lesbian love

I was so excited when my parents told me they were going away for the
weekend. My best friend Rayna was comming over for the weekend, we had so
much planned.
Rayna arrived early, looking even more beautiful than ever. Shes got
long brown hair, and blue eyes, she stand at 5'6″ which is one inch taller
than me. I greeted her with a hug, and took her stuff downstairs. We
quietly whispered about all the things we were going to do, smiling and
Finally, my parents announce that they were leaving, and we were
overjoyed! We said good bye, and after they were at least down the block we
ran downstairs, and I popped in a video that we had borrowed from a
friend. It was a porn, of course, this was not my first time watching one,
nor my first time watching it with Rayna, but it was the first time we had
accually agreed to doing some of the stuff on the movie, just to
The movie started, after a few minutes I could feel myself get wet. I
started rubbing my pussy through my shorts, and noticed Rayna was doing the
same. So I suggested that we take off our cloths, and we did. As soon as I
saw Rayna take off her top, I was in love, her perfect breast, with perfect
erect nipples, they made me even more wet than I already was.
After a while, I was no longer watching the movie, I was watching
Rayna. She was sliding her fingers around her perfect cunt, and it was
making me so horny.
“Rayna, you are so fucking gorgeous, and I want to eat you out so bad”
I said to her, so suddenly, I couldn't even believe it. At that point she
opened up her legs so much, I could accually see her clit.
“You don't know how long i'v been waiting for you to say that” she
sighed, and at that point, I was down on my nees right between her legs,
eating her out like there was no tomorrow. She began to moan, and had her
hands on my head. She started to quiver, and let out a really big moan. Her
juices spilled out onto my face, and I licked them up, making sure I got
every last drop, and sticking my fingers into her hole, trying to get more.
When she was done orgasing I got up, and strattled her, and than
kissed her hard on the lips, fondling her breasts in my hands. I grinded my
hips, rubbing my pussy against hers like I had a dick. She moaned loudly,
and soon, I was moaning too. We did this for a long time, because it felt
so good.
I climbed off of her, and sat beside her on the couch, fingering her.
She slid down, and opened my legs, and starting licking my pussy, she
flickered her tongue on my clit, making me moan in pleasure. She stuck two
fingers in my hole, and began fucking me with them, I bucked my hips to the
motion of her fingers. I soon began to orgasm, and she licked up all my
We did this for about 2 hours, and than got really tired, before we
went to bed, we kissed eachother good night, and than fell asl**p.
When my parents came home, they asked up how our weekend went. We
said it was fine, and smiled at eachother. We both new, it was more than
fine, it was amazing.
Me and Rayna have been fuck buddies ever since.