Like A Virgin

Mary sat on the wall outside the nightclub. It was around the 15th or 16th or 17th or 100th time she'd sat on this wall at the same time every Saturday morning – 2 am. She was growing sick of tired of the same repetition – intoxication, flirtation, a fake smile enough to get fucked very quickly and then back to the dancefloor.

The difference this time was that Mary was feeling melancholy. She sat there smoking a cool cigarette staring at the crowds of people, feeling excluded despite engaging on the same level of hedonism as they, it was as if she'd crossed an imaginary line which mean the alcohol, the social atmosphere and especially the sex has virtually zero effect on her anymore.

As she sat there staring into the night sky a voice from behind her asked her gently, “Can I trouble you for a light?”

She turned her head over her shoulder, exposing her neck and the upper half of her small breasts that were tucked loosely into the low cut top she was wearing. The owner of the voice was a tall shadowy figure with short black hair and a dominant muscular physique. She looked around him unable to believe it was he who asked her so lightly, so effeminately and so softly.

Without uttering a word, feeling slightly vulnerable to something she couldn't quite place her finger on, she handed him her lighter and watched him light his cigarette.

She watched him pour his eyes over her slim body, her small tight breasts, narrow hips and long hair. A gush flushed down her spine, she felt a wetness develop between her legs as she tried to hold them tighter together.

She turned away, looking straight ahead, allowing him to leave. Feeling no loosening up of her immediate space, she turned again towards him and startled when she saw him begin to sit down right beside her. He smiled and flicked his cigarette onto the floor. Mary knew what was coming and was ready to reject his advances, for she could anticipate a plunge deep into despair after being fucked and used as a receptacle for another mans come.

She felt him reach into her hand and take her cigarette. Unable to respond she simply allowed him to continue, curious about his next move. The talk dark muscular figure, wrapped his broad, strong arm around her waist and pulled her near. She drooped her head onto his shoulder and by her submission encouraged him to continue. After pulling her nearer, he began to kiss her gently on her neck, nibbling her ear and tickling her waist.

She pushed her hand onto his chest and felt the bulge of the muscles beneath. He was strong, muscular. With his large hands he brushed the hair from in front of her eyes and ran his finger down her lips, down her neck and put his palm flat onto her chest. His large, coarse fingers coursed slowly inside her bra and rubbed softly her erect, sore nipples.

With the other hand around her waist, he lifted her up and placed her on his lap. She pushed her ass onto his bulging manhood which she felt throb with excitement. Mary had a rather sizeable arse which was firm and well rounded. Every time she grinded on a cock it would immediately intensify, that is unless it was not the cock of a d***k fat slob who usually had his way with her. The strangers thick fingers slowly traced her thigh, gently rubbing her soft skin until, moving upwards towards her hips, they were wrapped around her underwear.

He ripped her panties off, began furiously rubbing her wet cunt, which began to drip with her love juice and she moaned into his neck louder and louder as the fingers and palm explored more and more of her moist pussy lips and clitoris.

Mary couldn't stand the pleasure. She felt ecstasy pouring down her spine, feelings of euphoria flushing through her body, her nipples sore from their erection and rubbing the inside of her bra. Her wet pussy throbbed and was widening and widening as if it was calling for her cock. She gripped her panties, shoved them in her bag and looked him deep into her eyes.

“I want you to fuck me, right now” she whispered into his ear.

Without even registering her statement he picked her up, wrapped her legs around his waist and led her down into the alleyway. He pushed her against a wall, and unzipped his trousers.

Before Mary could say anything his cock was nudging the inner walls of her wet cunt. She gasped, reached down and wrapped her fingers around, barely reaching half way around his throbbing brown cock. Aligning it up with the entrance to her red, hot throbbing cunt he slammed his pelvis forward, his hips smashing her fat wet ass. Mary inhaled with pleasure. She could feel her vaginal walls wide, hot spasms rushed through her body, from her stomach down inside her pussy and wrapped themselves around his cock.

Barely able to breathe she could only quiver and try to control her breathing as he continued to ram her harder and harder; each time he thrust he was going deeper and deeper until she began to scream. Her hands were wrapped around his bulging biceps which were contracted as he held her by the waist, using as leverage to fuck her harder and harder.

She could feel the veins on his cock pumping bl**d down his shaft which seemed to only grow and grow each time he pushed inside her.

Rather than opening wider and wider, she felt a suction occurring inside her. She began to contract her vaginal muscles until they wrapped around his cock, suffering her more and more pleasure. Pain began to flow beneath her stomach. She felt like she did the first time on her 16th Birthday.

Fluid began to flow down her leg, coupled with the pain she felt as though her virginity was being taken from her again. Being fucked this deep and hard hadn't happened for a lifetime. She was desperate for him to stop but the whore in her wanted his cock more and more; for 10 years she hadn't felt such thrusts, such deep entrance into the sanctity of her feminine haven.

Suddenly, as his shaft relentlessly pounded her pussy more and more, she could feel the growing sensation of ejaculate intensifying inside her. She wanted to tell him but could only mouth the words behind his ear: “I'm going to come”. Unable to see or hear her he kept pounding and pounding. Mary couldn't take it, the sensation was too much; she began to quiver, her legs became weaker and weaker. He pussy muscles expanded and contracted; her pupils dilated and her small tits got stiff. As he moved in and out of her pussy continuously – completely oblivious of her battle with this flowing gourd of pussy energy growing behind her womb – her legs straightened, her back arched and every muscle in her body tightened. She inhaled deeply, and yet still the stranger mercilessly and furiously pounded her cunt, the pain was being swallowed by the pleasure.

It was growing and growing. Rising and rising up her breasts to her mouth and back down her spine, the flushes flowed down her body – intense orgasmic energy poured into every muscle and bl**d vessel inside her body. Still he kept pounding; still water crept down her leg and she produced more and more love lubricant.

Soon she could feel the climax coming and the pussy she had used over and over and over again; the pussy she had thrown around the night now felt like it was being used for the very first time. She came, tears ran down her face, she felt lifted towards the light of the moon and exhaled the energy that was unable to find a way out within the juice of her come. She flopped around his muscular figure, completely devoid of energy and feeling the ecstasy of the first real orgasm a woman has ever felt running riot through her body.

The stranger, aware of the fact she had just come onto his cock and that she was unable to continue, slipped her off his huge throbbing dick and carried her back to the wall where they first met. He sat her down next to him, put her head into his neck, wrapped his arm around her. He kissed her forehead.

“Thank you”, she whispered into his ear.

He lit two cigarettes, passed her one and smoked the other. They both inhaled the smoke deep into their lungs and kissed. Eventually he departed and Mary went back into the nightclub to meet her friends. She could still smell the come that was flushed from her cunt, she could smell it's sweetness and warmth. She smiled.

Mary felt happy again.