesh are all friends; our parents are very close too. We visit each other’s houses on Diwali and other special occasions, although my friends will be staring at my s****r like hungry cows stare at grass. So, what I mean is, our parents are totally cool with we staying at each other’s. “Mom, its Saturday. Plus we get to discuss about the group project we will be doing next week.” I explained. “If you take a whole week just to discuss, I am wondering if you’ll be graduating when you actually finish it off.” Ugh I hate her at times for being sarcastic. And then you know I calm myself down saying “Oh, don’t worry. You will be getting a piece of that ass on Monday!”

So, mom said Okay and the get together was all planned out. The reason we are actually staying at Akmal’s is that his parents are away for the night. So we thought, we could have some fun at his. I said goodbye to mom and Anu, walking out with just my wallet and left the place. It was around half six in the evening when we got to Akmal’s place. Akmal had gone to do his prayers at the mosque, so we were waiting outside his house until he returned. I think we were a little too loud be standing outside someone’s house, though we though the house was vacant. And it turned out to be ‘not’. I almost jumped to my feet when I heard the door unlocking from inside. Akmal said his parents were away. What a jerk, we thought. Everybody stood over to the door to reason something with Akmal’s parents. It wasn’t his mom or dad.

It was actually his s****r. “Huh! At last I am seeing these faces” Fazmila, Akmal’s older s****r smiled and invited us in. I am just impressed. You know, I thought we are actually going to have a few hungry lads over in a room, talking about all the sex we couldn’t have. But then, the door unlocks and bam. A cute, pretty, hot newly married Muslim lady appears and you are awestruck. Fazmila s****r is a bomb, I was at her Wedding reception and I thought I would love to get married to that. Yes, that was like what? Eight months ago we say? Like I didn’t even know sex had something to do with your penis. Now I am just sexed up. Her face is so pale, that you can actually refer to the moon as her colour. And her eyes, perfectly placed right between her forehead and nose, it was sharp and pointy. I could so dive in to that and commit suicide if I was given the chance. Her smile made everyone go crazy. Like, fuck, why aren’t my penis attached in to her mouth?

She was wearing this very pretty yellow Kameez and it was perfectly shaped to draw all of her curves and edges to feast your eyes. And the way she had this black shawl wrapped around her head and the end covered the bits of her god placed them perfectly alright boobs, oh gosh isn’t she pretty enough? “Akmal told us, he is alone tonight, so we thought of accompanying him.” Vignesh was polite enough to explain. “That’s wonderful. Ugh, only if I knew that before morning. I wouldn’t have come all the way down to take care of my stupid little Bhayya.” I laughed even though it wasn’t funny. “Akmal didn’t say that you are here. Well, anyways he said he is at the Masjid. We’ll wait for him here. Great to see you too s*s, I mean.” I smiled at her feeling all awkward and not knowing what to do. “That’s sweet Aadhi, look at you, all grown and being sweet. Okay, the baby is crying. I will be back okay?” She rushed back in and I can bet none of us looked away from her or her beautiful tight ass in that Kameez.

And it wasn’t that awkward until we all turned to face each other and smiled like sex addicts. Then joined Akmal and we had to act like we were all disappointed not going to have fun being all alone. Come on, he can’t know we are actually perving on her own s****r. So, we walked in to his house and his room, I picked the corner of his bed and to rest my back on the wall, Raj sat in front of the computer to play NFS2, Vignesh and Suresh started to strike an awkward whispering conversation with Akmal, about how hot his s****r was. Akmal didn’t seem to object. He is not offended at all. I was just paying attention to what they were discussing about and I didn’t care to come up with anything. I am a good listener I guess. “Man, what has she become as? Is she for real?” Vignesh whispered like some kind of a horny old man. “Shh dude?” Akmal smiled and tried to keep them down. “Today is an awesome day. Don’t tell me you didn’t set this up for your best pals forever?” Suresh nudged Vignesh with that wicked comment. Akmal locked his door and threw a pillow at Vignesh jokingly.

“What do we do now?” I casually questioned; couldn’t being bore enough to sit around just looking at Raj playing NFS2. He didn’t even take a second, Raj turned to me and went like “Akmal’s s****r” and that’s it, the room just filled with laughter. After, a series of inappropriate jokes and a sequence of gaming, Fazmila s*s has just finished her cooking. We had a wash and were prepared to go face Fazmila s*s, the hot bomb for the day. We all got set at their dining table which did easily accommodate six people. Yes, Fazmila s****r decided to join us at the table. She seated right in between me and Akmal. I can tell the others were unhappy and jealous about it from the looks of them. So, we started having dinner and I don’t know what the hell gotten in to me; I decided give a little touch of her feet with mine. Just a little nudge and it will be like all an accident or unintentional. I have done that with my s****r. So, I casually stood to get the bowl of soup from the middle of the table and when I sat down, I was careful enough to move my feet a little further to touch her feet and just like two thin papers being rubbed together. I started feeling weird and nervous though she didn’t care to move her feet away. It’s nothing, just feet rubbing in no such intentions. Right!

So, it was when she finished her dining and got up from the table, our feet detached. She brushed her feet off mine for one last time. It was a very nice feeling, trust me or not. Her baby was sl**ping in her room; we all had a peek at the little one and complemented her on how the baby has gotten the good looks from mommy; was a little too much for boys of our age. But we didn’t know it accounts under flirting. It was around eleven, we were watching TV in the living. Fazmila s*s had already gone to bed with her baby. Fazmila s*s woke up I guess, she was wearing the same Kameez but without her shawl wrapped. May be she thought we are too small to notice but heaven those are extraordinary boobs. She opened her room door which was right across the hallway and walked past us tying her hair back. “Didn’t you guys sl**p yet?” She walked towards the bathroom and we couldn’t help but stare at her gorgeous butt wiggling and swaying here and there. “Watch, if the baby cried.” She disappeared in to the bathroom locking the door behind. We smiled at each other without saying a word and Raj gestured the measurement of her ass with both his hands.

We all waited for Fazmila to walk out the bathroom so we can stare at her boobs and ass one last time before we went to bed. There she is. Walking out, closing the door behind. We glanced at her with a smile and secretly watching her boobs bouncing up and down. “Good night boys.” She walked towards her room. “Goodnight s*s” We greeted and looked behind for the view of her unbelievably perfect ass. All the others turned back to the TV except for me. I was still watching her over like an idiot. I totally forgot she had to turn towards me before she closed the door to her room. She looked right at me and smiled with the door ajar. I awkwardly turned towards the TV and thank for not noticing anything guys. Akmal just turned the TV off and we walked in to his room.

You see, Akmal’s house has three bedrooms; one for him, another for his parents, and the other, occasionally used by his s****r and her husband. A room would only allow just two people to sl**p comfortably. So Raj and Akmal decided to take the master bedroom which belonged to his parents. And then Vignesh and Suresh occupied most the bed in Akmal’s room. I was given bedding on the floor in his room. Well, I never complain. So it doesn’t matter. Everybody was deep as sl**p when the clocked ran through 2 O’clock. I was not. I couldn’t just sl**p after that smile from Fazmila before she went to sl**p. And I can’t be calm when I know she didn’t lock the damn door. You know the door creeks when you close it and the baby might wake up. Then it’s like this weird feeling started running through my mind; like I was in some pain.

My boner was trying to prick out of my boxers like Wolverine’s knife claws. I started dreaming of all the naughty things I have ever known and as if I was doing them all with Fazmila. I couldn’t stop thinking of her. I had to get out of this and thought may be if I masturbated, I will be able to sl**p peacefully. I got up slowly and walked out of Akmal’s room. As soon I was outside and closed the door behind me, I looked straight up to Fazmila’s room. The door was still ajar. You know the door creeks every time you close and open the door that wakes the baby up. A narrow beam of light was flowing through the door crack begging me to enter. I walked up to her door and I felt like I am dying inside. But then I found myself very horny that I actually worked up to nudge the door slowly but steady enough to make the narrow space a little more spacious. I could fit in that space right to the dot. But I decided to throw my head in first to have a look inside. I can see the bed and she is sl**ping on her sides. I quickly pulled my head out and walked in to the bathroom. I actually had to pee with a boner.

I came out and walked to the door of Akmal’s room. It was hard to make a decision. I somehow pulled all the courage in the world and started stepping to hers. This time, I threw my whole self in, instead of just the head. My steps were soft as petals and my breath was calm as still water, though I could literally hear my heartbeat out. I walked closer to her bed. It was pretty dark in there but the night light just made it look so romantic and it kicked my mood up a little. She was sl**ping on her sides facing the baby in the cod while her ass was smiling at me. Fazmila, what a piece you are. I thought to myself. She was still wearing the same Kameez as before. I kept staring at her ass and squeezing my bulge through the sweatpants. I slowly ran my right palm over her body leaving an inch thin air between our contacts. She was so beautiful and he shape is out of this world. She never had to work out for that body and she never really needed any makeup to look pretty. This woman is a killer.

I became more and more horny watching a beautiful lady sl**ping tight right in front of me, exposing her beautiful body to me. And I was impossible to be controlled that I am very certain. I pulled my pants down a little and exposed my penis out. Boy, I have never done this before. And the feeling, I can never explain. I was scared but at the same time excited and very horny. I slowly started working my hand up and down on my shaft. I kept staring at her ass all the time. My throat was all dried up. I gulped a little saliva in, helping me out. I was kind of getting very close and I realized that. While beating my penis with the left hand I slowly reached my right hand towards her ass, I carefully raised the end of her Kameez which was covering her wonderful ass. I revealed her huge but cute butt which was only covered in her tights and for my luck, I guess there was no panty. I couldn’t be precise because of the bad lighting. Her ass was the most beautiful thing in the world. Of course I Love Anu’s ass but I have never seen her ass this close up. I was shaking vigorously. I was actually shivering with all the beating. I tried my best not to make any noise, not even my heavy breath. With all the sexuality inside the room, I came with no regrets. I spewed my sperm all over her ass covered in tights. A few landed on the back of her Kameez. I expected to come to my senses back ASAP. Well, this wasn’t very late either.

I slowly walked myself out of her room and almost had a heart attack. Vignesh has woken up. May be he wanted to use the washroom and realized I was missing. He was looking at me confused when I walked out from Fazmila’s room. He whispered “Dude, what the fuck you were doing?” I walked very close to him shushing him. “Nothing man, I swear to god.” I adjusted my limb penis through my pants. “Oh my, did you do it with her?” he gave me the naughtiest smile. “For fuck sake Vignesh” I answered. “Dude, come on, it’s just me. You can tell me.” He convinced me. “Okay, but please don’t tell anyone else.” I continued. “I just masturbated looking at her. That’s all.” I exhaled slowly. “Wow. Okay here is the deal. I get to do the same and you cover for me. No one will ever know.” He came up with an idea. It sounded like a plan. And Vignesh slowly walked in to her room. I waited outside the door covering for him. And then out of nowhere, I decided to have a look inside.

I shove my head in through the door. Even through the dimmed light, I could tell what was going on. Vignesh was sitting on the edge of the bed and was masturbating looking at her. He was so close to her and he was leaning a little to take a look at her boobs and then again he settled his eyes on her ass. He took as long as ten minutes to finish it off. He also spitted his sperm on Fazmila’s beautiful ass. Before anyone could know, he backed out straight. He came out with a grinning smile and slowly pulled the door back to where it was earlier on. We smiled and walked back in to Akmal’s room. “Dude, remember, never a soul!” I warned Vignesh and lay back on my bedding imagining the best thing I have done so far.