LATEBIRD (M/F, tease, cuckold)

This is one of the best tabboo/cheat/cuckold stories that I've ever read and re-read. I finally found it and wanted to share. I'm not the original writer, and all original copyrights are included below. Please enjoy and comment.

LATEBIRD (M/F, tease, light semi)

Copyright May 1998 by Sam Hammer

The usual disclaimer applies. If it’s i*****l, immoral or under the legal age of consent where you live then don’t read the following text. Archive okay as long as its not sold for viewing. If you do, then I will want my cut too!-Sam Hammer

Sam Hammer Presents:


I never should’ve agreed to such a stupid act. Now I’m trouble. Big big trouble. The worst part is that it’s not my fault. Well, not all of it, some of it must belong to my husband, the latebird.

Yes the latebird. That man was late for everything. Our first date the first day at his job, shoot, everyday at his job. The slowpoke was even late for our wedding. But I do love the little lug. Yes, Ward is pretty short, only five feet five but since I’m only five two all men seem tall to me.

The stupid thing? I gave in to my husbands fantasy of teasing other guys. The first time it happened was at his companies christmas party. I bought three different dresses and just happened to settle on the
shortest one. I matched it with my highest heels. The result was that his boss never left his side all night just so he could keep his eyes on my legs.

I mean I’m not a super model, but just a small framed female with a decent proportional body. Not giant jugs but better small ones. I do swim almost every day, weather permitting, so I’ve pretty much kept my college co-ed figure.
It took me a while to admit it but I really did enjoy the all of the attention both men lavished on me. I mean I never had to get my a drink and it was so nice to have my chair pulled out for me when I finished
dancing. It was the dancing that did it.

It was a slow dance and his boss asked Ward politely if I would dance with him. Ward agreed, but I thought he would be really pissed by the way he was holding me so close. The lecher took every chance
to look down my top and I know he was trying to see my reaction when I felt his erection press into me. I hoped he didn’t hear me gasp when he actually rolled my hips to make sure I knew I had aroused him.

Big deal. Ward gets aroused if I lower my voice a bit. I think all guys get aroused pretty aroused easy and said so.

It was on the way home that Ward nodded. “Well, we’re men, what can we do?”

I should’ve been pissed at his lack of action. “So you think it is okay if some guys rubs himself on me?”

He sorta shrugged and changed the radio station. “It was just an innocent squeeze, besides I know married a hot little broad, it was fun seeing you order my boss around. butthole never returned with a single drink for me, just you and him.”

I snapped back. “He reached down, cupped my asscheeks and pressed me into his hard on. That was an innocent squeeze?”

He turned slowly back to me with a smile. “Well, okay you teased him a bit. I didn’t know he did all that.”

I found it hard to believe he didn’t see his boss groping me on the dance floor with all of his coworker watching. “What do you mean you didn’t know?”

“I was late getting back with the drinks. Sorry I missed it.”

Now I was getting a tiny bit pissed. “He had me for two slow songs.
I kept expecting you to cut in and now you tell me you missed it?”

Another shrug. “Well, did you like it?”


My husbands knows pretty me well. “You mean you didn’t like the fact that you were cockteasing him?”

Now it was my turn to smile. “Well, it was a little fun and I think he’s pretty safe. He even protected me from Frank, then Frank protected me from him.”

“Frank Gordon? He tried something? What?”

I sighed a bit. You see Frank Gordon is his main competition at work. Both are always trying to outdo the other. The problem is Frank isn’t married and is willing to spend extra time at work on projects. Ward
is always late with his projects despite the fact that I told him it’s okay if he works late. I’m not the type of woman that has to have her husband under lock and key. I’m a housewife and I depend on Ward to work and move us ahead.

“Yes, he tried to cut in several times. I remembered some of the things you said about him and wondered if you would return and cut in yourself. But your boss wouldn’t give me up so easily. Remember later in the parking lot, Frank left before you could get to us?”

Ward nodded slightly. “Yeah, so?”

I snapped at him again. “Well, your kind old fart of a boss was giving me every reason to slap his face. He propositioned me and was not even hearing out not interested I was. Frank left his own date, came over and wouldn’t leave until you came out. As soon as they saw you, they both left.”

Ward shrugged his shoulders. “What could I do, the damn coatcheck girl made me late. Still, looks like that A-hole is good for something, but it does give me an idea though.”

His ideas are normally trouble for the two of us. “What kind of idea? Ward, what are you up to?”

He looked as if he had some master plan already devised. He took the time to ogle his wife and cleared his throat. “Well, the two of us are involved with a big project at work. He’s ahead of schedule and…”

“You’re behind schedule? Why am I not surprised?”

Ward shrugged his shoulders again. “I think I have a lot more to do then he does. Anyway, I could arrange for some data that he needs to be ’accidently’ left at the house. I’ll bet you anything that he drops whatever he is doing and will rush out our way. When he arrives, you just make him late. For once, I’ll be ahead of him.”

I raised my eyebrows and lowered my chin. “How am I supposed to make him late?”

“The same way you worked my boss. Just talk sweetly and let him look at you. The guy is a major league pussyhound once he gets a gander at you in that dress…”

I stopped him. “I’m not wearing a cocktail dress in the middle of the afternoon!”

My husband changed the radio station back. “Yeah, okay, I’ll put some things out for you to wear. Don’t worry, I know what men like.”

“Ward, Do you realize that you are planning to dress me up to turn on your worst rival? Is that what you want?”

“Christ, you don’t have to fuck the guy just work him a little. I mean I don’t hate the guy. We’re just friendly rivals. Besides When I get home and see you in what I have in mind. I’m gonna do a lot more then get teased by you. Margo, will you do it?”
“I’m sure. You WANT me to put on some display for your friend.”

Ward thought about that for a second. “Y’know, every day the guy has some new story about some supermodel conquest. He acts like he doesn’t want to say anything but the info still gets out. Hell, one of the girls keeps calling him at work. The arrogant sunavabitch said something like he never gets enough rest cuz they always keep calling up him up for more.”

I snorted. “Hmmph, he is arrogant.”

Ward nodded in agreement now. “Every guy who thinks he’s hung like a horse is arrogant. It sure would be nice to put him in his place. Honey, will you help me? Remember the pool?”

I remembered a lot of things. The pool was an example of what happens when Ward really applied himself and received it as a gift from the company. It was really special to see the look on my neighbors faces when they saw the crew show up to start digging. Besides I was behind my man one hundred
percent. Still, it would be a sacrifice and I let him know that I was doing it somewhat against my will. I have to admit a small part looked forward to teasing his “friend” a little bit.

“I suppose I don’t have much of a choice. Yes, Ward, If it will help your career, I’ll do it. I’ll make your friend late.”

That big grin of said it all. “Hell yeah! That’s my little babe! A little innocent sabotage and I’ll be home in time to collect my reward just after it’s been dangled right in front of him.”

I rolled my eyes. “My Ward the master planner. Just be sure and let me know what your boss said. If I’m going to do this, I want to know everything that happens.” Sure it was a vicarious thrill, but it beats
sitting at home watching soaps (well, almost)!


That morning I felt a tapping on my shoulder. When I felt his hand grip my shoulder and squeeze, I turned over onto my back and spread my legs. No real foreplay, but I already had my normal morning moistness. I was hoping Ward would take the time to lick me, but instead I felt his thigh straddle my stomach and then my chest.

A moment later I felt his hard penis glide over my face. I opened my sl**py slits seeing his meat partially block my vision. “Suck me a little first, honey?”
I do normally enjoy sucking Ward. I knew my man so well. If I’m on my knees, bobbing my head, feeling his crisp pubic hairs against my nose, I get absolutely soaked. This was gonna be a little rougher. When he took my chin I knew to open my mouth and let him have his way. Awkward and quick, I readjusted my pillow. A second later, he probed gently at my lips, feeding me a little more each time. One last stroke and he buried his big four inch prick right in my face. Maybe half a inch sticking out, my eyes wide and scared. Just the look he taught me.

Yes, I am a well trained wife. Look I don’t work so giving my husband timely on demand sex is counted as one of my chores. I really don’t mind him using me and dumping me first thing in the morning. There is normally some cuddling when we make love at night and besides, I like sex as much as he does and I vowed he would never masturbate as long as I was around. I know that if I tell him, he’ll eat out my snatch and not stop until I tell him. I don’t cum from regular straight sex, but the feeling I get of being
pumped and filled is always pleasant.

“Sunavabitch. What a great face. Honey, do you like sucking my dick? Do you like it when I fuck your face?”

I shook my head no and felt him expand in my mouth. This was a treat for Ward. He isn’t very tough. So when he told me that it turned him on a little when he thought he was forcing me. It was actually very cute.
His small sack banged into my chin, filled with his morning load. I kept my hands on his loins to make sure he didn’t choke me. Four inches is plenty for me and Ward is nothing if not obedient.

“Mmmh! Awn muh fach!” Having a load on your face is much easier to clean up and sometimes I just didn’t feel like tasting his salty discharge. My husband pumped my mouth a few more times and moved back.

“I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna sperm that housewife face of yours.”

“I’m trapped again Ward. I can’t stop you.”

“Open your mouth, honey.”
I opened my mouth obeying without thinking, when he is this close, you just help him along. I was going to get mine as soon as he was finished.

”Give it me, Ward, c’mon now.” I lowered my voice to a whisper. “Ward,” I whined, “don’t make me wait.”

He didn’t. I watched in amazement as I saw a slight drop, leave his slit and then another a quick shot that landed above my head, another that hit my neck and then a messy dribble along his fist.

I grinned up at him. “You missed.”

He grinned back, only slightly disappointed at his missed target. “Damn that was great. Damn I’m lucky.”

“Luckier then you think. See the time? I set the clock back an hour so you’d could start off your morning right.”
“You did that?” The look on his face was priceless. A wife who will really does think about his needs. He was still learning about my mine but I’m patient. He moved back with my gentle push, he knew what I wanted.

“Yes, Now if you don’t mind. Don’t make me wait.” I leaned back, and put a foot on his shoulder. Sure it’s a routine. Maybe a bit of a rut. I do change things on special occasions, but we have a pattern and it does
work. “Besides, I set your clock ahead a half hour.”

“Uh oh.”

“What do you mean ‘uh oh’?”
“Well, I set the clock back. I thought it had just gotten a power hit or something.” A slow look at the clock and I see the expression I’ve seen so many times. “Shit! I’m Late!”

I gripped the bed sheets. “Ward, are you forgetting something?”

I lowered and raised my ass on the bed a few times. I didn’t care if I was eaten or taken, but I needed it now.

Ward looked like a man who couldn’t make up his mind. Ha! I pity the poor wife who can’t make her husband late. His choices were really easy. My sweet peach, the gift of pleasure that no man can resist or fighting traffic to be greeted by a boss who wants what he can’t have and a rival who delights in friendly torture.

That man nearly knocked me out of bed, the way he dashed to the bathroom. He was shaving, brushing his teeth, combing his hair and getting dressed all at the same time. I rubbed my suddenly neglected nookie and painfully got out of bed.

I was waiting at the door with a cup of coffee to go and a kiss he forgot to take as he rushed to his job. Darn that latebird! I was going to make him pay for leaving me frustrated! It’s a terrible situation. I can deny him sex, but I since I want it too, I have to give in and punish him with what he loves best. Fine. That man is going to be my sex slave when I’m done yelling at him.

A quick shower and then into town to pick up drycleaning. I had gotten a haircut, manicure and pedicure the previous day due to the company social function. Ah the hell of being a trophy wife. I was enjoying my coffee and danish when my mind began to dwell on what I had to do this afternoon.

However, the conversation in the next booth behind me is what captured my attention. The first woman started.

“And did you see what Ann Pham was wearing? Her breasts were all but falling out for the world to see. That woman is too small for breasts that large. She should have a reduction.”

The second woman chuckled. “Breasts are in this year and hers are certainly big enough. Did you what Opal Brazil was wearing…and what she brought. I heard he’s a common junkman.”

A snort from the first woman. “The black guy? Well, you know why she is with him. I spoke with him. He’s crude and even hit on me when Opal wasn’t listening.”

“Why was she was with him? That old thing? I think it’s a myth.”

“Well, his son is some kind of big football hero. Pro scouts…money. You never know where the gravy train is going to stop. If it’s a myth, I’ll tell you tomorrow. If not, I’ll know where I’ll be getting it regular.”

A giggle from her friend. “It doesn’t make that much of a difference. Size doesn’t matter.” A moment of silence. “Let me know if it true, though maybe I’ll get start getting it regular too!”

Both women laughed at that. I rolled my eyes to no one in particular and left with thoughts of their conversation fresh in my head. Truly I wasn’t interested in size. My own cunny is small and is quite used to Wards member. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a thick long penis. In my two years at junior college, I was fortunate that the first three men I slept with had no more then five inches and were rather thin even in comparison to Ward.

However, the next man had seven big inches, almost an inch across. I was fascinated with his size, it being the largest penis I had ever seen. The fascination turned harsh as he seemed more interested in
trying to ram me then getting me ready for such a big one. I was grateful when he got it halfway in and came. After him came Ward, a funny guy with promises that he eventually almost always kept. The sex didn’t hurt and he could lap my cunny with the best of them.

I stopped and blinked. I couldn’t believe I wasting more then a few spare thoughts on this stolen conversation. I concentrated on my favorite sport, shopping! Ward makes the money and I spend it. Still even my favorite past time was interrupted by the sight of a construction crew working inside of the mall.

I was sitting, putting entries into my checkbook when one of the workers looked at me. I wasn’t wearing anything stimulating. A pair of shorts, a blue blouse and sandals. I could see he was staring at me so I started swinging my leg a bit and watched him in the corner of my eyes. He leaned to his pal and they both moved their position so they could watch me.

My sandals were slight things. Merely a blue strap across the wooden slipper. When I dangled it from my toe, I saw one guy adjust himself. He was smooth and it hid what swelling I had caused well. I began to
lightly twirl my ankle and the other man adjusted himself as well but he was very obvious. I’m glad I managed to catch my reaction as my eyes drifted back and forth between the two men’s crotches. When I stood and smiled at them, both broke into wide grins, smiling back. A brave one
actually waved. A very brief fantasy of construction workers and then onto the Freeway to get stuck in an unexpected traffic jam. I wondered briefly whether it would affect Ward on his way home, then turned my thoughts to spending an afternoon with Frank Gordon.

One good thing about not having a job is that being late for me is strictly a relative term. After all, it’s not like I have real boss to worry about, but I wanted to make sure I had a little time to prepare myself for Wards rival. The traffic cleared up as I entered our suburb. I checked my watch as I closed the door and smiled.

Not bad, really. I had made it back in plenty of time. I looked at the cheap outfit my husband laid out for me and thought about changing into something different then this sausage dress. I swore under my breath when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. Just great! Unlike my husband he was a half hour early!

Grabbing the dress I snugged myself into it and made a mental note to lose a few pounds. It was a little tight and it made my breasts bulge out over the top. No hose without runs and already a second knock on the door. Well at least, I had shaved my legs yesterday and they were still smooth. I watched myself in the full length mirror and turned. A short dress, naked legs and heels. Hmmm, I look easy. Really easy. Too easy. Good. Suffer Frank. A second to step into the heels and smooth the dress.

I hurried to the door to make sure he didn’t leave. I shouldn’t have worried. I had to remember a guy like this guy wasn’t going to miss out a chance to ogle a female. Even if she was married to his coworker.

Opening the door I thought of the previous night. I didn’t really notice that Frank was so tall. I was looking right into his chest. I looked up and saw his handsome smiling face.
“Margo? I’m Frank Gordon. I’m here to get some disks for the project.”

I smiled back. “I remember you Frank. Come in.”

He hung back a bit. I’m sure he took a moment to check out my well kept housewife body. No I do not sit around eating bon bons all day. Since I don’t work and we don’t have any k**s yet. I think I should keep myself in good shape for my hard working man.

I pointed to a chair. “Would you like something to eat? Something to drink?”

The look in his eyes said he what he really wanted to eat. Me. Well no way. He’s the one who is always one step ahead of Ward. There was no way I was going to let him beat my husband this time.

“Not really. I just came to get the disks, back to the office and then I’m hitting the beach. Perfect day to be outside.”

I sat across from him crossing my legs. “I agree. I wish I could out sometimes. But I’m always finding something to do around the house.”

He slapped his thigh with his big hand. “Ha! At least you have a house. I think Ward is pretty lucky. Nice house and a beautiful wife.”

I felt slightly charmed by him. “Nice house, okay wife.”

“Margo, are you k**ding every wife should be issued one of those dresses. There wouldn’t be any divorces.”

I stood. “Oh this thing. I just didn’t want to look like a bum when someone stops by. Do you like it?” A teaser fishing for compliments, but I had to keep him here.

He sat back in my husband’s chair. “I’m not sure. Turn around.”

I did a quick turn, not thinking that he didn’t ask me. He told me what to do and I did it.

He laughed. “Margo! If you’re gonna model you gotta take it slow. Now try it again please.”

Well at least he said ‘please’. Once again I obeyed and turned around slowly for him. “How’s this?” A silly question. Every man loves a woman in a short dress and high heels.

Whoa, I could see him undressing me with his eyes. “Much better. Like I said, Ward is one lucky fella.” He looked thoughtful for a second. “Uh, Margo, I think I can still make the beach, do you know where Ward put the disks?”

Maybe the guy wasn’t as big a pussyhound as my husband says. A quick glance at the clock told me I had to keep him longer. A lot longer. “You don’t have to drive down to the beach. We have a pool right in the backyard. Why don’t you just swim here and keep me company till Ward comes home.”

Frank really took the time to think it over. “Well, there are two things stopping me.”

Here it comes. The sexual innuendo that guys can’t help. I smiled sweetly. “What two things?”

“One, if you swim with me.”

“Easy enough. I need to get some sun anyway. What else?”

“Margo, I don’t have any swim trunks. I don’t think your hubby would take kindly to me skinny dipping in his pool.”

“You can use one of Wards. You’re a lot taller, but I think you two look about the same in the waist. Gimme a minute.” I could feel his eyes follow me into my bedroom. When I turned to see, he had just turned his head away. Hmm, that was nice, but rather easy to keep his attention in this dress. I wondered what kind of attention I could get in my one piece.

I opened my drawer and was horrified to see that the only swim suit I could find for me what a thong bikini. I relaxed and reminded myself that I was only being an obedient wife. Ward said he would buy me all new ones and tossed my old ones away. I held up the bottoms and my next thoughts were much more wicked. I remembered the obscene tent of Wards’s boss when I glanced down. Yes I loathed him for making me look, but I did remember a slight dampness in my own panties when I realized the effect I had on him.

I wanted to see the effect I was having on Frank. I picked up a thin pair of tight swimming trunks, speedos and imagined what he what he looked liked compared to Ward. As I peeled out of my dress and I noticed that I was damp again. No doubt from all teasing and daydreaming I had done, not to mention the stud waiting for me in the living room.

A minute later I was back and held up the skimpy trunks. “This is my fault. I teased Ward about the baggy trunks and bought him these as a joke. But I do think they might fit.”

“HA! Frank has a locker full of shorts at the gym. I told him to bring his junk home.” He gripped the trunks. “Speedos? Do I look like a Euro to you?”

I giggled, not giving him a chance to change his mind. “Oh you’ll be fine. Just go into the bathroom and I’ll be outside. Just come on out.”

Frank scrunched his face. “Margo, these trunks don’t leave much to the imagination.”

“Do mine?”

Now the look was a deliberate leer. “Can’t tell. That top is amazing but another turn if you don’t mind.”

I narrowed my eyes at him but obeyed, turning slowly around for him. I heard his sharp intake of breath when my exposed asscheeks presented themselves to him. Even when I turned back around Frank eyes were fixed on my barely covered breasts.

“Frank, up here.”

Now he blushed, his grip tightening around the speedos. “Whew, um, I um, sorry. I’ll, um go change.”

“Sure Frank, take your time.”

Another pleasant smile and I sauntered toward the sliding doors that led to our pool. I saw in the reflection of the glass that he remained long enough to check out what he could before he disappeared himself.

Five minutes later, his head poked out. “Margo. I don’t think this is gonna work.”

Shy? A supposedly major league pussyhound and he was shy? “Frank, come out and let me see.”

He let out a sigh of resignation. “Okay, but it’s gonna be gross.” Taking one step, he closed the sliding doors and turned around. I did notice that in the speedos his bum looked delicious, but when he turned
around, I covered my mouth with my hand and let out a gasp.

The bulge Frank made in those thin trunks was absolutely huge! He took a few steps out and gave me a chance to ogle the rest of his body. Whew, he wasn’t really body builder large, but he seemed cut at just the right places. Those washboard abs must’ve taken a lot sit ups. Whew.

He seemed to walk in slow motion, stopping till he was just in front of my face. I had to blink when I heard my name.

“Margo? Up here.”

I couldn’t help myself. My eyes would dart from the lean six pack stomach to his bulged out crotch, back to his chest softened with a glaze of hair, back to his crotch and finally settled on his eyes.

“Huh? Oh.” I know I blushed. It was obvious that I wasn’t just staring at his heavy endowment, I was hypnotized by it. “Sorry, um, I bet that happens a lot.” Ohmigawd! Did I just say that?

“I wish. I spend all that time doing sit-ups and stomach crunches and every girl I date doesn’t say a thing.”

My eyes dropped down to his crotch again. I couldn’t help myself. When I looked up he smiled down at me as I blushed again. “Uh, Margo are you sure this is okay? I would hate to get beat up by some jealous husband.”

Ha! Ward probably couldn’t beat me up. “Oh it’s nice to have some company. I’m sure Ward won’t mind.”

Frank put this somber look on his face. “Maybe I should go.”

What? I’m sitting here wearing nothing but a bikini and he wants to go. Too soon. Way too soon. He’d be back at work, finish up, steal my husbands compliments and be at the beach thinking of the show he saw. Of course! I’m the show! I grabbed a bottle of suntanning oil and held it up to him.

“You can leave if you want to, but I’m sure Ward would want you to stay and enjoy our hospitality. Besides, if you leave, who would put oil on back?” Direct. Obvious. If that doesn’t make him stay longer then nothing would.

Frank didn’t disappoint me. “Well, if you’re sure it’s okay. Turn over honey.”

I smiled and flipped over onto my belly. Frank surprised me and straddled me. I started to object but remembered that I invited him to oil my body. He was surprisingly light as he nestled in. My legs were
spread and simply plopped himself right behind me with his legs covering mine. I felt the oil squirt upon my back and his hands rubbing my thin shoulders. I realized at once, he wasn’t just applying oil but giving me a first rate massage.

His hands worked my upper torso rubbing the oil into my skin. I placed my hands under my chin and relaxed. In a way this was becoming a much sweeter tease then I planned. He could handle my body, but he couldn’t have me. “That feels nice Frank. I bet you do this for your girlfriends. Ward tells me you have a few.”

His deep voice soothed me. “I guess. But it’s hard to find someone as nice and petite as you. With this body, I bet you still have to beat the guys away. Do you want this all over?”

Such a nice gentle touch. “All over, sure.” I knew I was supposed to be teasing him, but the way he started at my feet and worked up each hip, the extra gentle care he took as he oiled my inner thighs was just perfect. A warm squirt of liquid and for a moment I thought he had just cum on my butt. A second later he was massaging my ass, taking his time as felt me up, oiling my ass. I almost protested when he didn’t dip down the final inch to oil my little love trap as well. His strong hands on my thin ankles and he put my legs together. What a gentleman. I might not have complained had he lifted my ass and removed my bottom. He was just that smooth.

I heard the lounger groan and creak as he settled his large form on top of mine, straddling my butt with his thighs. More oil and he concentrated on my shoulders again working to the back of my neck. It was then I felt him.

It was big, it was hard and it rested right between my string covered asscheeks. My Gawd, he’s fat. I felt him rock gently as he kneaded my thin shoulders with a perfect practiced ease. “Margo, you skin is so soft, you feel like silk.”

I groaned trying to turn the conversation from me. “I’m sure you’ve felt softer. How many girfriends do you have?”

“None really. None as pretty as you. They just call me up and use me.”
“Use you? What do you mean?”

I felt another lurch at my ass. I guess that got to him a bit. He stopped for a second, then continued his soft motions. “You know. You’re a married woman.”

I knew and it hit me what where I was and what I was doing. I raised up a bit. “I know, I just like hearing about what goes on in the real world out there. Not too much excitement being a housewife.” I craned my neck just a bit. “That was nice. Maybe you should take a dip in the pool and cool off.”

I swear I could feel his disappointment. He lifted himself, our patio lounger squeaking its thanks. To my surprise, he stepped past me before I could turn around and quickly hit the water. I admit I was more then a little disappointed at not seeing the effect that my body on him.

Walking over to the edge of the pool, I dangled my legs in the water and watched him do three laps. I figure he was really burning away his ardor the way he tore into the water. He finally stopped besides me, dunking himself once before speaking.

“Great Idea. Things were getting pretty hot.”

“I’m sorry, Frank. I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much.”

“Margo, putting that oil on your back did a lot more then embarrass me. If I didn’t know better. I’d say you were teasing me.”

“Teasing? Me? I don’t know what you mean.”
Treading water a bit, he looked me right in the eyes. “I’m sure you don’t all of your husbands guests access to your body.”

“Well, I suppose that’s true. Suppose I am trying to cocktease you a bit? Would you deny a bored housewife a little fun?”

A look of lust in his eyes. “Not when they look like you. I guess we have a bit of an understanding then.”

I leaned back feeling the sun cook my skin and then looked back down at him. “I guess we do. Do you feel a little cooler now.”

“Much cooler.” With that he bobbed down once and lifted himself from the side of the pool. Spraying me with small droplets of water as he twisted himself up and out of the water. When he stood, my mouth dropped open and I felt a sharp intake of breath.

I mean I was sitting while he stood above me, moving the water back from his his hair and I didn’t have to look up much. His limp fatty was dangling a good six inches and moved with a slight sway. I looked at the pool and could see a darkened material at the bottom and then looked back at his cock.

I knew he was big from the way his cock bulged out the thin swimming trunks but that view did not do him justice. Limp he was two inches longer then my husband when hard, but he was thicker then my wrist as well. It was just impossibly fat. I found myself staring with at his big cock with the same fascination that I had in college. I didn’t even try to hide my shock at seeing something so large less then a foot from my face.

“Jesus Christ! Frank, um, I Jesus…uh whew Frank.”

He had a smirk on his face. One that said he seen this reaction many times before. “Guess I forgot something in the pool, huh? Margo?”

I heard my name but still remained hypnotized by such a thick fat dick. That’s when it began. I watched him lengthen and thicken and thicken some more right in front of my eyes. That it was stunned me the most, the way he fattened with each upward movement of his shaft. They were
small obscene lurches that drew a gasp from me each time it would bob a bit. It didn’t stop until he was stiff and pointing that pudgy weapon at my head.

When I didn’t say anything. He actually took a step closer. I heard him sigh. “Well you wanted to tease me.”

I stammered. “I…I guess I did.” I took his wrist and looked at his watch. I still had a good hour left.

“Do you want me to leave?”

I still had to keep him here but things were escalating fast. My eyes remained fixed on his crotch. “No…no. I think I…I think I need some more oil.” I quickly turned away and back on my belly so I couldn’t look at his big sex machine.

My head was so light I didn’t even think of telling him to go back in the pool and get his trunks. I felt his hands on my hips and then his deep voice commanding me. “I did your back already Margo. I think I should do your front as well, don’t you?”

I didn’t want him to go. There was still some time left before my hubby would come home and I wanted to be hot for him when he came. I wanted him to know that his rival had been there, been unmercifully teased and then went home frustrated.

All of these rationalizations entered my mind at once. I let him turn me over. “Yes Frank. Please do my front.”

I flipped over onto my back. Frank leaned down, gripped me right behind my knees and lifted. “Spread your legs Margo. I want them on either side of me so I can get in close.”

I let him lift my legs so that they were bent at the knee. He moved in quickly and I could see the top half of his fat sausage sticking above my crotch. My lord, he could simply move the thin strip at my nookie aside and slide that monster if he wished.

He didn’t. At first he just gazed down at me. Laying on my back, my legs spread and I’m sure he could sense how wet I had become. No wonder. The women’s earlier conversation, the teasing of the construction workers and his expert handling of my body had left me more then aroused. But big Frank wasn’t finished yet.

“Margo, lift up your arms. I’m going to remove your top.”

Once again I obeyed. Raising my arms and wriggling a bit so he could slip the top from my oil slick body. When I settled back he was all smiles as he enjoyed the view of my small tits freed for his enjoyment. In keeping with the scenario, he squirted some oil on my chest and started his next
massage. “Man, Margo you have absolutely perfectly tits.” Me? I had no reply for his appreciative appraisal of my breasts. I was already letting out sighs of pleasure as he cupped my small breasts in his big hands.

He kneaded my twin apples as if they were dough, still gentle but there was no mistaking that he was doing more then just applying oil. The way my body jerked each time he flicked his big thumbs over my nipples, making them stiff and thick would cause him to grind the big tendon at my crotch. That tendon had split my labs and was already causing light friction at clit. In other words, he was making me crazy.

I managed to look at his wristwatch and could see there was only a half hour remaining till Ward got home. Frank thrust his hips a couple of times at my clothed vee, making me pant. When he started a deliberate fuck motion I rocked back at him making us both gasp and moan.

He leaned back. “Margo, lift your hips, I have to remove your bottoms.”

I hesitated for a second. “Uhm, Frank, I don’t know…” I could feel his tremendous hardness calling me.

The big man interrupted me. “Do you want me to leave?”

I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I turned my head and whispered back at him. “No. Please stay.”

It wasn’t an arrogant look, more of a knowing confidence. “Then Raise your hips for me, Margo.”

“Yes Frank.”

Once again, he was quick, thumbing each side of my bikini bottom and tugging gently. His cock did an extra bob as he cleared my feet, leaving naked, exposed and aroused for whatever he wanted next.

Frank settled back in, moaning at the sex to sex contact. He gripped each arm and then started sawing that big fat organ between my pussy lips. He was using my pussy to masturbate and it felt too good to tell him to stop. In fact I was hunching back helping him.

This wasn’t part of Wards master plan. It certainly wasn’t in mine, but I allowed the man to get me hot and nothing was going to stop him.

Or me.

In breathless tone, I gasped out to him. “Frank Frank…stop!” I had to stop him, slow him down before he fucked me in broad daylight.

Immediately he obeyed but he spoke in a lowered voice as well.

“I guess it’s time for me to leave.”

“NO!” Did I just yell at him? “No. I just think we should go inside.”

“You tired of cockteasing me already.”

When he stood, I raised up and found myself looking at his large rack. “No Frank, I think we still have a few more minutes till Ward gets home.”

It would take less then a minute for us to enter back into the living room. One glance at the clock told me I only had f******n minutes to go before Ward would come home and end my teasing days. Certainly I could hold out from having Frank take me for that long.

I sat on the couch, but Frank remained standing. He reached over and grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and dropped it in front of him. His voice was still gentle but still issued commands.

“No Margo. Here.”

A pillow thrown at his feet. Every woman knows what that means. I
hesitated trying to make every second count. He seemed to enjoy my internal struggle, but I knew I couldn’t make him wait too long.

“You want me to kneel in front of you Frank?”

“Yes, Margo. Is there a problem with that.”

My own words hit me. I shook my head. “No Frank. Whatever you say.”

“Whatever I say? Really?”

“Yes Frank.” I kneeled down on the pillow and looked straight ahead. It probably looked like I was talking to some meat microphone. “I’ll do whatever you say, till Ward gets home.”

“Then would you mind leaning forward a bit?”



A look of surprise on his face. He shouldn’t be though. I was very doubtful that I was going have my wifely virtue intact if my husband wasn’t on time. A quick look of disbelief at the jawbreaking fatness bobbing in front my face and then a look up at the king.

“I will if you do me a favor first.” I looked at the clock again.

“Frank, I want you to watch you wack off.”

A chuckle. “Wack off?”

Here I am kneeling before a naked man with a thick dick and I blushed.

”Well, it’s what Ward calls it. I love to watch him to do it. If you
can wack off…”

“Jack off, it sounds better.”

“Of course, Frank as you say. If you can jack off for…” I looked at the clock, in his eyes, then stared at his big dick, “…say ten minutes, then I’ll lean forward for you.”

I said ten minutes because Ward should be home in nine. If not, well, I warned him not to be late. For Frank, it didn’t matter, it all seemed like great fun to him. “Ten minutes, as you wish.”

Frank spat in his hand, gross but my lips parted as it seemed to grease his cock for him. It made a grisly sound as he slow pumped his organ in front of me. He would stop ever so often, pull his big log down to stop his orgasm and then start again. I seemed to take a deep breath every time he pulled his meat at me. My nipples hardened when a single white drop slipped from the slit and he used that to grease
himself as well.

At nine minutes, his head was turning from side to side and he would close and open his eyes as if he couldn’t look at me. I knew Ward and wanted to see if Frank was as typical.

“Cum for me, Frank.” I said softly.

“GAWD…DAMMIT…NOT…FAIR” A word per stroke, poor guy must be really close. I licked my lips in case he was watching and then edged him closer.

“Frank…don’t me wait. I want to see the big one explode. C’mon, cum for me big boy.”

Ten minutes. Frank removed his hands and I watched in amazement as his thick can schlong pulsed and bobbed up and down on it’s on. His hands were balled into fists and his teeth wre gritted, his abs flexed and his body shook for a few seconds.

And then he stopped.

Frank looked down at the clock and then down at me. A big smile of victory. He slapped his steel hard cock. “Good boy.” That look of confidence as he regarded my kneeling form. Damn he’s impressive. ”Margo, now then, would mind leaning forward a bit.”

A deep breath. “No, I don’t mind at all.” At that point I gave in completely. Leaning forward, I nuzzled his fat cock with my nose and let him move the big one all over my face. He pressed especially hard against my the side of mouth and I wondered if he was trying to smear my lipstick a bit. He seemed contented to do that for about a minute before giving me more commands.

“Open your mouth honey.”

I wish I could say that I did it because it was the same thing that my husband said to me almost every day. The truth is I would’ve done it even without any prodding. I opened my mouth and kissed his fat head lightly before sucking in his thick head. I made a smacking sound each time, he fed me another inch. I pulled back when he started to choke me a bit, but he just wrapped his hand in my hair and warned me before he thrust forward again.

Wrap your hand around so you don’t choke. No honey, use your left hand. That’s it…better…better. C’mon honey, use that other hand on these.” My wedding ring hand. The smooth bastard wanted to see my wedding band glistening on his thick chunky. A turn-on of forbidden pleasures. I was sucking another man and I still hadn’t been kissed. Frank kept his hands in my hair while I used my mouth and hands to service him.

There was no other way to put it. I was servicing him better then I serviced my husband. A well trained wife, I kept my eyes open and on him.
Frank certainly loved the sight of my head slowly bobbing back and my mouth filled with more meat then I could handle.

I frowned ever so often at the sight of my hand not able to go around half of his thick shaft, but I made sure that I kept my mouth moving back and forth and I kept my hand stroking what I could not suck.

He wrapped his other hand in my hair and started thrusting harder. Now there was no other way to put it. He was taking long strokes and slow fucking my face. When he somehow managed a little more cock it hit my gag reflex and I opened my eyes wide and scared.

Frank seemed to think it was some housewife trick. “Yeah, honey, yeah keep it up almost there. Squeeze my nuts honey, squeeze my nuts.”

“MMMPH! MMmmPH! Ya Chawkin me.” Not much sound to make when you
are having face fucked.




The male orgasmic bellow. He sounded like a lion roaring as he shook once, shot a Frank creme straight into my throat. I didn’t taste that blast but I did taste the next two spurts. One went down the wrong pipe and I choked on it. Frank to his credit, didn’t continue to choke me, but pulled back from my mouth and then shot the rest of wad onto my face. I felt one stringy warm blast after another leave a ribbon of white from my chin to my forehead, even plastering one eye shut. Damn he was healthy. I couldn’t feel it slide down my face, his cum just stayed put whereever it landed.

I felt exhausted giving him head. My jaw ached from the strain of having my mouth opened so wide and for such a long time. My one eye saw that fat shaft droop just a little and then restiffen right before me again. I tried to catch my breath and looked at the clock. Ward should’ve been walking through the door right now.

Damn that man he was late again. I barely had time to get mad. Frank was already sliding down. “Lean Back Margo. Lean back honey.”

A little dazed and more then that, the act of of a kneeling blowjob makes me cream my panties every time and it was no exception for Frank. I didn’t even try to stop him as me moved between my legs and cocked them at the knees. A second later he moved that big fat knob to my slick crease and pushed. I could feel his tremendous head lodge at my opening and my ass scoot along the carpet. Leaning forward, he rested both of hands just above my shoulders to hold me in place as he worked himself inside.

I was in trouble from the start. Franks big cock was fatter along the shaft then the head and I was already feeling split in two! I watched his face smile at the pleasure my body was giving him and the grimace on my face from already taking a cock that was twice as fat as any I ever had. My head turned from side to side as he slowly, ever so slowly began to pump me. It wasn’t even an inch at a time, but I knew that I receiving more and more cock with each firm push into my slit.

It seemed to go forever, the way he kept sliding more and more meat into my pussy. I finally whimpered at gripped his arms.

“Frank…Frank I can’t take anymore. It’s too fat, too long. Please.”

“I know baby, I just had to see how much you could handle. Can you take any more, little honey.”

I shook my head from side to side. “N…No, you’ve bottomed out Frank. There’s no more room…please…don’t hurt me.”

Another smile. “Honey, hurting you is the last thing on my mind. This should feel better.” Normally, I can feel wards scrotum glancing from my behind. Frank gave me all I could handle and pulled back a bit. He leaned down and f***ed his head to my nipples so he could suck them while he just grinded me.

That’s what it was. A slow fuck on the living room floor. Every so often he would thrust hard, mixing it in so I wouldn’t know when it was coming. He moved his hips from side to side as if he were making sure that he was screwing every millimeter of my tiny pussy. Every time he thrust I would scoot along the floor a bit. I had never been fucked for more then a few minutes but he fucked me long enough to move us across the living room floor until my head hit the bricks of the fireplace.

He moved back and withdrew leaving a horrid vacuum in my pussy. Damn him I was close to my first ever orgasm from being screwed. He pinched my nipples once. Grabbed my hips and gave another command.

“Flip over Margo. That ass of yours has been teasing me all afternoon and I want to nail it at least once.”

At least once. I had already sucked him off, he was screwing my lights out. What else did he want. I was so close, there was no arguement. I flipped over and remained on my hands and knees while he mounted me from behind.

Frank put that big cattle prod at my opening and pushed, entering me a few times, causing a whimper or moan whenever he would leave. When he finally just kept moving deeper and deeper inside I was more then ready for him. I hunched back at him, not able to wait for him to take more pleasures. I heard a yeah honey each time I moved back so I could fuck myself on his thick meaty member.

He was so slow and so careful I couldn’t take anymore. I lowered myself so I was resting on my elbows. “Frank, I’m ready now, you can do it harder now.”


“I said, Fuck me harder. C’mon fuck me har…ERRGH!”

What else can you say when someone buries that much inside of you. He held my hips and thrust hard, splitting me in two again and again. It was not two minutes that the first shudder began, a building pressure and then a blinding release that I had never known before.

My eyes shut in orgasm and my whole body shuddered, Frank remained buried inside of me and rode out my climax. I had never cum so hard my entire life. It must’ve been only a minute but seemed like hours when I felt a slap on my buttcheeks.

I blinked a few times as I felt that same horrible vacuum again. I had cum so hard that I didn’t feel that excess wetness I expected nor the familiar pulse of his fat penis. I was trying to ask him if he had cum, but the words wouldn’t make sense.

“Frank…Hmmm…Um, did…um…”

“On your back Honey. Time to get mine.”

Ohmigawd. He still hadn’t finished with me yet? I just nodded since I seemed unable to talk. The big man had fucked me silly. I was still pretty wiped out from my hard cum but Frank just took control by taking my ankles and helping me over to my back.

The big stud held both of my ankles in one hand and slid into me. He pumped cunny a few times as if he were testing it for tightness. Thick Frank rested both of my sleek legs along his torso and nodded to me once.
”Okay, I think you’re ready now. I’m gonna bang you pretty hard, okay?”

Another half nod through half slit eyes and my ankles resting at his shoulders. Frank stayed on his knees and gripped my waist. My eyes shot opened as he slid into me again, once again, he started a gentle thrust that picked up speed. As if he had banged me a hundred times before, he fed each inch into me just a little at a time. I got that same overstuffed feeling as before and told him so.

“Frank…Frank I don’t think I can take anymore.”

“Sure you can baby, here, take a little more. Get ready…UhnF!”

“UHNF!” I started writhing like a fish on a hook, stroking his hard body with my soft legs as he stroked me. Harder and harder Frank banged me keeping his word to make me take a little more. I gripped his arms turning my head from side to side as Frank steamed my small cunt with that awesome tool. My nipples were cherry hard and my whining moans non-stop when I felt a softer slapping of my ass.

Frank had done it. He was screwing me hard, banging me with every bit of his wrist thick chunky on every stroke. He would withdraw all the way before plunging back hard causing the delicious clit friction that was driving me toward another blast of fireworks. The effect on Frank wasn’t lost on me either. When I could focus my eyes I could see that he was turning his head from side to side as well, enjoying my silky treasures as long as he could.

The hard strokes became harder, the constant splitting melding as I was fucked and fucked hard. My Frank ironed walls could feel the giant expanse as he thickened in prelude to his orgasm. I came, a quick cum that I knew was the prelude for stronger, deeper climax. My big man was a study of concentrated lust as the words left him in between his pussy breaking strokes.

“Margo…Margo…gonna…cum…where do you…want it?”

I wanted it inside of me, I needed it inside of me. I locked my eyes on his own dark sexy eyes. “Inside…UhnF…inside me, cum UHNF! inside me, Frank!”

Frank pulled me closer, gripped my waist harder and pulled me back to meet his final powerful strokes. I was being stuffed, overstuffed time and time again. His stokes became ragged, my stud was too big again as he shut his eyes for a second and let out a breathless grunting romantic sentence.


All man, all sexual release. Just what I needed as every pulse of his cock cannon coated me, the final blast, the final fuck of my well worked pussy was just what I needed. I came and then I came again and a final big one that caused me to arch my body and point my toes and crack my bones as I became rigid. I reeled off the mighty multiple orgasms that I had been chasing since Frank ravished me. I heard his repeated “yeahs” as I rode him, grinding him deep, keeping him buried inside.

The gradual panting, I collasped, Frank collasped on top of me, still breathing hard, but still giving me gentle pumps of his not so rigid but still quite fat Gordon sausage. I smiled at his smiling face. It felt so right when it hit me.

“Ohmigawd. My husband he’ll… he’ll”

“Be home soon?”

Oh the mixed feelings as we untangled ourselves. I felt so very guilty, so very satisfied, so very bad and so very glad at everything that had happened that afternoon. I looked at Frank, looking rediculous as he searched for his underwear and the relief as he found it. I went to my bedroom and cleaned up as quick as I could. When I left the bedroom, he was fully dressed, he was standing by the door some disks in his hand.

Neither one of us knew what to say, but Frank broke the spell first.

“Margo?” He reached for me and I flowed into his arms.

“What is it, Frank? What do you want now?”

“A kiss. May I have a kiss?”

“Of course. I said I would do whatever you said until Ward gets home.” A perfect kiss that started soft and grew in passion. I felt him grow and I reached down stroking him through his shorts. Damn him, he was exciting yet somehow a gentleman and always all man. I’m not a slut, this was a first for me and just feeling him up was almost what I wanted.


“What is it, Margo? What do you want now?”

“What do I want? I want to suck you until Ward gets home. I know it sounds really bad, but it’s what I want. Is that okay?”

I knew it would be. Frank just layed back on the couch while I curled up at his side, sucking and playing with the biggest jawbreaker I had ever seen. I didn’t stop until we heard Ward’s car pull up the driveway. Frank, of course, managed to choke me one more time, this time with his wealth of thick cum that I was quickly getting used to.

He calmly zipped up and was blocking the door so my husband couldn’t see I was wiping my chin with my blouse. It stained my blouse and I hoped that Ward wouldn’t ask about it.

He didn’t. He simply apologized for not coming home sooner. It seemed that Ward was in a hurry to get rid of Frank anyway and I know that Frank wanted to beat a hasty retreat.

I sat across from Ward trying not to look guilty. Hubby chucked his briefcase on the desk and plopped down on the same couch that I had been blowing rival on, just a few minutes earlier.

“Honey, what a damn day. The boss moved the presentation up and I caught hell when they found out I sent Frank off site. Next I find out the boss had made copies of everyone’s junk. No privacy, but the A-hole didn’t care. The fart just yelled at me for sending Frank away for nothing. Now he didn’t like my presentation and is giving Gordon the the whole project. Now I’ll be working for him!”

I couldn’t look him in the eye. “No doubt.”

Ward continued to rail. “No doubt my ass! Now he gets to set my schedule for the next three months! Heaven knows where he’ll send my ass.”

I nodded. “I’m sure Frank will work everything out. He is actually jealous of you.”

Ward slapped his forehead. “Aww Crap! I’m sorry honey. You had to entertain the guy all afternoon for nothing. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

I sighed. “You don’t have to do that. Frank was very pleasent.”

Ward got that look in his eye. “I know what will make me feel better. Why don’t you just come over here, I want to show you something. Hey, what’s that stain on your blouse?”
I put on my best smile. “Just a spill, now go take a shower and ask me again.”

I was putting him off, but he just shrugged and headed down the hall to take his shower. I would make it up to him, but tonight there was no way I was going to let him near Franks pussy. I waited till I heard the sound of the shower and went into hallway closet and picked up my hubby’s thin black book. I searched and found Frank’s home and cellphone number.

A few seconds later, I heard a ring.

“I’m paying both ways start talking.”

“Frank, this is Margo.”

A moment of silence before he spoke. “Yes, Margo?”

“You’ll be making Ward’s schedule now. Do you think you can arrange another visit?” I held my breath when I heard no reply. I heard the shower stop. I made my voice more urgent. “Frank…Please?”

A burst of relief when I heard his voice. “Sure Margo, I can send Ward to Chicago for a week for starters? How’s that?”

I trembled a bit. “That will be fine. I…I have to go.” I slammed the phone down and hurried back to find some sports on television. Just something to divert Wards attention from me.

I told you. I was in trouble. Big trouble. I was going to be bad and I was going to do it as long as I could. But it’s not all my fault. Some of the blame has to go to Frank who reacted like any other male. Some of the blame goes to me, for giving in to my desires. But some of the blame has to go to my husband.

The Latebird.