Leslie Loves Sneaking Sex

Leslie, (from the blowjob story) was a really hot girl I met in high school, dated some much older guy during her first year in college but for the upcoming second year of school had broken up with him. For the second year she was moving into an apartment near me with her long time friend Sue.

The first day we moved in, Leslie called me and I invited her and Sue over to my apartment for a few drinks. Sue hit it off with one of my roommates and Leslie asked me to go back to her apartment. She clearly wanted to finish what started a over a year earlier and when we got back to her apartment, wasted no time ripping off each other’s clothes and jumping into bed. We fucked all night and from that point on we were in a very steady relationship, seeing each other several times a week and fucking on a regular basis, especially weekends.

One thing I learned about Leslie was that she was willing to occasionally have sex in positions where we could potentially get caught.

During our hour and a half drives back to our home town, Leslie would inevitably get my cock out and suck it while I drove. This certainly made these trips enjoyable. She’d giggle as cars would go past knowing she was sucking my cock and she could potentially be seen.

Even though the apartment she shared with Sue was a one bedroom, Sue was cool and we’d drag a mattress into the living room at night and sl**p and fuck out there while Sue had the bedroom to herself.

One night I called and said I’d stop over later for a brief visit. Sue was studying in the bedroom with the door open and Leslie was studying in the kitchen in her robe. I had to cut my visit short since we both had a lot of studying to do. I started kissing Leslie in the kitchen and she leaned me back against the sink pressing her body on mine, feeling my hard-on. Suddenly, she took her robe off and was completely naked underneath. She squatted down and quickly unzipped and unbuckled my pants to drop them down to my knees and proceeded to devour my cock and almost frantically blowing me like she was hungry and starved. I then grabbed her head and started face fucking her which she seemed to get into. This went on for a bit and I finally blew a big load in her mouth which she took, sucking and swallowing every drop as thoroughly as possible. Then she got up and gave me a hot French “good evening” kiss. She grabbed her robe, put it back on and yelled out to Sue, that I was leaving. I was ready for studying now!

Another time we were at her house swimming in the pool and pulled of a fuck in the pool when her parents went inside for lunch. A few months later, after a cookout at her parents’ house and some swimming, later in the evening her parents went to bed and were in the living room watching TV and still in our swimsuits. We were both incredibly horny and just started kissing, and then I got on top of her and slipped my trunks down and slid her bikini bottom sideways revealing her wet pussy. We started quietly fucking on the couch while her parents were a short distance away in their bedroom. The risk was they could come out at any time to the kitchen and catch us. However, we successfully managed to pull off a quickie in the living room. This was perhaps even more satisfying sex than usual due to risk.

One day, she got an anonymous note under her door which she showed me. Apparently we were somebody's entertainment. Since we'd sl**p in the living room during my overnight fuck visits, the curtains on her window couldn't fully close due to a hanging plant in the middle of the curtains. Her apartment was on the third floor and someone in another building on a higher floor was watching our fuck sessions through a telescope. From that point on Leslie decided privacy was a better policy and asked me to move the plant.