Learning From Emilie

— Learning From Emilie —

Early one Saturday morning I was standing at the bathroom sink in our government quarters brushing my teeth. My father had awakened me earlier than usual, getting ready to go on an overnight guard duty assignment. Once he'd left, I decided to go ahead and get up early, get cleaned up, maybe go out for a nice motorcycle ride.

There was a movement at the open door and I turned my head, toothbrush still in my mouth, to see my stepmother Emilie walk into the bathroom. That was unusual enough, because she was usually quite careful to respect my privacy. But it was even more unusual this time .. because she was completely nude!

I stood there staring, frozen in shock, unable to do anything but let my eyes move up and down her voluptuous body. I was quite surprised actually, to see how curvy her figure was: her full hips and remarkably narrow waist, the neatly trimmed red triangle of hair surrounding but not hiding her vulva, and her wonderfully full high breasts with surprisingly small nipples. I'd never seen her naked, and had no idea of how different she would look completely naked .. or the sensuous impact her body would have on me.

“Oh, I'm sorry .. I thought you were your father.” she calmly said, turned, and walked back down the hall, leaving me standing there, drooling toothpaste down my chest.

I hurriedly finished my morning routine and left the house. It was Saturday, but my father was at work. I was still quite shaken up by my first view of my very attractive stepmother naked and needed to get my thoughts in order. I'd only been living with them for two years at the time, and was still trying to get used to living with a sexy young German woman only 10 or so years older than myself!

I returned later that day, and my stepmother seemed her normal self .. and of course now she was dressed as she usually did during the day. She joined me in the kitchen where I was getting a drink of water and casually said “I'm sorry to have surprised you this morning.”

I shrugged, having decided just to treat the incident as if it were nothing .. despite my having fantasied about and leched after my stepmother for the past two years since I'd first joined my father and his new f****y. “That's okay, Emilie .. I understand it was an accident.” I gave her a casual smile, trying to be cool. “I guess there's a first time for everything, huh?”

She looked at me and I saw her expression change from an apologetic one to one more thoughtful, curious even.

“Do you mean the first time you've seen me naked?” she asked, smiling teasingly. “Or the first time you've ever seen ANY woman naked?”

I blushed; damn, I didn't mean to let her know that! Here I was trying to be cool, and I'd just revealed I was the most inexperienced ignorant teenage guy in the whole world! Here was this sexy beautiful erotic German woman, not that many years older than me .. and I was looking like a total k**! I shrugged to myself, well, hell, I might as well just be honest. She'd always been very kind and understanding, always careful about my feelings. Perhaps she had something to contribute to my dilemma: a hugely horny teenage boy, with absolutely no experience with sex, living with such a foxy woman!

I grinned sort of sheepishly and replied, “Well, yeah, the first time ever.” I tried to look a little sad, going for the sympathy angle. “It's not like I get that much practice or experience with girls, you know. Heck, I haven't even had a girl friend!”

Emilie nodded: she knew that, and had even talked about me and the difficulties of trying to find someone compatible in our very small American housing area. There just weren't that many eligible girls living there, the other girls at the high school we all attended all lived on the other side of the city, too far away for any sort of relationship. And besides, none of them were really interested in me either!

“Well, I'm sorry things didn't work out with Elizabeth,” she said. “I had hoped she would be more .. friendly.”

I remembered that: Emilie had found me reading “Lady Chatterley's Lover” that my father had brought home. I hadn't thought anything of it: I read everything that my father brought home; it saved me a trip to the library, and he'd often accidentally introduced me to some great literature and history! I had been having a hard time working out the relationships in the Lady Chatterley book, especially the British social things with which I wasn't accustomed. The sexy parts, of course, were very interesting indeed, even if mostly from the woman's point of view.

Emilie had looked concerned when she discovered what I was reading, and within the hour had a serious chat with me about it. “I think you might be too young to be reading that book,” she'd said. “It's very adult, and many think it might be pornographic.”

I'd disagreed with her. “Well, I think it tells an interesting story, how a young married woman in an unsatisfactory marriage manages to find happiness in an affair with another man .. even if the man is just a groundskeeper, an entirely different class I guess.” She nodded, and I remember thinking how decent she was to have an honest discussion with me about this issue, instead of just ordering me to hand the book over, or telling my dad. “Besides,” I added, “where else am I supposed to learn about love and romance and sex? Those detective magazines I see the other guys passing around sure tell some different stories!” In those days, those sordid magazines with their graphic covers with half-naked victimized women and threatening gangster men were about the only reading material available, to adults or teenage boys! Remember, Playboy Magazine hadn't even been invented yet!

Emilie had sighed and nodded. “Well, I suppose that's true.” She'd smiled a little, “Those magazines really are horrible, aren't they?” That was another new thing from this surprising woman: not only had she read “Lady Chatterley's Lover”, but she knew about detective magazines too!

Nothing more was said, and I was able to finish the novel. My father never said a thing, so I supposed Emilie hadn't mentioned it to him. But, being the smart and worldly European woman that she was, she came up with her own attempt at a solution.

Within a week I'd come home, to find Emilie having tea with a very attractive young British girl! We were introduced: Elizabeth was only two years older than me, and was in Germany doing work as a tutor in English for German couples in the city. Emilie had assured me that Elizabeth thought that riding a motorcycle would be very exciting, and just coincidentally I owned and regularly rode .. a motorcycle!

Well, we had a nice chat, and I later took her for a nice ride on a beautiful spring day out through the country. She enjoyed it, and it was very nice to feel for the first time a healthy and buxom young lady snuggled up behind me with her arms hugging me tightly. But when I returned her to her tiny apartment, I was politely thanked .. and not invited inside for a rolicking afternoon of exuberant sex! So much for my imagination and wishes: those two years difference in age, and Elizabeth's plans for finding a nice wealthy officer to date and perhaps marry, spelled ruin for my own horny plans. It didn't take much street sense to understand a teenage American k** with no money, no car, no real sophistication, wouldn't have much of a chance.

A few days later Emilie had sat down at the dining room table where I was having my usual breakfast cereal. She asked me how Elizabeth and I were getting along, and I resignedly explained my conclusions. But I thanked Emilie for her kindness and how much I appreciated her trying to help me out.

And nothing else had been said about Elizabeth. Still, I'd appreciated Emilie's thoughtfulness, although I didn't share my humorous thought: how like a practical German mother, even a stepmother, to take a practical approach to having a horny inexperienced teenage son: try to provide him with a young woman for his first lay!

I brought my thoughts back to the present, to find Emilie still standing there, her eyes thoughtful. She gave me a contemplative look.

“Has your father had any talks with you? You know, about women, sex, that sort of thing?” I shook my head, “No .. I guess he feels I'm educated enough about those sorts of things. Besides, no matter how much he and I might talk about things, it's not the same as me actually finding a girl to ..” I blushed, “Well, you know, go with, date, maybe, you know, make out with? That sort of thing?”

Emilie nodded, “I understand.” She sighed and shook her head. “I told him to have a talk with you. Not about the ordinary things, you know, how men and women have sex. I suppose your school has taught you about that, yes?” I nodded; yes, they had, although it was pretty sketchy, clumsy, shied away from any graphic details, and had been marred by the juvenile attitudes of my fellow teenage boys.

“I wanted him to teach you the important things,” she continued, “how a man excites and pleasures a woman, how they pleasure each other! The sex is simple, any peasant can have sex, but to find real pleasure .. that is not so simple.” She shook her head, “Your father is very good at these things, actually.” I could see her blush a little as she continued, “So I am disappointed he did not share his .. experience with you.”

She gave me another thoughtful look and said, as she turned away to return to her housework, “I must think about this.”

The rest of the day went normally enough. I had some schoolwork to do, I spent a little time with some friends over at our teen club. It was awkward being around my stepmother, although everything was perfectly proper between us. The image of her naked body and her calmness as she spoke to me and then turned to leave the bathroom that morning was still very bright and clear in my head. But she continued acting as if it had never happened, and I had to take my cue from her. It had been an accident after all, I kept reminding myself. I should just be happy I'd gotten to see her like that! What an amazing, surprising, wonderful treat! Not everyone had a pretty and sexy young stepmother like Emilie, I reminded myself, and smart and thoughtful too! I again congratulated myself on my good fortune at getting to live with her and my father.

Supper was just with me, Emilie and my s****rs; my father wouldn't be back until the next day. Guard duty like that wasn't uncommon; at least it was only for the one day and night, not an extended field exercise that his unit also frequently went on.

Emilie sent my s****rs to bed a little early, and then I heard her taking a shower. I was in my bedroom reading, already undressed and under my sheet, when I heard the door open. I looked up to see Emilie entering. I saw she was wearing a familiar nightrobe belted at the waist, with her full breasts filling the thin fabric, barefoot, obviously naked underneath. She smelled of soap and shower, and just a hint of perfume! Smiling, she sat down the edge of my bed, a slim attractive thigh revealed as the robe slid away from her legs.

Turning, she gently removed the book from my hands and, leaning over, surprised me by putting her mouth to mine and giving me a soft kiss. I couldn't remember Emilie ever kissing me like that before!

“I don't think you're being properly educated about women and sex,” she said. “I've been thinking about this a lot, especially what you said when I thought that book, 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', was too mature for you, that where else could you learn about relationships and sex .. those ridiculous detective magazines? I think you were right, it's very difficult for you to learn these things by yourself. And I didn't want things like when I walked into the bathroom this morning and surprised you, a thing as simple as seeing a naked woman, to be upsetting for you.”

She smiled at me as she casually untied the robe's waistband and pulled it open, revealing her full breasts with their wonderfully exciting nipples. “So I've decided that I will show you myself.”

I'm sure my jaw dropped; I was absolutely surprised by this unexpected display.

Emilie continued, watching as my eyes stared at her naked body. “I was hoping your father would do this, it would make more sense for him to give a man's view and experiences.” She shrugged, “I was even willing to let him use me as .. as a sort of model, you would say, so he could show you with my body everything you needed to know about a woman, about sex, about having pleasure.”

She shrugged again, “But he hasn't, so I will do this myself!” She paused and then continued, “But I don't want to upset you. If you are all right with this, I will show how a woman is made, how to touch her, what she likes, everything you want to know.” She glanced down at her body and then met my eyes again. “And this is between you and me, none of your father's business, so you should not worry about him.”

I swallowed, took a deep breath (probably my first since she had opened that robe), and nodded.

Smiling reassuringly, she stood and removed the robe, turning gracefully to d**** it on the chair by my dresser, and giving me a chance to stare again at her completely naked and wonderfully voluptuous body, those wonderful breasts, her remarkably slim waist, full hips, the graceful thighs .. and the red triangle of hair, clipped short, closely trimmed around her vulva, not hiding a single detail of her exciting sex!

Then, returning to my narrow single bed, she reached up to my waist and pulled the covers off my naked body. Intentionally she looked down and then up my body, letting her gaze linger on the rock-hard erection that had instantly sprung up in my groin, telling me without words that neither of us had anything to hide now.

“Sit up now, and I will show you everything about me,” she said softly as she reached out and squeezed my hand.

Then, with the two of us sitting naked on my bed, she showed me in detail all the parts of her body, focusing on the erogenous zones, especially her genitals and breasts It was fascinating to listen to her accented voice as she lifted a foot up, raising a knee and spreading it, revealing and describing the intimate details of her vulva. I stared, totally focused, as she used her finger to spread her labia, naming and describing all her intimate parts. This was the first time I'd ever seen these female parts up close and personal so to speak; the few black and white porn pictures my friends had passed around showing actual nude women certainly couldn't compare to the soft, pink, and very human parts that my very own stepmother was showing to me!

She then explained how to pleasure a woman. She carefully explained how sensitive a woman's genitals were to touch, to kisses and exploring lips and tongue. I had heard of “going down” or “eating out a girl” .. but didn't really know what it involved, or how it would affect the woman. Now I started to get the real picture: sticking my cock into that wonderful, mysterious, and even sensitive looking vagina was not really so important, not so far as the woman was concerned. It was everywhere ELSE that I could excite her, that was the key. And once she was really excited, then she'd welcome anything I wanted to do!

Emilie then explained what a woman's orgasm was like, and how she could have several of them right in succession, depending on how excited she had become. The sensitive areas around the ear, the throat, behind the knee, inside her thighs, even the palm of her hand! She showed me how sensitive her breasts and nipples could be, to squeezing, rubbing, and especially to a sucking mouth and stimulating tongue.

Then, smiling, she lowered her hand to her groin. “But of course eventually you will want to get to this, the very center of a woman's female part .. and her pleasures!” She stroked herself right in front of me, her fingers rubbing her labia and then spreading them and dipping into her pale pink vagina. Then I could hear her breath catch, a little gasp of pleasure, as her fingertip rubbed her erect little clitoris. “This is the special place,” she murmured, still gently rubbing herself. “You mustn't rub too hard, though, or it becomes numb and not so much fun!” She shivered and moved her hand away from her vulva. “I am tempted to pleasure myself right here, right now, it feels so good!” She smiled at me invitingly, “Or even have you do it!”

She smiled at my surprise. “Yes, you will be touching me too, and more. But first .. you must first know how to kiss properly, since that is probably the first thing you will do with a girl when making love,” she said. Turning to me, I felt her naked breast press against my arm and then my chest as she reached up and used her hand on my cheek to turn my face to hers. Her full soft lips met mine, and we kissed several times. Her approving smile between kisses was reassuring; I was pleased that at least I had a little experience in that. Her mouth returned to mine and I felt her lips open and her tongue come out; I opened my own, remembering the few times I'd ever had a chance to French-kiss a girl, and we pressed even closer together as we exchanged our longest, most intimate kiss yet.

When I instinctively slid my hand up her side to fondle one of her full breasts, she whispered in my ear, “Yes, that's good! Touch me, enjoy how I feel! I like the feel of your hands on me too.” Then her mouth returned to mine again.

I was quite overwhelmed with the feel of our naked bodies pressed together as we kissed, her one breast squeezed in my hand with its nipple hard in my palm, her other full breast and its hard nipple pressed against my bare chest. When she finally pulled her mouth away from mine, I could see that her lips were swollen, her face flushed, with the flush extending down her throat and across the top of her full breasts. I was very conscious of one of her arms around my bare shoulders, with her other hand resting high on my naked thigh, the back of her hand actually pressed up against my genitals and my rock-hard cock!

Then she pushed herself back on my bed, lifted her long naked legs up and lay down on my bed behind me. She was an amazingly exciting sight, her full body stretched out on my bed's white sheet, her red hair spread out across my pillow. She had one knee up, revealing her beautiful vulva with its swollen labia and the tip of her clitoris at the very top of her slit. I knew what these parts were from my studies, but thought again how wonderful they looked in real life, so intimate, so warm, so exciting!

“I want you to go ahead and practice exciting me,” she said. “Touch me with your hands, use your tongue and mouth and lips to kiss and excite me. Everywhere, my whole body, everywhere I told you a woman could get excited.”

Trying to remember everything she'd told and showed me, I did my best to pleasure her. Her reminder that, once she started getting excited, EVERYWHERE would be pretty much excitable on her body .. well, that helped a lot too and turned out to be quite true. Emilie responded freely, showing no inhibitions, responding eagerly to my lips kissing her neck, a tongue teasingly in her ear even getting an excited giggle. And then attention to those wonderful breasts, squeezing, fondling, rolling a nipple between finger and thumb as she suggested, sucking and nibbling. Kisses and tongue licks, squeezing and stroking everywhere on her naked body, avoiding as she had warned the amateur eagerness to dive directly for her groin. She sighed in pleasure, with reassuring words, “Oh yesss .. that's good, that's very nice!” My confidence was growing even faster than my experience!

Then she pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard, sucking on my tongue. Breathing hard, she gasped “Now, now you must give me special pleasures!” Neither she nor I knew the English word for it, cunnilingus; it was just “Now go down, use your mouth and tongue to kiss and excite my cunt”.

That was enough for me! Running my hand down her smooth flat belly, I touched her labia and stroked the entrance to her vagina with my fingers as I'd seen her touch herself, and then gently rubbed her clitoris. Her soft whispers of encouragement and gasps of pleasure reassured me I was doing the right thing. When I felt her hand move behind my head and gently push my face down toward her groin, I took the hint and put my lips and then my tongue to work on her vulva. Her louder moans of pleasure, her legs spreading, and her hands pushing my face even harder into her cunt convinced me everything was going well.

I could tell she was getting quite excited, but was surprised and even a little concerned when she had her first orgasm. The passionate sounds she was making were familiar; it was a small apartment, and her and my father's bedroom was right across from mine. So I'd certainly heard her making sounds like that before, and had figured out it must be them having sex, and apparently her enjoying it. I'd wondered sometimes: the cries of passion I would hear were almost like those of pain! But everything always seemed to be fine between my parents the next day, so I presumed those sounds were normal. Hearing them again was somehow reassuring, and helped my own confidence, to know I could excite this passionate woman as well as my father did!.

However the almost convulsive movements of her body as she orgasmed were surprising, unexpected. But once she settled down a little (and quit trying to crush my skull with her hands gripped around the back of my head), she explained to me what had happened.

“That was my orgasm,” she said, still breathing hard, her body quivering in what I learned later were post-orgasmic aftershocks. “That happens when a woman gets very excited, kind of like when a man has his climax, when he comes, you know?” I nodded, starting to get pleased with myself. “You are doing very very well,” she smiled. “I am glad that you understand, to please the woman is a very good idea, because then she will want to please you!”

More proud of myself by the minute for pleasuring her like that, I was quick to return to my studies and, with Emilie's encouragement, brought her to two more orgasms, the first with more cunt lapping and the second with finger fucking and clitoral rubbing while I held her and kissed her passionately.

She hadn't tried to do anything to excite me during the first two orgasms, but finally began fondling and stroking my testicles and cock when I was working her up to her third. We were lying side by side in each other's arms, our bodies pressed together as we kissed passionately, and the touch of her hand fondling me was tremendously exciting. I'd been masturbating for quite a while and was familiar with what it felt like as my body approached a climax. I was concerned that her touch would over-excite me, and didn't really want to make a mess by coming in my own bed, especially with both our bodies crowded together. Wet dreams had been messy enough, and reason enough to prompt my regular masturbation. So I warned Emilie, as she was enthusiastically stroking my rock-hard cock, “Don't get me too excited!” She pulled her mouth away from mine and smiled at me, her excitement obvious in her eyes and on her flushed face.

“All right .. for now anyway! But I am very close to coming again! Keep doing what you're doing, please, it feels so good!”

So she just held me, squeezing the shaft of my cock with her hand but no longer stroking it, as I continued kissing and exciting her to her third orgasm.

Then, after she had gotten her breath back and her post-orgasmic quivers had settled down a little, she surprised me by sitting up and pushing me onto my back. Then she began exciting me, kissing my lips, my throat, and on down my chest and stomach. I wasn't sure what she was doing, until I suddenly felt her lift my cock up, and for the first time I felt her take me into her hot wet mouth. The sensation was tremendously exciting, the whole concept very erotic. I'd never even heard of cock sucking before! And here my beautiful and exciting stepmother was doing it to me! I totally spaced out, completely focused on the tremendous sensation of her mouth moving on my cock, her tongue pushing against it, her lips closed tightly as they slid up and down my cock shaft, and her hand still squeezing the base of my cock as her other hand gently squeezed and fondled my balls.

I couldn't stand it! With no warning at all, I felt a quick tingling of an oncoming climax, and then the sudden uncontrollable spurting as my cock jetted sperm out into Emilie's sucking mouth!

The ejaculation seemed to go on forever, and I vaguely could feel her still squeezing my cock shaft with her fingers and lips, sucking and milking the cum from me as I slowly finished coming.

I finally got my mind together and looked down my body, to see her slowly removing her mouth from my still-hard cock and look up to meet my eyes with a soft smile. Her finger and thumb still circled my cock shaft, sliding up and down as she squeezed and milked the last drops of whitish cum. Glancing down at my cock head, she gave a sly little smile and lowered her face to take just the head of my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue lapping, rubbing the head of my cock as she carefully cleaned the last of my cum. Then I saw her swallow, surely not the only time during that cock sucking, given the copious amounts of cum I'd ejected! She smiled at me again, casually wiped her full shining lips with the back of her hand, and then turned and lay on me as her face came up to meet me and her lips met mine.

I kissed her, a long passionate kiss, our tongues entwining, not giving a thought that I'd just come in her mouth.

“Did you like that?” she softly asked as she pulled her mouth from mine. I could still feel her hand squeezing and fondling my cock, and I lifted one of my hands to stroke her hair as the other moved to fondle her breast.

“Oh god yes .. that was wonderful!”

“You are still hard,” she teased, a little smile on her face. “A young man like you, I imagine you would be ready to come again in no time at all, no?”

I hardly knew what to think. What was she saying, that she was going to do that again?

She rolled onto her back, squeezed between me and the wall, and I moved over to give her more room. She lifted her far leg, bent at the knee, to reveal her groin with the neatly trimmed patch of red hair, and the beautiful cunt with which I'd become so familiar, with its smooth labia just slightly opened, revealing her inner lips and a hit of the vagina within.

“I want you to excite me again, to use your mouth and tongue.” She moved her other hand to her vulva, gently sliding a fingertip between her labia to stroke herself.

“I want you to get me VERY excited .. because then ..” She paused and looked down at my still-hard cock, jutting vertically as she gave me a firm squeeze and stroke. Then her eyes came up to meet mine, her tongue darting out to wet her swollen lips. “Because then I will decide if I will let you fuck me or not with this beautiful cock of yours.”

I could hardly believe what I'd just heard! Would I actually get to .. to have sex with my own stepmother? This wonderful, exciting woman, without question the sexiest woman in the entire world? Oh god, whatever she wanted, whatever it took .. if it gave me a chance to fuck HER?

Eagerly, much more expertly now, I brought her to another orgasm. I remembered what she'd said earlier, about a woman's capacity to have one orgasm right after another. Experimenting, as she convulsed in that orgasm, I held my face in place on her cunt. I continued to touch her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, stimulating and exciting her. My middle finger was buried deep in her vagina, curved up to rub a place inside on its upper surface where she had showed me could be very sensitive, very exciting. I could hear her gasping, still jerking, wonderful groans and moans of passion, and then her voice, “Ohhh .. oh, I'm coming again! Oh god .. it won't stop!” More jerks and shivers, and then her voice gasping, begging, “Please, no more .. oh god, no more!” But I could still feel her hands on the back of my head, pressing my face into her. So I ignored her pleas and continued to excite, to tease, being careful with what I now understood could be a very sensitive clitoris. Another shiver over her whole body, her legs squeezed together to try to protect her vulva, and she gave a long quavering moan, her voice dying away as her body completely slumped and relaxed.

That was that, I decided, and lifted my face from her cunt, slowly pulling my finger out from within her.

My beautiful Emilie lay motionless, her face flushed, her eyes closed, her swollen lips open as she tried to catch her breath. My face was wet with her juices, so I wiped it dry with a corner of the sheet, and then lay back down beside her naked body. She opened her eyes and smiled softly at me. “That was wonderful!” she whispered. Then, turning to me, she opened her arms.

We lay together in each other's arms, my hard cock pressing against her vulva, its head so close to her vagina. I gently moved my hips, rubbing myself against her, trying to excite her, to tempt her to take my cock inside her, wondering if this would be the moment when I could begin to fuck her .. but she was wise to that move. Still smiling, she sat up and, sitting on the edge of the bed, leaned down and gave my cock a long loving kiss. I could feel her lips and then her tongue licking me, a final squeeze of its shaft with her hand.

“No, I have decided. I don't think that you having sex with me would be a good thing. You are certainly old enough, yes, and I believe with a little practice you could certainly pleasure me with this nice hard cock!” She squeezed me again. “But sex is such a powerful need .. you would want it all the time.” I saw her full breasts with their beautiful nipples lift as she sighed. “That would be too dangerous, maybe making problems between you and your father, and I would never want to do that. He is a good man,” she said, “but he can be jealous. He has been angry with other men, and with me, even though I was not having sex with them. So if he knew that I was letting you ..” She smiled and kissed me softly. “If he knew you were fucking me .. well, he would not want to share me with you, I am sure. I could deal with that, I could handle him and his anger .. but I would not want you to have to do that.”

She sighed again and gave my cock another soft squeeze. “So, even though it will be hard on you after everything we have done tonight .. I hope you will understand.”

She smiled reassuringly, her eyes dropping to my groin and her hand slowly stroking my shaft. “And perhaps, just perhaps, if we have another chance like this one to enjoy each other, another day or evening when we can be alone together .. we might do this again? Have a repeat of what this evening was like? Not you fucking me, that we should not do. But you giving me pleasure, me sucking you? If this is something you would want?”

I nodded and smiled, kissing her lovingly. “That would be wonderful,” I answered. I understood I had to be happy with what I had, and indeed I was! Such a wonderful experience, and I'd learned so much!

Emilie kissed me back, pulled her face away to look into my eyes as she smiled fondly at me, and then kissed me again. Then she stood up, picked up her robe from where it had slid to the floor, and walked to the hallway, her beautiful body with its wonderful figure swaying gracefully, her sexy buttocks working with every step. Pausing at the door, she turned, intentionally giving me another look at her beautiful naked body, and blew me a little kiss. Another second or two with our eyes meeting, and then she was gone, across the hall to her bedroom and the door closing behind her.

I lay back on my bed, trying to collect my thoughts, to firmly burn every second of the extraordinary experience into my memory. I was tempted, so tempted, to get up and cross the hall, go into her bedroom, and somehow convince my beautiful stepmother to have sex with me. But I controlled the impulse: she'd given me so much, she'd been so understanding, so generous already. The things we'd done together, that I'd done to her, that she'd done to me! A rush of memory, the feel and sight of my cock buried in her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around its shaft as she moved her head back and forth to excite me .. and then the wonderful pleasure when I came! God, what an experience!

And I was comforted by her last words, almost a promise of it all happening again.

Turning off the nightlamp, I tried to go to sl**p. But I promised myself one thing: the next time, there would be a way, there HAD to be a way .. to not only pleasure my wonderful and understanding stepmother even more than I had tonight, to become even more expert at exciting her, arousing her .. and for me to enjoy the pleasure of her hands and mouth as I had tonight …

And to somehow get my cock buried in that wonderfully delicious cunt!