Living Like a Bull

Living alone in a city where you have come to work is exciting but it gets boring after sometime. the few initial months are fun, the whole living alone experience is very liberating and fun but only for a few months but then your daily life becomes monotonous and boredom takes over. You start search for hobbies but none come to rescue. Your mind wanders specially if you have a mind like me which thinks about sex 24 hrs of the day either you spend time masturbating or watching porn. Either ways you endup spending your load.well i digress, coming back to the story i go from one site 2 another browsing porn from simple girl on girl action to 3sum and then the next thing i know i see this video called please fuck my wife.after seeing the video i did masturbate to it thinking of how i would have fucked his wife, needless to say the fap session was fantastic, my load of cum splurged on the screen of my laptop and my keys.Well cleaning that mess story will take another blogpost so lets not get into that… Well this was not enough either so i went to have a bath and masturbated again.The video just made me so horny and turned on that i wanted to try that in real life. The video was about a hubby who takes his wife to a black guy to fuck her. I wanted to be the black guy, simply the thought of fucking somebodies wife in front of them did it for me. i just loved it and ofcourse i had made my mind to try it.

That video was in the cuckold category and thats when i first heard about cuckolding.

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