k**napped by an Alien Chapter 1

This is an experimental story because I use for the first time real persons as protagonists and for the first time I play myself in the story. However, a little bit “out of my style”, normally I prefer more the submissive part, not the dominant part.
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The alien spacecraft had been observing the planet earth for over five years now. It had been monitoring earth communications, television, radio and the Internet, hoping to learn everything it could about the race of people called “humans”. It had purposely stayed away from the people, hoping not to duplicate the problem that happened in Roswell, New Mexico in the late 1940’s, early 1950’s. While the spacecraft could be made invisible the majority of time, it was subject to intermittent breakdowns in the field around it that allowed it to be seen or tracked. Most times people that saw it or felt its presence would not report it, afraid of being called a lunatic or just plain not believing it themselves.

While the alien did understand some of how humans functioned, the sexual and reproduction of the species remained a mystery. The aliens had studied the written literature and scientific studies, but they still did not understand. The aliens were what we would consider one sex. There was no male or female. I guess if you had to pick one, it would be male, but that is where the similarity ended. The aliens were rather tall, the shortest being seven foot, the average about eight feet, six inches and a tall one would be over ten feet. They did not have a mouth, nose or eyes, as they did not “breathe” or “talk”. All communications was through telepathy. This would be hard to explain to a human on how they control what they hear and whom they talk to. Their height and weight depended on the atmospheric conditions of the planet they were on. On earth, they have a tendency to be more massive and closer to the ground because of our dense atmosphere and gravitational pull. Their legs would be very short, with their waist about where are knees are. There legs would bend either way, much more practical then are one-way knees. They reproduced A-sexually, in earth terms “they fucked themselves”. They each could give “birth” to a new alien, the gestation period being 3 hours. This left their planet very crowded.

They did not have what we would consider a sex organ, having no use for it. Nor did they have arms. What they had was other appendages that had a big resemblance to our penis, though they are not used for sex. They had one in the middle of their stomach and this appendage was the largest. It was always hard and could be up to twenty inches longs and six inches in diameter. It had ridges on it every inch of so, the ridge protruding out about an inch from the rest of it. The series of ridges numbered about 20 on a large instrument. The end of the appendage had what looked liked two horns on it. They stood out about two inches to the side. This was used for the sense of “touch,” they could feel objects with it. They call this appendage their “kock”.

About four inches below this one, was another appendage. This one was smaller, it being only ten inches long and three inches in diameter. This one while hard, also had the ability to expand in length. It was used to calculate depth perception. This instrument could expand up forty inches in length and if they alien was not careful, would drag on the ground. This appendage was not smooth, having bumps about the size of a small marble all over it at unequal intervals. At the end was a marble that could also expand to over the size of a g****fruit. This marble could expand, but the only way it could shrink back down to size again was to expend the liquid that built up inside it. It would shoot out over a quart of very slimy, salty and bitter tasting fluid. Only then would it be able to shrink. They called this appendage their backsidekock.

They had a third appendage that was about where we have a head. This one resembled an elephant trunk. It was not hard like the others, though somewhat rigid, it had a wide range of movement. At the end of the appendage it had something that resembled a tongue, or more to the point, three tongues. They were each about one inch wide with the tip coming to a point and were especially slimy to the point of liquid almost dripping off of them. The “tongues” would come out of the appendage and had a length of about eight inches. The rest of the appendage was rough and dry, the “tongues” giving out more then enough liquid to offset the rest of the appendages dryness. They called this appendage their oralkock.

This mission to the planet earth was a scientific mission. As I said, their gestation period was only three hours and they had a long life expectancy so they were always running out of room. They had long overrun their home planet and had now colonized nine other planets, though none of them were in our solar system. They were a relatively peaceful species. When they colonized another planet, they tried to find a way to allow the other species to also co-exist with theirs. The most difficult problem was always reproduction. It the case of earth, they had found out they sex was a major issue in the human species life and seem to consume almost all of the time and energy of the male species. No matter where they looked, from advertisements, to news to medicine, the planet was consumed into getting the other sex to have sex. Even after reading all of the literature and studying the species from afar for five years, they were not any closer to understanding the species.

This brings us to today. The Commander of the mission had decided that they would have to do live experiments with a human subject. Time was running out for their mission, having to return to their home planet within two earth weeks. They Commander refused to go back as a failure. He intended to capture a female species and do various experiments on her sexually. They had been planning this for months now. Over the past five years they had ascertained that the chief authority on sexual patterns in the female species was a young female author called Catherine Belmont. She had published many works on the sexual preferences of the female species. Some of the titles included The Beardsley School for Girls, A Date in Venice, The Village, A Bird in the Cage, Bad Santa, and many more. She had written many of her works with an other famous scientific female author, her roommate called Lady Jen. They had even planned on taking Catherine Belmont to help them in the sexual experiments.
While Catherine Belmont’s literature often involved physical abuse of the female for her pleasure, it sometimes made the female subject useless for further experimentation due to the permanent nature of the physical abuse. The aliens, being an advanced race, especially in the matter of life sciences had long discovered how to regenerate the body parts of their species and during the last year had expanded their science to include the human species. They were going to use this female human to also test their new processes. They had hoped that their process could be used to make a vagina or asshole that was stretched to unbelievable proportions be made elastic again and shrunk back down to the original size within hours. In fact, they thought they also might be able to make the female subject a virgin over and over again. It could also repair damaged and disfigured flesh and bones within hours with no sign of damage, including the repair of the nerves. They felt this was very important because Catherine Belmont often highlighted the importance of making the female subject scream as he experimented on her and how important it was to making her cunt wet.

They had been searching for a subject and had decided on the perfect candidate. They had discovered her while reading Catherine Belmont’s e-mails. Her name was Susi. She was from a city in Germany. She had shoulderlength hair, small, but very firm breasts, and a very firm and tight ass. She was presently married but her fantasies always involved Catherine Belmont using her sexually, doing unspeakable things to her body. Her husband was to be away for two weeks. They could hide her disappearance with phony telephone calls and return in time for his arrival back.

Catherine Belmont was sitting by her Laptop, writing a new story when all of a sudden a bright light shone in the room blinding her. Her body was frozen in place, her mind whirling as she tried to figure out what was happening. It was almost midnight, yet the light that shone in the window was brighter then the noonday sun. She tried to turn toward the light, but found that she could not move a muscle. She felt a strange sensation come over her body, as if she was floating. Suddenly she was standing, the brightness leaving the room, but she was no longer in her office. She was in a strange room. It was strangely lacking in any decoration, being stark white. All of the furniture around the room was made of a strange looking metal that looked almost fluid. There were no windows, the only light was radiating from the ceiling. Not lights in the ceiling, but the actual ceiling. It gave off a bluish glow that illuminated every nook and cranny in the room. She felt strange, her body seemingly lighter. And her cunt was wet. Not the usual wet that she got when she was writing, it was dripping wet. She did know whether she was dreaming or not, but she did not care. This was a great strange feeling.

Catherine turned towards one wall with a start as she heard a “whoosh”. One wall suddenly disappears and a strange creature enters. It was like nothing she had ever seen before, not even in science fiction movies and books. It seemed to shuffle along on very short legs, but they did not actually touch the ground. It had no head, only legs, a trunk and three very large appendages, somewhat like a penis, but radically different. The largest one had ridges on it, the short one below it marble like bumps and the one on the top of the creature had slimy “tongue-like” appendages coming out from it. Catherine smiled, if only she had something like that. She could make so many girls cum.
In her head she heard a voice. It seemed to come from the creature.

“My name is Zorg and I am the Commander of an expedition that has come to earth to study the human species. Our purpose is to see if we could co-exist with your species. We have been studying your species for five years, but we have not been able to understand how the human species functions, especially what your call sex. Over the years, we have come to recognize that you are the authoritative source on the sexual patterns of the female species and we have read many of your stories.”
“Thank you,” Catherine not even trying to say any words, just thinking them. She always knew that she was famous with the woman of the world, but did not think she would be famous outside of this solar system.
“Yes, most women are very submissive sexually and need to be treated as such. They are here to serve the male species, nothing but a sex outlet for his pleasure. They enjoy the sexual pain that we like to inflict on them and their main purpose in life is to make the males cock hard.”
Catherine was astounded by actually meeting an alien. It was even better that they had personally sought her out for her expertise. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this, her hand reaching down to her wet cunt again, feeling how wet it is.

“I’m sorry, we did not think that there would be any side effects with bringing you to our space ship, but obviously there was. I see you noticed your cunt was wetter then before. I will have one of our scientists see what he could do to correct the situation. It seems that you only have to think about it and your cunt will wetter than before,” Zorg said.
Catherine giggled, “I think that it will be alright this way and when it gets this wetness, it is ok for me. Anything else I should know about?”

“Nothing important. You should also have the ability to get wet again within five minutes of cumming. We should be able to correct that problem also.”Zorg said.

“Another problem I will suffer with while I am here, and why am I here?” Catherine asked, the smile on her face almost going from one ear to another. Even if he were dreaming this, it would make a great story.
“In order to get the necessary research done within the next two weeks when we have to depart, I have decided that we need to do some sexual experiments on a human female. We would like you to help us since you have already done extensive research. We have read many of your scholarly works including The Beardsley School for Girls and The Village and besides duplicating some of your work, we have some ideas of our own. Would you be willing to participate with us?”
Catherine almost broke out laughing. This was the chance of a lifetime. She tried to remain stoned face.
“I think I could be persuaded to assist you. I presume you already have a victim, I mean subject.”
“Yes, in fact we got her name from your e-mail, which we have been monitoring for the last five years. Her name is Susi. Her husband is leaving town for two weeks so we would be able to get her for that time period without anyone finding out about her disappearance. We can duplicate her voice so we will be able to make phone calls using her voice. At the end of the two weeks, we will return her, her memory of the whole time wiped clean.”
Catherine’s cunt wetter even more. She had been receiving e-mails from Susi for over two months and she had sent pictures with them showing off her lovely body. Some of the pictures had been very sexy and revealing, showing a body that would be delectable to abuse.
“That is good, but my experimentation has a tendency to do physical damage on the subjects. I am sure that her husband would notice that you could drive a bus through her pussy once she got fucked with some very big cocks.”

“Actually, that is a minor problem. We have long ago figured out how to regenerate our body and it was relatively easy to do the same with your very simple bodies. We can regenerate the body within hours, in fact we have even figured out how to make the subject a virgin over and over again. We saw how much research you did in taking the virginity of girls so we figured it would be useful if you could do it over and over again with Susi. She would be able to feel the pain of a hard cock taking her virginity and I know how much you enjoy making them scream. In addition, you would be able to torture the flesh of Susi and it would be healed within a few hours. We have seen your research on using clamps on the breasts and nipples of females and the insertion into the vagina and asshole of very large objects to distend the organs. Of course, we would also be using Susi sexually. While we do not gain any enjoyment sexually, we do realize that our appendages do resemble human penises and we would be experimenting on Loren using them. We have many experiments that we would attempt to distend and enlarge her sex organs using our appendages. We would be able to test her limitations on depth and width. Any accidental tearing and ripping of the flesh could be easily corrected and she would be ready again for further testing. It would be very painful for Susi, but your research show that the female species realizes that her place is for the enjoyment in many cases the female can be made to cum while being sexually abused.”

Catherine noticed that the large appendage of Zorg was actually getting bigger as he talked about Susi. Maybe they might enjoy the experimentation on Susi, sexually.
“We have many ways of restraining Susi but we will also use some of your primitive ones. We were especially interested in your studies on BDSM and have secured some of the necessary tools. We have rope, nipple clamps, pussy clamps, electrical dildos, butt plugs and some very interesting furniture to secure Susi to. I think you will find many of our ideas very interesting for your future research. By the wetness of your cunt, I would say that you are interested, is this true?”
“Yes, I would be very interested in the experimentation on Susi. I will need some other things to help with the study. I will need a dog, a German shepherd I think would be suitable and a donkey. I have found that the other females of my species enjoys mating with a****ls, especially ones with large cocks. I also have some very specialized equipment in my lab, some mechanical fucking machines. Those have some very interesting capabilities for electrical and chemical insertions in the female’s body. The human females can often be coaxed into cumming when their sexual organs are painfully stimulated with electricity and certain chemicals that will irritate the sensitive tissue.”

“They are in the other room, we have the capability of instantaneous transference. Anything you want can be brought to you in seconds. Excuse me a second. My second in command, Xenon has told me that Loren’s husband has left on his trip and she is alone. Would you care to begin now, Catherine?” Zorg waited patiently for a response.
Catherine reached down to the front of her pants, reaching for her cunt. She could still not believe how wet it was.
“Yes, bring her now, I can’t wait to begin.”