Karma: an erotic look into cosmic payback

Today I rode to the local medical marijuana dispensary on my bike. Let me rephrase, my bicycle. I have a car, but have much enjoyed the physical advantages to riding in reasonable distance on a bike. About five miles out, two in, I encountered a silver SUV stalled out in the right lane of a busy street I was biking through. Naturally I stopped because I am a good person, and I know the detrimental exchange of the bystander effect ( When there are more people around, a single person is less likely to help due to the idea that someone else will help out.) I hoped off my bike, asked what needed to be done, and pushed him 30 mtrs to the side of the road. Asked if I could be of more assistance, got a 'no,' then moved on.
On my way back from the dispensary I encountered another automobile malfunction. This time it was a beautiful girl. Regardless of who it was I stopped and tried to help. She stalled out at an intersection uphill. I calmed her down and tried to move the b**st with my own legs. She would not go more than a few paces, I kept trying and graciously employed the extra voluntary of another man who had pulled up behind her in his car. We pushed her car up about 40-50 meters of uphill asphalt until she was in a safe area on the side of the road. I thanked him for his help and continued to look after the poor lass. I made sure she could get some assistance from a friend before returning to my bike.
After I cooled her down, cracked some jokes, and put in some work to her car, I joked, “Hey, I would feel terrible if your car broke down again and I wasn't here to help you out again. I think for your own safety I should get your number.” I employed humor, wit and compassion in this. Frazzled or not, she said, “No, I have someone getting me, thanks.” Determined I sprang forward again. “You've had a rough day. Let me buy you a drink tonight and help you relax.” (Again in a friendly and attentive way) She said, “Sorry, my boyfriend is giving me a ride.”
“Fair enough. Best of luck to ya,” was all I could muster at that point. I started the rest of the trek back to camp and got about a mile before I saw her car cruise past me. She had gotten it working and seemed to be running efficiently. A minute later I reached the summit of another hill and saw her car parked along the road. Now I had already done a great and decent civil service to this gal, and had exchanged a 20 minute conversation with her in which I know I elicited emotions of attraction and intrigue. None the less, she turned me down… twice, in spite of my actions or her enthrallment in me. I slowed as I came to her. I could hear her on her cell phone, “Wh..What? Why won't you pick me up? I've given so much… You need to…” boyfriend was not willing or did not want to help this beautiful, sexy person. I was willing, but denied. Sie la Vie. Kama.
As I passed by this horrid conversation I realized something. Life is to short to waste on these mongrels. I do fancy the hand of someone whom I am trying to court, however I am open to living life. Clearly such women as I have described in this article have issue with this, or social implication deprives them of this. Be free.