Living in Cockington part 21

I knocked on the door of my mother in laws bedroom and waited.
“Come in” she said calling out.
I opened the door and stepped inside ready to talk to her about what she had seen me doing the previous night, but froze when I saw Polly my mother in law sitting on her bed dressed in a black bra, panties and stockings.
She smiled at me and told me to shut the door.
As I closed it I then noticed Bob my father in law naked lying at her feet having his cock rubbed by Polly's stocking covered feet.
I stared at his semi hard cock as her feet rubbed and fondled him until she spoke again.
“So you like fucking other women than my daughter?”
“We have an open relationship” I replied
“Good then get over here and get your cock out” she commanded.
I made my way around the bed till I was stood next to her, Bob lay there with his eyes close just groaning softly as his wife continued to give him a foot job, and then I quickly undid my trousers and pulled out my cock.
Polly reached over and took hold of my cock and started to tug it.
“Oh it's a really good size” she muttered staring at it as she tugged me harder.
“Might be bigger than Bob's, it could fill me right up”
Bob groaned a little louder as she said this and I got the impression she was saying it just to tease him.
“Why don't you taste it?” I said
“I bet it gets bigger in your mouth”
Polly then leant in and opened her mouth and my cock slid in.
She moaned softly as her lips ran down my shaft and like a pro she took my whole length in one go till my balls were resting on her chin.
“Oh yeah” I groaned as mouth began to do amazing things to my cock.
I guess Bob needed to see what was going on because he opened his eyes for a moment and stared in amazement as his wife sucked his son in laws hard cock greedily before he quickly closed his eyes again.
Polly continued to suck my cock and lick my shaft for several more minutes covering every inch in her saliva, she even sucked on my hairy balls leaving drool just dripping off them.
After that I just had to get inside of her so I pulled my cock from her lips and stepped back.
“I think it's ready” I said smiling.
“Okay” replied Polly
Then she turned slightly to face me and opened her legs, I could see the black material of her knickers stretching across her pussy mound and reaching down I took hold of them in both hands and started to slip them down her stocking clad legs.
Polly then lay back and opened her legs wider to show off her trimmed bushy pussy.
“Stick it in me Peter, fuck your mother In law” she begged me.
I got between her legs and then rubbed my cock over her trimmed pussy, running it through the landing strip above her lips and then down her slit and parting those shaved bald lips.
“Oh” she gasped as my cock head pushed in and then she groaned as I thrust in more and I slipped into my mother in laws pussy.
“Oh Peter you are bigger” she moaned
“So much bigger”
Then I held her hips and started to fuck her, my cock slid in and out of her fairly wet pussy and Polly moaned at every thrust as I steadily fucked her.
She gripped Bobs cock as I fucked her and tugged on his now hard cock almost in time to my thrusts and groaned more as I fucked a little harder.
“Oh Peter, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me” she gasped
Her stocking clad legs lifted up in the air and I took hold of them as I pushed harder and deeper into her pussy, her hand tugged harder on Bob's cock and he too was grunting and groaning harder.
“Oh yes fuck my pussy Peter, fuck my pussy” she begged me more.
I looked down at my mother in law, she looked so much like my wife just a little older and her pussy felt so much like my wife's, it was like fucking an older version of my wife and I was really enjoying it.
“Oh Bob he's filling my pussy, filling me up” groaned Polly as I continued to fuck her.
After a few more minutes I decided it was time for another position, so I pulled my wet hard cock out of her pussy, flipped her over and got back inside of her from behind.
“Oh yes” she gasped as I slid back into her pussy.
My mother in law was loving my cock and in that position she could also love Bob's cock and leaning forward she took hold of Bob's cock and started sucking on it as I pumped my cock into her cunt.
Bob started groaning as his wife sucked his cock in time to my thrusts and was soon in heaven as I sped up my thrust.
“Oh yes” he groaned as his wife was kind of f***ed too take his cock deeper and harder into her mouth as I thrust deeper and harder to her from behind.
“Honey yes” he groaned more
I was now powering into her pussy and Polly was kind of stuck between my thrusting body and her husbands cock as we fucked both her holes.
She was groaning with a mouthful of cock and trying to breath but my fucking was relentless and Bob was loving his rapid blowjob and I guess finally it got to much because after just another minute or so I could hear Bob groaning heavily.
“Oh god” he said through gritted teeth.
“Oh god, oh god, oh GOD!”
He then let out a big groan and tensed up, Polly then began coughing and spluttering as he exploded in her mouth and he began pumping his sticky load into her mouth.
I finally stopped thrusting and pulled my cock out of Polly's pussy, she pulled her head up off her husbands cock and I got to see him blast one more cum load onto her face before he was done.
Polly rolled over, her face was covered in her husbands cum, it dripped from her mouth and dribbled down her chin, her eyes were blurry and red where she had almost gagged on his cum and she lay there gasping for air.
I then got between her legs and pushed my cock back into her wet pussy.
“Wait, let me catch my breath” she begged
but I was to eager and I quickly started to fuck her, I rammed my cock in hard and fast, I held her stocking clad legs up over my shoulders and Polly was soon groaning hard again as I fucked her senseless.
“Oh god Peter, oh god Peter, oh god” she gasped
I rammed her mature pussy as hard as I could, going balls deep giving my mother in law every thing I had until I could feel balls tingling.
“Oh yeah i'm going to cum” I groaned as I continued to thrust into her.
“Not yet, not yet” she gasped
“Oh god Bob he's pounding me so hard, so hard” she groaned
Bob was now lying on his side watching me fucking his wife, I rammed my cock deeper and harder holding onto her thin mature frame and then I felt my balls tighten.
“Here I go!” I cried
Then I pulled my cock out of her pussy and started pumping my load, blasting her bald pussy lips and thighs with my sticky cum.
I groaned as I emptied my load all over my mother in laws pussy and after blasting several big loads over her I finally stopped.
Then I rubbed my sticky dribbling cock up and down her landing strip wiping off the last bubbles of cum.
“Oh Peter” sighed Polly lying back on the bed.
Bob then leant in giving her a long hard kiss tasting his own cum that was still all over her mouth.
I then pulled my trousers up and put my cock away.
“So we're good yeah?” I asked.
my parents in Law looked up at me and smiled.
“Yes we're good” relied Polly
“But I will expect some more of that cock next time I visit” she smiled.
“I think that could be arranged” I smiled back before leaving the room.
After that I headed into the bathroom to wash up and Veronica wandered in half way through.
“Where have you been?” she asked
“Just taking care of something” I replied as I washed my cock.
“Something or someone?” she asked
“Does it matter?” I replied
Veronica then gave me a kiss and left the room, had I crossed the line? maybe, but I knew it was going to happen so I guess I just would have to make it up to Veronica some way.