Living Back With My Mother

As I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, I contemplated the sequence of events that has led me back here to my c***dhood bedroom. It all started when I lost my small building business as the recession hit, then my wife ran off with someone else when the house was repossess.
It was better for me to take my mothers advice and come back home than waste money on renting a flat. That’s basically why at the grand age of 38 I am back living with my mother, having my own room was a lot more attractive than sl**ping on some friends sofa also.
I stared at the ceiling again, wondering how many 38 year olds live at home with their mom now a days. I hear mom letting the water out of her bath, then the bathroom door closing, and her switching on the TV in her bedroom. Her house is very modest, just a two bedroom semidetached house that I helped her buy when times were good.
My mothers is now 58 but you could easily knock 10 years off her age at least, she is a good looking attractive woman , 5 foot 5 inches tall and with shoulder length brown hair that looked well looked after. Her smile instantly made you return one back but I can never remember her ever having another man in her life.
She still works in the same department store where she got her first job after my dad saw fit to walk out on us whilst I was still a baby. She is now in the woman’s underwear section and dresses accordingly to store policy, white blouse and knee length navy skirt, which she complains about as she is a little on the plumper side, not fat just well built.
I sat down at the table the next morning and mom had breakfast on the table ready for me. Over night, I seemed to have reverted back to my c***dhood, willing for mom to look after me. As I thanked her, I glanced over the table and looked at her and notice the fullness of her breasts straining at the fabric of her store policy blouse. There is no indication of her bra lines or anything like that.
I’ve always had a thing for older women, even having fancied my wife's mother and now I am looking at my mother in that same way, a sexually way.
“What have you planned for today?” She asked
“Nothing much, I have my stuff to sort out, that‘s about it” I replied
I think she is afraid that I will just vegetate all day in bed, which was a strong possibility.
“There some house work if you want; you can get the dyson out”
Mom stood up and went to the bathroom and I noticed her tan covered legs with her tight skirt stretching across her bum. When she came back, she was ready for work, make up applied and hair done. I must admit she looked quite sexy for my mother and she hugged and kissed me on the way out.
There must be something wrong with me when I decide to get the hovering done first but if it’s done, I have the rest of the day free. I do downstairs first then decide to do upstairs as well. It was when I entered my mothers room I felt a strange feeling of naughtiness come across me. I started to look in her drawers finding all sorts of nice lacy underwear,
sexier than a lot of my ex wife’s. .
There was a drawer of girdles and basques all with suspenders attached. She had quite a selection of suspender belts in all of colours and stockings that were mainly tan for work I presume. I particularly liked an emerald green suspender belt with black inset lace. I guess she just liked using them with stockings, as she didn't have any traditional tights that I could find.
I could not help but feel the lacy bras, knowing her 38 DD tits sit in these cups and felt the crotch of her knickers knowing that it has rubbed against my mother’s pussy. My cock felt like it was about to explode and I unzipped myself, just the feel of the cotton crotch on my cock end made me come, I was so excited. I watched as a weeks worth of cum filled my mothers knickers, hot creamy sticky cum covered the white cotton gusset.
Shit what have I done I thought to myself as I stood there with my cock in hand holding her knickers, wet with her sons seed. Quick thinking, I washed the gusset and dried them with the hair dryer before putting them back in the drawer; Just as well, I had plenty of time.
Mom came back from a full days work and started cooking our tea, why did I not think of that, I could have had it waiting for her. She still had on her works blouse and skirt and I could not take my eyes off her over our tea. Afterwards she changed out of her work clothes while I washed up and when she returned she kissed and hugged me.
“What’s that for” I asked
“You’ve done a good job with the hovering, that’s why”
Bedtime came and I was looking at the ceiling in my bedroom again with sexual thoughts running through my mind, listening to probably to my mother undressing in her room as the floor boards creaked.
In my masturbation fantasy, she was wearing black stockings with high heels and the lace and satin basque I had seen in her drawer. I could see her touching her ample breasts, cupping her hands underneath them, just as I came. I felt guilty afterwards wanking to my mother.
I remember trying to catch a glimpse of her naked when I was a c***d, but all k**s do this, don't they? This was different, I'm a grown man now and having unhealthy thoughts about my mom, this can't be good.
The next few days got a little easier as mom and I got a routine. She regularly hugged me, and we kissed with a quick peck on the cheek. We would have breakfast together and she would ask if I minded doing some jobs around the house for her. This morning she asked if I would do the washing for her, she had sorted the colours from the whites already for me and just to add my stuff to the piles as well.
“There is a bag, just put it in with the colours as it is, it has my stocking in, then hang them out separately on the clothes horse” She said
I was in masturbation heaven when I went in to her room, she did not try to hide any of her underwear in the piles of washing, her knickers and bras lay as she had sorted them.
It wasn’t long before my cock was squirting in to a used lacy pair of white knickers, wrapped around my cock thinking I was fucking my mother’s cunt.
I had time to recover while waiting for the first load of washing to finish and looked in this bag she had mentioned, it was all stockings, mainly tan but some black ones as well. The feel of soft stocking on my cock made my squirt again in to one while thinking about last nights masturbation fantasy.
There seemed to be an extra long kiss and hug that night when mom came back home after seeing her washing hanging on the clothes horse in neatly hung rows of stocking,, knickers and bras with two girdles.
“Let’s go out for something to eat,” she said
The pub is only a 10-minute walk and she didn’t bother changing from her work clothes as it was usually filled with workers having something to eat before going home. We sat in a booth side by side having our meal and she kept touching my arm and lightly patting me on the leg while smiling. I did the same back but I had a want, I wanted to feel her stocking leg and her suspenders.
We’d had three drinks each by the time we left and mom was feeling happy and giddy as the cold air hit us outside. She linked her arm through mine and put her hand in my pocket to keep it warm; we clutched each other’s hand and carried on back home.
We got through the door and took our coats off before she hugged me
“Thank you for tonight” she said
I was going to politely kissed her on the cheek but somehow she turned her head and our lips touched, she didn’t pull off, just the opposite I could feel her tongue parting my lips and pushing inside my mouth and her hand holding my bum firmly. Them she broke off
“Sorry I didn’t mean that to happen,” she said
“It’s alright mom, it‘s just the wine”
“It’s more than that,” She said as she ran upstairs
I waited a while for movement upstairs but it was silent, I knocked on her bedroom door
“Mom it’s me can I come in”
I pushed the door open when there was no answer; she sat on the bed in the dark room with her skirt and blouse removed
“Are you alright mom?”
“Sorry son, I tried to kiss you”
“It was nothing,” I said
My eyes adjusted to the room and mom, she had on a white slip covering her underwear and I went and sat next to her on the bed. I slipped my hand on to her back feeling the silky, smooth softness of her slip and rested my other hand on her leg.
She turned to face me
“What must you think of me trying to kiss you?”
“I liked it mom, I would like to kiss you now”
Before she could say anymore I kissed her mouth, just a little kiss first then again but longer this time as she responded back. I slipped my hand from around her back to under her arm, accidentally on purpose brushing against her silky covered breast.
I held my breath and waited for her to move away but she didn’t, feeling I had the green light a started to slide my other hand up her leg under her slip. The silky feel of her stocking and slip made me hard as I felt her chunky leg, she responded by kissing a little more f***efully.
Now on her stocking top, I could feel her suspender clip and bare flesh squeezing out over her stocking.
“I'm not sure we should be doing this,” said mom through a muffled kiss
“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.
There was no response just a will to kiss me again and her legs parted giving me better access to her pussy. I was now in unchartered waters here, but was pretty sure I could blame anything on the wine that we both had. I slid my hand in between her legs and grazed the front of her knickers with my little finger. Again, she made no effort to stop me. I started to rub very gently when she let out a little moan.
I was so nervous; I was trembling as she was gently moving her hips rhythmically against my finger now. All of a sudden, her legs gripped tight shut on my hand
“We can’t do this, this is wrong” mom said as she broke off kissing me
I pulled my hand from under her slip
“I so want to let you go further but it’s wrong,” she said again
“I understand mom”
“Let me change and I come and watch some telly with you”
She dressed in to a cotton top and skirt and still had her stockings on; she has never been a woman for trousers from what I can remember. That night I lay in bed again thinking how sexy my mother is and drifted off to sl**p with that thought in my mind.
I was rudely awaken with a bang and a spray of water hitting me, jumping out of bed naked I knew what had happened and ran down stairs to turn the water off. The cold-water tank has came through the ceiling leaving the feed in pipe to spray gallons of water over my bed. mom stood at her bedroom door in a lacy nightie as I came back up the stairs
“Are you alright son?”
“Yes I think so, just a bit wet”
Then I realized I was naked and standing in front of my mom, it was just as well the water fused the lights circuit at the same time. We looked at the mess and I found some boxers to cover myself up with. We did as much as we could and put as much of the wet stuff in to the bath for the night.
“I’ll take a blanket down stairs and sl**p on the sofa,” I said
“You can’t do that it’s too cold, come in with me”
I followed her into her room, and felt a little strange knowing what nearly happened in here only a few hours ago. It was when I got accustomed to the light from the streetlight in her room I notice how sexy her nightie was. Just long enough to cover her pussy and low enough to show her ample breasts straining at the two thin straps holding them in.
I was already under the covers keeping warm when she got in the other side facing me, moved in towards me, she kissed me on the lips and thanked me for looking after her again. She then turned to face the other way and backed into me slightly.
“Yon can snuggle up in to me to keep warm if you want,” she said
I lifted my arm and wrapped it over her, accidentally this time touching her big soft tit as she backed herself in to me. She let out a low purr of pleasure as she nestled herself in.
I could feel the heat from her ass and pussy against my slowly stirring cock. I didn’t know what to do; I knew it was only a matter of time before I had a fully-fledged hard on and nowhere to move it to.
I could feel it getting bigger and stronger between us, it was now starting to touch flesh
as it slipped out from the slit of my boxers and in between her ass cheeks. Mom gently moved slightly, allowing my cock to slid between her thighs and brush passed her lips as she let out a little whimper. I could feel her hairy bush sticking in to my delicate cock end.
I kept still as she adjusted herself and then started to grind very slowly against my hard cock, she surly know what she was doing to me now.
“Are you awake?” she whispered
I didn’t reply, I could feel the heat from her pussy on my cock as her movements picked up the speed.
Any thoughts of keeping it discrete had evaporated as her breathing started to get heavier. She then went a little too far with her gyrating and her pussy slipped past over the end of my now, rock hard dripping cock. She froze as my huge throbbing head became stuck at the tight entrance to her pussy.
It was her finger and thumb on my cock I felt next, gently stroking my shaft back and forth and making it rub against her pussy lips. I was getting more worked up as time went by, until I knew I was going to come.
Shit what do I do, too late as a twitch of my cock signalled the start of ejaculation. mom’s body shivered in response to my cock squirting hot creamy cum on to her pussy lips. I lay motionless as my cock spurted its good out and she kept wanking my cock on to her pussy. Squirt after squirt pumped on to my mom’s open lips, encouraged by knowing it was one of the most erotic things ever to happened to me, a mother touching her sons cock. Being masturbated by your mum is a feeling that I still find difficult to put into words.
My cock softened in a pool of cum at the entrance to my mom’s pussy and her breathing began to settle down too. I felt myself dropping off to sl**p as I always do after sex, still cuddled in with my arm over her.
It was light the next morning when I heard mom coming back from the bathroom
“Are you awake?” she whispered
I kept still and sneaked a look, mom was bent over, looking in her underwear drawer, her nightie ridden high over her ass cheeks showing her hairy pussy hanging down between her parted legs.
She turned around and I lay still as she pulled her nightie up and started to wrap her girdle around her tummy and fasten it up the side. Next was the nightie to be pulled off her
head, with her big ample tits hanging down, she scoops them up in to her bra before fastening it up.
Little did she know what affect she was having on me while I tried to pretend to be asl**p. She sat on the dressing table stool facing me and after rolling her tan stockings in her hand, she began to unroll them back up her legs. Six suspender clips held them up before pulling on a white pair of knickers, a casual dress was pulled over her head to finish off her dressing. Mom came and shook me
“Are you a wake yet”
I give a sl**py stir and a yawn before speaking
“I am now mom”
“Time to get up, we have no water remember”
“Ok I’ll just get dressed”
“I’ll go and start breakfast and phone work to say I’m not going in today” mom said
An old stopcock on to the burst pipe fixed our water supply for a cup of tea and I spent all day replacing the water tank in the loft. Mom spent her day trying to sort and dry my bedroom but the bed was sodden through and the hole in the ceiling would have to wait for another day.
It was getting late by the time I was finished
“I’ll put tea on if you want a shower,” said mom
When I came down she kissed and hugged me
“What’s that for”
“For being such a wonderful son, I wouldn’t even know who I could of call to help me”
We eventually managed to sit down after tea and I felt shattered
“Looks like we will have to share the bed again tonight” said mom
“I feel like I should be there now before I fall asl**p”
“I feel that way too but I need a bath first for my aches and pains,” she said
Mom went up first and I followed when I heard her in the bath, I lay in bed thinking of last night when she masturbated her son and nothing has been said about it today.
She came out of the bathroom wearing another short black lacy nightie with the bra cups struggled to support the weight of her fleshy breasts. The lace was thin enough to see her nipples surrounded by wide brown areoles and tonight she had on a little pair of black lacy knickers under her nightie. I'm sure mom caught me looking at her but she said nothing.
She turned away from me after about five minutes and on to her side, I snuggled into her and kissed her on the back of her neck,
“Thank for looking after me mom”
“Don’t be silly, that’s what mom’s do”
I put my arms around her, and gently stroked her arm, mum whimpered gently,
“That feels nice“ she said.
By this stage, my cock was pressing hard against the material of my boxers and with a gentle movement, it was now touching against mom's ass as I spooned into her.
I was waiting for her to move away, but she didn't. If anything, she pressed closer into me. I continued stroking her arm, accidentally brushing against her breast and she continued to moan,
“I haven't felt so relaxed in a long time” she said
My hand continued brushing against her breast, eventually spending more time on it than her arm. It was now or never as I pinched her hard erect nipple,
“Stop it, this feels wrong” mom reluctantly seemed to say
“I will if you want me to” I said before kissing her neck
“It’s so wrong,” she said as she squeezed my hand firmly on to her breast
I kept kissing her neck and I could hear her whimpering again, her hand pushed my hand around her breast in a slow circular motion. After some time she turned over and faced me, I stroked her hair out of her eyes and kissed her lightly on her lips.
Her hand fumbled with my boxers before finding the slit, as she grabbed my cock, it felt like a touch paper had been lit and had set off a mighty explosion of passion between us.
We kissed wildly and passionately for mother and son before mom rolled on to her back,
her breasts heaved up and down with her breathing and I caught a nipple in my mouth through her nightie. I sucked like a new born on my mother’s breast before moving down over her tummy.
Her legs parted instinctively as my head became level with her panties and I gave them a long suck on the thin gusset covering her fanny. I moved and better positioned myself down between her legs and started sucking her gusset again
I could taste her newly washed pussy through the fine material of her knickers and felt her legs trembling as I moved the gusset with my tongue to one side. The texture of her pubic hair was so soft and I loved that she didn't indulge in any of this new fad for shaving.
I probed through the bush before finding and licking her lips, they tasted so clean with just coming out of her bath. My tongue found her fleshy clit and I swirled it around occasionally darting my it in between her lips.
By the way, she was squirming on the bed and moaning, I could tell that she was enjoying it. She put her hands on the back of my head, pressed me tighter into her pussy and shuddered strongly as my tongue probed deeper in to her pussy.
I felt like I was in heaven and began to crept up her body, kissing her stomach and on to her breasts
As I suckled her nipple through her nightie, I massaged her other breast before slipping the thin lacy material off it completely. I looked at the large round brown area surrounding her nipple and started to lick and suck on that one. My mum cradled my head before releasing her other breast from her nightie and swapped me from breast to breast.
I eventually made my way to her face and saw little tears trickle from her eyes, I was worried I had hurt her in some way
“Are you alright mom, you’re crying”
“I’m fine, It’s just shocked me how I’ve miss a man’s love for so long”
I kissed her gently on the lips, little tender kisses that she seemed to enjoy
“Do you want me to stop mom”
“Oh no don’t stop now son, I want you more than ever“
“It might hurt if it’s been that long”
“It’s not sealed up if that’s what you mean, I do have a rubber cock to see to my needs”
The thought of mom having a rubber cock and fucking herself with it whizzed around my brain, I kissed her more passionately and she responded. I felt mom preparing herself under me and raised her legs up, causing her knickers to slip over her pussy lips.
My cock twitched and jumped, making it rub against the wet lace of her knickers, as I gently poked my cock against her. I could feel it pushing her knickers slightly further inside her pussy each time and she reached down and slid the delicate material to one side and guided me in at the same time.
That first thrust felt like nothing I had felt in my life, smooth and effortless but at the same time, her pussy walls grabbed my cock with friction. I didn’t want to hurt mom and took it very slow in and out, so slow that the effect on my cock made me want to come just after a few strokes.
“Yes I know, come in me”
I came, shooting my creamy load inside mom pussy, I just let my cock fill her up without any more thrusts. Her pussy clung tight around my twitching shaft as she moaned aloud.
“Sorry mom”
“Don’t be that was lovely and gentle”
We lay kissing and cuddling together before making love again that night, so lovingly and tender that lasted a lot longer this time before falling asl**p in each other’s arms.
I heard mom come back from the shower the next morning, pretending still to be asl**p I watched her get dressed just like yesterday.
Today she fished out from her drawer the emerald green suspender belt with black inset lace, matching bra and knickers finished off with black stockings, then covered with one of her dresses. She woke me up as she left the bedroom.
Unaware to know how she felt about her son making love to her last night, I was a bit hesitant when I went in to the kitchen but she set my mind at ease as she kissed me full on the mouth. As we sat at the table, she hitched her dress up slightly to sit down and showed off her black stockings.
“I’ve phone work to say I’m not going in today” mom said
Her hand squeezed my leg as we had our breakfast, brushing across the tip of my growing cock as she did. It was when she was washing up I kissed the back of her neck, she stopped what she was doing and whimpered. Slowly kissing her I started to pull the zip down on the dress, it fell to the floor where she stood, still kissing her, my hand moved over her bra covered tits and down in to her knickers. Her bush was soft and lips felt wet as my finger found her opening. Mom spread her legs to take more of my finger inside, then her wet hands came on to my crotch and fumbled with the zip, I give her a helping hand and undid my trousers for her.
She pushed back in to me so she was leaning over the sink with her ass in the air, she pulled her knickers to one side and I replaced my finger with my cock in her pussy. We fucked frantically and I held her swinging tits as we came together, squirting long and hard in to my mom.
Mom spun off my cock and dropped to her knees, taking my cock head in to her mouth to suck, it was wet with our love juice and her fanny fragrance. Needless to say, we did little work in my bedroom that day. The ceiling has been fixed for a month now but I still share mom’s bed with her. I may have lost my marriage and my business, but I'll always have my mum…

The End