Julia Lipinskia

Russian figure skater Julia Lipinskia was getting ready to leave the skating rink for the night, she had just got done practicing for tomorrows program and wanted to have a warm relaxing shower and have a restful night sl**p. Getting on the buss back to the hotel she was staying at she noticed a few other skaters and some of the fans that had been at the rink watching the practice.
Usually she would take a cab back but tonight there didn’t seem to be any available and the bus was right there. So she said hello as she passed a few and noticed a couple empty seats near the back and someone she didn’t recognize but looked a little nervous like he was not from around here and use to being around so many famous or popular people
“Hello” she said to him, thinking there was nothing special looking about him, and that she had cuter boys try to go out with her, many of which she turned down so she could concentrate on her skating. She did have a couple boyfriends but they either didn’t appreciate her training and practice schedules or elsewhere just jerks and she didn’t want to be around that. Plus, the one time she let a boy get that far with her, had a really small dick wasn’t big enough to break her Hyman and didn’t please her. However, she played along for a while tell training started up again and told him to get lost
But he said hi back and they made small talk, he told her his name was James and he mentioned he was going to the same hotel as she was.
Oh cool Julia said and that maybe they will see each other again, and James mentioned maybe they would get a bite to eat sometime, and get a ride back to the skating rink. After a while the bus stopped and everyone got off including Julia and James. he offered to walk her to her room and they did She told him she was on the 4th floor which turned out to be a floor above where James was staying anyhow.
When they got to Julia’s room they said goodnight when she realized she had left her key at the rink but didn’t want to go all the way back to get it, plus it was getting late and they didn’t know if the bus would be coming back around so James offered to let her use the other bed in his room and they would get a spare key to her room first thing.
They went to his room, which was neater then she expected for an American tourist but figured he didn’t bring a lot because he probably wasn’t going to be there for more than a few days to watch the skating shows then fly back home, and that he was probably going to be getting things while he was there… but what? then she asked “Hey James do you mind if I use your shower really quick?” “sure” he said “I’ll go see if the front desk has any spare towels” after he left she went into the bathroom then started the water running, realizing she had nothing to change into after her shower and figuring James wouldn’t mind she took a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt in with her, what would it hurt right? There was a gift shop down stairs and he could find some to replace them with
When James came back Julia was still in the shower so he set the extra towels on the bed checked to make sure his laptop and camera where charged up and waited for her to come finish up which didn’t take long. She was very fit and didn’t have to spend a long in the shower to be cleaned and refreshed so she came out wearing his boxers and his shirt over her small but perfect tits. He didn’t mind at all and actually knew and in a small way wanted it to happen but tried as he might to fake surprise and asked her “where did you get those clothes” sheepishly Julia replied “I’m sorry… I borrowed them… from your clothes luggage…” but before she could say another word to apologize he told her it was alright because James was going to offer it to her anyway since she wouldn’t get to her own clothes tell morning.
they talked for a little while longer, and he got turned on by looking at her wearing his clothed but tried not to let is show. However, Julia noticed how he was looking a little longer every time she would walk to the mini fridge or something… didn’t let on she knew but she liked the attention because she realized he seemed to like her for her and her body not just because she was popular and famous.
“well we should get to bed” James said
“Yea I guess you’re right, at least I have a big day tomorrow” replied Julia
“true, and I have to be convincing in how I show I am only supporting the American team, when I mostly came to watch you” which promptly made her start to blush but she said thank you and they turned out the lights and went to bed.
Little over an hour later, Julia still couldn’t sl**p, she found herself liking her new friend in more ways than one, how he was being so nice to her, letting her sit with him, when the only other seat had a creepy looking homeless looking guy in it, letting her stay in his room for the night, the complements on her skating and of her in general he seemed like a nice guy, one she would almost go out with if he didn’t live so far away in America. Before she legalized it she was rubbing her slightly wet pussy under the crotch area of his boxers which started to turn her on more when she realized that….
However, she convinced herself she shouldn’t do that but that she would go over and lie in his bed. Hopefully he was asl**p enough that he didn’t hear the little moans she had just let out or that she was climbing in with him, she swore she would get up early enough to get back to her bed before he woke up because she didn’t want to make him freak out and tell her to leave.
Meanwhile in the other bed, James had found it hard to sl**p as well but didn’t want to wake Julia up because she needed her rest. So he just quietly lied there thinking about how nice it was to be able to just talk to a girl like her. He lying on his side facing the other bed when he noticed a little extra movement over there and a couple quite moans and thought he heard her say his name. then she got out of her bed and slowly walked over to his and he was shocked when she got into his bed with him and slid up next to him. After an hour went by and she had fallen asl**p he slowly slid his arm over her and fell asl**p as well…
When she did wake up she noticed his arm had gotten around him, and hoped it didn’t mean he knew she was there but didn’t really care, she wanted it and wanted more even if it was for one time. So she slid his hand down and trying not to wake him, moved his hand to her clit and slowly rubbed it with it and had a little orgasm right there and fell back to sl**p, forgetting that she had left his hand almost between her legs But because James was a light sl**per he felt her do that and smiled when he felt her body stiffen and release the orgasm……

‘Part 2 coming soon Tell me if it sucked or was any good, this is my first attempt at doing a story completely on my own and want to know how I did before I continue’