Kellys letter of a black stranger she met

I have been asked about Kellys side of things. An XHamster member asked me to have her write and tell her side. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Kelly was killed in a car accident in 2009, and it has taken me this long to even think about sharing all of the things we did. However, while I was in the Marines, I was sent to Germany for 45 days and while I was gone, we wrote to each other a lot because phone calls were limited to 5 minutes. Kelly sent me a long and detailed letter about her and someone she met while I was gone. Here is what she wrote in one of her letters word for word. A little long, but I think you might like it:

By the way… Debbie is Kellys little s****r.

Hi babe,

I miss you so much and can’t wait until you get home. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love you and didn’t know just how much until I watched that plane wisk you away from me. When you called and told me how fast you were driving on that road without speed limits, you scared me! Please be safe babe! I mean it. Well, it hit the fan at IRS this week. You will be happy to know that Harold was fired. His replacement is going to start next week. We met him today. He’s older then Harold, and said he has no intentions of breaking our team up and told us he’s heard good things about us. I really wanted to tell Harold that you send your love.(haha) I think you’ll like Ted. He reminds me of my grandpa Lee. So much about good old IRS. Well, we promised never to keep secrets from each other about sex, so I have something to tell you. Please don't be upset that I didn’t discuss it with you first, but things just happened. Just know I love only you and it was just sex, and nothing more. I didn’t tell you last night because we are so limited on calls, and was I afraid if I didn’t tell you all of it, you would think I’m holding things back and wasn’t telling you everything. I never want to hide anything from you. I know it makes you horny and it excites me knowing I am turning you on when I do these things. Okay? Anyway, here it is and I hope you won't be mad.

I bought that new bikini you said I could get. I hope you don’t mind that I bought my s****r one too. We went to the beach to lay out and tan. It was getting hot and I told Debbie I was going to get us something to drink. You know the chocolate covered banana shop in Newport? I went there. They had a long line and I had to wait. There was a tall black guy standing behind me. I didn’t see him come in, but he leaned over my shoulder and told me I have a nice butt. I just smiled at him, but nothing else. He kept talking to me and I turned around to see if it was anyone we know. I didn’t know him, but he was really cute babe! He had one of those bathing suits Debbie and I call ball huggers. You always say my bikinis are skimpy. My bikini had five times more material to it then his did. It barely covered any of him. You know me babe. I can’t help it, and have to look when it is in front of me. Oops. He caught me looking at him. He asked if I liked what I see, and I asked him if he uses a shoe horn to get it all in there. I meant to say something else, but told him it looked like he stuffed a beaver in his bathing suit. Really babe, I didn’t mean to say that. He told me that he was sure I had a nice looking beaver in my bikini. I blushed so bad. I meant to say that it looked like he had a squirrel in his bathing suit because they carry their nuts too, but it came out as a beaver. (haha)

I wasn’t even looking for a guy, but I was flirting with him in the middle of this place. He asked me if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach, but I told him I was with my s****r and can’t. So he went to the counter, grabbed a pen and wrote his phone number down and said to call him when I could go for a walk. He wanted me to give him my phone number but I didn’t know him and was afraid to. He asked if I was married and I told him I was. He said that he was sorry if he’s out of line, but if I just want to go for a walk and that’s it, I can call him. I told him as long as it was in public, I would call. When I got back, I kept looking around to see where he was and Debbie asked me what I was looking for. After I took Debbie home, I called him, and I was nervous. His name is Darius (Dar for short). He said it means big pecker (haha). I asked him if his middle name was Ballius for big balls too. (haha) He started asking me if I have ever had sex with a black guy before, so I told him that I did once. (Little did he know. wink wink) He was asking me if I liked it, and if my husband knew and would I ever do it again. I told him that you did know about it. I told him the thought crossed my mind about doing it again if the right person comes along. He said it was such a coincidence that we met because he just changed his name to Mr. Right.

He wanted to come over but I told him to meet me at the Dennys near us instead. He was waiting by the door and didn’t think I would show up. We couldn’t talk because there was a bunch of people sitting behind us and they were trying to listen to us. So we had coffee and left our cars there and just went for a walk around the block. He asked if I would ever have sex with a guy like him. I asked him if I should be worried about having sex with a guy like him. He said I didn’t have anything to worry about with him. He works at the airport but he didn’t say what he does there. When I asked him what he thought of me and what he wanted to do if I said yes, I got an earful. He might have just said things so he could get me out of my clothes but he kept telling me how cute I was, and how I had a nice body, and that when he seen me in my bikini, I gave him a raging hard on. I didn’t tell him that he made me wet too. So cutting to it babe, I told him I would go to bed with him, but if we do, we can’t make plans for anything else beyond that unless you say that it’s okay.

I told him to follow me home and when I open the garage, he should pull in so the neighbors don’t see him. I forgot I was watching the movies we bought before and Dar seen them sitting on the coffee table. That was embarrassing. He asked if you and I liked to watch them and I said we did. We started drinking some wine and watching the first movie that we bought. He told me he should have worn loose clothes because he was getting a hard on watching it. I got brave and told him not to be shy and just take his clothes off. Wow babe. He had a really nice cock. It was pretty long, but it was also really fat. And his balls looked so big and I knew I was really in for now. He told me that I had to get undressed too so I did. We were sitting nude on the couch watching the movie and I slid my hand to his leg and started moving to his fat cock. He put his hand on my leg and started moving it to my cunt. A really good part was on and I was getting hot so I started rubbing his big cock for him. Then we started kissing and I slid off of the couch to give him head. I couldn’t get his cock all the way in my mouth. I have had longer, but his cock was so fat and I couldn’t hold my mouth open that wide for too long. I know what you want to hear. You probably want me to say I deep throated him, but I just couldn’t. I did make him cum though. He was watching the movie and me at the same time and when I felt his balls start to get tight, I grabbed them and squeezed them hard and told him to cum in my mouth and started going down on him again. He started shooting in my mouth and I was swallowing as fast as I could. I grabbed his cock just above his balls and squeezed him tight to stop him from cumming any more. When he stopped cumming, I sat next to him and said I wanted to save the rest.

We finished watching the movie and we had some more wine and he asked if we can go to bed now. I turned the movie off and took his hand and we went upstairs. We wasted no time getting on the bed and he was laying next to me and started feeling my boobs and moved his hand down to my cunt. I grabbed his cock and he started getting hard again. I almost pulled a mean trick on him. I told you that last week, I went to my doctor and he changed my birth control and now I have new ones I’m taking, but still have a lot of the old ones left. I had already taken one that morning, but I was going to pull out the old ones to show him the days and tell him I haven’t taken my birth control in over a week. I wanted to see if he still wanted to fuck me, but thought it would scare him and he would go home leaving me horny with no cock, so I didn’t do that. I wonder what he would think if he thought he was fucking me and I didn’t take any birth control. If he tried to pull his cock out of me, I was thinking of pulling him in me and make him cum. But I decided not to do that to him. Besides, I wanted to feel his cock inside of me and not scare him.

He turned around and got over me and started to eat me out and I was giving him head again. I told him not to cum in my mouth because I wanted to fuck him and he said he’ll stop before he does. He kept darting his tongue in me and it felt so good and when I told him I was about to cum, he started sucking and tonguing me even more and made me cum in his mouth. It felt so good and my legs got weak. When he was done, he turned around and laid down next to me and was kissing my boobs and my stomach. I was getting so turned on by that and told him I wanted his cock in me. He started rubbing my cunt and I was rubbing his hard cock. Just so you have an idea about how big around his cock was, it was just a little smaller around then our shampoo bottle. When I put my hand around it, my fingers were still almost 2 inches from touching my thumb. If I would have known how fat it was, I would have practiced before to see if I can really take it.

He had me put a couple more pillows under my head so I can watch him put his cock in me. I am going to have to do that more babe. I never actually watched a cock go inside of me at the beginning before. It was such a turn on. When he got over me, I was guiding him to my cunt. I was a worried I couldn't fit his cock in me. I was wet from cumming and from wanting to fuck him, but only the head was going in me. He kept trying to go slow and push it in, but it was too fat. Imagine that babe. A cock that won’t fit in me. Remember that strawberry massage oil that gets warm that you bought a long time ago? I went and got it and came back and told him to put some on me. Dar rubbed a bunch on my cunt, and he put the bottle to my cunt and squirted a whole bunch inside me and I seen him rubbing a lot of it on his cock. He asked if I was ready to try it again and I told him that I'm always ready.

It felt like my insides were ripping, but his cock was going in me. He had about 4 inches inside me, and it was spreading me wider then I have ever been spread out. It is hard to describe babe, but knowing I had such a fat cock trying to get all the way in me and he was probably thinking I can’t take it made me want it even more. With just some of it in me, he started fucking me real slow. It felt so good and I put my legs around him and then I grabbed his tight ass and started to pull him to me. He asked if I was sure he should go in even more and I said I didn’t want him to stop until I had his big fat cock all the way in me. It made me scream when he pushed it in deeper. It hurt, but it was a good hurt if that makes sense. He was in deep, but when I opened my eyes again and looked down, I seen he still had more to go in. We were fucking like this for a minute and it gave my cunt muscles time to relax some. I told him I was going to take a breath and I wanted him to push it in and not stop until he was all the way in me. His eyes got real big when I told him that. And I took a big breath and held it.

When I say he pushed it all the way in me, he really had me spread out wide. I had tears in my eyes because it hurt, but we laid like that for a minute so I could get used to it. It felt like he was ripping my cunt apart. But you will be proud of me babe. I didn’t stop until I took the fattest cock I ever had all the way in. I was looking down and seen his stomach was right up against me and knew I had it all. Once I relaxed, that oil started getting really warm on both of us and we started fucking each other hard. I wish I would have taken a picture to send to you. It was just so big and I had it all in me. Dar told me that girls never let him get all the way in them. That makes me the first, so I knew I was going to get the fucking of my life. Knowing I was the first girl to get his cock all the way in excited me and now I couldn't wait to show him what it is like. It hurt for a few minutes while we were fucking but I didn't say anything. I was doing something I didn't think I could do and now I wanted to keep going to see if I could finish with him in me.

Once I didn’t have any more pain, his cock felt so good going in and out of me. I kept looking down and seen it and it looked so hot. When he would fuck me real fast, I was fucking him right back and then he would slow way down. Every now and then, he would stop and just lay on me with his cock in me. I was so horny and wanted him to cum in me so hard, but he would fuck me hard and then slow again. Then he started fucking me so slow for the longest time and I was trying my hardest to wrap myself around him and make him cum in me, but he wouldn’t. He was moving his hips back and forth when he would fuck me and I was going to cum. He told me that he wanted to make me to cum over and over. Damn babe. I started cumming so hard on his big fat cock. My body started shaking from it. And he just kept fucking me slow. After I just laid there for a minute or two to catch my breath, I started fucking him again. I wanted him to fill me with his cum and no matter how worn out he made me, I wasn’t going to stop until I felt his balls release in me.

He was just watching my face and so I reached up and started kissing him. I wanted to do anything I could to make him start cumming. He would speed up and started fucking me hard and I was fucking him so hard right back. And then he would slow down again. Damn babe. I wanted him to cum and he just kept slowing down. I finally asked him if he wanted to cum and he told me he didn’t want to yet. He told me that he wanted to make me cum at least a few more times first. And he did. After about ten minutes of him teasing me and fucking me slow, I started cumming again. He reached over and started squirting some of that oil on my boobs and stomach. Then he laid with all of his weight on me and started rubbing his upper body on me and the oil started warming up. It felt so good and I felt myself cumming again in almost no time. He just kept fucking me babe. I never had any one fuck me this long without cumming before. Now, I knew I really wanted to feel his cock give me that cum.

We went to bed at 9:30 and now it was just before midnight and I was still waiting for him to cum. He started fucking me hard and really deep and our bodies were rubbing together with the oil getting hotter and hotter. He finally asked if I wanted his cum on my boobs and I held him tight and told him to shoot it straight into my cunt. He told me it was my last chance and asked if I was sure. I told him I have been waiting to feel his cum fill my hot cunt all night. He had all of his weight on me and had his arms under my ass and I had my legs and arms wrapped around him. I knew that any second, I would feel his cock start shooting his hot cum so very deep in of my cunt.

Holy shit babe. When Dar started to cum, we held each other so tight and when I felt the first squirt, I was in heaven. You know the vein on your cock that gets big? I think I felt the cum pumping through that vein in Dars cock. He would pump a few squirts and then, pull back a little and push into my cunt hard and shoot some more. It was probably a minute, but it felt like more then that. He was sending so much cum deep inside of me and it was so hot and thick and I wanted more. I started cumming so hard on his cock and I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t know any guy could have that much cum in one round. When we both finished, we laid there with him still buried inside me and he rested himself on his arms over me. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him to me and we started kissing. It took quite a long time before I felt him go limp and he pulled himself out. When he pulled his cock out, he knelt between my legs and lifted my legs up in the air. I told him my legs feel like rubber and Dar said he was just making sure his cum stayed in me.

He held my legs up for a long time. Maybe ten minutes, and then he laid down next to me and squirted some more oil on my boobs and started blowing on it making it warm up and would kiss each boob. He started sucking my boobs. First the right and then the left. As much as Dar just wore me out, I was getting horny for his cock again. I reached over and started rubbing his soft cock and he told me to be gentle because he is sensitive. You know how you get when I make you cum? He does the same thing. After all of that cum and oil, his cock felt dry and so I reached over and grabbed the oil and squirted some on his cock. It was slippery in my hand and I rolled closer to him and started blowing on his cock while I was rubbing his shaft and balls. Well that didn’t take long and he was starting to get hard again. Dar told me that if I kept that up, I would have to take care of it and I told him that is what I was hoping for. He said that the girls he has been with before would fuck him once and that was it. I told him that I had all night and as long as he has a hard cock, I have a place for him to put it.

He leaned over and was sucking on my boobs and it really turned me on. He started kissing from my boobs to my stomach and just kept kissing my stomach. I finally had to reach down and pull his head up. We kissed again and then I told him I wanted him to fuck me so deep and hard again. Even with so much cum inside of me, I felt a little dry and I grabbed the oil this time and squirted a whole bunch inside of me and a lot on the outside of my cunt and reached down to rub it around. Then I handed the bottle to Dar and held my hand out so he could squirt some in my hand. When he filled my hand with oil, I rubbed it all over his cock and balls. He reached behind me and pulled the pillows back under my head and said he was going to go in me slow and wanted me to watch it going in me. It was so hot babe. When he did that the first time, it wasn’t going unless he was ramming it in me. This time, my cunt was spread for him, but it was still so tight. He was pushing it so slow into me and I watched as I took every last bit of his cock deep inside of me.

Once he had his entire cock deep in me, he took the oil and squirted it on my chest and boobs and then laid down on me and we started rubbing our bodies together. We need more oil. (haha) I will go buy a lot more before you come home. So Dar started to fuck me slow and the slower he went, the more I wanted him to just fuck me hard, deep and fast. No matter what I did, he just kept fucking slow and was grinding his hips into me. I kept raising my cunt up to him hoping he would take the hint I want his cock ramming my cunt. He would speed up for a couple of minutes and just when I thought he would cum in me soon, he would slow back down. What a fucking tease. I told him I wanted to cum with him and he told me he wanted me to cum a couple more times first.

So I closed my eyes and focused on this big fat cock inside of me. He filled every last bit of my insides and feeling him slide in and out of my cunt was the greatest feeling. I grabbed his head and started kissing him long and hard and I started moaning because I started cumming on his cock. I felt really light headed because I was cumming so hard. He was fucking me faster while I was cumming and that made me cum even harder. I kept thinking about wanting him to cum, but when I was done cumming, he slowed down again and just kept grinding his hips into me and fucking me very slow. I could feel him pulling his cock back and slowly push it into me. I looked back down to watch him fucking me. Now I know what you see babe. (haha) I was getting so turned on watching his cock going in and out. It was like watching our movie up close and live. Then, he started to fuck me faster and faster.

He told me to tell him when I was ready to start cumming and he slowed down a little. It wasn’t too long and I told him I was going to cum. That is when he really started pounding my cunt with his big fat cock again and just when I let out a screech, he told me he was cumming too. I wrapped around him so tight and he was holding me and he was making me cum so hard, I couldn’t catch my breath. I felt him shooting his cum over and over inside of my cunt. It felt so good. He was holding me so tight and I knew he was trying to push his cock in as hard as he could and I kept raising my cunt to take him all the way. Every time he was all the way in, I felt him cum some more. We started kissing and we were both still cumming. All of his teasing made me cum like I never did before and it was so good. I kept feeling his cum shoot into me. Over and over. I had both arms around him and I reached down with one hand and grabbed his balls and I was trying to push them into me too.

Babe, please don’t be mad at me for this part. I don’t know why, but I shouted I love you to him. I don’t know why I said it, but it just came out like that. I really don’t love him, but at that moment, just the way he was fucking me made me feel so damn good and I couldn’t stop cumming and it felt like he wasn’t stopping either. He kept pulling back really far and would ram his cock deep and he was still shooting more cum. His cum felt so hot and I was able to feel it all going into me. We fucked for another minute and then we both collapsed. We laid there trying to catch our breath and then we started kissing. He told me that I was the best fuck he has ever had. I told him that he was too and I loved every minute of it. He sat up and pulled my legs way up towards my head and said that he didn’t want his cum to flow out out of me. We were like that for I don’t know how long, but he just kept holding my legs up. He looked down and told me that so far, none of our cum is showing. I even coughed and he said nothing came out.

After that, we got up and went downstairs and had another glass of wine and turned the porno movie back on. We both still didn’t have any clothes on and when I walked down the stairs, I only felt maybe one little drop come out of me. I was so full of cum babe and nothing was coming out of me. And I know he pumped a lot of cum in me so it should have been gushing out. He was sitting on the couch and I sat next to him and laid my head in his lap. I wanted to feel his cock against my face and I would reach down and rub his cock and would give his balls a squeeze. No matter what I did, I could not get him fully hard and me rubbing him and a black guy and white girl on the movie fucking and cumming didn’t help him get hard either. I turned around and started giving him head. He was still only about half hard but I wanted to get his cock hard again. I really tried, but he wasn’t getting really hard. I couldn’t fit him all the way in my mouth, so no, I didn’t deep throat him. As much as I would like to, I just don’t think I can. He did tell me he was going to cum and I started sucking him hard. I wanted to taste his hot cum. When he started cumming, all I got was about two squirts and that was it. He was moving his hips, but he didn’t have any more. I knew I drained him dry and now, he was trying to cum, but nothing came out. His poor cock was empty and I knew I took it all from him.

I laid there with my head on his lap for about a half an hour and then he said that he had to go home. So he got dressed and I just grabbed a robe. We kissed again and he told me thank you for such a great night. I told him I loved every minute of it. Then he asked me if I would call him soon and I told him that as soon as you got back home, I would talk to you and if you said it was okay, I would have him back over. I told him that I would call and let him know either way. I did get brave babe. I asked him what he thought about you and I and him in bed together so I can get fucked by two cocks. He said he would be all for it and asked me what I thought you would say. I told him that I would ask you and see if you wanted to be in the bed with us. Think about that babe. I would really like to fuck Darius again, but only if it is okay with you. And I think all three of us can be in the bed so I can fuck and suck both of you. That way, you can see me take a big fat cock deep inside of me and watch him cum in me. When you get home, if you still want one, we can buy a video camera. If we had one, maybe I could have made a video of Dar and I for you.

I hope you are not mad at me for this babe. I know we didn’t talk about me doing this before, but it just came up and I knew if I did it, I might get you excited hearing about it. The only reason I am telling you every little bit that happened is so you know I am not hiding anything from you. I didn’t want to tell you what I said on accident to him, but we agreed that we will always tell every thing no matter what. I promise that I will be a good girl the rest of the time you are gone. I hope you are proud of me for doing this. You told me before that if I was going to fuck someone else, I should enjoy it and when I told you I enjoy draining a guy, you said that is what I should do. So I did. I just went upstairs to put on a baby doll teddy and it looks like my belly is puffed way out. So does it turn you on that your princess has a belly full of another guys cum? I am jiggling my belly and I can feel his cum still sloshing inside of me, but nothing is still coming out of me. I am sure that your balls are so full and if you find a cute girl in Germany, I want you to fuck her. But only fuck her one night, and I promise I will wait until you get home too. I don't want you to be there with aching balls, so go ahead and see if you can find a girl and fuck her all night long and you can tell me all about it. But save some for me babe. I want your hot body and cock.

I love you so much babe. And I really miss you. I can’t wait until you get home. I am going to rip your clothes off and then I am going to ride that hard cock of yours and make you cum deep in me just to prove how much I love you. Do you want that? Please don’t be mad at me babe. I only did it for sex and when you asked me to do it for the very first time, you said it is just sex and that’s it. Since I met you, I have been hooked on cum. Please, please say you are not mad. I am just so scared that you will be mad because we didn’t talk about it first. I love you babe. Soooo much. I will get some film for the Polaroid and will take some pictures of my stuffed belly for you. They will be here when you get back. Hurry home. I miss you in bed next to me.

I love you very much,

Your princess,

Okay, so how can I be upset with her when I read this with my hard cock in my hand?

Stayed tuned and I will write about what happened after I came back home.